The Four Points

Chapter Four: The Hunter and the Hunted! Escape from the Dark Kingdom

© 2006 by Shari

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Zoisite cursed softly as his mind once again drifted back from the dark void he was almost growing accustomed too. Yet again he was waking from an unconscious state that had been forced upon him by the situation he and the other Shitennou had found themselves in. How many more times would this be the case? What scene would be before him when he opened his eyes? He did so slowly, cautiously, allowing his eyes to get used to the gloom that surrounded him. Zoisite felt the floor underneath him, the cold and hard stone sending shivers through him as his senses tingled as he became aware of this atmosphere, the steady dripping of water and the footsteps echoing further down the corridor. He lay silently, waiting for his breathing to steady before bracing himself for the pain he knew was going to overcome him. When he felt nothing save for the thumping of his rapidly beating heart Zoisite looked down at himself, wondering if perhaps the extent of his injuries were so severe that he had gone numb from the pain. He blinked, as if blinded by his new attire. What was this? It was his old jacket but in pure white with a golden lining. Zoisite touched the gold button holding the flap of the jacket closed just to check that the smooth texture beneath his fingertips was real. His trousers had turned white too, tucked into his black boots as always, his waistband too was gold and sheathed at his side was a small dagger; the blade was only an inch and a half long, glinting in the dim light of the caverns. The handle was gold also, a silver outline of an angel encrusted on the hilt.

"What is this?" he pushed himself up off of the floor, rolling into a crouch Zoisite looked around, panicked, for Kunzite. When Zoisite realised that his lover was nowhere in sight he turned to the man standing a few metres away, silently observing his growing alarm.

"What is this? Why am I dressed like this? What have you done to me?"

"Done to you?" Jadeite frowned, tilting his head slightly to one side as he always did when he was confused about something.

Zoisite frantically gestured to his uniform "This!"

"Oh" came the reply and then "I did not do that... it appeared on you... after Beryl attacked you."

Zoisite exhaled, staggering to his feet, palms pressed against the damp wall of the cavern for support, as his gaze locked with that of the blond king "Why am I not dead?"

Jadeite shrugged, "That is something we would all like to know."

"How did we escape? Where is Kunzite-sama?"

Again Jadeite hesitated, then after a moment's silence he said, almost reluctantly, "I don't know how we escaped. After Beryl attacked you, something happened. There was another presence in the room with us. It stopped Beryl from killing us all."

"Eternal" Zoisite whispered, that name, it filled his eyes with tears. He stumbled back, the amount of emotion dizzying to his exhausted mind. Yes, he felt tired; it took all his will power not to collapse on the spot. The angel... Princess Serenity... Sailor Moon.

After she died I tore her soul from her body before it had a chance to cross over and using the power of Metallia I imprisoned it here on Earth. The Princess can never reach heaven. She will stay, as a witness to the glorious and eternal power of the darkness

No one deserved that, not even Sailor Moon, the meddlesome teenage heroine who had constantly thwarted Zoisite's mission. Sailor Moon, the whining cry baby Sailor Senshi of love and justice. Zoisite no longer hated the Odango headed girl; in fact he pitied her fate.

"Zoisite?" Jadeite asked quietly, showing some obvious concern "Are you feeling alright?"

"I don't know" still choked up with feelings he could not quite explain Zoisite decided it was best to move onto the topic of his lover. He had no desire to discuss his emotions with Jadeite.

"Where is Kunzaito-sama?" he demanded of the blond.

"He went with Nephrite to make sure the corridor ahead of us is clear" Jadeite pouted at the accusatory tone in Zoisite's voice, "I had to carry you and you are not as light as you appear." He added in as a half-hearted jibe at the little king.

Zoisite ignored Jadeite and started down the corridor, in the direction of the footsteps, his hands nervously fingering the cape that almost trailed along the floor behind him, feeling the rough texture.

"We have to wait here," Jadeite protested at this sudden movement, a hand grabbing hold of Zoisite's arm. "Youma are everywhere and looking for us. Beryl was angered that we escaped. She wants you the most of all."

