The Four Points

Chapter Twelve: The Lost Paths of Uranus and Neptune! The Outer Senshi's Awakening

© 2006 by Shari

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Nephrite moved quickly from one to another, kicking open doors and calling for the missing king, likewise, further down the hall Kunzite did the same thing.

"Where the hell is he?" Nephrite snarled angrily as he finished his checking of upstairs. "First Zoisite and now Jadeite too. Well we can't waste anymore time looking" he decided.

Kunzite nodded in agreement, his ice blue eyes reflecting concern for his lover and nothing else... no one else.

Uranus and Neptune were ahead of them; they had already transformed and set out into Tokyo after the girl. Nephrite had mentioned Jadeite's closeness to Hotaru and the Senshi had instructed them to find the blond king.

"Hotaru might have told him something," Haruka had reasoned. Now it became clear that Jadeite was also missing.

"Could he be with Hotaru and Zoisite?" Nephrite asked himself and then added, "No. Umino saw Zoisite and Hotaru leave together. There was no one else with them" again he considered the possibility that Jadeite had gone after them by himself. Would the blond be that stupid? Nephrite ran a hand through his hair and sighed. He had to admit he did not know Jadeite that well. It was possible he supposed in the end. Not voicing this possibility to Kunzite, Nephrite simply said:

"We should go."

Kunzite nodded, the older man was being surprisingly amenable, Nephrite thought to himself. He was probably worried about Zoisite and true the little king had not been himself since their rebirth.

"Nephrite-sama!" a small voice stopped him cold as they reached the bottom of the stairs. Kunzite paused, his hand on the door handle, as the red head raced down the aforementioned stairs. She gasped for breath at the bottom and Nephrite took a step in her direction.

"Where are you going?" she asked.

"Zoisite is missing" Nephrite replied gently, ignoring Kunzite's protests that they did not have time for this. "We are going to look for him."

"I know" Naru answered, stepping nearer and then shocking the king by tentatively wrapping her arms around his waist, "I know" her voice was muffled as she buried her face in his white jacket, "Umino told me... he heard Haruka-san and Michiru-san talking. If Hotaru-chan is really the Messiah of Silence..." Naru trailed off, "I don't want you to go. I have a bad feeling about this Nephrite-sama."

"Naru-chan" Nephrite gently worked his way out of her embrace "I have to go."

"Why?" her voice suddenly grew harsh "It is only Zoisite! He killed you! He took you from me and he is doing so again. Why do you care about him? I thought you loved me... I love you."

"You do?" Nephrite gasped at this, taking a step back he locked gazes with the girl and knew that she spoke the truth. She stared up at him with blazing blue eyes "Do you love me?"


She was in his arms once more, sobbing against him "Then don't go."

"I have too."

"But why?" she drew back and her lower lip trembled, "Why? What makes him so special?"

"I don't know" Nephrite whispered, "But I have to go. I will be careful. I promise you I will come back."

This was not enough for her; Nephrite could see it in her eyes. She hated him for making yet more empty promises but this time she yielded.

"Of course" Naru forced a fake smile across her face, "How silly of me. Just... be careful."

"I will" Nephrite promised, "I will."

* * *

It is only Zoisite!

Naru's words echoed round Nephrite's head as he hurried down the streets of Tokyo, the pain and fury in her voice could have not even be matched by the evil that whispered among the ruins of the city. Nephrite shuddered as he felt it calling him. Naru did not understand, hells he did not evening understand. What made Zoisite so important? She did... that voice. She had been guiding them since they awoke and now Nephrite was sure that they were near to solving this mystery, that Zoisite was the key. Why had the young king left with the Messiah? Nephrite shook his head slightly. It was a waste of time wondering why Zoisite did anything. The logical part of Nephrite's mind told him that Zoisite was upset because he and Kunzite had a fight. Somehow this did not ring true and Kunzite was not offering any explanations either. Glancing at the oldest king, Nephrite saw indifference upon his face. He gave away nothing but every so often mild discomfort flickered in his eyes, reflecting the fear of Metallia that resided in Nephrite's soul.

"Why are you coming?" Kunzite spoke at last, as they continued their search, "That girl was right. What does Zoisaito mean to you?"

Nephrite shrugged, "I know you hear her too. I can't let anything happen to him. I don't know why."

Kunzite nodded and then Nephrite added, "What does he mean to you?"

The white haired king's answer shocked him, "He is everything to me."

