The Four Points

Chapter Thirteen: The Light of the Ginzuishou! The Fight for the Grail

© 2006 by Shari

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Kunzite staggered to his feet, feeling slightly nauseous as he tentatively placed a gloved hand over his wound. It was not that deep, he thought, yet it burned. Kunzite felt tears building up behind his eyes as he drew a ragged breath and pulled the cloth away, gasping at the acid like burn against his skin where Yakaki had clawed him. His flesh was tingling as was his veins. They felt as though they were on fire. Kunzite staggered backwards, just as Nephrite finished off the last of the Youma attacking them, clearing the way for them to reach Mugen Academy.

"Kunzite?" Nephrite approached him, some concern flickering in his azure eyes before he masked it with a stance of indifference "Are you ok?"

"Of course" Kunzite snapped back, he was feeling a little embarrassed that he had allowed himself to be caught off guard but... but he couldn't stop thinking about Zoisite. Where was the younger man? Was he even alive? Did his disappearance have something to do with what happened between them? Kunzite had never admitted blame for anything before in his long life but now, the more he thought about it, the more it made sense. He had always been so cold to Zoisite, so aloof and unfeeling whilst the younger king would have cut off his own arm had Kunzite but asked. Zoisite would have done anything for Kunzite, he always went so over the top in his efforts to please his lover that it ground Kunzite's nerves, caused him to snap and then Zoisite would back off, full of remorse for his actions and laying blame upon himself when this simply was not so.

I don't love you anymore, Kunzaito-sama

Had Zoisite truly meant this? Now Kunzite was not so sure. Zoisite had been the epitome of devotion. Kunzite had secretly thought that they would be together until the end. Until death do us part, he thought sadly and that had been true. Now fate had brought them back together and Kunzite did not doubt his feelings for the little king as he had in the past. He loved Zoisite and had resolved to help him in any way that he could.

"We all will" Nephrite spoke, as though guessing the Ice King's thoughts "We are all changing. I know you are too. We are reverting to who we once were. If Zoisite needs understanding and looking after, then that is what we will give him."

Kunzite, stunned at this statement coming from Nephrite of all people, did not bother to answer. Instead his gaze met that of the two Senshi who had just arrived at Mugen Academy too.

"We got held up" Haruka panted breathlessly, "There are Youma everywhere."

Michiru grinned, "She complains but is secretly loving a battle."

Haruka nodded and then her expression turned serious "I may love a battle but if we lose this then we can kiss the Earth goodbye. We are quite prepared for the sacrifices that will have to be made but are you?" a pair of intent blue eyes met Kunzite's own "We need to know if you are on our side?"

"We have a common goal," Nephrite answered for him, "To rescue Hotaru and Zoisite and stop Beryl from obtaining the powers of Pharaoh 90."

Haruka nodded but her gaze had sent a chill down Kunzite's spine. The Senshi were not to be trusted he knew. They had a hidden agenda and were not in the least concerned about Hotaru or Zoisite.

Haruka indicated Mugen Academy "Good, then let's go"

"You're bleeding" Michiru stated as Kunzite stepped beside the Senshi of the Ocean to enter the Academy.

"It is nothing" Kunzite kept his voice steady, ignoring the burning sensation in his chest, but was this entirely true?

* * *

"Jadeite?" Zoisite breathed softly, gazing in utter disbelief at the man beside him. The blond lay on his back, his blue eyes wide open and staring blankly up at Zoisite. "Why?" he whimpered, clenching a fist so tightly that his nails dug into his palms "Why did you interfere?"

"I-I couldn't let you do that... I couldn't let you waste her death."

"You bastard!" Zoisite shrieked, drawing a fist back and striking the older man, "What about me? What about me, Jadeite?"

He laughed delicately and slowly his eyes closed, but not before uttering a barely audible word:


Zoisite fell back onto the floor at this, this one word filling him with so much shame. He was a coward. Gods what was he doing here? He hurt Kunzite-sama so much. He caused Jadeite to...

