The Four Points

Chapter Nine: Music and Heartaches! The Shy Girl, Hotaru

© 2006 by Shari

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"The Death busters?" Jadeite repeated, "What is it they want?" the blond was mirroring Zoisite and tugging nervously on the ends of his cape, half expecting the Senshi to turn upon them any minute. Jadeite, like his fellow kings, did not trust anyone who wore a sailor fuku and he was damned if he was going to start now just because they gave them a place to stay, a place which, ironically, belonged to one of the kings to begin with! How could they even trust what Uranus and Neptune told them was true?

"The Death Busters are heart snatchers, they steal pure hearts from a person in the hopes that, that person will be the keeper of a talisman. There are three talismen in total and we are in possession of them all."

"A pure heart?" Zoisite spoke, the little king had remained silent until now, "What is that?"

"A pure heart is what its name suggests. A person with a pure heart has kind intentions. The target may be someone who wishes for a sick relative to get well, or someone who has a deep love for another. Of course, all of the survivors are here so there were not many pure hearts for them to harvest so they target us instead. We have to go into Tokyo to meet with Sailor Pluto and then they attack us. They know we are two of the carriers of the talismen but what they do not know is that the talismen have come together to form the Holy Grail." Neptune explained, "The Holy Grail can bring great destruction if it falls into the wrong hands. It will be used to call forth a demon who has the power to cast silence upon this world."

"Who exactly is 'the wrong hands'? I assume you mean Beryl?" Jadeite enquired, the blond wanted to get as much information from the Senshi as they could whilst they were volunteering it.

"As we said before, Sailor Moon was destined to fight this evil. The wrong hands we refer to are the human possessed by a Daihmon and the Messiah of Silence. If the Messiah of Silence can obtain one of the purest hearts in the galaxy then she will awaken fully and can use the Holy Grail to bring forth the demon being and destroy this world. Beryl wants the Messiah of Silence to awaken so that she can harness this demon being for her own uses. Our objective is to stop the Death Busters from achieving this. We have killed 6 of the Death Busters and hundreds of their Daihmon. As long as we keep them at bay then Beryl cannot win. Sailor Moon was destined, in a different future, to be the true Messiah and save the Messiah of Silence from her own destruction. Beryl killed her and thus there is no saviour. That is why, if the Messiah of Silence awakens we will kill her."

Haruka leant back in her chair, folding her arms across her chest she gazed at the four kings, "We have told you our story, now how about telling us yours?"

* * *

Beryl tapped her nails upon the arms of her throne as Endymion delivered his report. Nothing... it was if the Shitennou had disappeared off of the face of the Earth. How could this be? She thought frantically. She was running out of time. Metallia already grew impatient.

The darkness rules the Earth and still you are as incompetent as ever Beryl, I want the forth king of the Dark Kingdom brought before me! If you fail then I shall take Endymion from you as punishment.

Beryl shuddered as she recalled those words. She would lose Endymion; Metallia did not make idle threats. Beryl could not afford to lose him too, not after the loss of the ginzuishou.

"The Sailor Senshi" Beryl suddenly spoke, startling her Prince into silence "What of them? Are they any closer to locating the three talismen?"

"I believe they are already in possession on them. The Death Busters claim on the Holy Grail grows weaker by the day."

"I see. What of the Messiah of Silence?"

"Still there is no sign of the girl, Tomoe Hotaru. Her father is searching for her also. I believe that the Outer Senshi also have her."

Beryl frowned, this was no good, this was no good at all "The pure heart is the key. The purest heart in the Galaxy is said to belong to Sailor Moon. She is dead. Where will they find one as pure?" Beryl mused.

"If you do not mind me saying, your majesty" Endymion said softly, stepping nearer to the throne "It is not a lifetime of kindness that makes a pure heart but the thoughts and feelings of that person at the time that their pure heart is being stolen."

Beryl nodded, "Continue your search for the Shitennou and Outer Senshi" she said at length, not even allowing Endymion a glimpse at what was to come. "If you find any of them bring them to me."

