For the Love of Zoi

Part One

© 2003 by Shari

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A/N: This ficcie came to life late last week whilst I was staring at a blank screen waiting for the inspiration to continue with my other works. I was thinking about all the other weird Dark Kingdom pairings I have seen on the net. Basically the plot is what would happen if Neflite decided that he has a crush on Zoycite and comes up with many foolproof (?) plans to win her over. I don't actually believe in the Zoycite/Neflite pairing myself I just thought it would make a good fic so *shrugs* well read it and see for yourself. Maddie: thanx for the support and encouragement to actually post this ficcie *hugs*! In case anyone hasn't worked it out by now this is based on the dub Sailor Moon.

For the Love of Zoi - Part One

© 2003 by Shari

The silence of the mansion was broken one evening by the sound of a door slamming open, the wooden frame rattling dangerously as it threatened to give way under the strain of being thrown open so roughly. The man who had done this paid little heed (why would he since he could just conjure up a new front door?) to the quaking wood and slammed it shut again just as roughly before heading upstairs to his bedroom. No sooner was he there did he kick off his black boots and seat himself on the edge of the bed. God today had been one big screw up. And it had started out so great too.

The stars had shown him his next victim; some stupid teacher from Crossroads Junior High who was wasting precious energy on her wedding. It was all going perfectly when those stupid Sailor brats showed up like they always did and dusted his Youma, Black Widow, before she could collect all of the energy. And then Beryl had screamed at him. Neflite sighed and massaged his temples, a frown on his face. He had one huge headache, he was tired from using the star chart and on the way back to the mansion he had been mobbed by a crowd of high school girls that were in love with his Earth identity Maxfield Stanton. Some had even gone as far as to throw their knickers at him. Neflite sighed; it had not been a good day at all.

He sat on the edge of the bed for a minute lost in his own thoughts. Then his stomach growled reminding Neflite that he had not eaten for the last 24 hours. The second general didn't really fancy conjuring up something as it took energy he hadn't got and he grimaced at the thought of cooking himself. In the end he located the phone and called for a pizza. Due to a delivery boy strike it wouldn't be here for another ten minutes he was informed. Neflite fought the urge to scream; today was not his day at all.

"God I need a woman" Neflite muttered to himself. It would be nice to come home at the end of the day and there would be a meal on the table ready for him and then there was sex. He hadn't done it for so long he wondered if he even remembered how. It wasn't that he wasn't attractive enough, hell the mob from earlier contradicted that but there was a shortage of women worthy to share his bed. On Earth mostly school girls were in love with his alias and due to Earth society he would be branded a paedophile if he tried to strike up a relationship a mere girl and being Beryl's main commander meant that he didn't have time to go to a bar and meet women his own age.

Neflite looked at his clock. Hmmm still about 8 minutes to go before the pizza arrived...

Then there were the inhabitants of the Negaverse. Female Youma were abundant but Neflite didn't even know if it was possible to have a physical relationship with one and wasn't about to try it. There was Beryl... but no she only had eyes for her beloved Tuxedo Mask and Neflite wasn't going to lower himself to becoming Beryl's official toy boy. So by a process of careful elimination that left only one person...

"So you failed again" as if being called the person at the forefront of his mind appeared in a whirl of cherry blossoms "Its funny... you claim your stars know everything but they sure didn't see this one coming"

Neflite gritted his teeth. He was not going to lower himself to trade blows with Zoycite this time, especially as he took a closer look at his personal enemy and for the first time noticed how beautiful she was. Neflite pondered on why he had never realised this before. Her long coppery hair always deliberately disarrayed in a messy ponytail with two stray wisps framing her delicate features and emerald green eyes. Neflite wondered what she would look like with her hair down and what it would feel like to run a hand through the mass of coppery curls. He ripped his gaze from that pretty face and down to look at the rest of her body which was clad in the usual Negaverse General attire. Neflite supposed that only Malachite knew what she looked like under the uniform. Malachite... if he knew that Neflite had even looked at Zoycite in that way the first general would come round and give Neflite a home castration.

"What are you looking at? Is there something wrong with my face?" Zoycite demanded drawing Neflite from his somewhat lustful thoughts.

"No" Neflite snapped.

"Then stop staring at me like a hungry goldfish" she hissed dangerously.

