The Four Points

Chapter Eleven: Pure Hearts and Lies! Jadeite's Despondency

© 2006 by Shari

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Kunzite couldn't speak, for what seemed like an eternity, he simply stared at Zoisite watching the smaller man carefully, as if searching for some falseness or a wavering in his voice that would tell him that he could not mean that.

"I don't love you anymore, Kunzaito-sama."

Kunzite clenched a fist as these words echoed in his mind. They hurt, more than any physical pain he had acquired on the battlefields or even perhaps the day Zoisite died. He felt as though something was sitting on his chest, crushing the air from his lungs. A lump was forming in his throat as Zoisite turned away, hiding his face behind a curtain of coppery hair, an occasional tremor shaking his body.

Steeling his expression into one of complete indifference, his words of before forgotten, Kunzite broke the silence by saying, "Can I ask why?"

"I... I've changed since we've been back. I want to start over, I want to forget my past but I can't if we're together. It is a constant reminder of all the pain and suffering we caused. I just think we should go our separate ways, that is all."

"Do you truly want this?"

He nodded and Kunzite's heart broke.

"Then go" he turned away with a sweep of his cape "I do not wish to hinder or cast a shadow over your new life, Zoisaito."


Kunzite did not reply, he could not reply. Looking down at his hands he realised that they were shaking, as was the rest of his body.

"Kunzite-sama?" he repeated.

"Go. I have a headache" Kunzite snapped, "Your presence is rather tiresome, Zoisaito."

The gentle click as the door was pulled too was the only indication that he had left. Kunzite slumped down onto the bed and rested his head in his hands, the tension fleeing his body. Zoisite... for the first time in his life Kunzite wanted to cry. He wanted to be rid of this aching pain in his soul, but he could not. His body would not heed his commands to break down. His pride would not allow it. All he could do was sit upon the bed, the few seconds it had taken for Zoisite to reduce him to nothing repeating themselves over and over until they consumed the older man. Silently, still shaking, he stripped off his clothes and climbed into bed, willing sleep to come quickly and rid him of his pain.

* * *

Zoisite shook; violent tremors racked his body, as he fled the room they had shared.

I'm sorry Kunzaito-sama... I am so sorry.

He raced down the silent hallways and down the stone stairs. Had Kunzite been about to say what Zoisite thought he was going to say? The little king's sobs increased in their ferocity at this realisation. All he had ever wanted was for Kunzite to say that he loved him. Now, when that moment had finally come, Zoisite had ruined it all. The older king had not broken down at Zoisite's words, and some part of Zoisite wished that he had, he wished that Kunzite had begged him to reconsider and yet he had done nothing but push him further away.

I had to do it, Zoisite reasoned as he approached the front room, pushing open the door. I don't want Kunzite to get caught up in all of this, I love him too much. I don't want him hurt... I don't want him to die...

Hotaru had said to sever all ties between him and the other kings and this had been done and Kunzite would be safe.

"Zoisite?" he jumped slightly as he flicked on the light when Jadeite spoke to him. The younger king had not seen the blond sitting in the gloom. Jadeite squinted as his eyes attempted to adjust to the sudden light. Zoisite was not able to bear the company of others and turned to go when Jadeite stopped him with:

"What are you doing down here?"

"Nothing" he shook his head, avoiding the pair of blue eyes gazing at him with a mixture of confusion and fatigue "I should go..." though I don't know where...

"You don't have too" Jadeite said hesitantly, "You have as much right to be here as I"

Zoisite stared at him, turning over these words in his mind. Why was Jadeite being so nice to him? The blond had never cared for him before, in the Dark Kingdom. Hells they did not even speak to each other! Jadeite would cut himself off from the rest of them.

Still Zoisite found himself crossing the room and taking a seat beside the blond king. "Why are you down here?" he asked.

"I couldn't sleep" Jadeite shrugged, "It happens sometimes."

Zoisite made a small noise of agreement "I can't sleep either."

"Did you and Kunzite have a fight?"

"What makes you think that?"

"You've been crying"

Damn was it that obvious? "We're finished" Zoisite admitted, wondering why he was even bothering to tell Jadeite anything. He studied the narrow face and cold blue eyes of his former comrade for a few moments. How close had they been in the old kingdom? Could they have been friends? Jadeite was the sort of person, Zoisite could imagine confiding in. The blond was a thinker. He took everything in and gave reasonable explanations for everything. Jadeite was calm and yet unlike Kunzite-sama, he had emotions and whilst they were somewhat muted he did not keep up the Ice King fašade like Zoisite's lover, ex-lover, he amended quickly. Still the mere thought of that brought fresh tears to his eyes.

