For the Love of Zoi

A story of sex, lies and humiliation

Part Four

© 2003 by Shari

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When Neflite got home it was well past midnight. His wrists still ached form being handcuffed to the bed and on top of it he had the humiliation of knowing that both his queen and his enemy had seen him naked and helpless. Beryl had been furious, accusing him of not only taking up with a Sailor Scout but making a respectable? dub into a R rated comedy act. And when Neflite tried to explain that it had been Zoycite's fault but Beryl wasn't having any excuses and stormed back to her throne room to kill off a few hundred Youma to make herself feel better. Sailor Moon had then freed Neflite from the handcuffs and ran off without so much as a word to him. Neflite kicked off his boots and slumped down on the sofa thinking back over the passed few weeks escapades.

So far he had been slapped, kicked, lost thousands of yen, humiliated himself and not to mention what ever punishment Queen Beryl was going to inflict on him. And what for? That vicious little weasel Zoycite that's what! Well enough was enough! He had not gone through hell and back without getting anything in return. It was time to get serious. Neflite jumped up off the sofa and raced into his kitchen. Once there he opened one of the cupboards and took out a small bottle with some pink liquid inside of it. A little something left over from Jedite's 'House of Fortune' that he had been selling to members of the Negaverse to make an extra yen or two.

"Once she drinks this she'll fall for me," Neflite said to himself whilst staring at the bottle thoughtfully "Then I can get what I want and get back to the mission at hand" the auburn haired general laughed to himself before summoning a Youma to deliver a message for him. Pouring the liquid into a glass he mixed it in with some wine and set it back down on the sideboard before going back into the front room to await Zoycite's arrival. The label on the bottle read 'love potion'.

* * *

"He wants me to what?" Zoycite hissed at the Youma that had banged on the door of the castle at 3.00 in the morning.

"He wants to see you Lady Zoycite," the Youma hissed nervously licking its lips "He said it was important"

Zoycite sighed, "Let me get dressed" she frowned down at the bathrobe "I don't want him seeing me like this" though the pervert would probably like that she added to herself "Tell him I'll be five minutes" with that she slammed the door and went back upstairs.

"Malachite?" she whispered shaking her sleeping lover "Malachite wake up?"

"What?" he complained burying his face into the silk pillows "Zoycite I'm sleeping"

"This is important!"

"It always is" Malachite groaned and sat up meeting a pair of worried green eyes.

"Neflite wants me to go to his mansion in Tokyo"


Zoycite nodded tearfully "The Youma said it was to talk but knowing him he'll try it on again"

"Just go back to sleep" Malachite advised, pulling her into his arms.

"I can't... If I don't come Neflite's going to tell Beryl about us"

Malachite pulled back from the embrace. If Beryl found out about them... well it didn't bear thinking about.

"What am I going to do?" Zoycite shuddered, "He came so close last time..."

"We'll kill him," Malachite whispered brushing the tears from her eyes "At the first opportunity we get we'll kill him"

"Oh Malachite you're wonderful" Zoycite sighed happily "But what about tonight?"

Malachite smiled, "Did Neflite say you had to come alone?"

* * *

Neflite couldn't get comfortable. He sat up in his bed and sipped from his glass of wine, being careful not to touch the one with the love potion in. Having left a Youma in the front room to greet Zoycite as she arrived and then to direct her to the bedroom Neflite decided to skip the preliminaries and get down to business. Thus he was sitting, naked in bed waiting for her. He knew Zoycite would get a little angry at first but once he persuaded her to drink the love potion... Neflite could almost feel her body against his own... they would make love until the stars came out and then... Neflite frowned. He had planned on killing his rival whilst she was helpless but then again he could just keep her as his sex slave. It didn't seem right after all he had been through to get to this point that he was just going to kill her afterwards. How would he control her though? Zoycite would be pretty mad to say the least. Neflite shifted again in the bed the mere thought of her was enough... gods he needed sex tonight. Neflite stiffened (pun intended) when he heard voices downstairs and then footsteps climbing the stairs. He could also hear the Youma's protests and then "Zoi" and silence. Neflite shrugged to himself. If loosing a Youma or two meant he could at last have sex then so be it. Then the door opened and Zoycite marched into the room and stopped dead when she saw him.