Neflite smiled slightly and tried to imagine Zoycite in an apron cooking him meals. Nah he just couldn't see that somehow so why did Malachite keep her around? Perhaps she had other redeeming qualities? She was probably a bitch in the sack. Neflite smirked to himself and made a decision. He could try to hit on her anyway. Even a one night stand would be better than no sex at all and to hell with the fact that she probably couldn't cook... the pizza would be here soon anyway.

"Negaverse to Neflite?" Zoycite was looking at him like he had three heads now "If you're going to ignore me then I'll just go," she pouted.

Neflite smiled, a real smile mind you not the usual near grimace he usually pulled when speaking with the youngest member of the Negaverse.

"I was just blown away by your outstanding beauty," he said. That should earn him a few points after all Malachite used the same tactics and they always worked like a charm.

"Don't make fun of me!" Zoycite snapped and the air filled with cherry blossoms. Neflite frowned, god he was almost too tired for this, but if he didn't do something then she would leave.

"I just ordered a pizza" he said quickly, "If you're not doing anything we could share it"

Zoycite's eyes widened at this gesture and she momentarily forgot to keep her levitation spell going and ended up landing of the floor with a loud thud. Neflite, being a gentleman, extended his hand to help her up and Zoycite being anything but a lady slapped his hand away and sprang to her feet, fists clenched at her sides.

"Look what you made me do," she complained rubbing her back and wincing in pain, still she made no further attempts to leave.

"Then think of it as my way of making it up to you" Neflite started but the doorbell went. Cursing the delivery boy's timing Neflite teleported downstairs to collect the pizza and a few bottles of wine. If all else failed he could just get her drunk.

In actual fact Neflite expected to find that Zoycite had left when he came back upstairs. He was mildly surprised to find her standing in front of his full-length mirror admiring herself whilst trying out a number of decorative poses.

"So you've decided to stay," Neflite acknowledged her presence.

"Queen Beryl got word that the Silver Crystal might be located in North America so she sent Malachite there to check it out" Zoycite replied unhappily "I didn't fancy eating alone and even your company has to be better than none"

"Thanks" Neflite raised an eyebrow "It's nice to know I am step up from eating alone" still this worked out to his advantage. He would get the coppery haired object of his desires to himself without fear of her stronger, overprotective lover beating the crap out of him.

Whilst had been lost in his own thoughts Zoycite had crossed the room and taken a slice of pizza from the box and had seated herself on the bed, nibbling delicately at it whilst keeping her eyes trained on him.

"What is with you tonight?" Zoycite asked at length "You haven't snapped at me once"

Neflite shrugged and answered more or less truthfully "I don't have the energy for a confrontation".

"Well I'm not going to snipe at you" Zoycite smirked, "Its no fun when you don't retaliate"

Neflite took a seat beside her and took a slice of pizza. He mentally winced at the crumbs on his bed and was about to suggest that they go downstairs when another thought occurred to him. How would he get Zoycite back up here later? Sighing and finishing off his slice of pizza Neflite decided to show her how manly he was and he took off his jacket, tossing it carelessly to the floor. Now dressed only in his trousers and purple under shirt, his rippling muscles clearly visible through the thin fabric he leaned back against the pillows and opened a bottle of wine before conjuring two glasses. He handed a glass to the woman general.

She shook her head "I don't drink" and then added acidly "I'm not a drunk like you"

"Suit yourself" Neflite said and then under his breath "Chicken"

This had the desired effect. She snatched the glass and downed the wine with a single gulp.

"Happy now?"

Neflite grinned and took a swing from the bottle. "I will be" he replied.

* * *

It had been an hour now and all the pizza had long since been eaten. Neflite was now more than slightly drunk and from what he could recall Zoycite had, had at least three glasses of wine. Neflite was still leaning back on the pillows and Zoycite was perched on the end of the bed staring at him with an unreadable expression on her face. Neflite decided that now was a good a time as any to make his move.

"Zoycite" he called loudly through she was not even a bed length away.


"Will you have sex with me?" damn he wasn't supposed to say it like that! This cursed drink had gone to his head more than he thought. In an attempt to right the situation Neflite jumped up from his position on the bed and grabbed hold of the startled woman, pressing his lips against hers...

"Ow!" he pulled away when she bit his lip and then winced as she drew her hand back and slapped him in the face. The force of the blow knocked Neflite off the bed and onto the floor with a resounding thud.

Neflite lay sprawled across the carpet looking up at her through glazed eyes as she jumped off of the bed.

