For the Love of Zoi

A story of sex, lies and humiliation

Part Two

© 2003 by Shari

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Neflite paced up and down his mansion home deep in thought. What was he thinking you all wonder? Planning an attack on the Sailor Scouts? What to have for lunch? No... this was much more important. Neflite was working on his latest plan to get Zoycite to sleep with him. All three of his previous plans, trying to get her drunk, serenading Zoycite with song and sending her some sexy (?) photographs of himself, had gone down the toilet and Neflite to put it frankly was getting desperate. This was no longer a faze to pass the time or even an attempt to mend his bruised pride that Zoycite had rejected him. The simple fact was that he was feeling horny and hadn't done it since the fall of the Silver Millennium and because he was being staved of sex his plans to gather energy and destroy the Sailor Scouts were failing and if he failed then Queen Beryl would kill him. Neflite sighed to himself. Why was he lowering himself to this? This being his latest plan. Sailor Moon's biggest weakness was Tuxedo Mask and in a bid to kill her and save his hide Neflite had proposed to Beryl that he dress up as the masked hero and lure Sailor Moon out. Thus he had been up all night writing phoney Tuxedo Mask love letters and sending them to every girl at Crossroads Junior High. One of them would have to be Sailor Moon and would fall right into his trap. The letters said to come to the mall that evening so much to Neflite's dismay he had an entire day to kill. He didn't dare go back to the Negaverse in case Beryl sensed his energy pattern and demanded to know why he wasn't getting on with his plan. And plus she had been giving him funny looks and seemed to be undressing him with her eyes...god he was so horny he was starting to imagine Beryl lusting after him now.

Neflite sat back down in his armchair and flicked through a couple of mail order catalogues for a few minutes when it came to him. His gaze happened to rest on the jewellery section. From what he could recall girls loved getting jewellery. That was it! Neflite congratulated himself on his clever thinking. He could buy Zoycite some jewellery. That would win her over! The only jewellery Malachite had even bought her was some small green stud earrings and after that they had been inseparable!

Unfortunately if he ordered by catalogue the jewellery wouldn't arrive for another week and Neflite didn't think he could wait another week. Luckily there was an alternative.

"To the mall!" Neflite cried and then realised that he was alone. He shrugged and grabbed the keys to his Ferrari. As well as the jewellery there were a few other items he would have to pick up on the way to the mall for an entire night of hot sex.

* * *

"Lord Malachite" Zoycite gasped pulling away from her lover's kisses "I'm worried"

Malachite ignored her and cupped her chin in his hand before pressing his lips against hers again. Zoycite almost forgot what was worrying her until Malachite propelled her backwards onto the bed and the image of Neflite lying naked on his own bed flashed before her eyes thus killing the mood.

"Malachite" Zoycite snapped angrily trying to push the heavy general off of her "Why don't you ever listen to me?"

Malachite knew if he angered her then he would have the same problem as Neflite and rolled back over to his side of the bed. "What is troubling you?" he asked trying to hide his disappointment.


Malachite sighed, obviously the same image had now come to the forefront of his mind, "What about him?"

"He hasn't ask me for sex in at least a week and an hour ago in the throne room he was actually rude to me. I don't understand it"

"Perhaps he has found a little earthling to play with," Malachite said wearily. Why did Zoycite have to bring up Neflite now? Still being a man Malachite could almost sympathise with Neflite. If Malachite didn't have Zoycite then... still if Neflite even looked at his coppery haired beauty in the wrong way again then he would be very, very sorry.

"I don't like it" Zoycite pouted, "I thought he was lusting after me? What can an Earth chick give him that I can't?"

"I thought you didn't want to have sex with Neflite?"

"I don't but why would he prefer an Earthling? They are all such innocents it sickens me," Zoycite snapped angrily.

Malachite smiled and brushed a hand over her cheek. "Do you miss all the attention he was paying you?"

Zoycite clasped Malachite's hand tightly in her own and pressed a kiss to his palm "I have all the attention I could want right here" she whispered seductively.

Malachite took this as an invitation to finish what they had started "Now more talk of Neflite?" he asked softly.

"Who?" Zoycite replied.

* * *

Neflite stared into the window of the jewellery shop feeling very much out of his depth. There were so many different sorts of jewellery here on Earth. Neflite originally had planned to buy her the biggest diamond ring and ask Zoycite to marry him but as he didn't know her ring size he scrapped this idea and besides he wasn't sure he wanted to be married to the vindictive little psychopath. All he wanted was to have sex with her. This was so unfair! He was the millionaire Maxfield Stanton here on Earth and back in the Negaverse he was the second highest ranking general and he couldn't get a date! Hmm what about a bracelet? Nah it would clash with her uniform and it wasn't special enough. Neflite closed his eyes and prayed to the stars for guidance.

"Hello Mr Stanton?"

He whirled round and saw a cute red head staring at him. Not quite the answer he was looking for but fate moved in mysterious ways and all that.

"I'm Molly, Molly Baker. We met at last weeks tennis tournament"

Neflite searched his memory. Molly Baker? Oh the friend of the girl he had tried to steal energy from!

"You probably don't remember me" she blushed slightly when she saw his confused expression.

"You were the ball girl right?" Neflite said a plan forming in his mind.

"You do remember!" Molly cried happily and went on to question him about the Tuxedo Mask love letters. Neflite was stunned by this and had to bluff his way through her questioning. Was she Sailor Moon? She had to be... ok not what he was expecting but Sailor Moon had to have some brains if she had survived this long against the dark forces.

"Say Molly" Neflite interrupted her before she could force him to give something away. Sex or no sex Neflite couldn't afford to mess up his latest plan. "What sort of jewellery would you want a man to buy you?"

