Midnight Sun

Chapter Two

© 1999 by Sarel

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Author's Note:

Just to clear things up: This chapter is set about a month after the previous one.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Sailor Moon characters (which you should know if you know anything about them, or about fan fics...). Only Onyx is mine, and don't you dare steal her! *grin*

Midnight Sun - Chapter Two

© 1999 by Sarel

Onyx quickly disentangled her hair. She was way too late. Queen Beryl would be furious, but she simply just couldn't go with her hair like it had been when the summons came. Why did Beryl always have to call so early in the morning? Finally she was ready to go.

When she materialized in front of Beryl and knelt, she noticed that Jadeite and Nephrite were there as well. Queen Beryl was, as suspected, furious. However, she mentioned nothing of it.

"Onyx, it's time you show me what you're capable of. As Kunzite is occupied with Zoisite..." Onyx silently wondered with what, "...Nephrite or Jadeite will supervise you."

Onyx looked up at Beryl. "Could I please go with Nephrite, my Queen? I..."

"Quiet!" Onyx winced at her shriek. "You will go with Jadeite", the queen continued.

Onyx studied the floor intently. "Yes, my Queen", she said, trying to sound disappointed, while she smiled inwardly. As she had suspected, her untimely interruption had made the Queen decide in her favour. She did not want to go with Nephrite; in his matter she shared Zoisite's sentiments, although perhaps not for the same reasons. Actually she had never quite understood why they disliked each other, but she wasn't really sure she wanted to know, either.

* * *

Jadeite studied Onyx as Queen Beryl informed them of where she wanted them to gather energy. So Onyx would rather go with Nephrite. Too bad he didn't get what he wanted, then, he thought, slightly more venomous than he had intended. He had to admit he was a bit angry. He had worked really hard to get Onyx to like him, but it seemed as though he had failed.

He bowed towards the throne and then teleported to his quarters, expecting Onyx to follow.

* * *

As Onyx looked at Jadeite's face, she began to wonder whether she had made the right decision. He did not seem pleased to have been assigned to the mission. She had been about to tell him why she had spoken when and as she did, but his look made her decide against it. She looked down.

She secretly looked around. So this was Jadeite's room? It didn't look that different from hers, except that he didn't have a mirror occupying one wall.

"...you ready?" she heard Jadeite's voice, and realized he'd been talking to her for a while. She blushed.


Jadeite sighed. "I said, are you ready to go to this Tokyo then?"

Onyx nodded, only slightly hesitant. She had never tried to teleport to the Earth Realm, but hopefully it wouldn't be too different from otherwise. She closed her eyes and willed herself to Tokyo.

* * *

She sighed with relief when she appeared in what could be Tokyo. A quick check with the humans - wasn't she human herself? - confirmed that.

"Well, Onyx?" Jadeite said, quite coldly, and Onyx winced at his tone of voice. She had made a mistake in manipulating Queen Beryl into sending her off with Jadeite. She sighed, and resigned.

"How do I do, Lord Jadeite?" She thought it best not to be too familiar with him when he was in such a foul mood as he was.

"That's for you to figure out", Jadeite snapped. "This mission would be pointless if I had to do everything."

Onyx studied the roof they stood on. "Yes, Lord Jadeite", she mumbled.

OK, she thought. How do I do this? She had no idea of how to gather energy, and more importantly, she had no idea of how to contain it. Some object would probably be best. Easier to hand it over to Beryl that way, she thought.

She looked up at the late evening sky. The few stars visible reminded her of jewels. If...

* * *

Jadeite studied Onyx. He had been silent for several minutes now. I bet he's wishing he'd been with Nephrite instead right now. Onyx looked up at the stars. See? Now he's consulting the stars as well! Pah! 'The stars know everything'! He snorted.

Then Onyx suddenly looked back at him, and he quickly checked his features. He wouldn't allow Onyx to see what he felt.

"Lord Jadeite? I was thinking of how to contain the energy. Would some sort of jewel or crystal be sufficient?"

The boy was gifted. He nodded. Then he concentrated for a second. "We have a rather strong energy source quite nearby", he said. He pointed to the shopping mall two blocks away.

Onyx shrugged. "Let's go there, then." He closed his eyes for a second, then opened them again. "Damn!" he swore, and Jadeite raised one eyebrow. Onyx looked at him - apologetically? - then simply disappeared, as he had not yet established a personal trademark. Down into the alley below, Jadeite noticed when he checked, and followed.

As they were walking towards the shopping mall, their uniforms earned them some strange looks, but not, Jadeite thought, as many as they would have got had they appeared right outside the shopping mall.

"Umm... Excuse me, Lord Jadeite", Onyx said, and Jadeite looked up. "I was wondering whether you might conjure up the crystal? I've never been good at it... That's Zoisite's speciality."