"I knew it!" she exclaimed angrily "This was just another ruse to get me into bed!"

She was dressed in the usual uniform but Neflite was dying to get a peak at the woman under the uniform, and forgetting momentarily how little he was wearing, jumped up. Zoycite screamed and covered her eyes just as the third person burst into the room.

"Ah gods Neflite put on some clothes!" Malachite shouted.

Neflite screamed and snatched up his bathrobe and put it on, just praying that Malachite hadn't seen the extent of his arousal at Zoycite's presence.

When he had regained his composure and Zoycite had uncovered her eyes he asked in a very low and angry voice "What the hell are you doing here?" this being directed at her lover.

"I'm here to make sure you don't try any funny stuff of course" Malachite replied, placing an arm around Zoycite's waist "And by the looks of things that was exactly what you had in mind"

Neflite screamed again. This time out of frustration.

"DO YOU KNOW WHAT I HAVE BEEN THROUGH FOR HER?" he yelled waving a hand at Zoycite "I have been though hell and back that's what! Come on Malachite you're a man too. Surely you can understand my needs?"

Malachite nodded "But not with my Zoycite"

"There is no one else!"

"I heard you and Sailor Moon had a great time the other night" Zoycite grinned and wrapped her arms around Malachite whilst he ran a hand through coppery curls.

Then Neflite lost it.

"There is no me and Sailor Moon! She just happened to walk in! God I don't know why I am bothering to explain this to you! Malachite just let me have her for half an hour! I'll even bring her back in one piece!"


"Come on we're not stupid Earthlings! We don't mind the women putting it about do we?"

"I am not some cheap tart," Zoycite snapped, clutching Malachite's arm.

"I will not allow anyone other than me to sleep with Zoycite" Malachite said sternly "Find yourself a little Earthling to play with... Zoycite is mine"

"I won't give this up!" Neflite shouted, "I don't care if you are stronger! I'm not letting you leave until I've had sex"

Malachite sighed, "Zoycite could you step outside for a few minutes. I think Neflite and I need to settle this man to man"

"Fine" Zoycite stalked towards the door "Just don't be too long... You were supposed to be helping me find the Silver Crystal remember?"

"Yes" Malachite shut the door after her. "As if I could forget," he muttered under his breath.

"This Silver Crystal" Neflite said carefully "Is Zoycite any where near finding it?"

Malachite shook his head and sat down on the bed next to Neflite "No and if she doesn't find it soon then Beryl will kill her I fear"

Neflite smirked, an idea coming to mind "Zoycite knows my star crystal can home in on the Silver Crystal. I have been tracking it in Tokyo the past few days. It would seem a local girl is the key to finding it. If you were to allow me to have Zoycite for a night I would let you have it"

Malachite shook his head "Do I have to tell you again? If you come within ten paces of Zoycite I will..."

"I know" Neflite sighed, "I won't come near her again" at least when you're around anyway he added to himself.

"Good now that's settled" Malachite reached down and picked the full glass of wine up from the floor "We can all go home" and with that he raised the glass to his lips.

"No don't!" Neflite squeaked... too late...

* * *

Zoycite was bored. She had been left standing outside the room for five minutes at least! Malachite had said a few minutes only. How dare he keep her waiting? Zoycite rested her head against the closed door trying to hear what they were saying. The voices were muffled but Neflite was saying what sounded like:

"No! Get off of me!"