Now we are free of Beryl's control we are all struggling to find ourselves again. Of course our character traits did not change when we were brainwashed by Beryl but were enhanced to a certain extent. We do not recall who we were before the Dark Kingdom but you have to remember that we are free now. We can decide our own destinies, a chance to become whom we want too. We did not even have that choice in the old Earth Kingdom. We were bound to Mamoru-sama and that was how it was destined to be. Destinies can change Zoi-chan

Was this truly his destiny? There was no second chance for him, Zoisite knew. The others were free but he was still bound by something more powerful than even Kunzite-sama. He had no freewill here anymore than he had freewill back in the Dark Kingdom. Zoisite stood, drawing the dagger at his side. He may not have freewill but that did not mean he was going to allow Jadeite to die. Gods the blond had chosen to get between Zoisite and the evil that stood before him, crowing her victories now that the shock had subsided.

"Give that back" Zoisite demanded quietly, holding his right hand outstretched towards Mistress 9 as she gazed upon the shining light in her hand, "It is my pure heart you want, not Jadeite's. Give it back to him."

"Why would I do that?" she smiled, a smile worthy of that of Beryl's sadistic grin the day she had handed down Zoisite's punishment, "This pure heart... the pure heart of someone who threw their life away for a coward who was not even a friend! A foolish and yet noble gesture, I must say. This will feed my full awakening well enough. The Senshi are coming. They are delivering the Grail right into my hands. Then I shall use it to invoke the beautiful silence of Pharaoh 90 down upon this world."

The girl that was once Hotaru smirked and raised the sparkling pure heart to her lips, "This heart will do just f-..." she trembled, fine tremors racking her body. Mistress 9 collapsed to her knees, her face now twisted in utter rage.

"Why? Why do you continue to fight me? Do you not know that you have nothing left? You have nothing in this world!"

"I do" her voice changed, it became weaker and yet within it was a tower of strength, "As long as my papa is alive I have hope. The Senshi still fight for control of this planet. There is still hope for us."

Then the demon was back in control, "Hope? You are a foolish girl. There is no hope for anyone on Earth! Soon all enemies will be eliminated and Pharaoh 90 shall rule!"

Again she raised the heart to her lips and again her hand fell uselessly to her side, the sparkling light hovering in mid-air before her.

"Stop resisting me! You are only hurting yourself! Why do you care for that man?"

"I love him. I want him back"

"Hotaru?" Zoisite whispered as the girl edged closer, the pure heart cupped gently in her hands. She smiled and knelt down beside Jadeite. Slowly she raised her head, her gaze finally meeting Zoisite's and his blood ran cold. Her purple eyes narrowed as she thrust a hand out, black magics dancing from her fingertips, hurling the younger king back against the wall. His dagger fell from his hand and clattered loudly across the floor, out of reach. A feral sneer twisting the pretty features of the girl, Mistress 9 stood and in one swift movement swallowed the pure heart whole. In that second her transformation began to take place. She screamed, partly in fear and partly in revelation, as she grew taller, her gown shedding off of her and was replaced by a one-piece dark blue satin dress. The pre-adolescent body of Tomoe Hotaru was gone and was replaced with that of a fully-grown woman's. Etched across her forehead was a black star; the symbol of the Death Busters. Mistress 9 was fully awakened.

Zoisite gaped as she approached, her magics pinning him in place. "I no longer need your body, but your heart is another matter! Without Eternal there will be no hope for this planet! Surrender your pure heart to me, Mistress 9!"

"Mistress 9!" a third voice rang out.

"Daihmon Germotid" she turned, gazing wildly at the man standing in the doorway. He was older than her, in his early forties perhaps. He wore a white lab coat and thick silver glasses, a monocle blocking one side from view. He's Hotaru's father, Zoisite realised. She even had her family turned against her.

"They come. For him"

"See to them" was her order, which was obeyed.

"Now" she grinned, turning her attentions back to Zoisite, "Where were we?"

