The Four Points

Chapter Eighteen: Hope for the Future and the World! A tragic Final Confrontation

© 2006 by Shari

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Sailor Uranus kept one arm wrapped around her partner's waist as the sun, spoilt by darkness, rose in the sky. The Youma armies were fast approaching, behind her terrified humans practiced their skills between themselves as they nervously awaited the end.

"Do you think they will succeed?" she asked of her lover, suddenly feeling vulnerable and needed to seek this reassurance.

Neptune smiled and reached up to caress Uranus's cheek, "Do you believe they can?"

"They are strong," she admitted, "Their ties run deeper than even they suspect. Queen Serenity once told me that the Earth guardians were invincible when fighting together."

"Had Beryl realised this, then the Earth would have been lost years ago," Uranus said darkly.

Neptune nodded, "Will they succeed? I have no answer to that, my love. All we can do is keep on fighting for our world and pray for a new reincarnation into a time of peace."

"Peace" Uranus laughed softly, "Do we even know the meaning of the word?"

Neptune echoed her lover's laughter and reached up to press her lips to Uranus's own. "I know I am at peace whenever I am with you" she breathed as the gap between them closed. As they entwined around each other, their Sailor fukus fell away to reveal what they truly were. Friends, lovers, soldiers and above all they were humans. Neptune pulled away to gain her breath and their transformation reverted itself. She was again the Sailor Senshi of the Oceans, Sailor Neptune.

Smiling she turned to face the last survivors of humanity. It would be a tough battle, but with her love at her side, Neptune knew that anything was possible.

The Youma had now reached the gates. They poured up the path like a black tide of death. A few humans tried to balk and were cut down by the approaching army, but most stood firm and proud to defend their world.

As the Youma broke down the door, a shape appeared between the Senshi. Neptune met Pluto's gaze as the Senshi spoke:

"I shall fight with you."

Together the Outer Senshi braced themselves for the battle, for what they knew to be the final confrontation.

* * *

Kunzite was well aware that the other kings had to break into a jog to keep up this fast pace as he searched the tunnels for the source of the screams. It sounded like Beryl, but if it was so then what had caused the dark queen to scream in such a fashion? At every turn, the screams grew fainter. Where in hell were they coming from? Kunzite cursed and turned again, almost knocking in to Jadeite as the blond turned the corner.

"Kunzite" Nephrite snapped as a new set of wails echoed off the walls, "We can't keep this up. We all tire!"

"Then rest" Kunzite snapped, "I will go on alone."

"We should stick together" Nephrite retorted, "Together we have more of a chance."

"Then keep with me!" Kunzite practically shouted these words, "Just do not hinder my progress."

Never before had he felt so infuriated with his fellow kings. Couldn't they understand that whatever made Beryl scream probably had Zoisite too? They could not afford to slow the pace!

"Kunzite!" Jadeite seized his arm and jerked the king to a standstill, "We are just becoming lost in here! We have to focus on where the noise is coming from, not its echo!"

Kunzite snarled and jerked his arm free, blue energies crackling to life in his palm, "I said do not hinder me, Jadeite."

To his shock, the blond refused to back down, "Look at you! You are letting your emotions cloud your judgement! We don't need another hotheaded king like Zoi-chan! We need you, Kunzite-sama. We need your leadership."

He was right, Kunzite realised. As he admitted fault he felt the emotion becoming forced down below the surface once more. Taking a ragged breath, he did as Jadeite suggested and focused on the screams. Ignoring the echo, Kunzite concentrated on the source of the cry. He gasped as his eyes snapped open and staggered back into Nephrite.

"What? What is it?" the auburn haired man demanded.

"The screams..." Kunzite whispered, his mind and body turning numb with this revelation, "They are coming from my home."

"Are you sure?" Jadeite added doubtfully, "Why would Beryl be there?"

"Zoisaito..." Kunzite replied and when he was met by blank stares he added, "He would return to the only place in the kingdom that ever brought him comfort, my home... our home."

Without waiting from replies to this, Kunzite invoked a teleport, taking hold of himself and the rest of their small party. It did not matter if Beryl sensed them or not, he reasoned. From the sound of it she already had enough to deal with.

Kunzite felt sick when they reappeared on the top floor of his castle, but ignoring the urge to double over, he broke into a run as the wails grew nearer and then stopped completely. Kunzite froze, as did his companions. Then, breaking the silence was a scream. A scream that Kunzite recalled from his nightmares. He had lost count of the number of times that scream would reply itself over and over in his mind. Zoisite...