"What happened? Why would Kunzite end it?" Jadeite asked gently, he was showing real concern, Zoisite realised.

"He didn't, I did."

"You did? Why?"

Zoisite shrugged, "I'm not the person I once was... thought I was."

"None of us are" Jadeite replied carefully, taking his time to consider these words "Now we are free of Beryl's control we are all struggling to find ourselves again. Of course our character traits did not change when we were brainwashed by Beryl but were enhanced to a certain extent. We do not recall who we were before the Dark Kingdom but you have to remember that we are free now. We can decide our own destinies, a chance to become who we want too. We did not even have that choice in the old Earth Kingdom. We were bound to Mamoru-sama and that was how it was destined to be. Destinies can change Zoi-chan."

"So can feelings."

"You wouldn't be this miserable if you truly did not care for Kunzite" Jadeite pointed out.

"I need some time" Zoisite abruptly stood, "I need some sleep" then he paused again, "I can't even do that!"

Jadeite smiled, "You can have my bed if you like. I doubt I will be able to sleep anyway, considering my room mate."

Zoisite frowned, "Who's that?"

"Nephrite. He snores."

This caused the corners of Zoisite's mouth to turn up in an involuntary smile "Really?"

"He talks too. I pushed my bed to the other side of the room and put several pillows over my head and still I could hear him."

The youngest king scowled, "And what makes you think that I would get any sleep?"

Jadeite shrugged, "You look like you need it."

Zoisite scowled, hating this unexpected kindness yet needing it at the same time. Sighing he nodded and allowed Jadeite to show him to the room. It would be worth it, he thought maliciously, when Nephrite awoke and found that he had a rather unwelcome roommate.

* * *

Nephrite, unlike his fellow kings, slept well most nights. Even with thoughts of Naru and how much he had hurt her did not prevent him from getting his rest. They had not spoken since he had made that promise, a promise that Nephrite was doubtful that he could keep. Damn it! Why was he always doing that to her? Beryl wanted them dead. The world was on its knees and Nephrite couldn't even trust his fellow kings! How could he have been so selfish? He just wanted her back, he realised. He wanted that second chance that had been denied them before. That night when Nephrite had saved Naru from Zoisite's Youma he had known deep down that he would not be returning to the Dark Kingdom. If Zoisite didn't kill him then Beryl would. It was easier to blame Zoisite for his death, it was easier to hate the little man but Nephrite knew, he had always known, that the only one to blame was himself. He had seen Zoisite as a nuisance and an occasional source of annoyance. Never as a threat, this was why he had calmly tolerated the youngest king and even invited him to watch his Youma at work via his star chart. He had greatly underestimated Zoisite and this was no one's fault but his own. Still, this did not mean that Nephrite was pleased to wake and find the aforementioned was sleeping in the other bed.

He blinked, rubbing the sleep from his eyes and wondering if he was imagining things. Where was Jadeite? Why wasn't Zoisite with Kunzite? Nephrite sat up, silently observing the neatly folded white uniform on the chair in one corner of the bedroom and then the sleeping form of Zoisite in the bed, the sheets pulled up to his chin.

Shaking his head, Nephrite stood up and decided to take a shower. He knew better than to wake the Sakura and left the room.

The shower did nothing to wash away his feelings of guilt, his sense of loss and the nasty little voice in the back of his head telling him how wrong he was to make promises that he could not keep. Zoisite was awake; he was in the motions of putting his uniform back on. He still had trouble with the cape, Nephrite noted.

The auburn haired man cleared his throat and Zoisite jumped, whirling round to face his enemy, green eyes narrowed into slits as he gazed upon him. Already he had tensed up, as if expecting a fight.

"What are you doing here?"

Zoisite hesitated before replying, "I needed somewhere to sleep. Jadeite-san let me sleep here. He complains of your snoring" this last bit was followed by a wicked smile from the youngest king.

Nephrite felt uneasy at this and sniped back "What is the matter? Is Kunzite's bed not good enough for you anymore?"

"You just wait" Zoisite snarled, "I killed you before..." he let the threat hang as he stormed out of the room.