"Is that a no?" he called as she teleported away.

"Damn" Neflite swore angrily before losing consciousness.

* * *

Malachite was tired... it turned out the trip to North America and the rumours that the Silver Crystal were there had been false. It had taken a great deal of energy to open a portal there and back and not to mention that Queen Beryl decided that because the crystal was not there that it was Malachite's fault and he had to stand in her throne room listening to her screaming at him for half an hour. Still... Malachite smiled to himself. At least he had Zoycite waiting for him back in their castle.

He teleported into their room expecting to find his coppery haired beauty tucked up in bed asleep. Malachite frowned when he heard the sound of the bathroom tap running. It was way passed midnight.

"Zoycite?" he called. She didn't seem to hear him and when Malachite pushed open the bathroom door he found her leant over the sink washing her mouth out with half a bottle of peppermint mouthwash.

"Zoycite what are you doing?" Malachite asked.

At the sound of his voice Zoycite dropped the bottle and threw her arms around him "Oh Malachite it was horrible... I went to Neflite's mansion to laugh at his latest failure and he asked me to stay for dinner"

Malachite raised an eyebrow. Neflite and Zoycite having dinner together? He just couldn't picture that somehow.

"And then he asked me to have sex with him!" Zoycite wept, "He kissed me and stuck his tongue down my throat. I've used at least ten bottles of this stuff" she indicated the mouthwash "And I still can't get rid of the taste"

Inside Malachite was churning with anger and his grip on Zoycite's slender back tightened. The male instinct inside of him was urging him to go and make Neflite pay for touching Zoycite but he wasn't named the Ice King for nothing. Keeping his voice calm Malachite answered:

"Was this before or after Neflite indulged in a little drink?"

"After" was the muffled reply as Zoycite buried her face in Malachite's chest.

"Well then" Malachite said gently caressing her coppery curls with one hand "There is your answer"

"What?" Zoycite pulled away, fury etched on her face "Are you implying that a man has to be drunk before wanting to sleep with me?"

Malachite sighed; he should have known Zoycite would take offence so easily. Luckily this situation was easily rectified. He conjured a pink rose and handed it to the fuming woman.

"Of course not Zoycite. I was merely trying to make you feel better about what happened. After all it must have been a very traumatic experience for you" he lowered his mouth so it was inches from Zoycite's own "Now how about I try to help rid you of the taste?"

The anger faded from those emerald eyes "I would be honoured Lord Malachite" Zoycite whispered and leaned against him as Malachite closed the gap between their lips.

* * *

Neflite woke up with one hell of a hangover. His head hurt, his back hurt from lying on the stone floor and he had this horrible taste of vomit in his mouth from spending half of the morning bent over the toilet. God what a night he mused to himself whilst examining the purple bruise on his cheek where Zoycite had slapped him. Neflite desperately wanted to crawl back into bed and sleep this off but Queen Beryl would want a report of his progress on Earth and Neflite was sure when she found out that he had not made much progress and had no energy for her a hangover would be the least of his worries. And then there was Zoycite. Neflite sighed. He had made a complete ass of himself and would probably never live it down. The best thing (and being it the sensible thing if Malachite ever found out about this) would be to stay well clear of Zoycite and put any thoughts of sleeping with her out of his head but two things stopped Neflite from doing so. One was his primitive male urges that were still screaming at him that he hadn't had sex in a year and then there was his bruised pride. No woman had ever rejected Neflite before. True he hadn't been the womaniser that Jedite had been but when Neflite asked a woman to sleep with him the usual response was not to slap his face off. This would just not do Neflite told himself. He was going to sleep with Zoycite if it was the last thing he did. Now all he had to do was think up a plan to win her over. Neflite smiled to himself. He would go round to the castle right now and declare his love for her! Girls loved it when men did stuff like that... well Earth girls at least so it stood to reason that this course of action would work with Zoycite or even better he could...

* * *

The next morning Malachite was woken by the sound of someone strangling cats outside their bedroom window... or at least that was what it sounded like whereas in actual fact it was someone singing the Japanese Sailor Moon theme tune - very badly.

Getting up Malachite put on his uniform and cape before opening the window. He raised an eyebrow when he saw Neflite standing under the balcony with a bunch of red roses.

"Zoycite!" Malachite called irritably "It's for you!"