"Me? Why?"

Jadeite shrugged again, his troubled look returning as if keeping something from the younger man. Zoisite scowled "What is it?" he demanded.

Jadeite sighed and rubbed the back of his neck with a hand "It is probably nothing; you know how Beryl can be. She called you Eternal."

"Eternal?" Zoisite repeated, that word again. An image of the purist form in the world, flying up from the ground towards her foe, arms outstretched.

I will embrace this world

"Even you speak it differently" Jadeite added, "I do not understand it."

Zoisite shrugged, his eyes meeting that of the other king's "Like you say it is probably nothing." He willed Jadeite to drop this conversation, afraid perhaps, of where it would lead. "It is nothing," Zoisite repeated as if by saying this he would himself start to believe it. He drew a shaking breath and shook off the grip the other man had on his arm "So we wait?"

Jadeite nodded and an awkward silence ensured. Zoisite slumped back against the wall, absently noting the feel of the cool stone through his uniform. He recalled the pink light, the angel yet what did it all mean? He could still see her in his minds eye. Sailor Moon, yes it was her but it was not. She had transformed into something far greater than the crybaby heroine who had fought against Zoisite so long ago. She still held that innocence and beauty, even Zoisite could appreciate that.

"Zoisaito?" he jumped slightly at the sound of his lover's voice. The two men had returned. Jadeite looked expectantly at them but all Zoisite could focus on was his Kunzite-sama. The man looked exhausted, black marks marred underneath his eyes, his hair; usually so white like the clothes Zoisite now wore was streaked with dirt and hung limply around his face. He was pale too and cold. Zoisite looked at the remains of Kunzite's uniform, the trousers torn off at one knee, the jacket all but gone, thin strips of cloth covering his shoulders and part of his back and no cape. It was cold in the Dark Kingdom.

"Kunzite-sama" Zoisite started, his trembling hands reaching up to the epaulettes of his own cape "You must be freezing." He undid one with the intention of handing the cape over to his lover when Kunzite spoke, interrupting him.

"The way is clear," he said, ignoring Zoisite's gesture completely. "We must hurry. Beryl will be looking for us."

Then he started down the silent corridor once more. Zoisite stumbled after him, refastening the cape as he did so. "Where are we going Kunzite-sama?" Zoisite addressed his lover again but it was Jadeite who replied, "My quarters" was the answer.

* * *

Beryl regarded the carnage and the man kneeling before her, one hand tightly wrapped around her staff as if to ease her trembling somewhat. Around her lay the dead Youma, their colourful bodies practically torn in two by the force of the youngest king's magics. Magics... it filled Beryl with dread to think of what had taken place. Those who witnessed the attack on Metallia lay among the dying; none must bear witness to Beryl's defeat. Defeat... how she hated that word. It seemed unbefitting of the Queen who ruled the Earth. No one attacked her in her throne room and got away with it! Zoisite, her lip curled back into an automatic sneer when she pictured that moment.


Zoisite would pay with his life for this, a direct assault on her authority and the kingdom. He would pay with his life but before that he would watch the others die. If Zoisite had turned against her enough to receive the... it meant that anyone of the others could be a source of Beryl's downfall. Metallia had warned her of these things. Love is a very powerful emotion.

And so is hate

"Endymion" Beryl frowned upon her loyal servant; his face was beaten and bloody black marks covering his eyes, his nose awash with blood and broken, his right arm hung uselessly at his side. Such a handsome man Beryl thought bitterly, the only thing she cared about more so than power and again they had underlined her greatness by injuring the man who had the honour of warming her bed. This again showed their disrespect for their Queen. They had to pay; Zoisite would pay for this.

"Go" Beryl instructed, "Summon a healer and then track down the Shitennou. Kill them all."

"Of course your majesty" Endymion bowed, a difficult act with his injured arm, and reached out, taking his Queen's hand in his own and planting a soft kiss to the back of it. Those lips, once Serenity had stolen kisses from them that had rightfully belonged to Beryl. The Queen started to shake as she recalled a certain and still painful memory, the moment when she realised that Endymion's heart did not belong to her and never would.