Zoycite grinned to herself. Malachite must have resorted to physical violence to get the message that she was not going to sleep with him through to Neflite. It wasn't fair! Malachite was making her wait out here like a naughty schoolgirl! Zoycite pouted loudly hoping that he was hear her. Nothing... She wanted to see Malachite kick the crap out of Neflite! It wasn't fair! Zoycite opened the door a crack and peaked in... and gasped... What she saw was not at all what she was expecting...

* * *

Neflite gulped and struggled to push the larger male off of him. Man that love potion worked well... too well.

"No! Get off of me!" Neflite screamed as Malachite pinned him down on the bed and leaned down for a kiss.

"Gah!" Neflite screamed again as their lips met. He turned his head to one side and shuddered as he felt lips brush his neck.

"Come on Mal snap out of it!" he pleaded but it was no use. The potion was too strong for even Malachite's powers to fight it, which was why Neflite bought it in the first place lest Zoycite's lover attempt to break the spell. Only Neflite himself could undo it and he couldn't whilst Malachite had him pinned down on the bed. He screamed again as Malachite tried to open the bathrobe... and that was when the door opened.

* * *

"Zoycite?" Malachite released Neflite and stood up to face his lover.

"What are you doing?" Zoycite repeated,

"I don't love you anymore" Malachite declared loudly "My heart belongs to Neflite"

Zoycite screamed and lunged at the auburn haired man with an ice crystal. Neflite yelled and jumped backwards to avoid to first shard hurled his way. "What have you done to him?" Zoycite demanded shoving Neflite back into the wall. The second general could have shoved her away but he was too stunned to react and he did kind of like having Zoycite's body pressed up against his own.

"Gods not this again!" Zoycite retreated behind Malachite when she felt just how much Neflite enjoyed her close proximity.

"It was just a little love potion" Neflite whined, "It was meant for you"

"Neflite" Malachite complained, "Get rid of the chick so we can finish what we started"

"I want you to remove this spell right now" Zoycite demanded angrily,

"Or what?" a light bulb flashed over Neflite's head and he couldn't help the evil grin that spread across his face. He was full of good ideas tonight!

"I think I know a way that we can all get what we want," he said quietly drawing Zoycite to one side. "I'll reverse the spell... if you sleep with me"


"Fine" Neflite grinned and rested his gaze on Malachite "You do realise I haven't had sex since the fall of the Silver Millennium and I have been getting quite desperate to say the least. Now I admit I wasn't expecting this turn of events but if Malachite's the only one of you willing then I'm afraid I'm going to have to make do... if you get my meaning"

"You wouldn't! You can't! He doesn't know what he's doing!" Zoycite cried, "I won't let you!"

"Do you really think you can stop me? Face it Zoycite you don't have a chance against me alone and I'm sure Malachite wouldn't like you attacking me"

Zoycite bit her lip and looked over at Malachite and then back at Neflite. Her lover would be horrified... no that was too mild a word to the level of disgust he would feel tomorrow if she allowed this. Malachite didn't know what he was doing thanks to the spell. She couldn't allow that even if it meant sleeping with Neflite herself.

"Fine you win," she growled.

Neflite smirked "I knew you'd see it my way... now come on" this last bit was to Malachite. As Neflite stepped up to the silver haired general, Malachite tried to kiss him again. Neflite avoided the embrace and steered him out into the hallway. Then there was a flash of white light and when Zoycite looked over Neflite's shoulder she saw her lover lying unconscious on the floor.

"What have you done?"

"Relax Zoey" Neflite grinned, "Its just a little sleep spell. I wouldn't want anyone disturbing us would I? He'll be as right as rain come the morning and better still will not remember a thing!"

Neflite shut the door and turned to the younger general "Now I've kept my end of the bargain..."

Zoycite shook her head "You really are a fool Neflite. Did you really think you could trust me?" she laughed and the air filled with cherry blossoms "I'll be back to pick up Malachite in the morning and let me assure you if you lay a finger on him you'll be sorry"

Neflite stepped back and watched in satisfaction as she started to disappear and then was thrown backwards to the floor.