Nephrite shook his head in amusement. He doubted that Zoisite, now he was free of Beryl's control, was capable of killing anyone.

Be careful... you underestimated him before.

Nephrite snorted at this and also left the room. What could Zoisite do to him?

Downstairs at the breakfast bar he found the first king staring into an almost empty glass of brandy. Haruka and Michiru were seated at the low table in one corner of the room, talking among themselves. Nephrite cast a confused glance in Kunzite's direction before helping himself to a slice of toast and joining the Senshi.

"What's with him?" he enquired after the pleasantries were done with.

"He's been there since we got up" Haruka replied whilst toying with her bowl of cereal "He won't talk to me."

Slowly, Zoisite's sudden appearance in his room and Kunzite's miserable state, clicked in Nephrite's guilt ridden mind, "They've had a lovers tiff" he quipped.

"We have those all the time" Michiru nodded, in seemingly serious agreement, "Usually when certain people change the oil tank on their motor cycle in my bedroom."

Haruka winked at the mention of 'certain people' and pushed the cereal bowl away "Do I complain when you drop your oil paints all over my clothes?"

"That is nothing compared to your racing that bike through the house at all hours."

"You know about that?"

"I have ears, lover."

"You ride your bike through my house?" Nephrite demanded, struggling not to get too upset about this, after all they wouldn't give a damn what he thought anyway.

After a few moments more of friendly exchange and a good deal of flirting between the Senshi, Haruka turned round and said to Kunzite "He'll get over it. The best part of fighting is making up after all."

Michiru pretended to seem offended by this and to that Haruka planted a quick kiss on her lips before standing up "Time to check on Hotaru-chan."

"What is the deal with Hotaru?" Nephrite wanted to know, "Is she your younger sister?"

"Wouldn't you like to know" Haruka blew Michiru another kiss and left the room.

"Is she always this cheerful first thing?"

"We had a little run in with the Death Busters last night. Haruka loves a good battle."

Nephrite took a bite of his toast, puzzled by the Outer Senshi. He had hoped to ally himself with them against the Dark Kingdom but all they seemed to care about was finding the Death Busters HQ and obtaining the power of the Messiah of Silence. Suddenly Nephrite wasn't so sure that they could trust them after all.

"What of the Dark Kingdom?" he enquired, "I know Beryl must be beside herself with rage. I wish to rescue Endymion-sama as quickly as possible."

Michiru carefully shrugged her shoulders "What can you do against Beryl and her Youma armies? You have no magical abilities and even your skills as a swordsman will not aid you this time. What will getting yourself killed achieve?"

Nephrite was expecting this retort. Evidently the Outer Senshi had no desire to listen to whatever Pluto had told Zoisite and believed that they alone could save the world without the kings help. The question was did they want to save Endymion or would they destroy him?

"Michiru" Haruka abruptly re-entered the room. Giving nothing away she beckoned her lover to follow her from the room, still Nephrite heard the words that she uttered before they were gone "Hotaru is missing."

* * *

Kunzite continued to stare into the bottom of the brandy glass, even as the Outer Senshi left the room, both calling for the missing girl. He paid them no notice when they came down for breakfast that morning. He had no wish to socialise with anyone, let alone a Sailor Senshi. Sleep had not come easy to the first king. He kept going through every second he and Zoisite and had spent together since they had been reborn, trying to find something... anything that might explain Zoisite's sudden behaviour change. It had taken Kunzite an hour to realise that the little man was lying to him. Zoisite did not truly wish for them to break up. Their relationship had carried on as normal since their rebirth, Kunzite had decided and true on the physical side of things they were fine. On the emotional side, as far as Kunzite was concerned, he had not acted any different towards his lover, allowing him to come to the conclusion that it was not their relationship which was the problem but Zoisite himself. Perhaps the little king did not want to worry Kunzite? Perhaps he thought that Kunzite would not want to help him with whatever his problem was? Kunzite did not know. He sighed heavily. It was such a mess...

"You're not going to find the answer by staring into an empty glass all day" Nephrite caused him to jump. Kunzite slammed the glass down and glared at his comrade.

Nephrite, unaffected by this, took a seat opposite him and poured himself a brandy "Do you want to talk about it?"


Nephrite shrugged, "Humans think that talking problems over with friends or family helps that's all."