"Endymion" she held out a hand, stopping the dark Prince in his tracks "Kill them all but bring Zoisite back here alive."

"May I ask why?" came the response. Beryl frowned, was he questioning her orders? Still she could deny him nothing, those blue eyes still held the innocent look of the Prince who had so captured her heart all those years ago.

Beryl nodded and closed her eyes, revelling in the fact that now he belonged to her "I wish to kill him myself." She allowed at last.

"As you wish" and then he was gone, a blackness opening up and swallowing the young man. Beryl sighed; Endymion was hers for all time now. She may not have captured his heart but she owned his body and mind and that was enough...

* * *

They reached Jadeite's rather cramped and damp quarters without any trouble much to Kunzite's relief. The oldest Shitennou had remained quiet on the short journey through the seemingly endless tunnels, keeping an eye out for Youma or Endymion but most of all puzzling over the transformation that had taken his lover from his side. True it was Zoisite but he was different, he seemed older... no Kunzite could not put his finger on it or decide exactly what had caused this change. He cast another glance at the younger man, seated on a turquoise sofa, arms crossed as he stared into space. Jadeite's quarters were smaller than Kunzite's own. They consisted of a small lounge area and then a place to sleep and a bathroom. Most dwellings within the Dark Kingdom were modelled and furnished like Earthling homes, one of the only traits that united the two worlds. Kunzite could hear the shower running in the upstairs room. His stomach rumbled reminding him that they had yet to eat a proper meal. Jadeite's quarters had no kitchen, why would they? Food could be conjured or obtained from Earth. Of course the blond had supplies and Kunzite could hear him, also in an adjacent room, searching for something for them to eat. The older man seated himself beside his lover, gazing around the cramped room with some disgust. His own quarters, quarters that he and Zoisite shared, had been twice, no three times as big as this. He supposed it came again with rank. It was cold as well, and Kunzite in his current attire or rather lack of found it to be rather uncomfortable. He squirmed on the sofa, bringing his feet up to rest on the rickety coffee table. It cracked loudly and crashed to the floor bringing up a cloud of dust in its wake.

Zoisite giggled but this crash had brought Jadeite running. He gazed in dismay at his broken furnishing and then gave Kunzite a look that could kill. "What happened?"

Kunzite shrugged, he did not have to explain himself to the blond king "It broke" he stated as if it were obvious.

Jadeite scowled, then deciding that Kunzite could beat him in a fight even without magics that he should go back into the other room. Muttering something about 'never liking that coffee table anyway' he disappeared again. The little exchange seemed to clear the air between the remaining kings.

"Kunzite-sama" Zoisite began carefully, "I know... this must seem strange. I don't really understand it myself and I..." Zoisite broke off in a gasp as Kunzite abruptly pulled the younger king into a tight embrace, capturing his lips in a hard kiss.

Zoisite made another muffled noise before relaxing against the man who held him. As Kunzite controlled the kiss, his tongue forcing its way into his student's mouth, his mind wandered. Of course Zoisite was the same person he had always been. He tasted the same, acted the same, and made the same noises when Kunzite kissed him unexpectedly. Fleeting, as he pushed the younger man down so that he was lying on the sofa, Kunzite atop him, Kunzite realised that they had not been together since their rebirth. A smirk twisted his mouth as he unfastened Zoisite's jacket. He would soon see to that.


Kunzite drew back when he heard Nephrite re-enter the room, wearing a blue bathrobe, probably one of Jadeite's as the sleeves were slightly tight and it only just covered his body.

"Do you mind?" Nephrite snapped irritably.

"Actually... no" Zoisite retorted.

Kunzite sighed, pressing one more kiss to his lover's lips he stood, noting in dismay that his uniform had torn even more in the fleeting moments of would-be-passion had Nephrite not chose to interrupt them.

"What is the problem now?"

This was Jadeite returning; in his arms he carried some food; bread and cheese.

"Them" Nephrite nodded towards Kunzite and Zoisite.

