For the Love of Zoi

A story of sex, lies and humiliation

Part Three

© 2003 by Shari

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A/N: At long last part three is here! There is slight Cape Boy bashing in this chappie but since this is a humour ficcie nearly all the characters are made fun of. Boosted the rating up to R (my first R me thinks!). Does get a little stupid and insane but hey you must be used to that from me by now! Anyways enjoy and please review - Constructive criticism is welcome but not flames - they just waste time and will be used to heat the Dark Kingdom in winter.

For the Love of Zoi - Part Three

© 2003 by Shari

"Will you stop playing with that thing?" Malachite snapped irritably as Zoycite held the diamond necklace up to the light for what must have been the tenth time that evening. She ignored him and said:

"Why don't you ever buy me diamond necklaces?"

Malachite sighed and put an arm around her shoulders "Because I don't need to pay you to sleep with me"

"Is he ever going to wake up?" Zoycite pouted changing the subject and nodding to Neflite who was still sprawled out on their front room floor.

"I don't know" Malachite frowned "But did you have to hit him with my favourite vase?"

"It was the closest thing I could find" Zoycite complained, "Unless you wanted me to sleep with him?"

Neflite chose that moment to start to wake up. God he felt worse than when he woke up with a hang over. Opening his eyes the world seemed to spin and as he fought his blurring vision his gaze fixed on the two generals seated on the sofa watching him.

"You bitch" he groaned as he felt the cut to the back of his head "That hurt"

"It was supposed to" Zoycite replied.

Neflite staggered to his feet feeling more than a little foolish and decided to do the only sensible thing and leave as quickly as possible. It was then that he noticed that she still had the necklace.

"I want that back," he said angrily holding out a hand.

"Its mine" Zoycite held it out of his reach "You gave it to me"

"Yeah on the condition that you had sex with me" Neflite replied grumpily "That was the whole point... uh... I mean..." he stammered when he saw the dagger like gaze Malachite was directing his way "I mean... oh you can just keep it... I've got to go and work on my next energy stealing plan... I'll see you later!" with that he teleported from the castle as quickly as possible.

* * *

Safely back at his mansion home Neflite was fuming. That necklace had cost him and arm and a leg and what did he get out of the deal? Nothing that was what. This was so unfair! Neflite sighed and poured himself a glass of expensive red wine. His next target was some kid at an animation school. Perhaps he would be better off concentrating on his missions and forgetting about sex until he had pleased Queen Beryl. Anyway sex wasn't everything right? He could live without it.

* * *

I must have been mad! Neflite said to himself as he got ready for bed that night. The animation school plan had gone down the toilet thanks to those stupid Sailor brats. It was times like this when Neflite was upset and needed a distraction that he wanted sex the most. It didn't help matters that Zoycite had laughed at him when the Gemini warriors had been dusted. She was without a doubt the most infuriating person in the Negaverse and she had worn that necklace just to piss him off too! Seeing the necklace had reminded Neflite just how much he had paid for it. Damn it he wasn't going to give up on this. Why didn't Zoycite want to sleep with him anyway? He was more than good looking and had money. Did she feel that she should stay loyal to Malachite? Neflite had assumed that the only reason they were together was for mutual gain anyway. Did she love Malachite? Nah love didn't exist in the Negaverse. Neflite didn't dare return to the castle now and was at a total loss. He had tried every trick in the book and still Zoycite didn't want to know. Neflite poured a second glass of wine and downed it as quickly as the first. Then reaching again for the bottle Neflite prayed for a miracle.

His prayers were answered sooner than he thought and were not exactly what Neflite had been expecting. After spending yet another miserable morning with an alcohol induced headache Neflite decided that it was time he reported to the Queen. When he arrived in the throne room he saw that Zoycite was also present and she and the queen seemed to be discussing a possible sighting of the Silver Crystal. Zoycite wasn't exactly happy that Neflite had shown up and was even more infuriated when Beryl decided to give the job of gate crashing the Diamond Embassy and stealing the possible Silver Crystal to him. As luck would have it Beryl had managed to obtain tickets to the embassy party (being the Queen of the Negaverse has its perks you know) but she was not about to lower herself to attend a Earthlings party so she suggested to Neflite that he take both the tickets and try to find himself a date for the night, that way he could move about inconspicuously.