"Ugh what is that awful sound?" she groaned also forcing herself from the warmth of the bed and putting on her uniform before walking over to the window. As soon as Neflite saw her he began to sing louder.

"Gomen ne sunao janakute

Yume no naka nara ieru

Shikou kairo wa shooto sunzen

Ima sugu aitai yo

Nakitaku naru you na moonlight

Denwa mo dekinai midnight

Datte junjou doushiyou

Haato wa mangekyou"

"What the hell are you doing?" Zoycite demanded when she saw who it was.

"I meant what I said last night!" Neflite paused his singing and hollered up to her "I want to have sex with you so how about it?"

On hearing this Malachite placed an arm protectively around Zoycite's shoulders.

"I would rather Sailor Moon dusted me with her tiara!" Zoycite shouted back, "Just go away Neflite"

She slammed the window shut just as Neflite launched into verse two and yelled back "I'm not going to give up that easily!"

Then... "Moichido futari de weekend

Kamisama kanaete happy-end

Genzai kako mirai mo

Anata ni kubittake"

* * *

An hour later Neflite gave up the idea of winning Zoycite over by serenading her with song (and the fact that Queen Beryl had summoned him to the throne room and if he ignored her then she would probably put him in eternal sleep thus he would never achieve his goal). The Queen wanted to know when he was going to seek out the next person whose energy was reaching its lifetime high. Neflite was tempted to lie to her but it turned out that Beryl was especially cranky this morning on the account of the dreadful singing coming from Malachite and Zoycite's castle had woken her up.

Neflite was only too glad that she didn't demand to know who had disturbed her royal sleep.

Unfortunately it meant that he would have to go to Earth and gather some energy or Beryl would get even madder with him. Neflite teleported back to his mansion and used the stars to search out his next victim. The stars showed him a junior high school boy called Peter Fisher who had just won some photography contest. It would be easy enough to have a Youma possess the boy's camera Neflite decided. Now that he had a plan to gather energy worked out he could concentrate more on his personal goal. So what if Zoycite didn't want to sleep with him now. All Neflite had to do was show her exactly how much more manly he was than her current lover.

* * *

Malachite watched in amusement as his lover paced up and down the room chewing on her fingernails, a frown fixed on her face.

"Well aren't you going to say anything?" she demanded at last.

"About what?" Malachite asked feigning innocence.

"Did you hear what he said me?" Zoycite shouted, pausing to glare angrily at her lover "He still wants to have sex with me... god this is horrible! I would rather we went back to fighting and now he's lusting after me too" she slumped down on the bed "And he won't give up until he gets what he wants. Maybe I should go and get it over with"

"No" Malachite snapped. "I will kill Neflite before I allow you to sleep with him"

"Well I'm glad I finally got your attention" Zoycite sniffed, "So what am I going to do about him?"

Malachite sat down beside her "Ignore him" he said whilst brushing a few stray wisps of hair back from her eyes

"Neflite will get bored of this game and perhaps it is simply another way to get at you"

"I hope you're right" Zoycite leaned against Malachite and smiled when she felt his arms around her.

"Do not worry Zoycite" Malachite replied "Neflite will tire of this in the next day or so"

Later that day Malachite was taking late morning shower whilst Zoycite used some old photographs of Neflite (taken at last years annual Negaverse Christmas Party) for target practice. She told Malachite that she wanted to be able to defend herself if Neflite tried anything with her again despite her lover's assurances that she was perfectly capable of defending herself already and that he would protect her if the need arose.

Malachite had just come out of the shower, wearing nothing except a white bathrobe when he heard a scream from downstairs.

* * *

Neflite paused outside the castle and once more looked at the two photographs before sliding them under the door. It had taken him all morning to get those done. After his Youma had possessed Peter Fisher's camera Neflite realised that he could kill two birds with one stone and collect the energy and win Zoycite over at the same time. He hoped his pains had paid off. Even with the Youma possessing the camera it had cost Neflite quite a lot of money to persuade Peter Fisher to do an all morning photo shoot with him. The photographs he had just slipped under the castle door were the best of them all and (in Neflite's opinion) showed Zoycite exactly what she was missing out on. Neflite waited with baited breath when he heard movement the other side of the door. The second general nearly had a heart attack when he heard Zoycite scream. Hmmm not the reaction he was expecting. Damn she was difficult to please. Oh well time for plan b...