"Zoi-chan" Jadeite cried, even as Kunzite forced his way into his bedroom. His eyes wandered from Beryl's burned and bleeding form to Endymion lying helpless on the ground and then to the demon standing before him, her form burning and smoking in many places.

"The Great Ruler" Nephrite balked at the sight of her. Kunzite barely saw the demon; his gaze had rested upon one figure alone. Zoisite... the Queen's hand was embedded in his chest as pinkish energies flowed from his body and up her arm, causing the demon to moan in pleasure as these were absorbed into her shade. There was no blood on his chest; Kunzite would not have expected any. Metallia did not have a physical form, but she could still kill. He had watched Zoisite die before... he couldn't watch this again.

"Zoisite!" Jadeite raced forward, yellow energies forming in his palm as he struck the demon. Metallia simply laughed as his attack bounced off of her, striking the blond in the chest and knocking him to the ground.

Gasping, Jadeite climbed to his feet and gave Nephrite a look. The auburn haired king nodded and they launched twin energy attacks straight at the Queen. Again, Metallia simply knocked them back.

"Kunzite" Jadeite said, his hand reaching out to the white haired king, "If we attack her all together..."

The Ice King nodded, but before they could react Metallia roared and struck out with her powers once more.

Kunzite gasped in a mixture of pain and shock as the magics struck him squarely in the chest. Nephrite and Jadeite, too, were felled. The older man smashed in to the wall and dropped to the floor, blood pouring from his forehead as he struck the floor. A sidelong glance at Nephrite confirmed that the second king was either unconscious or dead, blood dribbled from the corners of his mouth and pooled beneath him. Jadeite was still conscious, as he had been shielded slightly by Nephrite's body. He lay against the wall in a daze, his eyes slowly becoming more focused as the seconds ticked by.

Ignoring the blond, Kunzite held out a palm, willing his powers forth once more. A blue spark flickered in his hand and then died. There was nothing left...

Metallia sensed their defeat and turned her attentions back to the youngest king. Zoisite moaned and slumped forward, his eyes drifting closed. Kunzite despaired, tears leaking from the corners of his eyes as he realised that there was nothing they could do... it was over...

* * *

"World shaking!" Uranus felt her powers dwindling, even as she launched yet another attack on the ever approaching tide of Youma. Around her people fell, screams of the dead and dying echoed the hallways. Beside her, Neptune struggled to keep the Youma at bay and Saturn fought were her Silent Wall attack, struggling to withhold the barrier protecting them. Sailor Pluto, too, was losing strength and with that strength ebbed away hope.

Uranus knew a hopeless battle when confronted with one and even the slim hope that the kings would somehow get to Zoisite did nothing to comfort her. Was this truly the way the world would end? Had Eternal's death been for nothing?

"We mustn't give up" Neptune whispered, sensing her lover's despair, "There is hope yet for this world."

Uranus nodded and ceased her attack long enough to plant a kiss on Neptune's lips, "As long as I have you, there is hope."

They broke apart as the Silent Wall shattered. Saturn fell back as the Youma lunged forwards, sensing victory. The human survivors now realised the hopelessness of the situation and began to panic.

They ran, throwing down their weapons and racing through the open doors, ignoring all calls from the Senshi to remain inside.

"Cowards!" Uranus screamed, turning towards them, "Will you not fight for your own planet?"

As she turned a rogue Youma broke off from the main group spreading inside the mansion. It growled in triumph, seeing the Senshi's unguarded back.

Sailor Saturn cried out a warning... too late... the Youma struck, but not the intended target.

"Michiru!" Uranus screamed as the green haired Senshi stepped between her lover and the Youma. Its claws tore in to her chest, piercing her heart. She fell and Haruka's world shattered. Her hope... her love... her world... gone just like that... it couldn't happen... it just couldn't... She screamed and renewed her attack even as Sailor Saturn fell. The girl slumped to the ground, blood welling up through her sailor fuku just over her stomach. Her scythe fell from her hand and she uttered one mournful word:


Pain blinded Uranus's vision and senses and she ignored Pluto's callings for her to stop as he threw herself in among the Youma, tearing at them with everything she had, even her bare hands. Youma screamed and started to retreat from the wrath of the Senshi, but Haruka could no longer hear the battle.

