Fire and Ice

Chapter One

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"They call him the Ice King, you know," Jadeite said, allowing nothing but casual indifference into his voice as he leaned back against the burgundy sofa, a glass of whisky in hand.

"A fitting description," Nephrite agreed evenly, he too was sipping from a glass, his azure gaze being directed into the flickering fireplace between the two men. Jadeite had a headache, indeed they had plagued him for three months now, ever since Beryl decided to inflict a student on him with the idea of putting Jadeite's knowledge and skills to good use or so she said. Jadeite decided that in other words she wanted someone out of her hair and the lowest ranking of her three kings was the ideal person to take him off her hands.

"Of course no one has dared say it to his face," the blond continued, gulping down the last of his whisky and reaching for another, deciding for tonight at least, whilst his pupil was out of his way he could forget about him... hopefully.

"Of course not," Nephrite again agreed.

Jadeite had to admit he was growing weary of auburn haired man's company each night. Since Kunzite, the most powerful of the three kings of the Dark Kingdom, had been away for six months Nephrite had virtually taken over the older king's responsibilities and privileges that being the most powerful king in the kingdom offered. Now Kunzite was due to return from Pluto, where he and a handful of soldiers had been trying to forge some allies against the Moon Kingdom, it meant Nephrite would receive an instant demotion, especially as Queen Beryl was so pleased with Kunzite's success on the outer planet.

Of course it wouldn't affect Jadeite in the slightest but he could not say he was happy about Kunzite's return. The oldest king was virtually indomitable and Jadeite had yet to meet anyone who could pose a serious threat to the man's position and rank within the kingdom and unless Kunzite did something to royally piss Beryl off things were unlikely to change and Jadeite had accepted it. He had no aspirations of becoming the first among the kings and neither had Nephrite, until Kunzite had gone away that was. Power had gone to the second king's head it would seem. Still Jadeite was growing weary of Nephrite's company and constant presence in his quarters until the small hours.

Jadeite, again, could only guess that Nephrite was hoping to form an alliance with him against Kunzite. This of course would never happen Jadeite had made himself perfectly clear to his superior king. He certainly did not want to cross Kunzite unless he had a death wish.

"How's the head?" Nephrite abruptly changed the subject, noting perhaps Jadeite's discomfort and the blond had mentioned to Nephrite that he had a headache and would prefer an early night to these small hours drinking sessions. Nephrite had not taken the hint and insisted that a couple of drinks later Jadeite would forget all about the throbbing in his skull. This had happened but the third king decided that he would feel worse come the morning due to a large hangover.

"Still pounding," Jadeite lied, setting his whisky glass down and giving an over exaggerated yawn "I might call it a night."

Nephrite ignored this last statement and said; "You are still not adjusting to life as a teacher?"

Jadeite scowled at the mention of his wayward pupil, he had wanted to forget about 'him' for one night and this caused Nephrite to start chuckling. "I have yet to have the rather dubious pleasure of meeting the man that can irk the third king so. Where is he tonight? From what I heard he's very easy on the eyes."

"He is," Jadeite replied softly, "If you like that kind of thing."

Nephrite smirked, "I don't but rumour has it he looks like a woman."

Jadeite nodded again, not really interested in discussing the thorn in his side but Nephrite seemed eager to pursue this topic of conversation. "So what does he look like?" he pressed when Jadeite offered no description.

"He's slightly built, a very delicate face, long eye lashes, huge jewel like emerald green eyes, golden blond hair, pale skin, he does look rather feminine I suppose."

Nephrite chuckled again. "The way you talk it sounds as though you are in love with him."

It was Jadeite's turn to scoff now, making a small noise in the back of his throat he shook his head and replied, "Looks can be deceiving."

"Oh? How is that?"

"He's got a temper, more so than even you. God help anyone who makes this one mad. He has a nasty temper and a nasty attitude to match. He has killed several lower ranking officers already, mostly because they made remarks similar to yours. Zoisite may look helpless but he's the most vindictive and volatile creature in the entire kingdom. The crazy thing is that he could make a great king if he kept that temper under control and actually bothered to listen to me occasionally. He lets his emotions rule over him. I swear that will be his undoing. Beryl-sama seems to like him though"

This last sentence was purely a musing and Jadeite had not intended for his thoughts to become spoken words.

"Beryl likes him?" Nephrite raised an eyebrow.

Jadeite sighed, massaging his now throbbing temples with a hand, setting the empty glass down with his other before replying, "Zoisite is Beryl's pet project it would seem. We have had a few audiences with her since I was instructed to train him and it would seem that Beryl deliberately riles him. I think it gives her pleasure to watch the little rat struggling to keep his temper in check. Of course he doesn't dare answer her back. He usually screams and rants about her afterwards."

"Interesting," Nephrite murmured, and for a moment there was silence between them before he abruptly said "So what do you think of the new recruits that came over from Saturn last month? Have any of them actually got potential or are we wasting our time?"

Jadeite was somewhat startled by this topic change but was glad of it and quickly formulated a reply before Nephrite started on again on either Kunzite's return or Jadeite's disrespectful student.

* * *

It turned out that Nephrite only stayed for another round and then announced that he was tired and would retire to his Tokyo mansion for the remainder of the evening. This was somewhat surprising but Jadeite had no protests, his headache had returned with a sudden and very painful ferocity.

The auburn haired man stood, wobbling slightly and it was only by pure luck that he managed to open a portal. Jadeite felt a smile tugging at his lips and said, "Are you sure you should go to Earth in your state?" this of course reminding both men of an incident two years ago that resulted in a very drunk Nephrite attempting to open a portal to Tokyo and ending up in the South Pole where he had passed out and would have spent the night there had Jadeite not realised that something was wrong with the portal and went to look for him.

Nephrite scowled. "I am not that drunk."

"What ever you say," Jadeite grinned.

Nephrite snorted and then paused, as if something had just occurred to him. "Zoisite."

"What about him?" this time Jadeite made no attempt to hide the annoyance in his voice.

"Is he a virgin?"


"Is he a virgin?" Nephrite repeated somewhat impatiently.

Jadeite shook his head "Not if you believe the stories the lower officers tell. According to them he's been under more men than the goddess of Venus and all to obtain his present rank."

"Interesting," Nephrite smiled slightly, repeating his word of early when talking of the aforementioned student.

"What are you thinking?" Jadeite demanded suspiciously. When he was instructed to train the little rat he had made it perfectly clear that this kind of behaviour had to stop, lest Jadeite's name be tarnished by his student's bedtime activities. Of course now all in the Dark Kingdom who had eyes and ears assumed that Jadeite was keeping his student for his own uses and Jadeite allowed them to believe this simply because no one would dare touch Zoisite if they believed that the third king was sleeping with him though in reality Jadeite had never once taken Zoisite and had no desire to do so.

"Bring him to that audience with Beryl-sama we have tomorrow morning," was Nephrite's response.

"She will not allow it." Jadeite shook his head, "She was adamant that only us, her kings, are present."

"I am sure you will think of something," Nephrite smirked and turned to leave.

"What are you planning?" Jadeite tried again to obtain some information from his fellow king. If Nephrite wanted Zoisite for a night... against his better judgement that could be arranged. The small man was rather irritating to say the least.

"Fire melts ice," was the cryptic reply and then he was gone leaving Jadeite to ponder the nights conversation. He couldn't help but wonder where this was all leading.

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