"As you wish" Endymion bowed and disappeared in a flash of black light. The Dark Prince reappeared in Tokyo, staring up at the Starlight Tower where Sailor Pluto hid. He snarled softly, thinking of how the Senshi had eluded him and his Queen. Still Beryl was a foolish woman. She had instructed Endymion exactly how he wanted to her too. The red queen was getting desperate. She wanted to be rid of Metallia's control and to do that she needed the Holy Grail and the Messiah of Silence. The Grail would grant her infinite power once the Messiah had used it to call forth the demon Pharaoh 90 from the depths of space. To use the Grail and fully awaken the Messiah, the Death Busters needed a pure heart, a true pure heart. Endymion had simply planted the idea in Beryl's head. The purest heart he could think of belonged to the one they searched for, the one Metallia wanted. Of course once a pure heart was taken from a person, that person would die. Beryl did not know this, would not know this until it was too late. Endymion smiled, it was all falling into place. His real rival for power would die thus he would remain Beryl's loyal council. Nothing would stop this now.

* * *

Zoisite followed Kunzite through the vast gardens of Nephrite's mansion, gasping in dismay to see the bare landscape; the flowers and plants had died long ago. The other two Shitennou were behind him, neither had spoken during the talk with the Outer Senshi. Kunzite had explained what happened and no one had asked Zoisite to elaborate and for this he was glad. Haruka and Michiru were very interested in his powers, but Kunzite was adamant that they leave him be. Zoisite knew this was not out of kindness. Why else would they take him out here now? Away from everyone and any distractions. They wanted to know the truth, a truth that Zoisite could not even bring himself to think of let alone speak of. Sighing he slumped down on a bench, Kunzite taking a seat beside him whilst Jadeite and Nephrite simply stood, awaiting the explanation that would not be forth coming.

"What do you think?" Nephrite asked, breaking the silence, "Can we trust them?"

Jadeite shrugged, "I do not like it. All this talk of the Messiah, the Holy Grail and heart snatchers makes me nervous."

"We can trust them to a certain extent," Kunzite caused Zoisite to jump slightly by speaking next. The little king leaned his head against his lover's shoulder and made a small noise in contentment when Kunzite wrapped an arm around his waist, pulling him closer "They speak the truth in regard to the fate of this planet and those Death Busters but they are holding something back. Who is this Messiah? I think they know."

"They also know something about this" Jadeite indicated his uniform, "Neither seemed that shocked when we told them. It was as if they expected it. I think Sailor Pluto told them something. She is the guardian of time after all."

Kunzite nodded in agreement, "We will not do ourselves any favours by allying ourselves with them. They cannot be trusted."

"And what about you?" Nephrite startled them all by speaking. Zoisite knew what was coming and tensed, awaiting the questions that he would not answer. "There is something you are not telling us."

Zoisite shrugged, "I know as little as you."

"How did you manage to heal wounds? Don't look to Kunzite for help. He wants answers as much as the rest of us."

Zoisite sprang to his feet, reacting the only way he knew how, with anger "I have already told you! I don't know! I didn't ask for this! That power was not mine!"

"You liar!" Nephrite took a step forward, blue eyes narrowing at the littler king; he lowered his voice to a dangerous whisper "You could heal in the Silver Millennium! Don't give me all that crap about not knowing because I know you do!" With this Nephrite shoved him, hard. Zoisite stumbled, landing on his back in the grass before he even realised that he had lost his footing.

Zoisite looked away, hot tears prickling the backs of his eyes. All he could see was three pairs of eyes glaring down at him.

Please... regain your gentle heart.

Can't you see that this world is already ugly and filthy?

Please... help me believe in the world that everyone tried to protect.

Everyone... thank you...

Don't look at me with those eyes!


"What?" he took in a shaky breath.

"You... I don't know." Jadeite replied.

"I need a lie down" Zoisite muttered, standing up and shoving again the hands that reached out to help him.

Kunzite's hand caught firmly around his wrist as he turned to leave "What do you know?"

Zoisite winced as he met Kunzite's gaze. He could never stand it when Kunzite looked at him like that, through half lidded eyes. "Eternal... Sailor Moon was Eternal. I think it was her we heard back in the Dark Kingdom. Sailor Pluto told me that the desert was a test. She wanted to test our loyalties to each other. We were reborn to help save the world from Beryl's darkness."

