Fire and Ice

Chapter Nine

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When Zoisite woke the next morning, it was not to a horrible rock hard mattress in a small drafty bedroom. He felt a pair of arms clasped loosely around his waist, his head resting against Kunzite's bare chest. He remained still, keeping his eyes closed and savouring this tranquillity, for he knew it would not last. Kunzite-sama would wake and would ignore last night completely. That was how it had always been before. Kunzite had got what he wanted from Zoisite and now Zoisite would be forsaken, until Kunzite felt an urge to take him again.

Then why does this feel as though it is forever?

It did, it really did. But hadn't it been the same before? Kunzite was not Zoisite's first lover yet he was Zoisite's first love. His only love, there would only be Kunzite-sama. There was no room for anyone else. At first he had not been sure, even when Kunzite kissed him but as soon as their lips met for the second time, Zoisite knew that Kunzite-sama was the one. Even if Kunzite-sama did not want him after today, Zoisite knew he could never sleep with another man knowing that Kunzite was truly the only man he would ever love. All the others had been rough and afterwards Zoisite was left feeling sore all over and he would sometimes bleed. It had been worth it at the time and now he simply felt disgusted. However, it was ironic that if Zoisite had not performed such acts then he would never have got to meet Kunzite. At this thought he unconsciously snuggled closer to his lover.

To this, the older man stirred slightly.

Go back to sleep, please fall asleep. Please don't wake up yet. If you wake up now then it is over. Just give me a few seconds more in your arms...

Kunzite ignored the silent pleadings of the man sharing his bed and continued to wake. Moments later he opened his eyes, his gaze locking with the pair of green eyes looking up at him.

Yet, the arms around his waist did not loosen their grip, nor did the sleepy smile on his face falter when his eyes lost their fatigued look. He opened his mouth to speak but uttered were not the soft commands to get out of his bed, instead:

"Good morning."

Zoisite did not reply at first, he could not reply in words. He rubbed his cheek against the skin beneath him and mumbled an inaudible greeting whilst feigning sleepiness.

Kunzite sighed softly and tightened his grip around Zoisite somewhat even as the younger man finally found his voice and whispered:

"Good morning, Kunzite-sama."

Then, softer still "Shall I leave?"

Kunzite appeared puzzled, "No"

This one word answer made all the difference. Zoisite pulled free from the embrace and climbed atop the older man, leaning down to properly greet him with a lingering kiss.

Things would have progressed further had it not been for the sudden crash downstairs. Zoisite froze, even as Kunzite gently manoeuvred him off of his body and into the space beside him.

"Wait here" was his command as the Ice King stood up from the bed and quickly pulled on his uniform before hurrying out into the hallway and down the stairs. Zoisite pouted at being interrupted and sat up, listening intently to the bits of conversation coming from downstairs.

Kunzite-sama was demanded to know what was going on and then the intruders said something about searching his manse.

Plant this in his room, tonight, and I will do the rest.

Zoisite gasped in dismay, his heart skipping a beat when he heard footsteps - too many of them to be Kunzite-sama alone - on the stairs.

The little man jumped up, almost getting tangled in the bed sheets and nearly falling to the floor in his desperation to reach the drawer. He did so, pulling on one of Kunzite's jackets, which was far too big for him and nearly went down to his knees, and balled the silken cloth and plans up in his fist just as the Youma entered the room. They smirked knowingly when they saw Zoisite and then roughly pushed him aside, towards the door where Kunzite-sama stood as they continued their search.

Ten minutes later, Zoisite sat upon the bed once more, listening to the terrified apologies offered from the Youma as they left the manse. They had found nothing and Zoisite did not know whether to be glad or not. Indeed he felt sick inside. What had he just done? Nephrite and Jadeite would surely kill him, provided they lived through Beryl's fury when she learned that she had her Youma search Kunzite's quarters for no reason and made her look a fool in front of her court. Gods, why hadn't he just followed the plan?

Because I love him

Yes, Zoisite knew this to be true and he hated himself for it because now Kunzite had something to hold over him. Zoisite could never do him harm and, whether Kunzite realised it or not, Zoisite would remain loyal to him alone.

Zoisite stood, his hand tightening around the small bundle as Kunzite re-entered the bedroom. Though he appeared calm, but the set of his jaw and the fire in his eyes told Zoisite otherwise.

"What were they looking for?"

Zoisite flinched away at this question, moving back until he hit the wall. "I-I don't know Kunzite-sama."

"Yes you do" the Ice King stalked towards him with a purposeful like grace, until he was standing directly in front of the little man. "What were they looking for?"

Zoisite shook his head miserably, unable to do/say anything else.

Kunzite's gaze moved lower, and then with a lightening quick movement he reached down and grasped Zoisite's left hand tightly in his own "What are you hiding?"

"Nothing, Kunzite-sama..." Zoisite broke off in pain as his lover prized open his fingers and tore the object from his hand.

Almost a minute passed in silence. Kunzite simply stared at the offending item, seemingly stunned by Zoisite's act of betrayal. Zoisite held his breath, his heart thumping loudly in his chest. Suddenly he was aware of a lump in his throat. He swallowed hard but this did nothing to relieve him of this discomfort. Then Kunzite reacted, hurling the object across the room, it struck the opposite wall and fell onto the floor. Zoisite jumped, startled by this sudden act of aggression.