"What?!" Zoycite cried in panic. Jumping up she attempted a teleport again and the same thing happened.

"It would seem you are the fool Zoycite" Neflite took a step towards her "I knew you would try to double cross me so I took the liberty of warding my room. You can't teleport out and no one can teleport in"

Zoycite's green eyes widened in fear through part of her was impressed by this clever move. She had always thought the drink impaired Neflite's judgement of character.

Then she smiled again "You forget there is always the mundane method" she walked to the door and twisted the knob. As her hand connected with the handle Zoycite shrieked as powerful magics threw her backwards to the floor once again.

"You bastard!" she screamed, springing to her feet once more "What have you done?"

"The ward will not let anyone with magical abilities in or out" Neflite stepped closer "I suggest you give up now"

"No!" Zoycite felt her back hit the door that had seconds ago repelled her.

"Come on" Neflite reached up and caressed her cheek "I'll be gentle"

Zoycite cursed and aimed a cherry blossom attack at him. Neflite laughed softly when nothing happened.

"You are also unable to use your powers within the ward"

"But just now...?"

"I let it down for a second because if you discovered it too soon you would flee"

"You are smarter than I gave you credit for" Zoycite admitted, "But that doesn't mean I have to sleep with you"

"I meant what I said... I'll wake Malachite up and I'm sure he'll be more than happy to oblige"

Neflite leaned down and closed the gap between their lips. Zoycite bit his lip. Neflite pulled away and retreated to the bed. Time for reverse psychology. He climbed in and observed Zoycite quietly for a few minutes before saying "Ok fine... you win. I won't force you to have sex with me... I'm not a rapist and besides you're not that great a kisser anyway"

"What?" Zoycite snapped, insulted by this "How dare you?"

Neflite smirked "You're probably crap in bed too. I'd rather go another thousand years without sex than have it with you"

Zoycite clenched her fists at her sides and stormed up to the grinning second general "I've had no complaints from Malachite"

"Of course not... why would you? I am sure he wouldn't like to be in my predicament"

Zoycite was practically seething with rage at this point. "What the hell do you know about mine and Malachite's sex life anyway? Even in the Silver Millennium you weren't getting any from what I can recall and I know your game here and let me assure you I am not going to fall for it so I suggest you take down this ward and let me go home!"

"There is one little problem" Neflite blushed and looked at the ground "I can't"

"You can't? What do you mean you can't?"

"Its on a timer. It will come down at 7 in the morning and not even I can take it down before then. I didn't want anyone disturbing us"

"Fine I'll wait until morning" Zoycite hissed, taking a seat in the end of the bed.

Neflite grinned, "It'll be a long night... cold too... why don't you come under and make yourself comfortable?" he pulled back the duvet and gestured to the space beside him.

"How about no!" Zoycite shouted back, "Just shut up! In fact don't speak to me at all!"

Neflite grinned again "If that's what you want..."

"It is"

* * *

Zoycite shifted her position on the bed and looked anxiously at the clock on the wall. Gods it had only been an hour! She couldn't stand this! And to make matters worse Neflite was amusing himself by chinking the empty wine glasses together seeing how many different sounds he could get them to make. It was beyond torture! And it was cold. The temperature had dropped dramatically in the passed ten minutes and even the Zoycite's uniform couldn't keep out the bitter wind that blew under the door. She glanced at the vacant space in the bed again and the warm duvet. Shaking her head she wrapped her arms around herself for extra warmth. No way was Zoycite going to join him in the bed. Neflite would be all over her like a rash in minutes! This had to be the worst night of her life! Zoycite shivered again and moved a little closer to the space without consciously realising it. Neflite noted her movements and shook his head "You'll catch a cold if you stay there"

"Shut up" Zoycite shot back "I'm fine!"



"I wouldn't force myself on you if that's what you are afraid of. I'm not a rapist"

"Just a stupid star gazing fool" she hissed, "I thought I told you not to speak to me?"