Jadeite shrugged, "What have they done now?" obviously he still respected his leadership Kunzite thought in amusement. A factor he could use to his advantage. He sat back on the sofa, tucking his arms behind his head and giving Jadeite a hard stare. The blond swallowed hard and set the food down on the top of the broken coffee table.

"They were going to have sex on your sofa" Nephrite grinned like a Cheshire cat at this statement, obviously enjoying seeing Zoisite squirm "It would have a made a bit of a mess don't you think?"

Jadeite gave Zoisite a look of pure poison, not wanting to rile Kunzite it would seem. The youngest king grinned at this obvious discomfort and to that Jadeite sighed and decided on a safer topic "I found us some food. There are spare uniforms in the wardrobe upstairs. I don't know if they will fit but it is better than nothing." He gave Kunzite a meaningful stare after completing this sentence. The older man rose from the sofa, ignoring the annoyed glare Zoisite gave him, and walked quietly towards the stairs. With his exit the tension in the room dissolved. Kunzite chuckled to himself and climbed the stairs. He found room Jadeite had spoken of without too much trouble. The blonde's bedroom was plain in comparison to his own. It had a single bed, a white duvet and pillow atop of it. The wardrobe was wooden and unvarnished and looked as unstable as the coffee table Kunzite had previously destroyed. The walls were a dirty white and in places water leaked through cracks in the plaster. Kunzite wondered how much of it was due to the fact that Jadeite had been away for a long time and how much was simply that the third king did not worry so much about home comforts. The white haired king pulled open the wardrobe door, too hard, the door came off in his hands and noted in dismay that none of the uniforms in there would fit him anyway. He pushed the uniforms aside and discovered some Earth clothes, bundled up and shoved to the back of the wardrobe. They were the blue and white robes Jadeite had used when he was posing as a helper in the Hikawa Shrine down on Earth Kunzite recalled. He used to take pride in knowing exactly what went on in the kingdom. That plan had failed and also enabled the third Sailor Senshi, Sailor Mars to join with Moon and Mercury. The robes were designed to be big and Kunzite decided that they would do. He would rather hate to wear a uniform below his status anyway. Laying them out on the bed he set to work removing the tattered remains of his old uniform. Kunzite hissed in pain as the jacket came loose, pulling at burns from the sun's rays. Luckily, being a darker skin tone than his lover, the burns were few and would probably heal within a day or two. Had Kunzite had his powers they would be gone in a moment. As he kicked off the boots, they were relatively intact and could be worn again; he heard a small noise by the door.

"Zoisaito?" he looked up and saw his lover standing hesitantly in the doorway, twirling a strand of coppery hair around his delicate fingers. The little king walked into the room, one foot kicking the door shut.

He made another noise, one of sympathy, when he too saw the burns. "Do they hurt?" he asked softly.

"No" Kunzite replied, realising that the magics that had healed Zoisite's fatal wounds inflicted on him by Beryl had also healed his burns.

"I'm sorry"

"For what?"

Zoisite shrugged, "This... I don't know."

Kunzite was a little confused by the man's behaviour. What could Zoisite possibly feel guilty about? He had saved them all from Beryl. Had he not done what he did then they would be helpless slaves of the dark forces once more and Kunzite knew it was no longer what he wanted.

Staying in character, the white haired king crossed the few metres that separated them and drew his lover into an embrace whilst murmuring in his ear "Do not apologise Zoisaito. It will only mar your beauty."

Zoisite nodded and drew back from the embrace, a slight blush adorning his cheeks "I came to see if you... I was going to have a shower. I was wondering whether you would care to join me?"

Kunzite grinned, Zoisite's innocent fašade always managed to stir arousal in him. "It would be my pleasure" he replied, letting the rest of the uniform fall to the floor and reaching up to help Zoisite with divesting himself of his own white attire.

* * *

Nephrite settled back on the sofa, nibbling at the slightly stale bread as Jadeite poured the wine into two glasses before silently handing one to the older king. Taking it Nephrite frowned slightly when the soft murmurings of the other two kings reached his ears.