* * *

"My eyes!" Zoycite cried burying her face in Malachite's jacket "I've gone blind from the horror!"

Malachite pulled his coppery haired beauty closer whilst examining the offending images in disbelief. Zoycite was right about one thing; the photos were just plain disgusting. Both were of Neflite. The first one depicted him at the Tokyo gym standing with his shirt off next to the weights flexing his muscles with a cheesy grin on his face. The other was obviously taken back at his mansion home on Earth. It showed Neflite lying on his stomach on his bed, naked, his chin resting in his hands with rose petals scattered around him. After coming to his lover's aide and being shown the photographs Malachite had to race off to the toilet where he promptly retched his breakfast into the loo. After ten minutes he had managed to come back out and Zoycite had demanded that he dispose of the foulness that was Neflite. The question was how. Malachite knew that living among the humans of Earth had affected Neflite's sanity but this was just going to far. Perhaps it was time to let the second general know that Malachite did not appreciate his advances on his lover. Still there had to be a better way to pay Neflite back for this...

"Lord Malachite?" Zoycite pulled away from his embrace and looked questioningly into his blue-grey eyes as his mouth curved up in a sly smile, which was so out of character for the Ice King.

"I think I know how we can teach Neflite a lesson and prove to Queen Beryl exactly how incompetent he is at the same time"

Zoycite listened closely as Malachite explained his plan to her. "Oh Malachite you're wonderful" she sighed happily. Revenge sure was sweet...

* * *

Beryl was sitting on her throne wondering what she was going to do with the rest of her day. She had given Neflite his orders as usual plus trying to persuade him and Zoycite to work together. That had proved more than difficult. Usually Zoycite was eager to put Neflite down and had been pleading with her Queen to give her a chance ever since Beryl had disposed of that fool Jedite. Today it was the not the case at all. When Beryl suggested to Neflite that his mission might go a little better with a more feminine touch Zoycite had reacted with absolute horror whilst Neflite approved how heartedly of the idea. The younger general had told Beryl that she would rather face eternal sleep than work with Neflite. Beryl didn't really want to kill Zoycite just yet and decided to allow Neflite this one chance to work alone. If he continued to mess up then she could always kill him and appoint Zoycite and Malachite as her commanding officers. Everyone knew how well they got along after all. But what to do now? She had dismissed her court for the day and Beryl was musing over what to do next. She could trim her nails - god knew she hadn't done so since the fall of the Silver Millennium - but she liked the tapping noise they made against the arms of the throne when she was angry with someone. Only one thing for it Beryl sighed to herself and reached behind the throne for her king (queen?) sized Mars bar and portable TV. They were showing re-runs of Friends on sky. That should keep her entertained for a few hours and by that time Neflite would have managed to piss things up on Earth again and she could scream at him for an hour or so and then it would be time for lunch. With her morning fully mapped out Beryl was about to turn on the TV when the Youma Yasha appeared before her. Yasha was one of Zoycite's spies. She bowed before the red haired queen who was busy trying to adjust the aerial on the TV and shove a Mars bar in her mouth whole whilst still trying to maintain her dignity (?) before her underlings.

"What do you want?" Beryl snapped, hardly aware of the chocolate and caramel dribbling down her chin as she spoke.

Yasha did not speak and simply handed the Queen of the Negaverse a white envelope before retreating to the shadows. Intrigued Beryl opened it...

"NEFLITE!" she screamed when she saw the offending photographs. So this was what he got up to whilst

pretending to gather energy for the mighty Negaforce. Still he had been working out... Beryl drooled over the photos for a while longer before setting them down and turning her attention back to the TV set. Neflite may have a great body but Beryl's heart still belonged to Joey and Chandler.

End of Part One - Goto Part Two

How will Neflite react when he finds out that Beryl has been ogling over him? Will he ever achieve his goal? Or will Malachite kill him first? What will Molly do when she finds out about the real Maxfield Stanton? And how does the big thorn (you know the one I mean) fit into all this? Stay tuned for part two coming soon

Disclaimer: I don't own the Generals/Shitennou. They belong to Naoko Takeuchi, Toei Animation and the female Zoi belongs to DiC. I got the words for Moonlight Densetsu from a website and I don't remember which one but if you recognise the lyrics as yours then I'll give ya credit - now that's fair right? ^-^ Nor do I own Friends or anything I else I write about in this ficcie. I own nothing and believe me I know it by now.

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