* * *

Endymion walked alone through the carnage that had once made up a part of his Youma army with a casual indifference, his boots connecting loudly with any bodies that were in his path. He kicked them aside, an expression of utter revulsion upon his face. What had done this? He had a good idea. Cursing the King of Stars, Endymion paused outside of Mugen Academy. Mistress 9 had already fully awakened; this meant that Zoisite was dead. Endymion smirked to himself. What a tragic blunder on his part. Beryl would be furious but she would forgive him. After all he was her Prince Endymion was he not? The young man drew his sword, tensing up as he walked towards the double doors. Silence reigned within.

"Endymion-sama!" a cry caused him to turn.

Yakaki came limping towards him, green blood spurting from a wound in her side. She clutched a gnarled hand across this wound and bowed submissively before him. "The traitors passed this way."

In truth, he words did not worry Endymion but he could not allow Yakaki to think that he was not displeased with her.

"That is an appalling error," he said quietly.

"I know" the Youma bowed lower, "And it is my responsibility alone. Please punish me as you see fit."

"I will allow you a chance to make up for this" Endymion stunned her into raising her head as he spoke these words "When Pharaoh 90 reaches this world an battle between the glorious Dark Kingdom and the Death Busters will begin. You shall gather what remains of our army and await them here. I will deal with Mistress 9 myself."

Yakaki nodded and left to do his bidding. Endymion's smirk widened as he entered Mugen Academy. Yes, the rest of the traitors along with the Sailor Senshi passed this way. Beryl would not be as angry if managed to kill them all too. Once Beryl had the powers of Pharaoh 90 she would no longer need Metallia's dark magics and would be the true Queen of the Earth. Only then would she be unrivalled for power. Yet, even as Endymion thought of these dark desires, he felt a pang when thinking of Sailor Moon. He had often questioned that perhaps Beryl had gone too far. Eternal... the power to light up the galaxy... Endymion shook his head. That was not the future of the Earth anymore. Beryl had changed everything for the better. It was how it was meant to be.

Then why did he feel as though he was fighting for the wrong side?

* * *

"I don't like it" Michiru commented as the four continued on their way down the silent corridors of Mugen Academy, "Where is everyone?"

Nephrite was thinking similar things but chose not to make his opinions on the matter known to his companions. As they continued down the silent corridor Nephrite couldn't keep his mind from wandering. He thought of the events that had taken place in the Dark Kingdom, all the lying, the betrayals and the hurt he had caused Naru. Should he really be here? Maybe Zoisite was right? This was not their battle. They were not Sailor Senshi. Then why did turning his back on the situation feel so wrong? He glanced at Kunzite. The older man had a reason for being here or did he? They were here to rescue Zoisite and Hotaru but Nephrite couldn't get rid of this nagging feeling that Zoisite did not need rescuing.

Suddenly the Senshi stopped, Nephrite almost collided with Neptune at this sudden standstill. Pushing between them, Nephrite was able to see the cause of the abrupt halt. At the end of a corridor stood a lone man. Bathed in moonlight his features were perfectly clear and Nephrite instantly recognised him; Professor Tomoe, Hotaru's father and the founder of Mugen Academy.

"What are you doing here?" he demanded softly, taking a step towards them, "You should not be here. Mistress 9 does not allow for trespassers."

"Where is Mistress 9?" Haruka demanded.

"Through this door, not that you are going to get passed this point anyway."

"Just watch us" Haruka growled and raised a hand, intent on using her attack upon him when Professor Tomoe laughed. Nephrite stepped back, temporarily stunned at what he was seeing. A creature resembling a large pink and white flower burst out from Tomoe's back, screeching inaudible words as it did so. The Professor ceased his manic laughter and instantly collapsed to the floor as the creature was released fully from its host.

"Daihmon!" Neptune cried, "He was possessed by a Daihmon all this time!"

"So will you all" Daihmon Germotid hissed, rearing back the flower opened fully, "Die!"

"World... shaking!"

