Fire and Ice

Chapter Seven

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It took Zoisite a little longer than five minutes to adorn the attire Kunzite had given him. He was still buttoning up the grey jacket with green piping when he realised that his five minutes were up. He couldn't help it! Zoisite pouted to himself as he hurriedly pulled on the grey trousers and boots. He wanted to look his best in his new uniform! Zoisite wished he had a mirror in this dank, dark little room. He wanted to check that he looked nothing short of perfect before joining Kunzite in the study.

Sighing, and deciding that if he alienated his teacher further then the plan would not succeed, Zoisite pulled his hair back into its usual messy ponytail and left the room. Here he encountered another problem. He had no idea where the study was. Cursing his new teacher under his breath, Zoisite stomped down the hall in search of the study.

Half an hour later he finally found the right room, pushing open an oak door and entering. The study was small; books were crammed onto shelving that went all around the room. There was a small desk in one corner and a fire flickering in a hearth. Kunzite sat at this desk, looking up from the book he was reading when Zoisite entered.

"You are late" came the expected greeting.

"You neglected to tell me where the study was," Zoisite pouted.

Kunzite grinned, "So I did. Well now you know" he stood, crossing the small space that separated the two men.

"Here" he shoved a dusty volume into Zoisite's hands.

"What is this?" he asked suspiciously.

"That is the complete history of the Moon Kingdom. I would advise you start reading it straight away."

"Why? What for?"

"If you are going to be commanding troops when we launch our attack against the Moon you will need to know the background history too." Kunzite also handed him a rolled up map "A map of the kingdom. I suggest you learn at least ten different routes to the palace to start with."

Zoisite was shocked to say the least "Why bother? We know we will win anyway. What about weaponry? Using my magics?"

"Perhaps I should first teach you to obey orders" Kunzite said, his eyes narrowing at the protests that came from his fiery student "You will study this very carefully as I shall test your knowledge of chapters one and two this afternoon."

"Fine" Zoisite snarled, "But I still think this is a waste of time." With that he stalked out of the room, slamming the study door behind him.

Kunzite sighed; he was beginning to get a headache. Perhaps it had been unwise of him to allow Beryl to place Zoisite under his instruction. He knew deep down these misgivings were just brought about by Zoisite's furious temper. The little man was amusing when he sulked. Kunzite smiled to himself and sat back down at his desk. This could prove very interesting.

An hour later, Kunzite finally gave up studying. This was mostly due to the fact his mind kept wandering to a certain younger king elsewhere in the manse. Slamming the dusty volume closed Kunzite decided to see how his student was doing. He teleported into Zoisite's bedroom and was rather nonplussed to find the Sakura curled up on his bed asleep; the textbook lay open by his head. Kunzite was angry. Very angry at Zoisite's open disregard for his orders but the man looked so beautiful, curled up on the duvet, silky lashes just brushing his cheeks as he slept. Kunzite stepped closer; taking care not to wake the little one, he seated himself on the bed, near Zoisite's head. Staring at the little one made him want him even more. Still now was not the right time Kunzite knew. Instead he settled for reaching out with a hand, caressing the golden hair of his much-desired student. This touch caused the little one to stir.

Kunzite instantly withdrew his hand, though he did not get up from the bed. Zoisite yawned, opening one eye and looking sleepily up at him. It took him half a second more to realise that he had disobeyed yet another order. Zoisite jumped up, snatched up the textbook and pretended to be absorbed in it.

"I was just resting my eyes Kunzite-sama," he protested when the Ice King attempted to prize the book from his hands. In reaction to this Zoisite clutched the book protectively to his chest, forcing Kunzite to release his grip.

"I should hope so" Kunzite noted with despair that Zoisite was only on the first page. What was he going to do with him? He grinned at this but knew to bide his time. Instead he turned to Zoisite and said disapprovingly:

"I expected more from a student of Jadeite's. So far this morning you have failed to comply with most of my commands and the ones that you do heed I find are met by venom and hatred. Whilst those are good traits for a king to possess I do feel that you carry them a little too far."

Zoisite's eyes narrowed at this "How do you know all I have done is sleep?"

Kunzite shrugged, "I don't" then he smiled, "Why don't you prove me wrong? Can you tell me how to get into the Moon Kingdom's palace from the north side of the satellite? How many men guard the rear entrance? How many miles do the palace grounds stretch for?"

To this Zoisite pouted again and said reproachfully "I haven't got that far yet."

"Very well, Can you tell me the name of the Queen who rules over the Moon Kingdom?"

"The book doesn't even tell you that" Zoisite sulked. Kunzite sighed wearily and leaned over his student to point to the first line containing the said information. This elicited an "Oh" from the little one. Zoisite then giggled, as some strands of Kunzite's white hair brushed his face. Reaching up the little one gingerly felt the soft tresses.

"Was it always this colour?" Zoisite asked, as he marvelled at how silky it was to touch.

"Not always" Kunzite reached up, gently freeing his hair from Zoisite's grip.

"What happened?"

"I had a little accident with a spell" Kunzite admitted, realising that this was the first time he had ever told anyone anything about himself, anything even remotely personal that was.