"Queen Beryl" he said as she was about to dismiss them both "I have a suggestion that might work for all of us if you will allow it"

Beryl was intrigued by this "Go on"

"Why don't me and Zoycite go together? That way one of us could get the crystal and other lure the Sailor Scouts out - they are bound to be there - That way we would have the Silver Crystal and destroyed the Earth's only resistance"

Beryl nodded thoughtfully wondering what had brought about Neflite's change of heart. He had used to prefer working alone. "It sounds like a good idea. What do you think Zoycite?"

Two pairs of eyes were focused on the woman general now. Zoycite gave Neflite a furious glare. What could she say? If she refused then she would invoke the Queen's wrath.

"It's a good idea" she sighed, "I will accompany Neflite to the Earth and bring back the Silver Crystal"

"Excellent" Beryl said, "Now go and I will accept no failures from either of you"

* * *

Zoycite paced up and down the front room of Neflite's mansion clearly agitated by the entire situation as the older general stood fastening his bow tie. He then turned and watched the object of his desires with interest. Now would be the perfect time to... Not yet! He reminded himself sternly. You heard what Beryl said. The Silver Crystal comes first. Once we have that then I can make my move.

"You should change you know" Neflite commented on her Negaverse uniform

"What is wrong with my clothes?" Zoycite demanded, her eyes flashing in anger.

"Well..." Neflite chose his words carefully "They're not really suitable"

Zoycite snorted, "You're not actually suggesting I dress up are you?"

"It would help. We have to be inconspicuous remember"

"Well unlike you I'm not into silly human disguises" Zoycite hissed, "I'll go as I am now"

Neflite was a little disappointed that he wouldn't get to see Zoycite in a dress but decided not to comment on it.

"We should get going," he said instead.

"Right" Zoycite stopped pacing "Where are we going?"

"The Embassy"

"That's easy" she grinned and made to open a portal when Neflite grabbed her hand, much to her dismay.

"Not like that"


Neflite smiled. Zoycite just looked too damn sexy when she pouted. "We don't want to attract attention remember"

"Fine how do you propose we get there?" she demanded.

* * *

Malachite didn't like this. When he had heard that Beryl had ordered Zoycite to work with Neflite. It wasn't that he didn't trust Zoycite. He just didn't trust Neflite and Malachite had made up his mind to get into the Embassy himself and keep an eye on them both. Getting into the Embassy proved difficult. The men on the door didn't seem to have ever heard of a Queen Beryl of the Dark Kingdom so in the end the Ice King just teleported into the crowded ballroom. Luckily no one seemed to notice his sudden appearance. Malachite struggled to see around the crowds for his coppery haired beauty but so far he could see no sign of her or Neflite. There were plenty of pretty Earth women here Malachite noted. Well seeing as Zoycite wasn't here yet he could have some fun of his own.

* * *

Serena looked around the ballroom in wonder. Being the champion of justice had its plus sides after all. The meatball headed girl sniggered thinking of Raye and Amy waiting outside. She giggled and helped herself to a cocktail. This was the life. She felt like a princess. The only problem was that she didn't have a dance partner. It's not fair! Serena thought to herself. She set her drink down on the table and was about to start her search for Princess Diamond and the Imperial Crystal when Serena felt a hand on her arse (no that wasn't a typo folks). She jumped and turned round when she heard soft laughter behind her.

Serena blushed when she saw the older man looking down at her. "Do you mind?" she squeaked a blush rising in her cheeks. This guy was gorgeous. He had long silver-white hair and blue-grey eyes. Serena took a step back when she realised that the uniform he was wearing was similar to Neflite's except for this man wore a cape like her beloved Tuxedo Mask (and nothing turned Serena on like a guy in a cape) and his uniform was blue and grey rather than yellow and grey and the jacket was open at the front. Now here's a real man Serena thought to herself staring at the exposed flesh. Unlike that jerk Darien (who had a scrawny gangly body with probably little or no muscle) or even Andrew from the arcade. Still the evil aura warned her to be careful and Serena, who never listened to her instincts, giggled childishly when he took her hand a led her to the dance floor. So what if this guy was a member of the Negaverse? If Luna or anyone caught her Serena decided that she could just say that she was keeping a close eye on him. Serena giggled again as she felt the man's hands resting lightly on her butt.

* * *

Zoycite clung onto the seat of the Ferrari for dear life as it sped down the road towards the Embassy, the radio blaring at full volume. "You're crazy!" she screamed at Neflite as they stopped at the traffic lights.