The orange planet attack struck home, Shrieking the Daihmon shuddered as it was hit, flailing uselessly backwards and then exploding in a shower of green blood and guts.

Haruka smirked, "That was easy enough."

"The way is clear now" Kunzite broke in icily before the Senshi could comment further.

"So it is" Neptune smiled, planting a quick kiss on her partner's lips before taking the lead once more. She pushed open the steel door, a million thoughts flashing through Nephrite's mind yet nothing could truly prepare him for the sight they met.

Jadeite lay near the door, lying on his back, his eyes closed. Zoisite was a few meters away, pinned tightly against a wall, Tomoe Hotaru stood over him. Yes, she was Tomoe Hotaru but not the sweet little girl that Nephrite remembered. This was a demon, he shuddered, her energies reminding him so much of Beryl's own.

"Mistress 9" beside him the Senshi breathed before simultaneously launching their attacks. The orange and green energies slammed into the woman before she had a chance to defend herself. Mistress 9 crumpled to the floor. As she struck the ground, Kunzite raced forward, gathering Zoisite up he pulled the younger king back, safely out of harms way.

Nephrite could only stare at the trembling man. Zoisite buried his face in the folds of Kunzite's uniform, the occasional sob racking his body.

"Coward" Uranus spoke coldly, "Nothing but a coward at heart. Sailor Pluto was wrong. We are the only hope for the world now."

Nephrite did not understand her words but Zoisite obviously did. He drew away from Kunzite's embrace, his tear filled eyes narrowing as he gazed upon the Senshi.

"What do you know about it? What the hell gives you the right to judge me? You don't even know me!"

"That is true" Uranus retorted, "But what of your lover? He knows you. Kunzite" she turned, addressing the older man now "What do you think happened here?"

Kunzite looked startled, his eyes flickering from Zoisite to Jadeite and then finally to Mistress 9. "I don't know," he admitted finally.

"He wanted to destroy our princess" was the reply.

For an age silence reigned. Nephrite was too stunned to speak. Were they suggesting that Zoisite deliberately got himself into this situation? Why? Why would he do that? What possible reason could he have? Yet little by little Zoisite's erratic behaviour, his new powers, the events in the throne room all began to make perfect sense in Nephrite's mind. It made sense and yet Nephrite couldn't believe it. It was all too fantastical to be real. It was as though it were from a novel; this kind of thing didn't happen... he almost laughed out loud at this. Nephrite of all people knew that this was exactly the kind of thing that could happen. He had tried telling himself that their situation wasn't real often enough before. It was very real and they would have to make the most of it.

"You're Eternal?" this was Kunzite. The older man had stepped away from Zoisite. Usually the essence of calm and self-control, Kunzite took another step back and then forwards again, torn between comforting the delicate creature before them and recoiling in disgust.

"He embraced her light" Uranus continued coldly, "A part of the Princess resides within him. He has the power to destroy Beryl and the Dark Kingdom yet he is perfectly willing to surrender that light to Mistress 9 and help bring more evil into this world!"

"Is this true?" Nephrite asked. Zoisite nodded. The auburn haired man sighed, recalling his choices of earlier.

If Zoisite needs understanding and looking after, then that is what we will give him

They couldn't keep this up, Nephrite knew. They were bound together to protect Prince Endymion, the true ruler of the Earth. They had to work together. Zoisite was trapped, he obviously felt as though he had no alternative. He had something inside of him that was a part of him now and yet he did not want it. He was afraid... fear did things to people.

"Leave him be" Nephrite snapped, "This is not the time nor place for petty battles" he then turned to Jadeite; kneeling down beside the blond he quietly enquired to know what had happened.

"He knew" Zoisite moved towards them, staring down at the older king, his lower lip trembling slightly as he forced down tears "He knew and he wouldn't let me... she stole his pure heart and awakened... he died to save me."

"He's not dead" Neptune spoke, "Not yet" she joined Nephrite at the blonde's side, "We need something to sustain him. If he does not regain his pure heart then he will surely die."