"What colour did it used to be?"


Zoisite frowned, "I can't imagine you with black hair. The white is a lot prettier."

Kunzite was not sure how to take this. It was probably another of Zoisite's attempts to win him over. Still he did see a glimmer of sincerity in those emerald eyes. Clearing his throat, realising just how close the little one was, Kunzite stood. He suggested that Zoisite continue reading for now before taking his leave.

An hour later again Kunzite slammed his textbook shut. It had been resting open at the same page for most of the hour as he contemplated the conversation with Zoisite over and over in his mind. Kunzite was not as na´ve to think that Zoisite honestly felt attracted to him. The little man was ambitious, too ambitious, Kunzite thought uncomfortably. Of course Kunzite also knew that he could take advantage of his more than willing student and not give him anything in return save for perhaps a few moments passion but there was something in the back of his mind that did not want this. He wanted those adorable emerald eyes to gaze at him with more than simply contempt or fear. He wanted to hold Zoisite in his arms knowing that the little one was with him because he chose to be and not because of rank or ambitions. Kunzite, had he believed that he were capable of love, would have believed that indeed he had fallen in love with his fiery little student. So he chose to believe that it was his pride talking and that his pride would not allow him to be seduced by the little king.

I wonder what he is doing now. He is being too quiet. Perhaps he is studying?

Kunzite dismissed this last thought. Zoisite had no interest in the Moon Kingdom's history or anything else Kunzite had to teach him. Sighing, Kunzite stood, giving into curiosity he teleported back to Zoisite's room and as he had suspected it was empty, the book lying open at the first page.

"Where could he have gone?" Kunzite frowned; he had half-expected Zoisite to be asleep again. It was then he heard the sound of running water. Following the sound, Kunzite found himself outside his own chambers. Walking swiftly into his bedroom, he discovered that the bathroom door was closed. The nerve of him! Kunzite tried the handle and was surprised when the door swung open. He had not even bothered to lock it! Pulling it shut again, Kunzite sat down on his bed to wait.

Zoisite was bored. He lay on his stomach upon the hard mattress, mindlessly leafing through the textbook, whilst stifling another yawn. This book didn't even have any pictures except for the one of the Queen of the Moon Kingdom on the first page. Zoisite sighed; he was not in the least interested in looking at the Moon Goddess anyway. He felt horrible too. Dust from the room seemed attracted to his new attire and clung to him making the little man feel extremely uncomfortable. He hadn't even had a chance to have a shower today! Pouting at the mess he must look, Zoisite slipped off the bed and padded softly to the bedroom door. He opened it and looked out. There was no sign of the Ice King. He smirked to himself; obviously his little compliment had riled the man more than he would let on. Still at the back of Zoisite's mind there was that nagging feeling that he had meant what he said, and indeed Kunzite did have lovely hair, he mused. Zoisite shook his head, to try and clear any such thoughts and back to the mission at hand. He could spend hours walking around this manse looking for a shower, but, Zoisite grinned devilishly, why bother when he knew where there was one anyway? Smirking to himself, he quickly teleported into Kunzite's chambers.

Once there, Zoisite wasted no time in ditching his clothes on the white rug and entering the shower. After all he did not want Kunzite to catch him here and sure enough, just as he had stepped under the cascade of water being emitted from the steaming showerhead, Zoisite sensed Kunzite's return. He froze when he heard the bathroom door click open. He stood, waiting under the hot water, with baited breath and then he heard the door shut again. To this Zoisite was mildly disappointed, he could have used someone to wash his back. His mouth curved up in a grin at this and quickly he finished his shower, a part of him still in awe and fearful of the first king. Zoisite stepped out of the cubicle, his hair plastering around his face and dripping onto the white tiles. Looking around he saw a towel hanging over a radiator.

After drying himself off, Zoisite realised in dismay that he had left his uniform in the bedroom. He leaned back against the closed door and considered his options. He could simply walk out and get it, but the chances were that Kunzite was waiting to ridicule his actions. Of course in the past this would not have bothered him yet Kunzite's words came to mind.

Don't you have any self-respect?

Pouting, Zoisite realised that Kunzite's opinion of him mattered a great deal, if only for the plan to work. Cursing the man in question, Zoisite wrapped the towel around his waist and, taking a deep breath, opened the door. Kunzite was indeed waiting for him. Zoisite felt a blush creeping across his cheeks as he knelt down to gather up his uniform, feeling Kunzite's eyes on him the entire time. He looked up and their eyes met, and Zoisite's blush deepened as he stared at the older man. The more time he spent with Kunzite, the more he began to respect the first king. Kunzite was the expert in self-control, the very essence of calm and composure. His gaze did not falter once, not even when the little man deliberately let the towel slip as he turned to re-enter the bathroom. Had Kunzite been anyone else, Zoisite knew he would have taken advantage of the unlocked door, but not the Ice King. He is truly worthy of the title Beryl bestowed him, Zoisite thought as he shut the bathroom door, this time taking that extra moment to lock it behind him. That nagging feeling was returning and Zoisite, as he slipped his uniform back on, suddenly was not as keen to continue with Nephrite's plan.

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