Jadeite sighed, but conjured up a crystal and handed it to Onyx.

* * *

At the shopping mall, Onyx found an ice cream bar, and sat down at a table there, placing the crystal on the table in front of her. She cast a glance at Jadeite as he sat down opposite her, but concentrated on the crystal again when she noticed his annoyed look.

When she finally managed to figure out how to guide the flows of energy into the crystal, she smiled triumphantly. Perhaps Jadeite would be a little pleased that she managed to do it without asking. But as she looked up at him, he hadn't seemed to notice.

She took a deep breath. "I'm sorry."

Jadeite looked up at her and frowned slightly. "What for?"

"I'm sorry I forced myself upon you."

If nothing else, Jadeite looked even more confused.

Onyx swallowed. He wasn't making it easy, but she felt she had to say it. Jadeite was her friend - at least she had thought so - and she couldn't stand him being angry with her like this. Taking another deep breath, she continued, "I asked Queen Beryl if I could go with Nephrite because I didn't want to. Seeing as she was already angry with me, I figured that she wouldn't let me have it the way she thought I wanted." She looked down at the table and the crystal glowing there. "I thought that we could have some fun while carrying out her orders. I'm sorry."

* * *

Jadeite was stunned. This boy was more devious than he had known. To even think about manipulating Queen Beryl like that and getting away with it.

Somehow, he felt oddly pleased. Onyx hadn't chosen Nephrite over him, it had just been to fool the Queen. He smiled at Onyx, and noticed how the tension seemed to flow out of the boy as he smiled back. "You fooled me as well"; Jadeite admitted.

"I wasn't really sure it would work, but she reminds me sometimes of my mother..." Jadeite winced. "...and it used to work with her."

His mother? Jadeite thought. Did the boy remember that much? Jadeite didn't remember anything before the Dark Kingdom - didn't want to remember, he thought subconsciously - and he didn't think anyone else did either. Usually Metallia erased all memories, to ensure loyalty. He didn't envy Onyx, though. If his mother had been only a slight bit like Beryl, he would have wanted to forget everything about her.

"You want an ice cream?" Onyx asked him, and he started. An ice cream? What? He nodded, hesitantly.

He looked amusedly at the young boy as he began hopping away, then checking himself, trying to walk with some dignity. On the way back, he passed a young blonde girl, perhaps twelve or thirteen of age, with the most ridiculous hairstyle he had ever seen. She glanced longingly at the two sundae cups Onyx carried, then widened her eyes beyond the possible as he turned towards her with a smile and put enough money on the table to buy two more.

"Here", Jadeite heard him say. "Buy one for yourself!"

Before she was able to stammer out a reply, Onyx had turned away and was now making his way towards Jadeite's and his table.

"What was that for?" Jadeite asked, taking the ice cream Onyx offered him.

Onyx shrugged. "I thought that it might increase the amount of energy she gave off."

Jadeite was startled. Yes, the girl did give off much more energy than before, as she was bouncing back to her table with a huge cup overflowing with ice cream. Strange that Onyx had thought of it when he himself hadn't.

* * *

Some time later, the crystal was filled with energy. Onyx looked around, and saw that the humans around were pale, some having fainted. She shrugged. They'd be alright.

The young girl - What a silly way to wear one's hair! - was less weakened than the others. She hadn't really given her the money to increase the energy, but rather because she sympathized with her. She loved ice cream as well, and many were the times she had sat looking at the lucky people who had money to buy as many ice creams they wanted to.

She frowned. Why was it that she remembered small, unimportant things, and not other things, like her name, and why she suddenly had appeared in the Dark Kingdom? It was hugely annoying. She sighed, and let the thought go. She would probably never find out why that was anyway.

As she followed Jadeite away from the shopping centre, she studied him intently, a faint smile playing upon her lips. He was so good-looking: broad shoulders, slender hips, and that wonderful wavy, blond hair. Too bad it wasn't longer, but it was his choice to keep it short. And his eyes... So beautiful, yet so cold. She thought she understood him, though. If she had spent as much time as he had in that dark and dreary world, she would probably also have as cold eyes.

Jadeite looked back at her, and she straightened her face. Her feelings had been altogether too visible, and she couldn't let him know she was attracted to him. Believing she was a boy, he would most probably only be disgusted. She knew he was about Kunzite and Zoisite at least. He had mentioned that it felt good to have at least someone around who could talk about other things than men... or in Nephrite's case: wine. She most certainly wouldn't disappoint him.

"Create the doorway back, Onyx", he interrupted her thoughts.

She nodded and willed a portal to appear. They stepped through, and found themselves in Onyx room.

Onyx quickly scanned the room and was relieved when she saw nothing that could imply that she was indeed a girl.

