Fire and Ice

Chapter Five

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For what seemed like an age, Kunzite held him, grey eyes burning with, what the little man assumed was, pent up fury. He had given up trying to free himself. How could he when Kunzite was physically stronger than he was?

"You have plenty of spirit, little one." When Kunzite spoke, he did not sound angry, his voice was steady as though he was simply commenting on the weather. Still Zoisite could feel the anger radiating from the man; it shook even his firm grasp on his chin. Zoisite winced as this grip tightened yet he dared not resist knowing it would make whatever fate Kunzite had in mind all the more painful. "You are also a fool. Did you think that such a beauty as yourself would go unnoticed by me? Did you think that I would not look into your past a little closer? I know exactly how you obtained your present rank in our kingdom."

Zoisite shuddered, this time in shame, when he saw the disgust in Kunzite's eyes. The man thought him to be repulsive, a whore... Zoisite lowered his gaze, for the first time he also felt embarrassed when thinking of the acts he had committed and what he had planned for the first king. He could still feel Kunzite's gaze upon him and Zoisite struggled, not out of fear but the desire to arch away from this contact knowing what Kunzite thought of him. To his surprise, Kunzite released him, throwing him back against the door. As he dropped to his knees, Zoisite suddenly became aware of a pressure above him. He gasped as the air around him tightened; forcing him to fight for each breath he took. Clutching at his chest, he dared raise his head slightly and saw Kunzite standing over him, a barrier of sorts dividing the few inches separating them. Zoisite struggled to stand but each time he moved the pressure increased tenfold. He slumped back down, taking in short ragged gasps as his eyes met Kunzite's smug expression, searching for an answer.

"That dome will hold you until I can decide what to do with you." An off-handed explanation was the only one offered. "I wouldn't try to fight it if I were you. Your resistance makes it stronger, thus it steals more of your energy. I would hate to see such beauty wither and die before my eyes."

Zoisite's reaction to this was to conjure an ice crystal and hurl it at the dome. Instantly it crackled into life absorbing the weapon. Then the backlash set in, the little man whimpered, gritting his teeth and resolving not to allow any further sounds of pain to pass his lips. Zoisite did not want to die, but he could not allow Kunzite to think that he gave up that easily. The Ice King took a step back, his arms folded across his chest as he observed another attempt to break free, and this time in the form of Sakura petals. The dome absorbed them, as well.

Kunzite chuckled at his efforts and this infuriated the little man more.

"You bastard! I'll kill you," Zoisite gasped, as this time he hurled a fireball at his dark prison.

"You are in no position to make such threats," Kunzite replied coolly. "Now if you excuse me, I think I shall get some rest. It has been a long day for both of us."

"You're just going to leave me in here?"

"Of course," was the amused retort. "I told you before. I have not yet decided what I am going to do with you."

Again stunning green eyes met his. "Oh, I can think of lots of things you might enjoy doing to me," Zoisite purred, moving as close to the parameter of the barrier as he could get without causing himself more suffering. "Why don't you let me out and I will show you exactly how enjoyable I am?"

"Why would I want used goods?"

Zoisite recoiled as if Kunzite had struck him and the older man wondered if he had gone too far. The beauty looked mortified at his words. Zoisite's lower lip trembled and Kunzite thought for a moment that he was going to cry. Instead, he set his lower lip into a pout and shrugged his slender shoulders. "Well that's your loss." His voice sounded strained and this was no effect of the spell. Kunzite broke his gaze and moved from the dome, only pausing to take the rest of his uniform off and climbed into his bed, as if he were not worrying about the little one's presence in the slightest. Keeping the dome going all night would severely tax his strength, Kunzite realised in dismay, but it was better than having the little one running loose in his manse. Kunzite also realised, as he drifted off to sleep, that he would pay for that cutting remark of earlier. Indeed he did not mean to be so rough with Zoisite when in actual fact he found the little one utterly irresistible, especially when pouting and it took incredible will power not to remain oblivious to Zoisite's true intentions and allow the beauty to seduce him. Of course, Kunzite's pride would not allow that. He would not let it seem as though his urges ruled him, as were so many others of the Dark Kingdom, including Beryl herself. Rolling over, Kunzite opened his eyes a fraction and saw that the little one had given up trying to escape his prison and lay curled in a ball, attempting to get some rest. Kunzite smiled and without consciously willing it, he relaxed the spell enough for Zoisite to get comfortable. He suddenly knew exactly what he would do with this pretty, little man.

* * *

For Zoisite, this was the most humiliating night of his entire life. He had not only failed his mission to seduce Kunzite but was also held captive and was forced to listen to the older man's snores until late morning. He cursed the white haired man and wished that the night had run as planned. As it was he was in more or less constant pain from the energy dome and his back was sore from sleeping on the floor. In addition, faint bruises were appearing around his wrists where Kunzite had grabbed him and his chin too ached. This was beyond humiliating! Snarling Zoisite hurled an ice crystal in the direction of the sleeping man and, of course, the dome stopped it from hitting its intended target. Still his furious curses caused Kunzite to stir. Rolling onto his back, his eyes slowly opened to stare at the smaller man, confusion flickering in the blue-grey orbs before realisation and memories of the night before came back. Slowly he stood, pausing only to make the bed and collect his uniform before disappearing into the adjourning room. Seconds later Zoisite heard the hiss of the shower. Zoisite sat uttering more curses, forced to wait, jealously wishing for a hot shower himself, until Kunzite had finished and had decided to pay some attention to his captive.

Zoisite felt the dome dissolve at Kunzite's word and he immediately lunged at the older man, intent on making him pay for the night's humiliations. The little man gave a small cry as his legs gave way beneath him as the pressure lifted and all he could do was manage to fall at Kunzite's feet. The Ice King laughed scornfully at this while Zoisite curled up into a ball again, struggling to blink back tears of frustration.