"We are not related and as for the other..."

Nephrite shrugged again, "Well I think we'd better start don't you? We will have to work together to free Endymion-sama from the Dark Kingdom so there cannot be any discord between us."

This surprised Kunzite. He had not once thought of rescuing the brainwashed Prince, indeed such a task was impossible due to their current situation and Kunzite had not even given Endymion a second consideration in all of this. It would seem Nephrite wanted to make up for a past that he did not even remember. Kunzite frowned slightly, struggling to arrange his own feelings into some kind of order. Zoisite came first... Zoisite was all that mattered.

Nephrite guessed his thoughts and added, "I know you're worried about him. To be honest I don't think Zoisite has been himself since... well since we were reborn. This new power... he cannot deal with it as well as perhaps you or I."

"Zoisite is no longer my concern."

"You called it off?"

Kunzite gave no reply; his pride would not let him admit that it had been Zoisite who broke up with him. Still Nephrite guessed this as well. Instead of his usual snide remarks, he shocked Kunzite by saying:

"I know how you feel. It is hard, being near the one you love everyday and not being able to have them."

Kunzite's eyes narrowed. Was he mocking him? Nephrite always did take pleasure in seeing Zoisite agitated. Nephrite was probably pleased at this turn of events. Well he had no wish to stay in the same room as the auburn haired man any longer. Kunzite stood and made to hurry from the room, brushing passed Haruka and Michiru as he did so. The blond Senshi grabbed his arm as he went by.

"Kunzite" she said, "We have a problem. Hotaru is missing."

Hotaru? Oh yes, that girl Zoisite and Jadeite befriended.

"That is no concern of mine" he pulled free from grip but Haruka's reply stopped him cold.

"Zoisite is with her."

* * *

Jadeite had spent the night on the sofa, turning over his conversation with Zoisite, attempting to fathom as reason why he had felt sorry for the youngest king. The most disturbing revelation of all was that he had meant every word that had passed his lips. Since they had been reborn, Jadeite was beginning to see Zoisite as a friend, an ally perhaps. Was this Sailor Pluto's doing? Perhaps this was her reasoning for not restoring their memories. They had to forge again the bonds that they had once shared; otherwise they would simply be bound together by a past that had little significance here in the present. Jadeite sighed; he could hear Kunzite and Nephrite talking in the next room. Even his hatred towards them was dulling. Now that the darkness was gone from his soul he was beginning to see all of them in a different light. The blond stood, walking to the kitchen door and the pausing when he heard the words being uttered on the other side.

"He's gone? What do you mean he's gone?"

"He took Hotaru and left" Haruka's voice had risen a couple of octaves to match that of the first king's. Jadeite could only assume that they were talking about Zoisite. "Umino saw them leaving. Of course he tried to stop them and Zoisite knocked him to the floor with a ice crystal."

"Why would he do that?" Nephrite spoke next, "What could he possibly want with Hotaru?"

There was no reply from the Senshi and Nephrite continued with; "She is not an ordinary girl is she?"

Again silence followed.

"What is she?"

"Hotaru is the Messiah of Silence. We have to find them" Michiru admitted, "It is not safe in Tokyo."

"We will come too," Kunzite announced, and when Haruka voiced her protests he added, "Zoisaito is my responsibility."

"Very well" Haruka conceded, "The four of us will go."

The four of us will go

Jadeite felt a pang of hurt at this statement. The four of them? What about him? Did he not matter at all... no of course not he answered his own question. He was the fool king to them and indeed was a fool to think that they would see him as any different now. He tore away from the kitchen, before they even knew he was there.

Of course it had always been like that, he thought bitterly. Beryl had favoured the other three over him, Nephrite and Zoisite had their bitter hatred and Zoisite and Kunzite had their love. The three of them were entwined together in a way that Jadeite would never be. He had nothing, no hatreds or loves... he had no one in this world or the last. That closeness he thought he had with Zoi-chan was nothing more than his longing to be a part of something... even his friendship with Hotaru had been false. She was the Messiah of Silence and had used them for her own purposes. Now Zoisite was gone and so was she. Gods how could he have been so stupid? She was only twelve years old! She would never... Jadeite broke into a run, up the stairs and down the corridor to the piano room. It stood empty. Jadeite froze in the doorway, recalling the hours he had spent with the shy but beautiful girl, knowing that his presence made her mouth curve upwards in a nervous smile, that he made her laugh... that she needed him.