Nephrite did not know what to say to this. What could he say at this uncharacteristic display of emotions? Luckily he need not say anything as a movement to his left caught his eye. Reacting quickly, Nephrite grabbed Kunzite's arm and pulled him down a side alley as the Youma went passed, unaware of their presence.

"What are Youma doing here?" Nephrite whispered as more followed it. An army... something was going to happen.

"Let's follow them," Kunzite suggested quietly, "They may lead us Zoisite."

The auburn haired king saw sense in Kunzite's words and conceded that, that was what they should do. As the last Youma passed, they slipped out into the shadows. Nephrite didn't like this, Youma from all around were banding together and moving as one through the deserted streets. What was Beryl up too? Nephrite sighed softly, glancing up at the night sky. The stars were out and whilst this gave him a little comfort it also reminded him of what he had lost. Without the stars, Nephrite felt lost... he turned his gaze to Kunzite. Did the older king feel lost without his powers he wondered? Of course Kunzite had Zoisite... or did he? Nephrite had Naru, he reminded himself. She loved him. Somehow this knowledge did not fill him with exhilaration. In truth, Nephrite wanted her to hate him. It was easier to hate than love and he did not deserve her love. Especially now as he walked these streets, knowing in the back of his mind, that he might possibly die tonight and thus he would have again lied to her. They could all die tonight... Jadeite and Zoisite might already be dead. Nephrite was disturbed at this thought. Images from Pluto's visions flashed into his minds eye. He could see himself, a youngster meeting the King and a twelve-year-old Kunzite for the first time. He could feel the sense of pride that he had when he gazed down at Endymion's sleeping son and being told that he was chosen to protect him. Those were not simply images to Nephrite, to hell with the fact that he did not recall these events; they still meant something to him. Mamoru was his Prince and would always be so.

"There" Kunzite paused, looking up at the place where the Youma flooded towards.

"Mugen Academy" Nephrite observed quietly, recognising the hollowed out building.

"What was there before Beryl destroyed this world?" Kunzite enquired softly.

"It was a learning facility for humans" Nephrite replied, a puzzled frown etched across his face, "I do not understand the importance of it myself."

Kunzite gave no reply and started towards the building in question.

"Wait" Nephrite was about to caution the older man, Kunzite's concern for Zoisite was making him careless, when a shape lunged out of the darkness. It crashed into the first king with a snarling of teeth and claws. Kunzite hit the ground at this unexpected weight, struggling with the Youma as it drew back a clawed hand and swiped down his chest, ripping the white uniform open.

Nephrite, had been too stunned to attack before, but did so now. Crossing his arms across his chest he attempted to utilise his Starlight Attack, not even recalling that it should not work in this world and then gasping in shock when stars burst forth from his hands and struck Yakaki, knocking her back into the darkness. Nephrite turned, casting a wild glance at the older man, he saw that Kunzite had managed to stagger to his feet, a shaking hand pressed tightly over his wound, utter disbelief and pain registering in his eyes. Still there was no time to check on him, even as his blood pooled at Nephrite's feet. More Youma were emerging from the darkness... all were intent on Nephrite's destruction.

* * *

"Where could they have gone?" Haruka hissed, these words directed more at herself than the woman beside her. "There is nowhere to go!" her blue eyes searched up and down the darkened streets of Tokyo, hunting for signs that Hotaru and Zoisite had passed this way. Again, Haruka cursed her blindness. Hotaru had been an innocent girl with a demon lying dormant inside of her, or so they thought... so she let them think. Now the Messiah of Silence had the pure heart she needed to fully awaken and possibly invoke Pharaoh 90 without the power of the grail. Haruka stared at the small cup clutched tightly in her lover's hands. The grail itself had infinite power... only to be used by the true Messiah who would save the world from Mistress 9's evil. Sailor Moon had been the true Messiah... perhaps... no... she would not believe it. How could such a man be anything compared to the pureness and innocence of Princess Serenity... their Princess? Haruka did not believe in what Sailor Pluto told them, even when the Senshi of Time instructed them to protect him, she could not believe it. How could such a coward protect the world? Haruka loathed the Shitennou, she loathed them for the pain they had put Endymion and the Princesses of the Inner Planets through.

"What are you thinking?" Michiru asked softly as they paused, ducking into the doorway of a broken down shop as some Youma went passed.

"If Hotaru truly is intending on stealing the purest heart in the galaxy and using the Grail to bring forth Pharaoh 90 then we must stop her at all costs."