Zoisite winced again, this time as Kunzite released him. It was not the answer they were expecting.

"This is why I didn't want to tell you!" he cried, whirling away from them "You wouldn't believe me! You don't want too and I don't blame you! I thought it was a joke, a sick joke. We are the last people who should be chosen for such a mission!"

Zoisite felt tears welling up in his eyes as he thought of the half-truth he had told them. If they couldn't even come to terms with this... He ran, wanting to be as far away from the other kings as possible, his heart breaking when Kunzite did nothing to stop him.

* * *

"What do you think?" Haruka said, taking a sip from the cup of tea in her hands, her blue eyes locked with that of her lover's. Michiru stared into her own tea silently, considering her answer. Yesterday was the first time either of them had ever met the Shitennou, it had not been destined, Sailor Pluto had explained. They were not destined to meet in this life or the last. Now they were suddenly thrown together by a fate. The Princess had not been strong enough to destroy the demon Beryl became.

"Hatred overcame love" was the Senshi of the sea's response to her lover's questioning. "It can happen. Love can divide us or it can make us stronger."

"She did not understand that until the end. She could not recognise pain and suffering in her foe. She was a scared little girl trying to fight something that she could not even comprehend." Haruka said, a little scornfully.

Michiru, though she agreed with her partner, did feel that Haruka carried it a little too far "What do you think of the kings?"

Haruka shrugged, setting down her cup "It is hard to tell. Zoisite and Nephrite seem to despise each other, though I must admit Nephrite hides it well. The other two are difficult to read. I believe Kunzite cares for Zoisite. Jadeite is isolated. He shares neither friendship or even a distant relationship with any of them, though in the past I believe he and Zoisite were quite close."

Michiru nodded again, "It worries me that the fate of the world rests on those four's shoulders. Had they worked together from the start then Beryl would have achieved eternal darkness long ago. As it stands they did not. Beryl placed Jadeite in eternal sleep for failing her despite the fact that he knew the identities of the three of the Inner Senshi. Zoisite had Nephrite murdered, officially on a charge of treason to the kingdom, but of course he had a personal vendetta against the second king. Zoisite himself went on to be killed by Beryl for attempting to murder Tuxedo Kamen, ironically being Prince Endymion, his Prince. Sailor Moon killed Kunzite though from what Pluto showed us his death looked more to be a suicide disguised as a honourable death in battle defending the kingdom. In the past they had a common standing, to protect Endymion. That drew them closer and forged bonds between them, even if there was some discord between Zoisite and Nephrite. That is the rift that must be healed. I do believe that Jadeite cares for them all, though he will never admit to it."

Haruka smiled, "You read people so well. If it weren't for you then we would not have found the Messiah of Silence."

Michiru reached over the table and took her partner's hand "Should we tell them of her presence?"

"No. They would never understand. As it is they can barely grasp that there is another evil power in this world. I do not believe that they can help us."

"Then what are they here for? Pluto was almost certain that they were the ones Sailor Moon cried for at the end."

Haruka's gaze dropped to the object sitting on the table between the Senshi. "That may be true but our Princess always had a good heart. They cannot even be trusted to work together and so we cannot trust them with our mission. We will obtain the silence from Pharaoh 90 and destroy Beryl. I refuse to believe that they have a part to play."

"What of Zoisite's power?"

"I do not know. We will wait and see. Pluto said to look after him. I am sure this will become quite interesting."

* * *

Zoisite slammed the door behind him, ignoring the stares of several survivors; he raced upstairs, hot tears blinding him. Why did those damn Senshi have to take in every poor soul who escaped Beryl's darkness? They were a liability. Anyone of them could be a traitor! Zoisite sobbed, furiously wiping his eyes with the back of his hand. Why should he be the one to get upset? They asked for this! They forced him to tell the truth! Well... a part of the truth anyway.

Zoisite stormed along the corridor, his hands bawled into fists at his sides. Why was this mansion so big? He dimly realised that he was indeed lost. Furiously Zoisite kicked at a pot plant, it fell onto its side, earth spilling onto the polished floor.