"Relax baby" Neflite shot her a grin as he revved on the motor again

"Relax? How can I relax with you driving like a madman? And don't call me baby"

Neflite smiled and to Zoycite's disgust rested his hand on her knee "We're perfectly safe and besides this is the quickest human way of getting to the Embassy"

"Oh really" Zoycite grabbed his hand and roughly twisted his wrist until Neflite yelled in pain, causing him to hit the gas pedal when he should have hit the break. They smashed into the Embassy gates, almost killing about five people from the crowd that had gathered outside (two of them being Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury which would not have been a bad thing). Finally Neflite got control of his car and hit the breaks.

"Look where you're going you crazy drunk!" one man hollered at them as they got out. One man threw an empty drink bottle at the pair, nearly hitting Neflite in the head. Cursing he promptly slapped a sleep spell on all the onlookers and marched into the Embassy with a pouting Zoycite in tow.

"Did you have to do that?" Neflite hissed, "I have my reputation to think about!"

Zoycite only smirked and replied, "Well at least we didn't have to worry about parking"

* * *

The party was a real bore Neflite decided after about an hour. All Zoycite had done so far was eat desserts from the huge selection of cakes on the dessert cart parked in one corner of the room whilst he stood awkwardly on looking for signs of the Imperial Crystal.

"Do I have to remind you that we have a mission?" Neflite whispered in her ear "We have to look for the crystal"

"I am looking" Zoycite snapped back, "I'm checking each one of these desserts to make sure the crystal isn't hidden inside one of them"

Neflite rolled his eyes "You'll get fat and then Malachite won't want you anymore" he hissed. This had the desired effect. Zoycite gasped slightly and moved away from the dessert cart. The auburn haired man decided now was a good a time as any to make his move. He sidled up beside the younger general and whispered "Why don't we start our search for the crystal upstairs in one of the bedrooms?"

"Yeah whatever" Zoycite said not even bothering to shove Neflite away when he slipped an arm around her slender waist intending to pull her in the direction of the stairs. Neflite could tell she was not really listening to him but thinking he was onto a winner anyway went to seal the deal with a kiss when a third person joined their group.

"Hello Mr Stanton"

"Molly" Neflite was surprised to see her here. Usually these sorts of parties were reserved for rich couples or Negaverse generals intent on stealing rare jewels and making out in the embassy bedrooms.

"You remember me!" she cried happily and then her gaze turned to Zoycite and her happy expression faded.

"Who's your friend Mr Stanton?"

"Call me Maxfield" Neflite replied, awkwardly removing his hand from around Zoycite's waist whilst cursing the red head's bad timing. "This is my... eh associate... ZoŽ"

Molly smiled and extended a hand to Zoycite, who was fuming at Neflite for giving her an Earth name without her permission "Nice to meet you ZoŽ"

Zoycite pulled a face at the extended hand. There was no way she was going to lower herself to shaking hands with an Earthling. Molly's gaze then fell on the diamond necklace Zoycite was wearing, which looked strangely out of place against the grey and green Negaverse uniform.

"So you're the one Maxfield wants to have sex with?"

"What?" Zoycite shouted angrily, making Molly squeal in fright.

"I helped him choose that necklace," Molly continued nervously on seeing the angry in those emerald green eyes "If I may say so you're a very lucky woman"

"Did you hear that ZoŽ?" Neflite smirked, "ZoŽ?" he frowned seeing that they hadn't got Zoycite's attention. She was staring intently into the crowd of dancers.

"Zoycite?" Neflite asked forgetting about Earth names now. What was wrong with her? As he spoke Zoycite darted forward and stepped between one of the couples dancing, a pretty blonde girl with pigtails and a man with long silver-white hair. As Neflite watched, Zoycite drew back a hand and slapped the girl hard across the cheek.

* * *

Tuxedo Mask sighed to himself. This party was a total snooze and there had been no sign of Princess Diamond or the Imperial Crystal. Leaning back against a wall, one hand scratching his ass, Tuxedo Mask watched the mass of people dancing to the slow, romantic music that the orchestra played. To make matters worse all the men here were wearing masks, he pouted at this. The skinny little white mask that barely covered his eyes so anyone with a brain could tell who he was, was his trademark! He ought to sue them for copyright! Suddenly a cry rang out across the dance floor and the people dancing paused and the crowd parted. Tuxedo Mask craned his neck to see over the heads blocking his view and saw at least two members of the Dark Kingdom were present. One of them, a man with long white hair and blue eyes, sporting a cape which pissed Tuxedo Mask off further was sweatdropping and trying to pull his companion, a young woman with coppery hair and angry green eyes off of a third person. The copper head didn't seem to want to stop pulling the pigtails of the last person, a younger blonde who looked suspiciously like the Princess in Tuxedo Mask's dreams, and the blonde was wailing loudly.