"Kill her? Haruka, we both know it is what we must do. It is the only way to stop Beryl obtaining the power of the silence as well as the darkness."

"But if Zoisite... if he is as powerful as Setsuna-san said then that means we will have to kill him too. We cannot let Beryl become more powerful."

"What if Pluto is telling the truth?" Michiru whispered softly, "Can you kill him knowing that?"

Haruka smiled sadly, Michiru's words stirring old memories inside her. "I can" she replied, "Pluto told me of the sacrifices I would have to make, the things I would have to do. I can kill him, I will do what I have too."

A year ago

"Great race Haruka-san!" the blonde 'girl' scowled as her adoring female fan club squealed their admirations as she climbed out of her red Ferrari, whilst the men she had beaten stared on, incredulous that a woman could have bested them. It was just a normal day, the sun shone brightly in the sky and for Haruka the day had been as uneventful as always. She had started the morning the same way that she always had. A quick game or two in the arcades, defeating yet more hapless kids who thought they stood a chance against her on Crowns latest version of Road Rash and then stopped off at the racing tracks to practice her favourite sport. Haruka loved racing with a passion, so much so that she blew most of her college fund on buying the second hand Ferrari and having a friend of her's (who happened to be a mechanic) doing it up for her. Of course she helped out too. Haruka was not like normal college girls. Most of them spent their time following around idols and going to parties. Haruka would much rather be out on the racetrack with the wind in her hair. She always felt that, that at least was real. Still, her unusual taste in sport meant that she acquired quite a captive female audience, mostly due to her dress sense. Women were often mistaking her for a man.

"Haruka-san" a red haired girl stepped shyly up to her and held out an autograph book. Haruka smiled and scrawled her signature upon the open page and then (for good measure, the girl was cute after all) kissed her on the cheek. Her friends started making jealous 'ohhs' and 'ahhhs' at this. Haruka smirked slightly, winking at the blushing red head, before turning her back on her fan club and hitting the showers. She had a class this morning; though in all honesty she would much rather stay out on the racetrack. Still, Haruka was not as carefree as she let her adoring fans think. Her parents were strict, only approving her obsession with racing on the condition that she attend the Juuban High School and take several subjects that they deemed suitable. Haruka suspected that they were hoping that it was 'just a phase she was going through' and that she would grow out of it. She chuckled to herself; they had reacted so badly to her racing, what would they do when they found out that she was a lesbian? This fact was plainly obvious to all but them, or perhaps they were in denial? Haruka wore the men's high school uniform, was always checking out women in the streets and rarely showed any interest in the numerous young men that her mother brought home from work to 'introduce' to her daughter. In truth, Haruka knew that they despaired.

Stepping out from the shower she quickly pulled on her uniform and gathered her things. She had ten minutes to get to the lecture before she was late, not that Haruka cared at all. She then froze, in the motion of shoving a particularly heavy textbook into her book-bag when she heard the door open.

"Who's there?" Haruka demanded as again the door banged. It could just be the breeze, she reasoned, until she heard the soft tapping of footsteps across the tiled floor.

"Who's there?" again the blond demanded. Haruka was not afraid; simply annoyed that one of her fans would stalk her in such a manor.

Tenou Haruka

She jerked in surprise as they uttered her name.

"Who are you?"

The end is near... you will be tested. Do not succumb to the darkness... find the light that feeds the goodness inside of you and never let go of it. You must be strong... your destiny is at hand.

Then the presence left. Haruka felt it leave, it was as if a hand had been wrapped tightly around her neck and then suddenly the pressure had been released. She exhaled loudly and slumped to the floor. What had that been? Who was that?"

"Haruka-san?" another voice rang out. "Haruka-san are you in here?" the door opened again.

"There you are!" the ponytailed girl exclaimed loudly, "What took you so long?"

"Keiko-san" Haruka stammered, hating the fear edged into her voice.

Keiko shared a chemistry class with Haruka. She had long messy chestnut coloured hair which was pulled back into a tight ponytail. She had large blue eyes, perfect white teeth, and smooth marble skin and was tall and willowy. She wore the same uniform that Haruka did, except for her's was the girls one.

"Where were you?" she giggled again and tugged on her friend's arm "That was a great race! You totally mopped the floor with those guys. Did you see the looks on their faces when you roared across the finish line? That was a total classic!"