The tears were back... Zoisite pouted. He wanted Kunzite to come to him, hug him, touch comfort him. With that came the anger, the hurt and the pain. The little king slammed a fist into the wall and howled in pain as his delicate knuckles connected with the plaster. Wincing, he withdrew his hand and blinked back tears. Seeing that neither emotion would serve any purpose Zoisite took a deep breath, rubbing his stinging knuckles as he did so, and continued along down the corridor. He could hear music, or more accurately a piano, coming from the end of this corridor. Zoisite hurried towards the sound, pausing only briefly by the bedroom door to wonder if he would be welcome, pushed it open and entered the room. This was met by a startled gasp and the pianist struck a wrong note as his entrance startled her.

Zoisite hesitated as their eyes met. The pianist was a girl. She smiled, long black eyelashes just brushing the tops of violet eyes. Her hair was short, hanging a little below her chin and was jet black. She wore a plain blue frock, pleated at the bottom. Her delicate hands resting on the keys, as she addressed him.

"What do you want?"

Zoisite was taken aback by the question yet answered it anyway "I was lost" as he stepped closer.

"I see" she looked down at the piano once more, a small smile playing on her lips "What is your name?"


"A pretty name."

"What's yours?" Zoisite allowed this compliment to go unnoticed. Kunzite was the only one who told him such things. Still he found he was smiling and moved closer still. Now he was standing directly in front of the piano, recalling in a flash the girl nijizuishou carrier. Of course this girl was older, Zoisite estimated her to be about twelve.

"Tomoe Hotaru" was her reply.

"Why are you in here all alone?"

Hotaru smiled again, "I like to play" she gestured to the piano, "I also write my own music."

"Really?" Zoisite glanced down at the sheet she now held out to him.

"I just can't seem to finish it," she said sadly, a small tear trickling down her cheek "My father and wrote it together before he... I want to finish it but I don't know how."

Her father must have been killed when Beryl took over; Zoisite realised, and with this realisation came a wave of unexpected anger directed at Beryl. It scared him. Zoisite shuddered, this was not his battle he reminded himself.

"Do you want to be rid of it?"


"Her. Do you want her gone?"

"How do you know about...?" Zoisite breathed softly.

"Do you play?" she was asking now, innocent eyes staring up at him and Zoisite wondered if he had imagined the whole thing.

"I used too" he allowed himself to reply.

Hotaru smiled shyly and held out the music sheet "Then perhaps we can finish this together?"

* * *

Kunzite watched Zoisite flee and made no attempt to follow his lover.

We were reborn to help save the world from Beryl's darkness

Kunzite frowned at these words. Had anyone but Zoisite uttered them then he would have never believed it, but the despair in Zoisite's voice. Kunzite knew deep down that his lover spoke the truth and worse still Jadeite and Nephrite knew it too.

"We did ask for it" Jadeite spoke first, staring off at a point in the distance as he contemplated Zoisite's words. "We wanted to know and he told us."

"That still does not explain what happened in the throne room" Nephrite argued, he too was shocked but not enough that he could not think things through and place them into some kind of logical order. "Why is Zoisite the only one of us that can use some sort of power?"

"He said he was dying inside" Jadeite whispered, voicing the conversation that he had kept to himself since they escaped the Dark Kingdom "He told me he was losing himself."

Kunzite was shocked; hurt even that Zoisite had not confided in him these feelings.

What are you? What have you done with him?

The Ice King shivered and this had nothing to do with the cold.

"We should look for him" Nephrite proposed, "He holds the key to everything."

Kunzite suddenly felt angered at the younger king. Rounding on him he suggested that Nephrite keep as far away from Zoisite as was humanly possible, after all it was the auburn haired man's fault that Zoisite ran away to begin with.

"And you were getting on so well with him" Nephrite sneered in a retort "It wasn't as if he told you anything more, was it?"

Kunzite growled, Nephrite had hit a nerve and he knew it.

What are you? What have you done with him?

Snarling Kunzite drew his sword and would have cut Nephrite's throat in an instant, had the other man not sensed the deadly intent and drew his own weapon to counter it.