The blond sat down beside his colleague and ran a hand through his short hair. "One of us should go up there. Now is not the time for... we should be deciding on a safe route out of the kingdom."

Nephrite chuckled as yet another moan wafted down the stairs "Be my guest" he sipped from the wine glass and nodded upwards, "Though I am sure they will kill you for it."

A frown now marred Jadeite's features, "Perhaps."

Nephrite smirked, "Perhaps?" he echoed, "Or perhaps not." He gave Jadeite another look and stood up, setting down his glass.

"Nephrite-sama" Jadeite looked dismayed at the amount of disapproval that had crept into his voice.

Nephrite's smirk only got bigger at this unprecedented opportunity to rile Zoisite somewhat and in any case they could not stay here indefinitely. Surely the first place Beryl would have Endymion look for them would be their own quarters?

* * *

"We will form three groups of four" Endymion paced up and down in front of the Youma troops standing to attention, awaiting his instruction. They were, of course, all Youma from the past struggle with the Sailor Senshi, reborn under Metallia's jurisdiction to serve Endymion alone and thus had been rid of any memories they might have of their previous masters. All had been good, no great; Youma and Metallia had been displeased with their loss. They earned rebirth as did Endymion himself but as Metallia gave life she also gave death. It would be death, Endymion knew, if they failed in their mission. Still it was going to be hard going he thought as he wiped his sweaty brow with the back of his left hand, a sword clutched tightly in his right, as these Youma did not recall what the Shitennou were least of all what they looked like. Luckily that had been easily remedied. Producing a small silver frame from his uniform pocket with a flourish Endymion snapped open the back, breaking the metal and tore out the snap shot. He stared scornfully down at the offending photograph, his lips curled back into a feral sneer as he gazed upon two of his attackers. To think they, in mere human form without powers, had dared attack him, the great Prince Endymion of the Dark Kingdom, Metallia's most loyal servant! The dark prince winced at this movement in his jaw. The Youma healers had done a good job but still his wounds pained him. Still it was no matter. They would bleed today.

"Here is a photograph of two of the targets" Endymion tossed the photograph at the nearest Youma, Tetis; she caught it reflectively and peered at it with the huge blue eyes of her human form. The rest of the army crowded around her, peering over the water Youma's shoulders muttering among themselves. Endymion smirked as he caught bits of the converse between them.

Disgraceful, the whore king, slut,

Youma, being it not very bright creatures and thus could not chose more colourful insults, were amusing at times Endymion thought to himself. He liked 'the whore king' best it suited the youngest Shitennou perfectly. What else would you call a man who sold his body in exchange for a higher rank? Still enough was enough.

"Tetis" Endymion barked befalling instant silence upon the room "Take command of the first group, you will search the tunnels and block off any exits. Castor, Pollex take the second group. You will continue the search of the surrounding Artic landscape. The rest of you are with me. We will check the lower levels of the kingdom. Remember, Beryl wants Zoisite alive. Kill the others if you can. Anyone who harms Zoisite will answer directly to Beryl."

A ripple of fear went through the group before him at this. Endymion smirked. An idle threat really. If any of them killed Zoisite, Endymion would be glad. He suspected that Beryl simply wanted to brainwash the youngest king and harness his newfound powers for her own causes. Endymion was not at all happy about this. A rival for power! He did not need this. A surge of something went through him at that moment. Anger? Hate? Fear? No this was stronger. Something he had no control of as he spoke his next words.

"Zoisite and Kunzite are lovers. They will try to protect each other. Kill Kunzite first if you get the opportunity of a surprise attack. Now go."

"Endymion-sama?" Tetis asked hesitantly as he turned, she held the photo up as she spoke "Which one is Zoisite?"

"The white haired one" Endymion replied before he realised the words were passed his lips, "The white haired one is Zoisite."

* * *

Zoisite reluctantly slipped on the bathrobe he had found hanging on the inside of the bathroom door, pouting loudly as he turned to face his lover. Kunzite stood, his back to the younger man, towelling himself off from the shower and as Zoisite stared he pulled on the shrine robes in silence before turning around to face his lover.