Tuxedo Mask, being the egoistic little bastard that he was, decided to be a man and break up the fight. He threw one of his pathetic roses between the two fighting females and stepped forward, swishing his cape as he did so.

"Shame on you attacking an beautiful and innocent young girl" he said trying to sound all moralistic and important

"Kindly explain yourself"

"Its Tuxedo Mask!" the blonde cried.

"Get him!" the copper head yelled and suddenly the two young women had lunged at him knocking him down and proceeded to beat the living crap out of him.

"Ah!" Tuxedo Mask screamed struggling to back away whilst the copper head tried to cut out his jugular with a conjured ice crystal and the blonde smacked him with her handbag. "What are you doing?"

"You wrote me a phoney love letter and played with my heart!" the blonde shouted, "For that you must pay!"

"That wasn't me!" Tuxedo Mask cried, "It was the drunken millionaire Maxfield Stanton!"

"Oh yeah!" the blonde sweatdropped and stood up looking around for Neflite but in the commotion he had slipped away.

"What about you?" Tuxedo Mask demanded of the other woman as her boyfriend grabbed hold of her pulling her away from him.

"I just hate you" the copper head smirked "And you make my beloved look bad by wearing a cape and everyone knows a cape is Malachite's trademark and roses are our make up gifts"

"But I've been around since episode one" Tuxedo Mask whined.

"We've been around for a 1000 years!" and with that the copper head snatched his cane from his hand and bonked

Tuxedo Mask on the head with it rendering him unconscious (A/N I've always wanted someone to do that to him ^-^).

* * *

Zoycite laughed as the caped moron hit the floor and didn't get up. Malachite smiled and put an arm around her but

Zoycite shoved him away. "Why were you dancing with that mangy meatball head?" she demanded in a hurt voice

"Aren't I good enough for you anymore?"

Malachite sighed. The very reason he was here was to look out for her! Smiling to himself he conjured a pink rose and handed it to his beloved. Instantly Zoycite forgot about fighting with him, accepting the flower she leaned against him sighing softly.

"I only came here because I didn't want Neflite trying anything funny" Malachite murmured softly. Much to Zoycite's amusement the couples had started dancing again and were trampling all over cape boy's unconscious form. He was going to be sore in the morning she thought evilly.

Neflite! Zoycite looked around and couldn't see him anywhere. If he got the crystal then he would take all the credit! She pulled away from Malachite and turned to Molly, who was still watching the pair thinking how much like Serena the blonde princess looked and that Maxfield sure did have some weird friends and not to mention taste in women.

"Where did that star gazing, drunken excuse for a general go?" Zoycite mentally kicked herself for not keeping an eye on him.

"Go and find the crystal," Malachite advised her, "I will await your return back in the Negaverse"

Zoycite nodded and Malachite teleported away not caring how many people saw him do this. The blonde had run off too.

Zoycite sighed and shoved through the crowd of people after making sure Neflite wasn't among them. The auburn haired man was bound to know where the crystal was and when he found it Zoycite decided to simply steal it from under his nose. Perhaps he was upstairs. He had mentioned something about looking for the crystal up there before cape boy had shown up. Zoycite gasped as she opened the first door she came too. Neflite was in there and was about to take the crystal for himself! Zoycite knew if she didn't do something quick then Neflite would take all the credit (something she had planned to do herself). Zoycite smiled and stepped into the room. A plan already in mind.

* * *

Neflite hurried from room to room searching in vain for the silver crystal and yet he had found nothing. Damn it why wasn't anything easy? Neflite walked along another endless corridor and kicked open a door. This was obviously the master bedroom of Princess Diamond but ugh everything was so pink. Pink wallpaper, pink curtains, a huge pink double bed... Neflite shuddered. And then he saw the shimmering statue of crystal standing on a marble stand near the bed. It was shining so brightly that Neflite couldn't tell if it was the silver crystal or not but that didn't matter. He had completed the mission and that was the most important thing right?

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" an angry voice rang out as he reached up to take it.

"Zoycite? What are you doing here?" Neflite demanded.

"I can't believe you Neflite" Zoycite marched right up to him (granted she had to stand on tiptoes to look him the eye) "I can't believe you were going to do this to me?"