As long as I have you, there is hope

There was no hope now. That hope had died with Michiru. All Haruka could hope for now was to take as many of them with her...

* * *

Naru cowered in the star room, pressing her body back against the far wall as she listened to the fighting all around her. She gripped a sword in her left hand; her right was clenched over the wound in her thigh. A Youma had rushed her early on in the battle. If it hadn't been for Umino... Naru felt tears threatening to build up again. Her friend had tried so hard to defend her and he... she shuddered, suddenly wanting Nephrite to hold her in his arms and tell her that everything was going to be all right. Yet Naru knew that it would not happen, Nephrite was dead. As this thought was processed a sharp pain raced down her wound. Naru bit her lip to stop herself from crying out. Even her physical pain could not ease the agony in her soul. Was this truly how the world would end?

Sailor Pluto had left her here, after Umino died. Surely this couldn't be the end? Naru could picture Usagi in her mind's eyes. Usagi had been the champion of love and justice, Sailor Moon. Usagi would never have given in. Despite her clumsiness and almost rampant stupidity, Usagi had been the best friend in the world to Naru. She had always been there for her; she and Umino were both there when Nephrite died. Usagi had tried so hard to cheer her up.

Naru's sorrow deepened as she recalled their day out and they had ended up in the churchyard. She remembered the moment that Sailor Moon appeared to defend her and the vicar against Zoisite and the Dark Kingdom.

Sailor Moon had been a part of Usagi, a part that Naru had never been permitted to see. Of course, Usagi was still Usagi deep down. She whined and cried when the Youma bested her, her eyes misted over when the caped hero, Tuxedo Kamen, rescued her from Boxsy's punch. Sailor Moon and Usagi were one in the same person and yet at the same time so very different. Sailor Moon brought out the good inside her friend.

Naru, when she found out the truth, asked herself why Usagi had not thought to entrust her with the knowledge that she was Sailor Moon. Perhaps if she had then Naru would have kept away from the dashing millionaire Sanjouin Masato and her heart would not have been broken. Again, this was not true. Naru, had she known that this would happen, would have not done a thing differently. She loved Nephrite with all her heart and soul and willed for there to be a day when they could be reunited.

As it was she, all she could do was sit and wait for the end of the world, all the while praying for his safety.

* * *

Zoisite moaned and fell forwards as Metallia's hold upon his chest tightened. He dimly saw Kunzite felled, along with Jadeite and Nephrite and felt some sorrow when his former enemy failed to get up. Again Zoisite had taken Nephrite's life, though this time unintentionally.

He could barely breathe as the demon drained him, he could feel what little magical energy he had left being drawn from his body and into the Queen of the Dark Kingdom. Metallia would grow stronger with his powers, there was nothing to stop this and Zoisite despaired. He had no will left. It had died the moment his lover fell.

For a second he had thought there was a chance. When Kunzite-sama appeared with Jadeite and Nephrite, Zoisite, for a moment, thought that they could actually win. This hope was cut short when Metallia knocked them down. Nothing could withstand again her. She laughed at his resignation, but Zoisite could no longer hear her. His vision was slowly draining, his heart fluttered weakly in his chest. He could feel his breathing slowing down.

Then he felt it, a slight release from the pain. Zoisite forced himself to look up and nearly cried out loud. Kunzite-sama had got up and was walking slowly towards them. Zoisite had never seen such determination upon his lover's face, not in all their time together. His heart caught in his throat when Metallia struck, her magics slamming in to Kunzite's chest and throwing him to the ground. Kunzite got up! He staggered to his feet and once again started to walk towards them. Blood ran small rivers through his hair and down his cheeks to collect on his white uniform and Zoisite found the strength to cry out when Metallia knocked him back again.

"Kunzite-sama! Stay back! You can't defeat her..." this last bit came out as a choked sob. There had been a time when Zoisite had thought there was nothing that Kunzite couldn't do.

"Kunzite-sama! Let me help you... I think... I think my powers are strong enough to win..."

"No! Just run. It's you she wants!"

Kunzite did not heed his lover's words and drew his sword as he reached them. It sliced into the demon, but had little effect other than to enrage her further.

"Foolish mortal!" Metallia hissed, bringing another hand up from her shade and seizing the weapon, prizing it from Kunzite's grasp and snapping it in two before a whisper of darkness snaked out from the evil being and wrapped around Kunzite's throat. The first king gagged and fell to the floor as her grip tightened. As she did this, Zoisite caught movement to his right. Jadeite, too, lunged at her. Metallia whipped around and a hand slammed into the blond king. Jadeite screamed as he was lifted off of the floor and thrown back to join Nephrite. He did not get back up.