Haruka frowned slightly. When she had first met Keiko she had been attracted to the bubbly girl, but after getting to know her realised that Keiko was another one of her 'biggest fans' and was more the cheerleader type of friend. Still Haruka permitted Keiko to 'hang around' with her.

"Keiko?" Haruka ignored the praises and asked, "Did you see anyone leaving the changing rooms when you came in?"

"No. Why?"

"No reason" Haruka sighed and gathered the rest of her stuff.

"Oh! That reminds me!" Keiko grinned, showing off a set of pearly white teeth, "Guess who I bumped into as I was coming to meet you?"

"Who?" Haruka groaned inwardly. Keiko's incessant chatter was starting to drive her insane.

"Kaioh Michiru. You know! The simply amazing artist and violinist Kaioh Michiru!" Keiko added when Haruka looked at her blankly.

"Oh that Kaioh Michiru. She's in our history class isn't she?"

"Haruka you're so dense" Keiko pouted, "She's simply the most amazing, wonderful, talented... next you I mean!"

"And what has this got to do with me?"

"Well" Keiko beamed, "I got talking to her and she said she wanted to meet you, so I took the liberty of arranging for us to meet at Crown Fruit Parlour after the lecture. Isn't that great?"

Haruka again sighed; this was going to be one of those days.

* * *

Haruka managed to get through the lecture without strangling her rather chatty companion and soon found herself being dragged along to Crown. The entire way Keiko would not stop talking about how amazing Kaioh Michiru was and Haruka felt her patience wearing thinner and thinner. What teenager could possibly be worth so much fuss?

"Here we are!" Keiko giggled as she tugged Haruka inside and then she gasped and pulled her unwillingly companion in the direction of a table towards the back of the room, giving Haruka only seconds to greet Unazuki before finding herself standing before the aforementioned table.

"Tenou Haruka, this is Kaioh Michiru" Keiko giggled again. The young woman in question looked up and Haruka's jaw dropped. Kaioh Michiru was beautiful. She had almost shoulder length sea green coloured hair and ocean blue eyes that seemed to sparkle as their gaze met. Her face was pale and delicate but not at all pasty, her mouth tugging upwards in a shy smile at Keiko's introductions. Haruka realised, in those few precious seconds that she had fallen in love. Yes it was love and not lust as had been the case with previous lovers. She loved the woman seated at the table before her.

"Haruka-san?" Keiko called worriedly, waving a hand in front of her friend's face "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine" Haruka snapped, quickly taking a seat opposite Kaioh Michiru, wanting a chance to stare into the beauty's eyes some more.

Keiko seemed surprised at her sudden change in attitude but quickly shrugged it off and joined the two teenagers.

"Haruka-san, Michiru-san!" Unzauki exclaimed in surprise as she hurried over to take their orders, "I didn't know you two knew each other!"

"We just met" was Michiru's calm-as-a-millpond reply, "Keiko-san introduced us."

"I met Michiru-san this morning" Keiko added, "I knew that Haruka-san had to meet her" she shrugged, "Call it a girl's intuition."

Haruka started slightly. Was Keiko trying to play matchmaker?

"And now that you have met!" Keiko grinned and stood, "There is no need for me to stay! I'll see you tomorrow ok, Haruka-san? You can tell me how it went then!" with that she was gone.

Haruka shook her head; she hadn't even known that Keiko knew of her same sex preference. Still this did not mean that Michiru preferred women too. The beauty probably had a boyfriend, after all what man would not want her on his arm?

"So what can I get you?" Unazuki, unfazed by Keiko's swift departure, asked.

"A coffee" Haruka replied, "White, two sugars" again she started when Michiru replied softly:

"The same for me."

At least we have one thing in common, Haruka thought ruefully, thinking back over what Keiko had told her of Kaioh Michiru. She was a master artist and violinist. They were like chalk and cheese, definitely not a match made in heaven.

"So you like to paint" Haruka decided to make the effort anyway, you never know, she told herself, I could sweep her off her feet with my amazing charms and good looks. "What do you paint?"

"The sea" was the reply, "I paint the world's oceans."

"I've seen your work in the gallery across town. You are very gifted, Michiru-san."

"So are you. I hear you like to race."

Haruka's mouth curved up in an automatic smile. So Michiru was taking an interest in her? Perhaps there was hope after all?