My father was the founding professor at Mugen Academy

She even confided in him, she told him things that she told no other and all the while she was using him... and Zoisite. Now they were both gone. But why take Zoisite with her? Jadeite was furious to realise that he could not stay angry. He sensed something was wrong here and his natural curiosity and thinking would not allow his emotions to win through. Instead he took a seat at the piano and rested his hands atop the keys.

A person with a pure heart has kind intentions. The target may be someone who wishes for a sick relative to get well, or someone who has a deep love for another.

I feel as though I am losing myself. Little by little... I feel as though I am dying inside

Eternal... Sailor Moon was Eternal. I think it was her we heard back in the Dark Kingdom. Sailor Pluto told me that the desert was a test. She wanted to test our loyalties to each other. We were reborn to help save the world from Beryl's darkness

After she died I tore her soul from her body before it had a chance to cross over and using the power of Metallia I imprisoned it here on Earth. The Princess can never reach heaven. She will stay, as a witness to the glorious and eternal power of the darkness.

Eternal. How can this be? What is this?

Zoi-chan was Eternal... he possessed the purest heart in the galaxy, a heart that once stolen would awaken the Messiah of Silence.

Mugen, Academy... That was where Hotaru was going. Jadeite could hear his fellow kings moving about downstairs with the Senshi. He knew he should tell them what he knew but... they shut him out... they did not think he was worthy to be at their side. He was just the fool king. Jadeite knew what he had to do. He would go to Mugen Academy.

That is why if the Messiah of Silence awakens we will kill her.

They would, Jadeite was in no doubt of this. They would kill Hotaru. This he could not allow. He may be the fool king but it would be him alone who would find Zoisite and Hotaru and obtain the power of silence. Then he would expel the demon from Hotaru's body and free Endymion-sama from Beryl's evil clutches. No one would have to hurt anymore and Jadeite would show Nephrite and Kunzite exactly what he could accomplish alone. He left the room, using the backstairs to slip down and out of the door. Jadeite recalled roughly where Mugen Academy was from his days in Beryl's service. The others would not think to check there first so with any luck he would catch up with Zoi-chan and Hotaru first.

Soon I will have you just where I want you...

What was that? The wind? Shrugging Jadeite continued, nothing else mattered now.

Hotaru... wait for me...

* * *

Zoisite shivered as they walked the silent streets of Tokyo. Though his powers protected him and the other kings from the darkness that warped this desolate landscape, it did not mean that he could not feel the darkness. It called to him, beckoning him to surrender to the glory of Metallia once more.

Wrapping his arms around himself to try and conserve what little heat he had left, he shot a glance at Tomoe Hotaru... no Mistress 9. She was wearing a thin nightgown and nothing more.

"Aren't you cold?" he asked, breaking the silence. The girl turned to look at him, a glimmer of something more than the demon that she become flickered in her purple orbs and then it was gone.

"The cold is like the silence... they are both beautiful and pure. I embrace the coldness of this land. I will embrace Pharaoh 90 and bring all that opposes us to their knees."

Zoisite fell silent again, lost in his thoughts of what he would do once he was free of Eternal. He should try to make amends with Kunzite-sama... but... he had hurt the older man. Would Kunzite still want him? Zoisite didn't know. Would Kunzite think he was a coward for dispelling the powers from his body? Zoisite bit his lip... of course he would. The youngest king had always know deep down that once he left the mansion he would never be able to return.


"We are here" she broke through his thoughts once more.

If a soldiers pride means hurting each other then I don't want it

Mugen Academy... Zoisite stared up at the metal doors, swinging open in the breeze.

"Come" Hotaru held out her hand, "Daihmon Germotid waits for us inside."

Zoisite stared at the pale palm of the once innocent girl. She held the power of life and death... she who could cast silence throughout the galaxy. This would seal his fate; from this there would be no turning back.

Kunzite-sama... forgive me

Zoisite took the offered palm and the entire world went black.

* * *

Endymion watched as they disappeared, the girl Tomoe Hotaru and the traitor. Behind him his Youma army scurried about restlessly in the shadows. Mugen Academy was surrounded. The dark Prince felt a satisfied smirk curve his lips. It would not be long now... Soon Mistress 9 would steal his pure heart and awaken Pharaoh 90. Of course they needed the power of the grail but the pure heart that once belonged to Sailor Moon would be enough, if not more. When Mistress 9 embraced Pharaoh 90 and the traitor was dead, Endymion would strike. Beryl would be angered to learn that Zoisite had died before her armies could reach him but with the power of Pharaoh 90 she would be content and in time would forgive her Prince.