Molly gasped slightly "Well Mr Stanton it would have to be a necklace because bracelets aren't personal enough and with rings you might get the wrong size and..."

"That's great Molly" Neflite put an arm around her and felt her swoon under his touch. Too bad she was only 14 because then all of his problems would be solved "Now which necklace would you like a man to buy for you?"

"That one!" Molly pointed to a diamond pendant on a silver chain.

"And if a man presented you with that would it make you horny?" Neflite asked in a husky whisper. Molly blushed worse than before and giggled:

"Oh Mr Stanton you shouldn't say things like that in public!"

"Quite" Neflite cleared his throat "Well I hope to see you at next weeks tennis tournament"

When Molly was gone Neflite took another look at the necklace. "Twenty thousand yen!" this was going to be an expensive investment, Neflite just hoped it was worth it.

* * *

Ok Neflite checked his appearance in the mirror. He was all set. The plan to lure Sailor Moon out of hiding had been a complete failure when the real Tuxedo Mask had showed up. Cursing the masked idiot Neflite tucked the small box containing the necklace into the top pocket of his jacket. Still Molly had been attracted to the Tuxedo Mask disguise and thanks to her and her love energy Beryl had spared his Nega-hide and screamed at Zoycite instead. Neflite wondered if this would spoil his plans for this evening but if worst came to worst he could tell Zoycite he wanted to make it up to her. Going back to the Tuxedo Mask disguise, which he was still wearing, Neflite reasoned that for some strange reason all the women in Sailor Moon were attracted to the caped moron then it stood to reason that Zoycite might also like him (Malachite wore a cape so perhaps capes turned her on?). The little problem of her silver haired lover had been easily taken care of. Neflite only had to mention to one of his Youma that there was a rumour that the Silver Crystal was in Tokyo and it was all over the Negaverse. As soon as Beryl heard of it she had demanded that Malachite go and investigate this... alone.

Now the wheels were set in motion. Neflite opened a portal to Zoycite and Malachite's castle home whilst tugging on the end of the black and red cape. He hated this stupid getup but hopefully he wouldn't have to wear it for too long...

* * *

Zoycite had resigned herself to a night in front of the TV when there was a knock at the door. After cursing Beryl for an hour for making Malachite go wandering across Tokyo at all hours when he could be at home with her Zoycite had sat down on the sofa with a big bag of Doritos and was aimlessly channel flicking. When she heard the bang on the door she actually welcomed the distraction and eagerly hurried to answer it.

"Ahh cape boy!" Zoycite yelled when she saw the masked man standing there. Quickly conjuring up an ice crystal she lunged at him intending to cut his throat out. 'Cape boy' stepped aside and Zoycite ended up flat on her face in front of him.

'Cape boy' laughed softly "I hoped you'd fall for me Zoycite but not quite literally"

"You!" Zoycite hissed jumping up when she recognised that voice "What do you want?"

Neflite took off the white mask "You of course"

Zoycite's reaction was to knee him in the groin before trying to slam the door in his face. Neflite gasped in pain but it didn't stop him from jamming a foot in the doorway before Zoycite could close it properly. Then using this foothold Neflite pressed his weight against the door. Zoycite, being weaker, couldn't hold it and within seconds Neflite had burst triumphantly into the front room. Immediately, and for fear of her own safety, Zoycite levitated to near the ceiling and struck one of her infamous poses before addressing Neflite again.

"Why are you dressed as cape boy? You look almost as ugly and stupid as the real thing!"

Neflite was mildly insulted by this "It doesn't turn you on?"

"I HATE cape boy!" Zoycite shouted.

Neflite thought back to the Silver Millennium and sighed. He should have remembered that.

He whipped the disguise off and stood in his uniform once again but not before producing the box and holding it out in front of him. "This is for you," he announced "As a token of my lust for your body"

Zoycite raised an eyebrow but came down and snatched it from his hands before once again floating to the safety of the ceiling. Her eyes lit up in surprise when she opened it and saw the diamond necklace. Malachite had never bought her anything like this.

"Do you like it?" Neflite asked hopefully.

"I love it" Zoycite floated down and took it out of the box "Help me put it on" she commanded. Neflite grinned thinking he was onto a winner obliged.

"How do I look?" she giggled and twirled round

"It suits you" Neflite said taking a wary step towards her not forgetting how dangerous Zoycite was (he just hoped his bits were still in working order after that mean kick she had landed there).

"I know" Zoycite turned away and was admiring her reflection in a pocket mirror she had conjured.

Neflite was right behind her when Zoycite said, "You can go now"


"I said you can go now... unless there was something else you wanted to give me?"

"Well yes actually" Neflite prayed to whatever god there was that he wouldn't mess this up. Tentatively he wrapped his arms around her waist "Don't you want to thank me?" he murmured in her ear.

"No" Zoycite struggled and Neflite held on tighter "I thought you were being nice"

"I don't do nice" Neflite leaned in closer and lightly kissed her neck.

"Oh really?" Zoycite lowered her voice and turned around to face him.

"You know that old saying" Neflite murmured and his hands began pulling at her jacket... god he couldn't wait any longer for this. "Nice guys finish last" he pressed a nervous kiss to her lips after speaking and was amazed that she didn't resist him though Zoycite wasn't exactly responding but at this point not getting the shit kicked out of him was a positive for Neflite. He deepened the kiss and once again started pulling at her uniform, moaning slightly as he did so. He hadn't noticed Zoycite raise a hand behind his head...

* * *

When Malachite came back from Tokyo he found Zoycite sitting on the sofa admiring a diamond necklace whilst Neflite lay on the floor with the shattered remains of Malachite's favourite flower vase all around him.

End of Part Two - Goto Part Three

Poor Neffy and he thought he was so close too ^-^ Will he see sense and give up? Of course not! Stay tuned for part three coming soon!

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