"Kunzite-sama..." he faltered off again when Kunzite raised a hand. Zoisite closed his eyes, bracing himself for the blow. It never came. Zoisite opened an eye and saw Kunzite's fist poised, barely a centimetre from his face.

"Where did you get it?" he asked, his voice betraying nothing. Zoisite dared raise his eyes to meet that of his lover's, but he could not bring himself to speak and Kunzite was forced to repeat himself.

"I-I..." Zoisite stuttered and broke off, his mouth suddenly dry.

"Who put you up to this?" the Ice King demanded next, lowering his fist and taking to pacing up and down in front of the terrified king. It was funny, Zoisite thought to himself, whilst he was afraid that Kunzite would kill him, he was even more afraid that the man would finish with him. Zoisite knew he could withstand the pain of death, but not the pain of rejection.

"Who put you up to this?" he repeated threateningly.

"Nephrite" Zoisite suddenly saw no reason why he shouldn't take the other king down with him. Strangely enough, he refrained from mentioning Jadeite; after all he needed something to hold over the blonde king's head.

"Nephrite" Kunzite ceased pacing, "Of course. Such a predictable man, I should have seen it coming. He would never be satisfied with being second. I have to say, this differs very much from your usual tactics, or did you perhaps offer him your services anyway?"

Zoisite was appalled and his horror showed clearly on his face, almost outweighing his fear, "Of course not! You are the only one of the three kings I have ever slept with!"

"Not to mention the hundreds of lower officers who have had that privilege" Kunzite shot back acidly.

Tears stung at Zoisite's eyes and he felt as though the older king had struck him. "Do you think I wanted this? Why else would I hide the evidence at the last minute? I had no choice! Nephrite would have killed me, but I did not go through with it anyway! Surely that tells you something?"

"That you are a coward."

"No!" Zoisite screamed, his tears pouring forth and streaming down his cheeks, "I care about you, Kunzite-sama. I didn't know it as first, but I do now. I couldn't carry out Nephrite's orders, no matter what happened! Doesn't that count for something?"

"No. Get out."


"Get out"

Kunzite turned away to indicate that the conversation was over, but Zoisite lingered for a few seconds more, his tearful gaze upon the older man. Then, when it became clear that Kunzite was not going to change his mind, Zoisite silently left the bedroom and hurried down the corridor to his own room.


He had thought that they were forever, now it appeared that they had not even lasted a single day.

* * *

"Alright, I'll be right down!" Jadeite shouted irritably as the incessant knocking on the door of his quarters refused to be silenced by the several pillows that he had buried his head under. Beryl had been feeling generous owing to a small successful energy harvest in a town in England and had decided to allow Jadeite the morning off. These rare acts of generosity were to be savoured and of course Jadeite was not going to miss a chance to sleep in. Still it was passed mid-day so he supposed he should be grateful for the irritating wakeup call. Keeping a scowl fixed firmly on his face, Jadeite pulled on a pair of trousers and stomped downstairs to answer the door. Yanking it open he was very displeased to see Nephrite standing the other side of it. Without waiting for a reply, the older king stormed into the house, pushing the blond roughly aside as he let loose a torrent of insults... all directed at Jadeite's former student.

"What the fuck does he think he is playing at?" Nephrite demanded at length, when he noted that Jadeite was not paying him the slightest bit of attention and had seated himself upon the sofa. "Everything was going so well and then he had to go and ruin it all. I was lucky to escape so lightly. Now Beryl can't stand the sight of me and the Youma are laughing behind my back! What the fuck was he doing?"

Jadeite shrugged, "Why don't you start by telling me what Zoisite is supposed to have done?"

Nephrite scowled but drew a calming breath and said; "It is what he hasn't done. Yesterday I gave him plans of our attack on the Moon Kingdom, all nicely wrapped up in the kingdom's emblem for him to plant in Kunzite's room. This morning I went to Beryl with the news that Kunzite was selling Dark Kingdom's secrets to the leader of the Inner Senshi guarding the Princess. Of course Beryl went crazy and sent a couple of Youma to search Kunzite's quarters from top to bottom and do you know what they found?"

"No, but I can guess."

"Nothing! Not a fucking thing!"

Jadeite couldn't say he wasn't surprised but was deeply concerned by this turn of events. He leaned forward, demanding to know what Beryl did when she learned that Nephrite had lied to her.

"That bitch made me clear out the Youma quarters" Nephrite snarled angrily, not acknowledging that this punishment was a light one when one considered how volatile the Queen could be.

"So Zoisite is loyal to Kunzite?" Jadeite questioned, "That could put both of us in jeopardy."

"And don't I know it" Nephrite snapped, "That lying little rat. I won't allow him to get away with this."

Jadeite shook his head, "The way I see it, we have more to worry about than Zoisite making fools of us. He has become a liability. Even if Kunzite does not know about our part in all of this he will soon."

"So we are in agreement then?"

Jadeite nodded, "We must terminate that liability as soon as possible."

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