"Stop it!" Jadeite snapped, as their blades clashed, "This is not going to help anyone!"

The blonde stepped between the two men, "This is not going to help Zoi-chan," he added, knowing that Kunzite would yield at the mention of the little king.

Kunzite did, sheathing his sword, he abruptly announced that he was going to look for Zoisite and left.

What are you? What have you done with him?

Kunzite did not know these words and knew if he were to find out he would not want to know. With this came his fierce resolve to protect Zoisite. No one, not Nephrite, not Jadeite and not even those damn Outer Senshi were going to hurt him, Kunzite would make sure of this. Zoisite would tell him everything and they would leave here, leave behind all this nonsense concerning why they were reborn.

It was all nonsense, Kunzite repeated to himself over and over, it was absurd... there was no truth to Zoisite's words... was there?

* * *

Jadeite allowed Kunzite to take his leave, watching the older man retreating back into the mansion, with a sense of loss and some anger. Kunzite had been their leader back in the old kingdom and Jadeite felt pulled by some ancient binding, probably that of King Endymion's doing he thought bitterly, to follow the first king. Yet Kunzite was not the leader he had expected. Kunzite did not have the answers they were looking for and even the answer they had been given was not enough. Standing against Beryl, Jadeite scoffed at this notion. They had nearly been killed, if Zoisite hadn't of... it was all down to Zoisite. Every time something happened, the little king was nearby. He was the cause of the Earth Kingdom's downfall! He allowed the darkness access to the palace! A fine team they made, Jadeite thought bitterly. Kunzite, who clearly did not give a damn about the task that had been handed to them and Zoisite, the only one who even stood a chance against Beryl, who would not even grant them a half decent explanation! Then there was Nephrite... that arrogant bastard who would not accept Kunzite's authority and was living in a dream world half the time!

"What do you think?" Nephrite was addressing him now, "Saving the world? It is almost funny."

"My sides are splitting from laughter," Jadeite snapped back, slumping down on the bench as he did so "And you didn't have to be so harsh with Kunzite-sama."

"Kunzite-sama?" Nephrite snorted, "Since when has our supposed leader cared about us? All he cares about is Zoisite and that is probably so that he can fuck the little Sakura stupid at the end of the day!"

Jadeite glanced up, meeting furious azure eyes, "I would have thought you of all people would understand."

"Understand what?"

"Kunzite is trying to protect him. Wouldn't you do the same if it were Naru?"

"Who the hell told you about Naru?"

Jadeite laughed bitterly "When encased in crystal and left as a permanent fixture of the Dark Kingdom you pick up a few things here and there."

"I'm sorry" this apology was foreign, coming from Nephrite's mouth but it was sincere. The older king smiled and sat down beside the blond "I wish Sailor Pluto had granted us our memories and not just flashbacks of what had been. I cannot understand my feelings towards you, or Zoisite and Kunzite if I cannot recall feeling anything but hate."

Jadeite nodded in agreement "And Mamoru-sama. I would have liked to got to know Princess Rei better too."

Nephrite chuckled at this, "Wasn't she hell to live with?"

"I believe there was a kinder side to her."

"They were reborn and died again... at the hands of that bitch queen." Nephrite allowed hatred into his voice, disgust at the notion that they had ever served her. Jadeite too felt nothing but hatred for the red queen of the Dark Kingdom. Still that did not mean...

"Saving the world" Nephrite grimaced at this, "Who would have thought it? It is by far the stupidest thing Zoisite has ever said to me and sadly I also know that it is the only thing he has ever been honest with me about."

Jadeite looked up sharply "So you think it is true?"

Nephrite sighed, "I wanted to believe that my reason for being reborn was... it does not matter my reasoning for this. What else could there be? We are here to make amends."

"You are happy with this?"

The man shrugged, "I betrayed Beryl in the end as I am sure Zoisite would have told you. A human helped me to see the world for what it really was, when deep down I already knew. Why else would I create a human name for myself? This world was a beautiful place and Beryl destroyed that. Humans, also, are not really that bad. Are we all that different from them? You said before I should understand what Kunzite is feeling. Perhaps I do, and that is why, if the Outer Senshi wish to fight for this world I am going to be alongside them."