Zoisite took another step towards them, staring hesitantly at Nephrite and then glancing down at Jadeite.

"It's my fault" he whispered softly, "I should be the one to..."

Nephrite did not hear the end of that sentence. Something slammed into him, it was almost as though as rope had entwined itself around him, one around his neck and the other around his arms pinning them to his sides as he was thrown back against the wall. Beside him the Senshi shrieked as they too suffered a similar fate. The entire academy seemed to shudder and groan as they were pulled back. Nephrite gagged as his feet left the floor and he was hauled upwards, trapped tightly against stone by the tendrils of hair that broke off from the rest of her body. The grail fell from Michiru's hand, rolling across the floor and coming to a halt beside Kunzite. The oldest king, still too near to Zoisite had not been caught in Mistress 9's attack; of course she feared that she might harm him as well. Nephrite cursed his blindness as the demon clapped sarcastically applauding their efforts. Blood dripped from several wounds to her body and splashed onto the stone floor.

"You see" she whispered, "It was all for nothing. I no longer need any of you. You have delivered the grail into my hands" with that she struck, slamming Kunzite back and trapping him as she had done the others, leaving the grail free for her taking.

"Kunzite-sama!" Zoisite cried out as his lover was hit, ignoring the screams from Uranus and Neptune to protect the grail, he ran to Kunzite's side. Mistress 9 laughed triumphantly as her hand closed around the grail.

Yet as she did so, a red light streaked forward, it struck the woman's hand and Mistress 9 shrieked in pain. She stumbled back into the wall, hissing in agony. Zoisite gasped softly when he saw the reason for her pain. The grail lay on the floor and beside it, poised in the ground and quivering was a black rose.

* * *

Endymion stood by the door, surveying the scene before him; this was better than he had dared hope. The Senshi were immobilised, trapped against a huge stone statue of their enemy. Nephrite and Kunzite too were held down by this power. The grail lay between himself and Zoisite. Mistress 9 had stumbled back, red blood trickling down her hand and onto the floor. The grail sparkled in the moonlight. The grail was the purest of hearts. Nothing could rival that purity and soon that purity would belong to Beryl. Endymion stepped forward and was stunned when Zoisite darted between him and his desired prize.

"What is this?" Endymion spoke scornfully, glaring down at the trembling male, the small dagger in his hand shaking more revealing his fear. "Do you think you could possibly defeat me with that toy?"

He raised his blade and then it crashed downwards, striking the dagger. Endymion's mouth curved up into a smirk when the little knife fell from Zoisite's hand and onto the floor. The little king skittered backwards, avoiding the blow Endymion aimed at his head and reached for his weapon; this Endymion could not allow. He drew back his free hand, a black rose materialising in his palm, and then let fly. It ripped across the back of Zoisite's hand as his fingers closed around the dagger once more. He shrieked as Mistress 9 had done as the black magics scorched his flesh. He fell down, still clenching the dagger hilt tightly as a drop of blood rolled down the back of his hand and splashed onto the weapon. Endymion's smirk grew wider as he drew his sword; it would end here. No one was going to take his place at Beryl's side; least of all Kunzite's detestable little boy toy. He was aware of the Senshi's protests, along with Kunzite's own as he raised his sword... yet he did not let it fall. Endymion's gaze was now locked on the dagger clutched tightly in Zoisite's fist. It was glowing a soft silvery light. He watched in astonishment as it fell from Zoisite's fingertips, the little man too was terrified at what was taking place right before his eyes. The dagger was shrinking, melting into the floor until all that was left was a burning ball of silver light.

"The ginzuishou" Endymion breathed, "The illusionary ginzuishou?"

Beryl had thought it lost to them that day in the throne room. Zoisite had it all along? Endymion reached out, his hand closing around the light. As he did so the light became brighter. Endymion howled in pain as he was thrown back across the room, his head striking stone, he fell to the floor as the light washed over his body. Then unconsciousness claimed him.