* * *

Three cups of coffee later and Haruka was besotted with the green haired girl opposite her; well besotted and wired, she would be up until all hour due to the amount of coffee she had drunk. Still it was worth it, she told herself. Michiru, like Haruka, did not like to talk about herself very much, asking more about Haruka's racing and Keiko than speaking of her talents. This was fine with Haruka for it meant that she could impress Michiru with her racing and hopefully earn the beauty's heart.

Finally, Michiru announced that it was time for her to go. Haruka graciously offered to walk her home, which Michiru accepted.

They stepped out onto the streets; the sun had already sunk lower in the sky. The wind whistled through the trees and Michiru shivered. Haruka too felt uneasy as they started to walk. The streets themselves seemed deserted. Unconsciously, Haruka wrapped an arm around Michiru's shoulders; pulling the other girl closer to her and to her surprise (and delight) Michiru did not shy away from this contact. Something was going to happen... Haruka could feel it. She felt tense, agitated and all of this discomfort was directed at one thing only; the Sun. Glancing up at the usually radiant star, Haruka felt a chill go through her. The fiery surface was covered in black spots, they were swelling as she stared and were growing larger in size, and even now they crawled across the Sun's light.

"What is this?" Haruka muttered, pulling Michiru closer, "What is happening?"

"You can feel it too?" Michiru asked.

Haruka was about to reply when a scream cut through the air, a scream that was all too familiar.

"Keiko!" Haruka gasped as 'it' appeared. The stupid girl had been spying on them all along!

Michiru flinched as it stepped closer, Keiko locked in its grip. It stood tall, far taller than them, a mass of chopping red fangs sprouting out of the corners of its mouth, its red skin shimmering under the dying Sun's rays. Its face was a twisted mass of flesh and bone, twin horns pushing up from the top of its skull. It was strangely humanoid, even after the transformation. As they stared, it released the girl and she slumped to the ground, sprawling at Haruka's feet. Letting go of Michiru, Haruka shakily checked for a pulse... there was none.

"Keiko..." Haruka couldn't believe what she was seeing; she couldn't believe that the girl she had been speaking with only hours before was lying dead in front of her.

"Come on" Michiru grabbed her arm, hauling her to her feet as the monster (that was all Haruka could think of to describe it as) lunged forwards. They ran and it chased them.

* * *

Haruka leaned back against the cold wall of the alley, taking in deep breaths, as did the woman beside her. It had been an hour and still monsters chased them. Monsters were killing all they could see, anyone who walked the streets. It was strange, Haruka mused, that the dead had not a mark upon them. It was simply as though something had sucked the life energy from them.

"What is happening here?" Haruka whispered, more to herself than the woman beside her.

"The end is near... you will be tested. Do not succumb to the darkness... find the light that feeds the goodness inside of you and never let go of it. You must be strong... your destiny is at hand."

Haruka turned sharply as Michiru uttered the words that had been spoken to her that day.

"You? How do you know of this?" she demanded.

"She came to me too. It was a warning... all of this... I do not understand."

Then a snarling from the alley indicated that they had been found. Haruka ran, grabbing Michiru's hand, she pulled the other along with her and down the streets. Fire ravaged buildings, trapped people screamed for whatever deity they believed in to save them from this fate. Haruka blocked out their screams, tears streaming down her cheeks. What was happening? She did not understand this? What was this?

"We're being driven!" Michiru suddenly realised, struggling to break away and sure enough more terrified people joined their group, all being driven by the monsters towards a single point. Haruka too made for the edge of the group but was forced back into the crowds of screaming people by the monsters. Then suddenly they were encircled. Monsters came from all sides. Galaxy Television... this was the end.

Haruka grabbed Michiru's hand, knowing that they could not be separated. Yet the monsters did not attack. They were waiting for someone. Even the terrified cries ceased as they parted, to reveal a man. He was as tall as Haruka and wearing some king of black and blue armour. A feral sneer curved his mouth as he stared down upon the trembling life forms. He looked familiar somehow and yet Haruka knew that she would recall such a man. It was another who whispered his name:


Haruka looked sharply to her left and saw a cute red head beside her; a boy next to her, his hand was tightly clasped in her own.

"Mamoru-san? What are you doing?" she cried, "What is all of this?"

"Do not call me by such a dirty name" he said coldly, "I am Prince Endymion. I am here to carry out the wishes of the Earth's ruler, Queen Beryl of the Dark Kingdom!"

"Queen Beryl?" Haruka whispered, "I know that name..."