"I don't know" Jadeite shrugged, "I do not think we can trust Haruka-san and Michiru-san. They seem to like working alone."

"You are hardly one to talk."

"And look where that got me."

Jadeite stood, walking back down the path to the mansion. Nephrite's words shocked him more than he would ever admit, mostly because what the older king said was true.

* * *

For the next hour Jadeite wandered the mansion alone, wanting to be alone with his thoughts and feelings. He was not a damn Senshi! Since when did they need his help and how much help would he be anyway? How much help would any of them be? Without powers, Nephrite and Kunzite were still formidable foes in battle, but what could Jadeite offer them? If they had truly been reborn for that purpose then surely they would have been granted their powers? Jadeite sighed and turned yet another corner, meeting yet another endless corridor. Why did Nephrite have so many hallways? It was not as if he had anyone living here with him... until now. Perhaps he simply liked wandering these halls, it did after all give one time to think.

Jadeite cursed, tripping over a pot plant and almost falling on his face. Cursing again he grabbed the wall for support and kicked at the offending item, a scowl fixed on his face. Who had left that there? Who had not bothered to pick it up! Someone could have fallen over it! Well someone had fallen over it! Him! Jadeite's frown then softened as he knelt down and rescued the helpless plant. Setting the pot up right he placed it back in the soil. It was bone dry he noted. The poor plant would die like so many had done, if it were not watered. So what? It was only a plant; he nagged himself as he set off again down the corridor to find the aforementioned water.

Jadeite paused again outside a door when he heard soft laughter coming from within, followed by another voice, a voice Jadeite knew. Pushing open the door he saw a sight that he knew Nephrite would pay big money to have seen. Zoisite was seated at a piano; a girl sat in his lap. She was looked to be about twelve, silky black hair fell down her face to chin level and just brushed a pair of pretty violate eyes. As he observed, the girl attempted to play whilst reading a music sheet in front of her. Her tiny hands hit a wrong note and Zoisite gently took hold of her left hand, explaining softly that she was supposed to play 'middle c' after 'd' and not 'e'. Only then did they realise that they were not alone.

"Jadeite-san!" Zoisite exclaimed, a small blush creeping across his cheeks "What are you doing here?"

"I needed some time to myself" was his reply, and then his mouth curved up into a grin "I did not expect to find this. Shall I inform Kunzite that you have gone straight and taken up with a mere girl?"

Zoisite scowled, "She is a child!"

The girl slid off of Zoisite's lap and crossed the space separating the two men, "Please don't fight" she smiled shyly "Zoi-chan was helping me with my music."

Jadeite couldn't help but smile too at this revelation, then recalling that Zoisite had taught Ami of Mercury, the blond refrained from a cold remark.

"Hotaru is very talented" Zoisite added, "We're are almost finished now."

"Hotaru" Jadeite suddenly found that he was not able to tear his gaze away from those huge violet eyes. Hotaru smiled again and took his hand "Do you want to hear my song too?"

Before he could protest, Jadeite found himself being tugged towards the piano. Hotaru giggled and once again jumped up on Zoisite's lap and Jadeite marvelled at how patient the younger king was being with the girl. Zoisite, from what he had gathered, hated children.

"Kunzite was looking for you?" he murmured as Hotaru started to play.

"I heard him calling" Zoisite admitted and then Hotaru added:

"Zoi-chan and I hid in that cupboard over there" she laughed softly, and then her expression because almost sad "He wouldn't leave. I hate it when people try to take my new friends away."

"He cares about you" Jadeite whispered as Hotaru started playing and then the blond startled himself by adding "We all do."

Zoisite shrugged his slender shoulders, "I told you all I know."

"Did you?" their eyes met. "Did you?" Jadeite pressed.

Zoisite scowled, unable to hold the blonde's gaze he turned his attentions back to the girl on his lap. Jadeite too, stared at the strange little girl. There was something about her... he couldn't quite place it but this feeling was unsettling. Hotaru finished her piece and laughed again, clapping her hands in delight.

She does not act like a twelve year old Jadeite mused to himself, so what exactly is she?