"You will catch a cold if you stand around like that all day" Kunzite murmured quietly. Zoisite sniffed and forced a small smile.

"If I do then you will have to nurse me better Kunzaito-sama."

"Nurse you?" Kunzite raised an eyebrow "Can you imagine me doing that?"

Zoisite grinned and edged nearer, drawing a finger down the parting of the bathrobe "No... but I think I would like it. It would be romantic... almost."

Kunzite met his gaze, planting a gentle kiss to his wet brow before murmuring something else about getting dried off and left the bathroom. Zoisite sighed and selected another towel and did as he was told. Something had changed, he mused to himself as he struggled with his new clothing; the cape giving him the most trouble, as he was not used to fastening the epaulettes. They had made love but it hadn't felt right to Zoisite. True on the physical side of things he had been fine... no it was something else. Something inside of him, though he knew he loved Kunzite as much as ever, perhaps even more so. What had it been? Fear? Impossible! Kunzite-sama would never hurt him. Kunzite was always so gentle, acknowledging his bigger build and taking care not to injure the smaller king. Had Kunzite sensed this change too? Was this why he had rejected Zoisite's advances just now? No, rejected was too much a strong word for this. Reluctance was more like it. Zoisite sighed and cursed loudly as he still battled with the cape. It wouldn't be so bad if he had a mirror so that he could see what he was doing. Who designed such a silly piece of clothing anyway? Zoisite sighed, debating whether or not to leave it behind. He had never worn a cape with his previous uniform anyway and with his pale complexion it made him look as white as a ghost! Zoisite was about ready to give up when the bathroom door creaked open again.


Zoisite smiled and did not turn around when he felt his lover at his back, taking the cape and without a word fastening it correctly. Zoisite reached up with one hand and rested it atop of Kunzite's.

He gasped quietly when his hand was pushed roughly away and the man behind him made a noise of disgust, in a voice that was very unlike his Kunzite-sama.

Zoisite whirled around and shrieked when his gaze met that of Nephrite's. The auburn haired king smiled at Zoisite's distress and took a step back, neatly catching the fist that was aimed at his face.

"This is the thanks I get for trying to help you?" Nephrite, to Zoisite's disgust, did not let go of his hand even when he struggled.

"I did not need your help!" Zoisite hissed, stamping down on his enemy's foot. Much to his dismay Nephrite did not even flinch at this act.

"I hate you!" Zoisite shouted, settling on verbal abuse "You are the most aggravating, infuriating, most..."

"Zoisaito?" he froze when he heard Kunzite's voice. Forgetting Nephrite, Zoisite looked up towards the door. Kunzite and Jadeite were both standing there. Kunzite had an amused expression on his face as they regarded the scene before them. Nephrite scowled and let go of Zoisite's hand, thinking it would not a good thing for Kunzite to see.

"He had trouble with the cape" Nephrite muttered, perfectly aware at how red his face had gone. Zoisite was torn between humiliation and the desire to tease Nephrite over this situation. The latter won and just as he was about to embarrass the older man further Jadeite ruined it all by saying:

"As much as I love seeing you two at each others throats I think we have slightly more important things to discuss."

Kunzite nodded in silent agreement as did Nephrite, the other man obviously pleased to have the topic changed. Zoisite pouted and followed the other Shitennou back down the stairs to the front of the dwelling. Still back downstairs Zoisite forgot his earlier fury when he saw the uneaten food sitting upon the broken coffee table. Without waiting for an invitation to start he grabbed the nearest chunk of bread and glass of wine. It was stale but Zoisite, starved and tired, did not care and promptly finished the bread with two bites, the wine was downed moments afterwards. He immediately reached for more and sat down on Kunzite's lap, only partially aware of the conversation between the three men.

"Endymion would have sent Youma armies to deal with us" Nephrite was saying, "Every minute we stay here is dangerous, we must leave as soon as possible."

"I must say I am in agreement with this" Kunzite replied, helping himself to some bread before his lover consumed the lot "Still I do not like this notion of fleeing from lowly Youma. To flee would be a cowardly act would it not?"