"Kunzite-sama" Zoisite whimpered as the older man fell, the darkness still throttling him. He suddenly felt stronger and realised that in her haste to attack the other kings, Metallia had ceased her draining of his energy. Weakly, he raised his hands once more, feeling a trickle of power in his palms. Zoisite closed his eyes concentrating on the silence that had seemingly befallen them. He felt the magics welling up and when he finally opened his eyes once more, a ball of pink light hovered between his palms.

Zoisite cast this out with all his strength. The light washed over his fellow kings and burned Metallia's hand away, forcing her to release Kunzite, but Zoisite's attentions were elsewhere. He saw everything that his power touched. It washed over the Dark Kingdom, cleansing all the Youma that dwelt within. Ignoring the burning pain in his chest, Zoisite cast it out further, willing it to encompass the planet. Light poured out from Tokyo, healing all in its path. Metallia screamed in fury and once more surged her dark powers into the little king. Zoisite smiled, despite the pain. It was as he suspected. He rested his palms atop the shade and focused his powers there. Metallia exploded in a heat of pink light, her screams deafening the youngest king. He fell back as she released him, but at the same moment he felt a part of him be torn away. Zoisite's body hit the floor and darkness overtook him.

* * *

"Kunzite-sama! Kunzite-sama!" the first king looked up from his studies as his younger lover burst into the bedroom, a huge smile upon his face. Triumphantly he placed the first nijizuishou down upon Kunzite's open textbook.

"Look, Kunzite-sama" Zoisite stated proudly, "I did it! I managed to obtain the first of the nijizuishou. Those silly Sailor Senshi didn't have a chance. They are so clueless; I don't know why Nephrite insisted on blaming them for his failures. Prancing around in their sailor fukus" Zoisite snorted in contempt, "They really are a joke."

"Only a fool would under estimate his opponents" Kunzite replied, brushing the crystal off of his book and almost onto the floor had Zoisite not dived forwards and caught it.

"But..." Kunzite saw enough to know that Zoisite's lower lip had already curved into a pout before turning his attentions back to the dusty text.

"Aren't you going to congratulate me?" Zoisite asked next in a hurt tone of voice.

"When you have obtain all seven nijizuishou and the ginzuishou is in our hands, I will congratulate you," he answered.

Zoisite made a small noise in the back of his throat and turned away, stalking from the bedroom and slamming the door behind him. The crash echoed around the kingdom and Kunzite sighed. Perhaps he was being a little harsh. After Nephrite and Jadeite, the pressure was on Zoisite to turn the war with Earth in the Dark Kingdom's favour and retrieving the first nijizuishou was definitely a turning point in the battle. Kunzite did not doubt Zoisite's abilities; he doubted his temper. Even Queen Beryl had warned Kunzite that he'd better keep a closer eye on the forth king after he killed Nephrite. That had not been to Beryl's liking at all, as she had thought she still had a use for the deceased second king.

If the truth were known, Kunzite was simply trying to protect his lover from harm. Zoisite could not afford to grow complacent with that one victory. Still that did not stop Kunzite from getting up and following his lover from the room.

The castle like dwelling had been Kunzite's home for as long as he remembered and he supposed that he had always resided within its walls. Zoisite had always been his student, since the days of the Silver Millennium offensive. He had been his lover for nearly as long and by now Kunzite should have been used to the temper tantrums and sensitivity of the man. He was not and often his cold words were taken in completely the wrong way, such was now.

Kunzite found Zoisite in his own room. Whilst they did share the master bedroom, Kunzite had decreed that sometimes it would be good for them to spend a little time apart. This decision was partly to Zoisite's tendencies to become over doting and thus their relationship become claustrophobic for the first king. Zoisite seldom used his own room, but would do anything that Kunzite requested of him.

The Ice King pushed open the bedroom door and his gaze rested on the figure huddled up on the windowsill. The window was larger than most in his castle and over looked Nephrite's manse, though the auburn haired man had rarely used it, opting for his Tokyo mansion rather than the dreary Dark Kingdom setting.