* * *

Zoisite could only stare as Endymion seized the ginzuishou, a smile tugging at his lips when the bastard was thrown across the room by the powers of the stone. The ginzuishou... god knew he had tried his hardest to obtain it during his time as Beryl's forth king and now... Zoisite was afraid of the stone. He pulled back as it hovered in front of him, willing him to take it.

Only Sailor Moon could weald the ginzuishou... No... it was the Moon Wand that could only be used by a descendant of the Moon Kingdom. Anyone could use the ginzuishou. Zoisite reached out for the light but it shied away from his touch.

"Fools" Mistress 9 hissed, her voice breaking the silence that had befallen them. She stood, wiping the blood from her hands onto the front of her dress. She held the grail tightly in the other, a feral snarl upon her lips.

Zoisite shrank back, away from the ginzuishou and away from the furious eyes of the Sailor Senshi. Didn't they understand? He did not want this! He did not want to fight...

"Jadeite..." Zoisite trailed off as he gazed down at the blond man. The last word he uttered to Zoisite still echoing in his mind. Coward

Zoisite knelt down beside him, a hand gently resting on the cold cheek of his former comrade. He still lived... barely. Zoisite's trembling increased as once again he reached out, willing the ginzuishou to come to his outstretched hand. This time it did, settling in his palm. Zoisite gazed at it in awe for a few seconds before taking Jadeite's limp hand in his own, uncurling his fingers and placing the ginzuishou in his palm. The change was subtle but clearly recognisable. Jadeite's breathing became more regular and his cheeks even regained some colour. The ginzuishou's power would sustain him... for now.

"What are you doing?" Zoisite suddenly became aware of the Outer Senshi screaming at him, "Fight! Fight for the grail! Fight for this world!"

"No" Zoisite shook his head, a lump forming in his throat, "I can't... I won't..."

"Good boy" Mistress 9 purred, taking a step closer to him, "I would advise against it. Pharaoh 90 is on his way and nothing you can do is going to change that." The demon moved closer still, Zoisite shuddered as she wrapped her arms around him, her nails digging into his back. He averted his eyes, seeing Kunzite's pained expression, and concentrated on the woman before him. "You shall be rewarded for your cooperation. You will be given the choice to die or to live on as a body for a Daihmon, as will he" he indicated Jadeite.

"You would do that to him?" Zoisite whispered, pulling free from her embrace, "You would keep him alive as a mindless slave as you did your own father?"

There, a twinge across her face, though she hid it well.

"Professor Tomoe is just a pawn, as is he" she hissed, "He is a useless body for my Daihmon and has served me well, even if just for that."

"Do you really mean that?" Zoisite replied, talking not the demon but to the girl, Hotaru, "He is your father..."

Mistress 9 snorted in contempt but no answer was forth coming.

"And what of Jadeite? You said you loved him. Can you really allow her to hurt the man you love?"

"No" came the soft whispered, followed by a "SHUT UP!" Mistress 9 screamed. She raised a hand, readying herself to strike the man before her.

"Hotaru!" a voice in the doorway caused her to halt her downward arch. Slowly her purple eyes widened in disbelief and fear before again that hatred took over.

"The empty shell of Daihmon Germotid."

"Hotaru... I'm sorry" Professor Tomoe gasped, staggering nearer to his daughter, shaking hands reaching out and gently tugging on the hem of her dress.

"Don't call me by such a dirty name" was her scornful reply as she drew a hand back and struck the injured Professor. He fell, helpless against the force of her blow and lay shivering at her feet before wearily raising his head once more.

"Please... forgive me. I didn't want this to happen to you. I would have done anything to prevent this. I love you, Hotaru. I just wish for things to go back to how they were before. A part of you must still remember the days before any of this happened. I used to take you to the park every day after school and then we would go for ice cream. You would tell me about your day and show me the drawings you would do of us together. Surely a part of you remembers that?"

Professor Tomoe held out a hand, tears spilling forth and down his ruddy cheeks "Hotaru... do you remember me?"