Long ago... an image came to mind. A fiery red haired Queen, bent on the destruction of the Earth and Moon. Haruka knew that name and yet did not. What was this?

Darkness snaked forward from Prince Endymion's hands, wrapping itself around them. Haruka gasped, stumbling to her knees as it choked her.

"Succumb to the darkness and Queen Beryl will spare your lives and allow you to live as her soldiers! Resist it and you will die... your life energy will feed the great ruler, Queen Metallia!"

"Haruka..." Michiru gasped, tears pouring down her cheeks as she sank down beside her friend.

The end is near... you will be tested. Do not succumb to the darkness... find the light that feeds the goodness inside of you and never let go of it. You must be strong... your destiny is at hand.

"Michiru..." Haruka reached out, trembling fingers entwining around the green haired woman's as the darkness took hold of her body. As they touched Haruka felt a spark inside of her. Then the entire world exploded in an array of colours... Haruka heard Endymion's screams and then her own, as the colours took hold and she was plunged down into darkness once more...

* * *

Where am I? She was floating, high above the Earth, gazing down upon the blue planet, a part of her marvelling at the indescribable beauty before her and a part of her deeply afraid. What was this? Why must she watch this? A blackened shadow fast approached the Earth, a clawed hand reaching out covering the planet with its eternal darkness. Haruka screamed and the scene changed.

"Letssee. Starting from today, I'm going to be a big sister. My mommy had a baby" the small girl with blond hair giggled, holding out a red rose to her companion; a dark haired boy a few years older than her, "I brought this as a present."

She was proud of this. "I have to protect him, Daddy says. I'm his big sister and that's what big sisters do."

"What is this?" Haruka whispered, her voice break a spell she wasn't even aware had been cast. The scene shattered as though it were a mirror and the vastness of space returned.


Michiru cried, her voice breaking the silence. The green haired woman was floating beside her and even with all this beauty around her, nothing could compare (in Haruka's eyes) to the beauty that was Michiru. She reached out, again taking Michiru's hand in her own to offer what little comfort she could.

The end is near... you will be tested. Do not succumb to the darkness... find the light that feeds the goodness inside of you and never let go of it. You must be strong... your destiny is at hand.

"The goodness inside of me" Haruka whispered, she understood it all now. Though none of this made sense to her, she knew what the goodness was that resided in her soul. The woman beside her; Kaioh Michiru. They were destined to be together, whether it was in this life or the next.

"Haruka" Michiru breathed softly as their lips met; she had realised it too.

In the seconds that their mouths touched, Haruka's world exploded again. She felt Michiru grab her, throwing her arms around the taller girl as the light threatened to tear them apart. When Haruka could see again they were standing on Earth, the frightened crowds were once again around them but still, as though time itself had stopped.

"This light" Michiru breathed softly and Haruka saw a similar ball of yellow light floating directly in front of her. Slowly it took shape; it became something that filled her with a sense of pride as well as a sense of dread.

If you touch that wand there is no going back. You will have to make some hard choices along the way if you decide to follow this path.

"What is that path?"

It is the path to freedom, the path that will save this world.

Haruka reached out, she knew what she would have to do, she knew what choices she would need to make and would not regret it. As long as she had Michiru at her side...

* * *

Present Day


Haruka jerked out of her recollections and paused to face her partner. After transforming into their true Senshi selves they had saved a lot of lives from the Dark Kingdom and the fate Beryl had in mind for them. Sailor Pluto had revealed herself to them and explained what had happened and who Tsukino Usagi had been. Haruka had vowed to avenge the young Princess of the Moon. Both she and Michiru knew what would happen if the Grail were to fall into the wrong hands. Pluto had entrusted them with its powers, after extracting the talismen that hid inside their bodies. They would use it to destroy Pharaoh 90 and the Dark Kingdom. Pluto may have awakened them and saved them but Haruka knew the closeness that Setsuna would have shared with Chibi-Usa, had the future stayed on its true course. Setsuna was an Outer Senshi but had never quite been truly one of them. Sailor Pluto guided them but Haruka knew it was up to them alone to choose their own destinies.

"I will do what I have too," Haruka repeated, "If it means killing again then so be it."

"And I too" Michiru echoed, "Whatever it takes to win."

Mugen Academy... that was where the final battle with Pharaoh 90 and the Messiah of Silence would take place.

Whatever it takes to win, Haruka repeated grimly, whatever the cost.

The End of Chapter 12 - Goto Chapter 13

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