"Eh..." Neflite was confused. Surely she had known that he would double cross her if he got the chance?

"Well if you don't want me then I'll just leave..." Zoycite sniffed wiping away a tear.

"Want you?" Neflite shook his head wondering if he was hearing things.

"You know" Zoycite paused and placed a hand on his chest, playing with the button on his jacket.

"What about Malachite?" Neflite stammered. This was a switch that was for sure. Still he couldn't help but think it was some kind of trick like with the vase.

"He would rather play with his little blonde schoolgirl" Zoycite uttered a sob and threw her arms around Neflite's shoulders.

Neflite struggled to prize her off of him. This had to be a trick. "Zoycite" he started when another thought occurred to him. Pulling back slightly he studied the pretty, tear filled green eyes staring back at him for a moment. Then, taking Zoycite completely by surprise, he leaned down and roughly captured her lips with his own. He felt Zoycite tense up and then relax against him. That dissolved his earlier concerns. There was no way Zoycite would allow him to kiss her unless she wanted it. Neflite smiled inwardly. His luck was changing at long last. Little did he know it wouldn't last.

Neflite steered Zoycite in the direction of the bed before easing her back onto it before leaning down to reclaim those soft lips with his own. Neflite wanted to savour every moment knowing he might not ever get another opportunity like this. Malachite was probably going to kill him as it was. Neflite shrugged. What did it matter?

Zoycite had made her choice and Malachite would just have to deal with it. Neflite then abruptly broke the kiss and rolled to the other side of the bed.

"What?" Zoycite started when Neflite started pulling at the waistband of her uniform, smiling as it came free and he slipped a hand up her top. Zoycite grabbed his wrist before it could reach its destination. Neflite frowned in confusion.

"Neflite-sama don't make me wait anymore" she whispered, "I want you now"

Neflite sighed. Malachite's little toy was an impatient creature to say the least. Oh well... he grinned and produced one of the items he had brought in Tokyo mall the other day for just this situation and showed them to Zoycite.

Her reaction wasn't exactly what he was expecting and Neflite was sure he saw a little fear in those green eyes and then it was gone and replaced with a knowing and slightly devious look. Zoycite reached out and took the fluffy pink handcuffs from Neflite and grinned, "Allow me... my lord"

Neflite sighed as she started ridding him of his uniform and when he was completely naked she handcuffed him to the bed. Then Zoycite stood up and laughed.

"What?" Neflite frowned as she walked over to the crystal, admiring it "Zoycite what the hell are you doing?" he demanded as she took it from the stand and opened a portal back to the Negaverse. "Zoycite? I thought we were going to have sex?"

Zoycite laughed again "Me have sex with you? You're more of an idiot than I thought. I knew there was no way you were going to share this missions success with me so I took measures to ensure that I get what I deserve"

"What about me?" Neflite whined, struggling against the handcuffs to no avail "What about what I deserve?"

Zoycite grinned, "Oh you'll get what you deserve all right"

Then it finally began to dawn on Neflite that she had set him up "Wait!" he called frantically, as she stepped through the portal "You can't leave me like this! I have a reputation on Earth! Zoycite don't you dare step through that portal! No come back! You can't leave me here! ZOYCITE WAIT!"

* * *

Beryl was growing impatient. Neflite and Zoycite had been gone for hours. She wanted that crystal now. Beryl was just about to start screaming when Zoycite appeared before her. Bowing the woman general held out the glittering statue for her queen to see.

"What is this?" Beryl's mad mood deepened when she saw the cheap inferior glass ornament Zoycite had dared present her with.

"The Silver Crystal my queen" Zoycite declared smugly "And I got it all by myself too" she added.

Beryl quickly turned as red as her hair with rage "HOW DARE YOU BRING ME THIS CHEAP EARTH JUNK!"

"Junk?" Zoycite repeated, "But I thought?"

"That is not the silver crystal" Beryl hissed, "Your failure displeases me. And where is Neflite? I thought I made it perfectly clear that you were to work together on this mission? How are we supposed to take over the Earth when even my own minions refuse to cooperate?"

"My queen I..." Zoycite stammered.

"JUST GET OUT!" Beryl screamed.

"Yes your majesty" Zoycite whispered and teleported from the room.

Beryl shook her head. Honestly she was surrounded by fools. If you wanted something done properly then you should just do it yourself.

"NEFLITE! REPORT TO ME IMMEDIATELY!" she screeched. After a few minutes and no one came Beryl started to get really mad.