* * *

Nephrite did not go back to the mansion after Jadeite left. He did not feel as though he could face the blond or indeed any of the kings right now. He was too concerned by his own inner conflicts to bother with them or even care to find out what else Zoisite held back from them. Still, Nephrite knew that Zoisite had spoken the truth, be it a half-truth. This bothered Kunzite and Jadeite and indeed it was too fantastical for even Nephrite to believe until he looked hard at himself and realised that he needed this reason for being, he needed something to hold onto and above all he wanted to free Endymion from Beryl's control. He wanted them to become once again the guardians they had been destined to be.

So, instead of going back towards the mansion, Nephrite began to walk through the vast gardens, noting sadly that most plants had withered and died. Haruka had explained to him that, as Beryl did not know of his mansion she could not taint it with her darkness, but that did not mean that his gardens had survived the attack upon the Earth. The plants were all dead; the sun's increased heat had burned them all to a crisp. Of course the sun had since cooled but nothing would grow here now. Even the fountain had dried up and not even moss grew in the stone basin. Only a few Yen lay resting at the bottom of this dry pool. Nephrite had to laugh at himself, recalling one time just before he died when he had wandered these gardens at night and given into human superstition and thrown into the pool some Yen in hopes that it would grant him his wish. Nephrite had not wanted to admit to it then, but being around humans had made him want to become human.

He sat down, on the edge of this fountain, lost in his own thoughts of bitterness and loss until a small sound interrupted his musings. To survivors were walking hand in hand through the garden, coming towards him. They were deeply absorbed in their conversation and did not see Nephrite into they reached the clearing where he sat. They stopped, the girl made a small gasp and Nephrite's heart clenched as their eyes met. It was her. Of course she looked different. She was a year older; her short curly hair had grown long and reached nearly to her waist. She wore a long printed kimono, probably one of Michiru's and her hair was loose, no red ribbon held it back but her eyes, they still held the look of pain and suffering that Nephrite had seen before he died.

"Naru?" he blinked, and then pinched himself, making sure that this was real. It was... it was not a dream.

"Sanjouin-sama?" she whispered and then "No... Nephrite-sama?"

He nodded and Naru took a step towards him, letting go of the boy's hand, she drew her own back and slapped him, hard.

* * *

Kunzite was at a loss. He had wandered this damn mansion at least four times and there was still no sign of his lover. Angrily he stormed back into the bedroom they shared, and paced up and down, too agitated to allow himself to be seated. Kunzite did not understand. Zoisite never kept things from him, the younger man preferred to let Kunzite know if there was something wrong so that he could be comforted yet now the man was a stranger to the first king. He even shuddered at Kunzite's touch, though he hid it well. Even in bed Zoisite seemed distracted and again he hid this. Whilst Kunzite had kept his feelings hidden beneath his icy fašade, he was not used to someone else, let alone Zoisite, doing the same to him and did not know how to handle this. Sailor Moon... Eternal... Princess Serenity. This was her fault. All this talk of Eternal had upset the youngest king. True, her fate had been horrendous, even Kunzite would never have done what Beryl did. Then there was Zoisite's power. He could not control it. This fear was probably manifesting itself. Kunzite stopped pacing and came to an abrupt decision. Zoisite was never one for holding in his emotions for long. All he needed was a little time and understanding. Kunzite would wait, he would force Jadeite and Nephrite to wait, he would help Zoisite control these new powers and the younger king would confide in him. Still he would have to find him first. Kunzite ceased his pacing of the room, allowing his gaze to wander from the darkened walls to the open window. Looking out across the garden, he could see Nephrite sitting alone at the fountain. As Kunzite watched, two humans joined the king. Kunzite couldn't help but laugh softly when the girl drew back a hand and slapped Nephrite. The king had not been expecting this and fell backwards into the dried up fountain. Instantly the girl's demeanour changed as she leant down, assisting the stunned man and then throwing her arms around his shoulders.

Women are as unpredictable as Zoisite, Kunzite thought to himself as he turned away. So Nephrite's little girl lived, it would be interesting to see what her boyfriend made of all this. Kunzite, never being one to pry into the business of others, considered that there could be a first time for everything and as their 'supposed leader' he had to make sure that Nephrite did not get himself into trouble, and decided that he'd better see what the foolish man was up too.