"As opposed to what?" Nephrite snapped back, his earlier good humour of the other Shitennou was slowly fading Zoisite noted, this could get interesting "How can we fight even Youma without our magics? We cannot rely on good fortune to save us as it did back in the throne room. And in case you haven't forgotten we have no weapons! What would throwing ourselves at the Youma achieve?"

"An honourable battle death" was the smooth retort.

"I don't want to die Kunzite-sama" Zoisite spoke softly, his eyes lowered to the small dagger sheathed at his side "We have this... I know it is not much but... Jadeite, you must have some weapons here?"

The blond, startled at being addressed, nodded "A few swords yes. Weaponry was not really my forte."

"No but it is mine" Nephrite said, steely determination in his eyes, "We'll take the weapons, kill any Youma who get in our way and leave the Dark Kingdom."

"To where?" Kunzite demanded, "The Earth belongs to Beryl now. She was right. We either serve her or die."

Zoisite made a small noise, even to his own ears it sounded too much like a whimper, as he moved closer to his lover. Kunzite-sama was right; he always was. Where could they go?

"Eternal" Nephrite answered for him, "We find her, the woman who brought us back. I know if we find her we will have all our answers."

Zoisite scowled again, annoyed that Nephrite's plan sounded a sensible one.

"Where do we start to look?" Jadeite wanted to know.

"She will find us" Nephrite's voice gave strength as he started to believe in his own words "She meant for us to come back. We no longer serve Beryl. We were not reborn for that purpose. Why else would we be spared in the throne room? Beryl did not have us reborn. She intended to leave us dead. She had no need for the Shitennou. She has Endymion, the Youma and the ginzuishou."

"How will we get out? We can't possible hope to open a portal back to Tokyo. The Dark Kingdom's only continuingly active portal is the one to D Point. If we go there then we will freeze." Zoisite gently touched the fabric of his new uniform as he spoke these words. This purpose, Nephrite spoke so easily of. What did it mean? Eternal... Zoisite had a feeling that they did not need to look for her. Eternal was the name Beryl had called him.

* * *

Kunzite had always found Zoisite's mood swings difficult to handle, even when they were the Shitennou, Beryl commanded. The little man used to get frustrated over so many things. The white haired man smiled as he recalled one such event.

"It is your move Zoisaito."

"I know" Zoisite scowled, his brows knitting together in concentration before reaching forward and moving one of the carefully carved ivory pieces.

Kunzite shook his head and pushed the offending object back to where it had been "Rooks can only move diagonally Zoisaito."

The younger man scowled, yet heeding his tutor's words he turned his gaze back to the board and toyed with another figure. A smile lit up his face, as he moved it forward one, taking his opponents Queen.

Kunzite appeared relaxed, even now as the array of discarded black chess figures was growing and he had yet to take anything but Pawns from his student. Better to plan ahead he thought to himself and true Zoisite had once again fallen into the same trap. Kunzite, giving nothing away, moved his remaining Knight into position. Zoisite, moved his Rook in and took the piece as Kunzite had anticipated and thus exposing his King to attack. He had not even noticed his error even when Kunzite made his move, sliding his last Pawn across the board and then leaning back on the burgundy sofa; folding his arms across his chest he murmured, "Check mate."

"What?" Zoisite snapped, "Again? How can this be? You have but a few pieces remaining? I was winning. If this were a battle I would have defeated you."

Kunzite scowled, angered by not only his student's impatience but also his hatred for losing. The little king fell into his trap each time. Kunzite had allowed Zoisite to take his expendable pieces such as the Pawn's and Bishops, allowing him time to set up the board to his advantage and Zoisite, liking the taste of an easy victory had ignored all the warning signs.

"You lose only because you allow yourself to get carried away to early into the game" Kunzite replied, allowing disappointment into his voice as well. Zoisite was smart, if pushed Kunzite wondered if perhaps he had a rival on his hands and yet Zoisite was content to remain his student, even after Beryl promoted him to the rank of the forth king of the Dark Kingdom. Kunzite, in truth despaired of such a waste.