"I do" came a small whisper and then her delicate face hardened once more as Mistress 9 took control. She lashed out again with her powers, dark energies striking the injured man and knocking him back. Then she too was down, sinking to her knees as her hands clutched at her head.

"Go away! You have nothing! Do not come here... this is m-..."

"No!" the weaker sounding voice of the true Tomoe Hotaru broke through the seething ravings of Mistress 9 "I will not go. This is my body!"

"How? How can you still fight" a spasm shook Hotaru's face and gradually Mistress 9's screams became weaker, "How can you have the courage to go on?"

"Because I believe. I believe in this world, I believe in my father and I will not let you t-...." She screamed, a piercing sound that shook the entire building. The adult body started to shrink, her clothes fell from her body and she lay curled up on the stone floor as her father rushed to her side. As she collapsed so did the spell holding the Senshi and kings in place. Zoisite took a step back as they were freed, seeing the fury and hatred in Haruka and Michiru's eyes.

"You bastard!" Haruka screamed, lashing out and striking the man. "What the hell were you doing? You practically handed the world to her on a platter? What gave you the right? You are nothing but a coward! A coward!" Zoisite gasped, staggering back he looked to Kunzite for help. The older man could not meet his gaze, instead settling his cool blue stare upon the two before them. Hotaru's body was still under going its metamorphosis. Professor Tomoe drew back, uttering a shocked cry for his daughter.

Slowly she stood, her violet eyes remaining closed as her transformation began; a transformation that Zoisite recognised all too well.

Purple ribbons wrapped themselves around her body before turning into a purple and white fuku. Black bows appeared on her chest and on her back where the skirt joined with the rest of her Sailor Senshi attire. The ribbons entwining themselves around her hands and feet became purple boots and white gloves. In her hand appeared a scythe, as she twirled around in the air before her feet once again touched the ground.

Zoisite did not know this Senshi, indeed he had never fought against one that held such power, a power of death was promised in her stance. Even as Zoisite clutched the Grail in his hands and she came towards him, he felt unworthy of being in her presence. Tomoe Hotaru, Mistress 9, none of which had been her true form.

"The Senshi of Ruin" Michiru whispered in a shocked awe, "Sailor Saturn."

With that, Zoisite's legs buckled. He fell onto the stone, the Grail slid from his fingers and landed at Sailor Saturn's feet. He could only stare at the Senshi before him.

* * *

Beryl sat upon her throne, watching in dismay through the crystal as Endymion was felled. Zoisite... he had the ginzuishou? How could that be? It had been destroyed had it not? No... Beryl knew that was no longer her forth king before her eyes but two spirits entwined as one, trapped inside the same body. They would only be free when... yes that was the key. Eternal... Sailor Moon. She posed as much a threat now as she did a year ago. Around her, Daihmon and Youma fought for control of this planet. That was no matter, the Grail was insignificant without Mistress 9's power. Pharaoh 90 would not be coming to this world. Mistress 9 had been defeated and now Mugen Academy would fall. Uttering the order to retreat, Beryl stood summoned a Youma to her right to open the portal. The Senshi of Ruin had awakened. She would have to die first, then the Outer Senshi would follow her and then nothing would stand between Beryl and her desired prize. Endymion was outgrowing his uses. He may provide some of life's pleasures but that was not enough. Beryl felt Metallia's hold around her mind growing stronger by the day, since that day when she had merged with the dark queen she had felt herself growing detached, willing herself to become a slave of Metallia's once more. This could not happen. She would not become like the Youma, like her kings, like Endymion... A sick smile twisted her lips. She would show them all just how great her power was. She could do anything, have anything... anyone. Endymion was of no consequence. He was a servant and nothing more. Beryl had the world on its knees and soon Metallia too.

"Go" she whispered to the darkness that she commanded, "Retrieve Endymion" even the most useless of pawns had its place.

The darkness writhed, licking at her feet and then flooded away through the portal. Eternal... it would be interesting to see how well they did without her help.

The End of Chapter 13 - Goto Chapter 14

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