That is just an excuse to avoid Zoisite, a nasty voice in the back of his head whispered.

I have determined what to do where he is concerned.

No you have not. You have just brushed it aside like you do all emotion and feelings.

"Kunzaito-sama?" he jumped slightly, not expecting to see the white clad figure in the doorway, looking at him with saddened green eyes.

Do not look at me with those eyes.

Kunzite frowned, wondering briefly where that voice had come from. Zoisite, giving no sign that he had heard anyone, crossed the room and paused directly in front of his lover.


"I'm sorry" he cut in, tentatively wrapping his arms around Kunzite's waist "I shouldn't have told you anything. You were better off not knowing."

Kunzite paused to consider this, as Zoisite snuggled into his arms. It was a ploy to distract him, the older man knew, granted it was a very welcome distraction. Kunzite, forcing away all lustful thoughts, carefully removed Zoisite from his waist and took a step back. To this the little king pouted, this weakening Kunzite's resolve.

"Are you still mad at me?" came the expected response.

"No" Kunzite allowed himself to reply, "I just think..." gods this was torture "That we should talk."

"Talk?" Zoisite asked indignantly "I have told you everything."

"No you have not" Kunzite replied smoothly, "But I am willing to forget about that for now."

"Then what do you want to talk about?"

"These powers of yours, of course."

* * *

Jadeite sighed to himself as Hotaru again hit the wrong note and insisted on starting all over again. He had better things to do than this and he was sure Zoisite did too! Glancing at the other king he wouldn't have guessed it. He had been extremely patient with the girl when at any second Jadeite had expected a temper tantrum from the smaller man or at least a cutting remark and even Jadeite couldn't bring himself to announce that he was bored and leave. Hotaru had insisted that he hear her entire piece and Jadeite felt compelled too. He did not like this one bit.

Again Hotaru hit a wrong note and again Jadeite gritted his teeth. This time, however, he was saved when the door swung open. Hotaru instantly quailed against Zoisite as Haruka entered. The Senshi looked furious. Her blue eyes narrowed at Zoisite as she crossed the room and hauled Hotaru to her feet, grasping onto the girl's arm until she started to sob that it hurt. Zoisite also stood, angered at this intrusion.

"Haruka papa that hurts!" Hotaru sobbed, struggling to pull away.

"You should not be in here" Haruka addressed the kings "How did you find this room? You are not permitted to be here."

"Zoi-chan and Jadeite-san were helping me with my music" Hotaru protested as Haruka released her arm "Michiru mama wanted me to learn how to play and to finish my song."

"You shouldn't be in here" Hotaru may as well have not been in the room as far as Haruka was concerned.

"Why not?" Jadeite asked evenly "We have more right to be here than you" he knew it was weak, but he referred to Nephrite's ownership of the mansion anyway, in the hopes that it might have some sway with the Senshi.

Haruka ignored him and spoke to Zoisite instead "Are you alright, Zoisite-san? You don't look well."

Jadeite, startled at this sudden anxiety for the youngest king, turned to look at him also. Zoisite did seem a little quieter and paler than usual. His fair skin had turned an almost ghost like white colour. Then again, Jadeite reasoned, it could be the uniform making him appear pale.

"Kunzite-sama was looking for me," Zoisite mumbled, not meeting her gaze "I should go."

He hurried passed Haruka, keeping his eyes fixed on the floor. Jadeite also made an excuse to leave but Hotaru protested at this.

"Jadeite-san hasn't heard my song yet!"

Haruka smiled and ruffled her hair affectionately "Jadeite-san is busy. Perhaps another time."

Jadeite nodded, realising that he meant this, "What is it called?"

Hotaru smiled shyly "Requiem for the Princess."

Jadeite shivered, this having nothing to do with the cold. "Did you choose the title?"

"No. Zoi-chan did."

Jadeite left hurriedly, not hearing Haruka scolding Hotaru.

Requiem for the Princess, he did not like this... he did not like this at all.

The End of Chapter 9 - Goto Chapter 10

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