When Zoisite saw Kunzite standing in the doorway, he furiously wiped away remaining tears from his eyes and stood, struggling to hold in the tiny tremors that shook his body. The nijizuishou lay atop the small desk beside the bed, forgotten in Zoisite's upset. Kunzite crossed the room and took the tiny crystal in one hand, gazing at it thoughtfully before setting it down once more and turning to Zoisite.

"You are right, Kunzite-sama" Zoisite started as Kunzite walked towards him, "I shouldn't get so carried away after one success... I am sorry, Kunzaito-sama."

Kunzite did not respond straight away. He pulled Zoisite into his arms. Zoisite returned the embrace silently, his arms curving around the older man's back as he buried his face into the folds of Kunzite's jacket.

"You did very well today" Kunzite murmured into his ear, "I can see that I have taught you well."

Zoisite nodded, knowing as well as Kunzite did, that this was as close to an apology as he would ever get and he accepted it readily. They stood together for a few minutes, neither speaking until Zoisite broke the silence by turning his head slightly to press a tentative kiss to the exposed skin of Kunzite's chest. The older king gasped slightly as this delicate touch and felt Zoisite's lips curve up into a smile as he continued his ministrations.

For once, Kunzite was content to be on the receiving end of his partner's attentions and allowed Zoisite to unbutton his jacket completely and stepped back slightly as Zoisite pushed the material away.

"Kunzite-sama" Zoisite breathed softly as a slender finger traced the muscles of Kunzite's chest.

Taking control once more, Kunzite took hold of his lover and pressed a hungry kiss to his lips. Zoisite returned this embrace with equal passion and did not object when Kunzite used his superior weight to propel them both back onto the bed...

Afterwards, Kunzite lay quietly, Zoisite curled up beside him, his head partly resting on the older man's chest. They rarely spoke in the moments afterwards and Zoisite broke the tradition now.

"Kunzite-sama" he began pensively, "Do you think I can complete my mission?"

"Of course" Kunzite responded, "I have every faith in your abilities."


Kunzite did not reply but the smile that he gave the younger man said more than words ever could.

Zoisite nodded and snuggled closer to his partner, "So you think I can complete my mission, then?"

"Of course. It is all a matter of discipline. You can do anything if you are disciplined enough, Zoisaito."

Zoisite nodded again and said nothing more, seeming satisfied with his answer. Kunzite affectionately pressed a kiss to his lover's brow and allowed sleep to take him as it always did after a satisfying night.

He had lied. Zoisite did not have the discipline and a few weeks later Kunzite would witness the death of the man he loved...

* * *

Hotaru fell, she dimly heard Haruka's scream as the same Youma also felled Michiru. The Senshi of Ruin trembled as she felt her blood soaking her sailor fuku and pooling beneath her. It had happened as she had predicted it would. The tide of Youma was never ending and only Sailor Pluto kept them from finishing off the helpless Senshi.

Bitter tears stung at Hotaru's eyes. She did not want to die... she did not want to use the Silent Glaive... Yet there was no choice for her now. Shaking, Hotaru clasped her staff in a bloody hand and willed the last of her powers to flow into the weapon.

Then it happened. As Hotaru raised her weapon up high the fighting ceased. The Youma stood still and even Uranus halted her vengeance. The youngest Senshi trembled found herself staring towards the double doors of the mansion. Even Naru had managed to lip from the next room to stand beside Hotaru and stare across the horizon. The doors flew open, smashing back onto the walls and then crashing down off of their hinges by the force of the power. Yes, it was power that flowed forth. Hotaru recognised the pinkish light.

"Eternal..." Haruka whispered, but even this light could not erase the tears that marred her eyes. "She has awoken..."

"Zoi-chan" Hotaru's staff fell from her grasp once more as the powers started to take form before her very eyes. Four shapes rose up from the light, forming pinkish silhouettes in the doorway of the manse. Hotaru had to shield her eyes with a hand as the light pulsed out once, very bright, before moving to engulf the body of Sailor Neptune and all who had fallen. As it touched the Senshi of the Ocean, she gave a small gasp and opened her eyes; her wound healed. Uranus cried out and raced to her side, tears falling freely now as they embraced.

"Umino!" Naru cried out as the dead boy rose, looking about in some confusion and then Naru had him in a hug, she too was crying in relief.

The first of the shapes stepped forward and Hotaru gasped, as the figures became known.

"Venus! Mars! Mercury! Jupiter!"

Then the light took her and as it did so, Hotaru made a wish upon the powers of Eternal before darkness overtook her once more...

The End of Chapter 18 - Goto Chapter 19

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