"I bet he's still at that party having fun and getting drunk" she mused to herself "Well he won't be having fun for a very long time when I've finished with him" Beryl stood up from her throne. It was time she paid Neflite a little visit. Summoning a Youma to open a portal to the Embassy Beryl reached out with her magic and located her officer. Then putting on her most fearsome expression Beryl marched through the portal...

* * *

Malachite was asleep when Zoycite came back from her mission. Well he was asleep. Malachite opened an eye in time to see Zoycite throw her boots across the room, her gloves and jacket followed and then she slumped down at the foot of the bed wearing just the under shirt and trousers before letting loose a string of curses at the wall opposite. Malachite feigned sleep for a few minutes, waiting for his lover to calm down, before sitting up in the bed. Zoycite felt his movement and threw herself into his arms.

"I take it the mission did not go well," Malachite asked whilst embracing the younger general.

"It was horrible" Zoycite sobbed, "I found the silver crystal in one of the bedrooms just when Neflite was about to steal it for himself and take all the credit" Zoycite paused and blushed slightly "So I did what I had too to get the crystal from him"

Malachite frowned and ceased caressing her lower back. He had a feeling that he wasn't going to like this one bit...

* * *

Serena sighed and looked around the ballroom. She had lost sight of the three Negaverse Generals and even Tuxedo Mask had finally come round and had crawled his skinny butt out of there. Molly was still looking for her beloved Maxfield and Amy and Raye couldn't get in. Serena sighed and sipped another cocktail whilst placing a hand to her bruised cheek. That girl general had a really mean punch that was for sure. How was she ever going to explain this to Luna? Serena sighed miserably. Even though she didn't want to she had better just go upstairs and make sure the crystal was safe. Making sure no one was looking she headed upstairs. Now how was she going to find out which room the crystal was in? Serena sighed. This assignment was tougher than she thought. Then she heard someone calling up ahead:

"You can't leave me like this! I have a reputation on Earth! Zoycite don't you dare step through that portal! No come back! You can't leave me here! ZOYCITE WAIT!"

"Sounds like trouble" Serena backed away "Wait! If I defeat them all by myself I won't get a lecture from Luna! Ok Serena lets go! Moon Prism... power!"

"I am Sailor Moon, the champion of justice. I will right wrongs and triumph over evil... and that means you!" with that Sailor Moon landed a kick to the wooden door and it crashed open. But nothing could have prepared her for the sight that lay before her. Neflite was lying, handcuffed and completely naked on the double bed, his clothes thrown all over the bedroom floor. Sailor Moon squealed and took a step back. The noise caused Neflite to look up. When their eyes met he blushed a furious shade of red.

"I... um..." Sailor Moon stammered then she noticed that the crystal was gone. "Alright!" she assumed a fighting stance once more "What have you done with the silver crystal?"

"I didn't do anything with it" Neflite snapped, "In fact you might have noticed that I am not exactly capable of doing anything at the moment"

"Oh yeah" Sailor Moon blushed worse than before. She was at a complete loss. Not only was the crystal gone but a member of the Negaverse was lying, naked and chained to a bed in front of her.

"How did you get like that anyway?" she asked at length.

"Don't ask" Neflite muttered, "Now would you kindly get these cuffs off of me"

"Where is the key?" Sailor Moon asked thinking that it would be best if Princess Diamond did not come into her bedroom to find a minion of the Negaverse in her bed, bearing it all.

"In my trouser pocket" came the angry reply

Sailor Moon knelt down by his trousers which were inside out. It took her a moment to locate the key.

"You were in a hurry" she commented as she walked back to the bed.

"So would you be if you hadn't have sex since the Silver Millennium" Neflite muttered. Sailor Moon reached up to unlock the handcuffs and unfortunately chose the exact moment when the portal to the Negaverse opened up in front of them to have a klutz attack and landed right on top of Neflite. She squealed and reached out with a hand to grab something to break her fall and... well when Beryl appeared in the bedroom she saw Neflite. Naked with Sailor Moon lying on top of him, her right hand clasped around a very delicate part of Neflite's body whilst the general yelled and screamed in pain at her vice like grip.

End of Part Three - Goto Part Four

How will Neffy get out of this one? If he survives Beryl's wrath what other crazy plans will he come up with to win Zoycite over or will he finally decide that she is not worth all this hassle? Stay tuned for the conclusion to this tale of sex, lies and humiliations coming soon!

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