"Endymion-sama" Youma Yakaki hissed, stepping forth from the darkness. Her legs had re-grown, those fools had granted her mercy and now Yakaki served the man who had sent her to die. She had sworn her allegiance to Endymion alone. She would prove a useful tool, Endymion thought to himself, but what did she want now?

"A man approaches, Endymion-sama. Another one of the traitors approaches Mugen Academy."

"I see" Endymion followed her gaze. "Jadeite? What does he want here?" he mused to himself as the blond reached the Academy doors.

"Shall I kill him Endymion-sama?"

"No" Endymion startled himself with this. What good would Jadeite be alive? Still... "We will allow him to proceed for now" Endymion added, "But no one else is to pass this way. Anyone else who tries to enter Mugen Academy must die."

"As you wish, Endymion-sama."

Yes... he would leave Jadeite be for now... this was getting quite interesting.

* * *

Zoisite's world seemed to spin around as they entered Mugen Academy. A wave of vertigo crashed into him as he grasped the small palm offered to him. The world flashed white and then black before his eyes and then he felt the stone floor beneath his cheek. For what seemed an age and yet it could only have been a few seconds, he lay still. He could sense evil here, indeed it surged through the floor he was lying upon and had Zoisite been a normal human being it would have consumed him.

"Zoisite" he looked up into Mistress 9's eyes and gasped. Staring back was not the cruel demon who shared her body but a frightened little girl. "I'm... I'm afraid... I..." she gasped, falling back onto stone, a hand clutched to her chest, as small tremors shook her body.

"Go away! You cannot come here! You are nothing..." at this the girl's trembling subsided and when she looked up she was again Mistress 9.

We are the same... we are fighting against something that will consume us all in the end.

Zoisite shivered and stood, he towered above the girl before him and yet she seemed older than her years. She smiled, a cruel, triumphant smile, which was out of place on her young face. Zoisite felt an unexpected wave of compassion for the real Tomoe Hotaru and suddenly questioned if what he was doing was the right thing. Was it truly right to help this demon awake and thus Hotaru would be lost forever inside her own body? Was putting himself first, in front of this innocent girl really the right thing to do?

"Hotaru-chan?" Zoisite whispered hesitantly and was rewarded by a twinge of panic across the face of the demon. Hotaru still lived...

You don't have a soldiers pride or courage do you? This world cannot be protected by someone who won't fight!

"I'm sorry... I'm not that strong"

Zoisite closed his eyes as a silvery light burst forth from Mistress 9's forehead, revealing a black star and from the centre of it lay her true powers... the powers to steal pure hearts. He gasped and staggered to his knees as the light hit his chest, it burned... gods... what was this? It felt as though a hand had plunged into his chest and was clawing at his insides. Zoisite felt heat spreading out from where the light touched... tearing at his soul. It grasped something firmly in its grip and pulled... and Zoisite screamed. His hands tore at the fabric of his uniform as he writhed in agony. What was this? She told him that it would not hurt! What was happening?

"That's it" Mistress 9 cried over his screams, "Surrender your pure heart... the pure heart of Eternal that resides in your soul!"

Eternal... he had the heart of Eternal...

Usagi stood alone facing the demon, tears pouring down her cheeks as she raised the ginzuishou against her foe. She did not want this... she wanted to be a normal teenager once more. Minako-chan, Mako-chan, Ami-chan, Rei-chan and Mamoru-san... they had all died and now she was alone in this nightmare.

"Why do you go to such lengths to defy me? Can't you see that this world is already ugly and filthy?"

"Because I believe" Usagi cried as darkness struck light, "I believe in the world everyone tried to protect."

"That belief is for nothing! You are nothing..."