Zoisite's answer was to kick the board, sending pieces flying all over the sheep's wool rug and the white Queen landed on the burning fire. Kunzite shook his head and stood, even more pieces breaking underfoot as he approached the fuming Zoisite. "Such talent if only you would try" he murmured, "I know you can defeat me."

"I am trying" Zoisite snapped back, "Chess is a game of patience is it not? You are always telling me I am too impatient so why you insist on playing this stupid Earth game is really beyond me!"

"It will teach you strategy and patience. Skills important for a king in battle as you will learn" with a mere thought the chess board and all the piece rearranged themselves upon the table once more. "Sit" Kunzite commanded softly, "And this time think before moving each piece. Every move is vital."

Zoisite sighed and slumped back down in his chair "Yes Kunzaito-sama. I understand."

Ten minutes later Kunzite found himself saying once more "Check mate."

* * *

Looking at Zoisite now Kunzite could tell his lover was troubled by Nephrite's words. He was tugging, absently at his cape, an item of clothing which looked out of place on the smaller king. Kunzite sorely missed his own uniform. How could he assume leadership without it? Dressed in these shrine robes he looked anything but the leader he should be. Zoisite did make sense though. How could they hope to escape the kingdom? They could not hope to cross the thousands of miles of ice and snow and as none of them could open a portal...

"Zoisite?" Nephrite's words broke Kunzite's concentration. Feeling slightly embarrassed to have drifted into his own little world so to speak, Kunzite focused intently on what the auburn haired man was saying, trying to get a drift of the conversation.

"I can't" Zoisite replied, his voice small and fragile, so unlike him. "I don't know how."

"You almost killed Beryl" Nephrite snapped, "How can you not know how?"

Zoisite shook his head miserably "That power. It was not me..."

Slowly Kunzite realised what Nephrite was asking Zoisite to do and he sensed the despair and fear radiating from his lover. That power was not to be touched Kunzite knew.

"Leave him be" the older man told Nephrite as if talking to a small child and not the second highest ranking Shitennou "It was not Zoisite who attacked Beryl."

"Then who was it?" Jadeite murmured doubtfully "We were all there Kunzite-sama. We all saw what he did."

"More importantly so did Beryl" Nephrite shot back at Kunzite, angered by the patronising tone in the older man's voice "Do you think she will let this go? She was attacked in front of her court! Gods he made her bleed! What do you think will happen when she catches up with us here?"

Kunzite wondered briefly what had happened to Nephrite's resolve to become the person he was meant to be rather than the person Beryl had controlled when it came to him in a sudden flash of inspiration. Both ideas hit at once and Kunzite quickly relayed them to the other kings.

"It is the darkness" he said solemnly, "It is making us act differently. It is tainting us as we sit here."

"Which is why we should leave" Nephrite ground out, "Preferably before Beryl catches up with us and makes us pay for what your little toy did to her."

"We will" Kunzite ignored the dig at Zoisite, wrapping an arm around his lover's waist to prevent the younger king from lunging at Nephrite. "There are some old tunnels running under the kingdom. I believe they are old passages designed for getting rid of the waste from the kingdom; the design was based on the Earthlings sewerage system. Of course this was many years ago, I do not know if it is still there but I had taken the liberty of setting up an open portal in case of an emergency."

"Why didn't you tell us about it from the start?" Nephrite demanded.

"Where does it lead too?" Jadeite wanted to know.

Kunzite chose to answer Jadeite's question, pretending not to hear Nephrite. He would not admit to forgetting about it after all he was the first among the kings, though that did not mean a thing without their powers.

"Tokyo" he replied, "Near the Juuban region I believe."

"Then why are we sitting around here?" Nephrite stood, "Let's get the weapons and leave here."

Kunzite was in agreement with this.

"Kunzite-sama" Zoisite whispered suddenly, "Outside."

They all froze when they heard voices coming from beyond the door.

The End of Chapter 4 - Goto Chapter 5

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