He shivered when he felt Kunzite kneeling beside him, cupping Zoisite's chin in his hand once more. Zoisite winced as the gloved hand touched his sore flesh and he was sure he saw dismay in the older man's eyes when he realised that he had caused this pain.

"Have you learned your lesson?" Kunzite asked softly, as if talking to a lover.

Zoisite snarled and tried to bite his hand. Kunzite frowned and released his chin, pushing him back slightly.

"If not then perhaps another day in my dome will give you time to consider the consequences of your actions."

Furiously Zoisite shook his head and forced his voice to sound meek and submissive when he said, "No Kunzite-sama. I have learned my lesson. I apologise for my conduct of last night and this morning." He said all of this through gritted teeth and Zoisite was sure that Kunzite knew that he was not in the least sorry.

The Ice King stood. "Then you may go."

"Go?" Zoisite echoed, appalled that he sounded almost disappointed at the prompt dismissal. "Do you not want to punish me?"

"As you said you have learned your lesson and I take no pleasure from torture and killing you would not prove to be a wise move," Kunzite replied. "Now get out of here before I change my mind," he added in a dangerously low tenor.

Zoisite nodded, once again meekly offering his thanks and fled the manse without a moments more hesitation. Once away from it however, all of Zoisite's bitter and incensed thoughts surfaced.

How dare Kunzite treat him like that? Gods, he hurt almost as much as he did after a night of supposed passion with one higher-ranking officer or another. Yet it was not just a physical pain. He hurt inside, too. Kunzite's sharp words kept cycling themselves repeatedly in his mind. It was all true... he was a whore. He sold his body for a higher position in the kingdom on more than a couple of occasions and up until last night would have not hesitated to do so again. Kunzite actually made him feel shame, embarrassment and perhaps even regret...

Damn that bastard. He was going to pay for this!

It did not help that Zoisite found Kunzite attractive. The man was gorgeous. Zoisite sighed softly, a little part of him wishing that Kunzite had taken his revenge to a physical extent. He slipped into a mindless daydream, featuring a certain white haired king, and he almost did not feel the grip on his arm until someone pulled him roughly around a corner and slammed him into a wall.

"Where the hell have you been?" Nephrite demanded, his face inches from Zoisite's, pinning the little man in place.

Zoisite squirmed angrily, both from this brutal treatment but the tone of the second king's voice. Still, he realised that he could not let on to Nephrite that the night had been a complete failure; he had his pride after all.

"Where do you think?" he replied coyly. "Entertaining the Ice King of course."

Nephrite looked taken aback. "But it's almost noon?"

Zoisite shrugged, managing to free his shoulders. "What can I say? He is demanding."

"So it went according to plan?" Nephrite asked, almost in disbelief.

"I stayed with him all night," Zoisite confirmed and in any case, this was true... to a certain extent.

"Does he want to see you again?"

Zoisite again shrugged his shoulders.

Nephrite sighed, "Did you make him want to see him again?"

Zoisite smiled wickedly. "Well I thought I was good."

The auburn haired man realised that he was not going to get any details from Zoisite and decided to take his leave. "Just make sure you report to me tomorrow. Then we can discuss the next stage of the plan."

Zoisite nodded, just relieved that Nephrite was leaving.

After his exit, Zoisite teleported back to his room, intent on getting some rest. He quickly pulled off his blue jacket and tossed it carelessly to the floor. Whilst a few weeks ago he had been pleased to receive the plain blue jacket and trousers that indicated his present rank, he was starting to aspire wearing a uniform similar to the ones the three kings wore. Now that would be an achievement Zoisite thought bitterly. Kicking off his boots, he sat down on the bed, lost in his own thoughts once more. Until the door opened that was.

Jadeite did not wait for an invitation and nor did he heed Zoisite's angry complaints at coming in uninvited. The blonde stood at the edge of the bed and, like Nephrite, requested information about what had taken place the night before. Zoisite replied that everything had gone according to plan but unfortunately, Jadeite was a little more observant than Nephrite.

"What happened to your face? And your wrists?" he asked softly when he saw the purple bruising marring the pale skin.

"Nothing," Zoisite snapped, "I was just about to invoke a healing spell," he added as an afterthought. He never could stand the thought of looking less than perfect.

"Did he do that to you?"

Zoisite looked up sharply and shook his head.

"Did he?" Jadeite's voice rose a couple of octaves. "Zoisite, what really happened?"

"I told you."

"No you didn't" Jadeite was directly in front of him now. Zoisite sighed, he hated to back down but he was tired, sore, humiliated and all he wanted to do was sleep.

"Last night was a complete failure," he confided to the blonde, "Kunzite saw right through me and did this as punishment." He left out the small detail of the dome. Zoisite did not want Jadeite to know just how helpless he had been.

"You were lucky to get away so lightly," Jadeite replied and then, "But you have only just come back? Did he...?"

Zoisite shook his head. "Apparently I disgust him."

"Then where...?"

"I wanted to be by myself."

Jadeite nodded. "Did you tell Kunzite of our plan?"

"No," Zoisite sneered, "Your little secret is safe with me... for now."

Jadeite seemed to sigh with relief before adding, "You don't have to train today. Heal those bruises and then rest."

"How very gracious of you," Zoisite hissed acidly.

Jadeite shook his head, wondering why he bothered at all, and promptly left the room. He slammed the door behind him, leaving Zoisite alone.

The young man did the healing spell as instructed and then curled up into a ball in the middle of the bed, attempting to get some sleep. Then the faint sound of Beryl's summons reached his ears.

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