Usagi felt the ginzuishou weaken at Beryl's words. It was true... she was nothing... she had failed her friends. They had died to save her but was she worth saving? Rei-chan had given up Mamoru for her though she loved him herself. Usagi trembled and the darkness surged forth taking advantage of the moment of doubt, fear and pain. The world exploded, the Crescent Moon Wand fell from her hand as she was thrown from the icy precipice. The breath was knocked from her body as Usagi spun in the air and then crashed to the ground. She winced at the sickening thud as she landed and pain exploded, surging out from her back and down her arms and legs. She trembled, a tear sliding down her cheek as a shaking hand reached for the wand. It was within an arms reach but she could not summon the strength to move. Above her Beryl laughed, crowing her victory to the world before turning attentions back to the injured Princess. Usagi just prayed that Beryl would strike quickly...

"You see. It was all for nothing. I will forever rule this world with Prince Endymion at my side, as I should have done. Darkness is already spreading out from the kingdom. Darkness will always prevail over light."

"You're wrong" Usagi whispered, "As long as there's light in human hearts there is hope... you may win for now... but someone will save this world."

"Such defiance even when faced with death. You remind me of your mother. Queen Serenity stole everything from me when she sealed me away and now I have taken what should have been rightfully mine! I have the ginzuishou, I have your lover and I have the Earth!"

"Mamoru-san..." Usagi cried at her words. Mamoru... Mamoru-baka... her Prince Endymion.

"You have that same look in your eyes that he did. You saw your friends die, as he saw them turn upon him and their kingdom. You do not want to believe it... your eyes hold nothing but suffering and agony in their depths. They are the same as his, the day his guardians died."

"His guardians?"

"My Shitennou. My four most powerful servants who you fought against."

Usagi gasped. They had been brainwashed? They weren't evil? She had killed Kunzite a day ago... she listening to him screaming for Zoisite, wondering how it was possible that he could love. There was no love in the Dark Kingdom, or so Nephrite had said. Kunzite and Zoisite had loved each other... she had murdered one of Mamoru's guardians and he had, had no control over his actions! It was murder... if she had only tried harder to heal him... if only she hadn't of deflected that final attack back at him.

"Now I will offer you a choice" Beryl cut into her thoughts once more, "I offer you the chance to continue living in this. You can live as they did, as a commander of my forces or you can die."

"I would rather die... than serve a monster like you."

"Very well..."

Usagi felt more than saw the darkness that rushed upon her. She screamed, the evil washing over her, pulling at her clothes, ripping away the fabric of the sailor fuku. She brought her hands up, struggling to protect her face as the dark energies tore through her body.

"I didn't want to hurt you! If I had known I would never have fought against you!" she screamed to the sky as the powers ravaged her delicate body. Tears blurred her vision until all she could see were images of her fighting Mamoru's guardians, she could see herself aiming her 'Moon Tiara Action' at Jadeite, then again at Nephrite, utilising the ginzuishou against Zoisite and finally deflecting Kunzite's own weapon back him and piecing his chest.

"Forgive me!" she cried, "If I had known I would have healed you all. I don't want anyone to die... I love this world. Please... let someone save this beautiful world... I can't hold out much longer... Luna... I'm sorry I wasn't strong enough. I am not that strong."

Her head slumped back against the ice and she felt a sensation of rising up above her body. In that instant Usagi realised that she was dead and with that realisation came relief... she would soon see everyone again. Then a hand reached up from the darkness that still tore at her body, it closed around her neck. Usagi cried out, hands clawing and flailing at the hand that tightened its grip and then hurled her down...

"You will remain here!" she heard Beryl's sneering in her ear as she fell, her body somersaulting in the air and the striking stone. She was back... she was in the Dark Kingdom once again.

"You will remain here as a witness to the power of the eternal darkness... you will never reach them now."

Usagi cried out, screamed when the warm light dispersed from her soul, leaving behind a frightened girl. Her soul was trapped... yet even now she retained a little of the ginzuishou's powers. Enough for a strike back against Beryl. When the time was right... darkness might rule for now but somehow... someday light would triumph again. Beryl had won this battle... but the war for the Earth had just begun.

Suddenly the pains ceased, as did the memories. Zoisite fell heavily to the ground as Mistress 9 screamed in fury.

"What is this? How did you find your way here?"

Zoisite lay panting on the stone as Hotaru's body screamed. Turning his head slightly, one hand clutched against his aching chest he saw another figure kneeling down beside him, a bright silvery light hovering inches from his own chest.

"Zoi-chan..." Jadeite whispered, as he fell beside the smaller king; the sparkling light remained before hovering to Mistress 9's outstretched hand.

The End of Chapter 11 - Goto Chapter 12

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