* * *

Jadeite looked with amused interest around the room. It was clean at least. His spies had more than once uttered their disgust over the week-old clothes - and half-eaten meals - lying around in Kunzite's rooms. Obviously the first King didn't allow youma into his quarters.

He looked at Onyx, and his amusement must have been at least somewhat visible, for the young boy blushed slightly.

"It's the location I know the best", he defended himself with.

Jadeite smiled a little. "I didn't say anything, did I?" Onyx didn't answer. "Anyway, we should better report your success to Beryl."

He teleported to Queen Beryl, and only half a second later, Onyx appeared beside him. Onyx released the crystal, and let it float up to Beryl.

The Queen smiled greedily. "Good", she said. "I am pleased with your results, Onyx."

As Jadeite glanced towards the boy, he saw that the latter had straightened visibly at Queen Beryl's praise.

"I expect you to do as well next time. I need more energy for my Empress."

"I will do my best, my Queen", Onyx vowed.

"You'd better. Dismissed." She did not look at them, knowing that they'd obey her command.

* * *

"I was thinking of something, Onyx..." Jadeite said later as they sat in a bar in the Earth Realm. As she looked up at him, he continued. "Have you ever killed anyone?" She heard on his voice that he doubted it.

She was just about to say 'no', when she hesitated. She really didn't know. What if the reason for her coming to the Dark Kingdom was that she had killed someone? "I don't know", she finally said, frowning slightly. "Not here, at least."

He nodded slowly, then changed the subject. "You want something to drink?"

Again she hesitated. She could give away some vital clues as to her gender if she got drunk, and she didn't want that. Also, if she wasn't careful, she might say something about how gorgeous Jadeite looked; the way he brushed the hair out of his eyes now and then, his one-sided smile - that sadly enough never reached his eyes - and... But could it really harm to have a little to drink? Just one glass or two? "Okay", she smiled.

* * *

Onyx stood listening absently to Kunzite. She had a terrible hang-over, and what worse was, she didn't have the energy or concentration to get rid of it. She had gotten too much to drink last night, but luckily hadn't revealed anything. She had obviously been so unused to drinking that she had soon fallen asleep, and Jadeite had taken her back to her rooms. At least that was what she thought had happened, since she had woken up fully dressed and on top of the covers.

"Onyx!" Zoisite shrieked, and Onyx winced.

"Yes, Lord Zoisite?"

"Kunzite's been talking to you for over five minutes now! Have you even listened to one word?" Couldn't he lower his voice just a tiny bit? she thought desperately.

She glanced towards her mentor, and saw him standing there quite annoyed. She hung her head. "No. I'm sorry."

"Well, since you weren't listening, perhaps you would like something else to do?"

"Not really."

"I wasn't asking", Kunzite said coldly. "The floor in my house is getting way too dusty. You will clean it up, and if I sense you using even as much magic as to stop you from sneezing, I'll let Zoisite loose on you."

Onyx paled visibly. She definitely didn't want to think about what he could do. Especially not with the nasty grin he wore right now.

"I see you understand me. Good. Now get going. And you'll run all the way there!"

Onyx hung her head dejectedly, but wise enough not to complain, she set off towards Kunzite's castle without a word.

* * *

Five days later, she was finished. It had taken that long partly because Kunzite's dwelling was so infinite, and partly because Zoisite several times, probably just to spite her, had run in with his boots as muddy as they could be, just when she had thought she was finished.

"Good job, Onyx." Onyx was too humiliated and weary to feel pride at his praise. "Now back to what I had planned for you to do earlier."

She snapped to attention - or rather, attempted to.

Zoisite smirked. "Why", he said. "I believe you are exhausted!" Onyx glared at him. "Perhaps that will teach you to pay better attention, eh?" He looked pointedly towards Kunzite. Onyx blushed and tried to concentrate.

"Jadeite informed me that you have yet to make your first kill", Kunzite said.

So that was the reason he had asked her, she thought, rubbing her arms absently. Gods! how stiff she was. She had thought the rooms would never end.

"As your teacher", Kunzite continued, "it is my duty to see to it that you don't panic in the heat of battle, just because you aren't willing to kill."

How could anyone ever *want* to kill? she thought, shuddering slightly. Of course Kunzite noticed. Did he ever miss anything? Except Zoisite, that was.

"It has come to my attention that a few of the students at the Lower Academy have deserted from Beryl's army, and committed certain crimes in the process. They are currently hiding in the parts of the Earth Realm known as Italy. You are to carry out their execution."

Onyx swallowed. Do I have to? she wanted to ask, but refrained. "Could it wait until tomorrow?" she said instead.

"All right", Kunzite replied to her surprise. "I expect you to be ready when I call you." He waved his hand in dismissal, and, gratified, she teleported to her room where she promptly fell asleep, not even bothering to undress.

- To be continued -

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