Neflite patted the space beside him "Not until you stop being so stubborn and get over here"

Then he started chinking the wine glasses together again.

"Fine!" Zoycite shouted stomping round to the over side of the bed and climbing in "Just stop playing with those things, its driving me insane!"

Neflite did as asked and lay down beside her. He shifted about a bit finding the closeness of the woman unbearable and it was all he could do to stop himself from leaning over and kissing her. Of course to do that would be foolish. He had to be patient. Instead Neflite closed his eyes and attempted to get in some sleep. Even this proved difficult fighting his urges and the fact that Zoycite refused to take her eyes from him and flinching at every movement he made.

"I'm not going to try anything so please just go to sleep" he snapped rolling over onto his side partly to break the furious glare of emerald green eyes and partly so that his arousal wasn't that obvious. After a few minutes Neflite heard snoring coming from the woman beside him. He sighed... this was going to be a very long night...

* * *

When Neflite next became aware of his surroundings he felt a smaller body pressed up against his back. Neflite jumped slightly before remembering Zoycite was beside him. Rolling over he saw that she was fast asleep. Sighing Neflite couldn't believe his misfortune. Not only was his latest plan a total failure but he had the woman in bed and he still hadn't got anywhere with her! And to make things worse Zoycite was using his chest as an extra pillow! Well enough was enough! Neflite gently rolled her onto her back and lowered his head so that his lips were mere millimetres from her own. He may as well try something; he had nothing to lose. Neflite pressed his mouth gently to hers and got the shock of his life when Zoycite kissed him back. Startled he broke the kiss and stared dumbfounded down at the coppery haired woman.

"Malachite" she murmured in her sleep and snuggled closer to the shocked male. It took a moment for Neflite to realise what was happening. Did Zoycite and Malachite often do it whilst they were half asleep? Hmm obviously so and from the sound of it Zoycite thought that she was in bed with her lover. This would be the perfect opportunity too... nah he couldn't... he wouldn't dare... would he? Zoycite murmured again and Neflite felt her opening up the front of his robe. Neflite responded by rolling on top of her and kissing her, harder as his hands tugged almost desperately at her uniform. Zoycite would be pretty mad to say the least when she woke but Neflite decided he could handle her... after all once she found out how much better he was in bed than her lover then Zoycite would beg him to make love to her again... and again... damn it these Negaverse uniform were hard to get off! So many buttons made it difficult during the day as it was and near impossible at night. Neflite feared putting the light on in case Zoycite woke up completely. Pulling back from the kiss Neflite fumbled around with the buttons some more.

"Malachite" Zoycite moaned as she felt the weight shift. What was taking him so long? Normally he would strip them both of their uniforms in less than a minute (mind you it had taken years to perfect this). Hang on? Why were they wearing their uniforms in bed? Zoycite opened her eyes. As she did so the figure messing about with her jacket noted her waking and captured her lips in a hard kiss, hands working furiously on the jacket.

"Malachite?" Zoycite asked a stab of fear entering her voice. He didn't reply and finally managed to undo the jacket, pulling it off he started work on the trousers.

"NEFLITE REPORT!" the screech of Beryl cut through the air like a blade. Zoycite screamed as she realised whom her bedfellow was.

"Gah!" Neflite fell off the bed and into a heap on the floor.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" Zoycite screamed pulling the duvet over her chest before Neflite could switch the light on.

"You started it" Neflite pouted, fumbling for the lamp switch as he stood.

"I was half asleep you bastard" Zoycite hissed, standing up, still keeping the duvet wrapped around her top half she grabbed her jacket and stormed over to the other side of the room. Zoycite shuddered at that close call, if anyone found out... gods Beryl would kill her.

"Zoycite" Neflite started but was cut off by a furious scream from the Queen.


Neflite scowled, partly seething that Beryl had ruined his sex life ever since he had been taken into her service and now when he finally had a chance to make up for that with a night of passion with his enemy Beryl had once again ruined his chances and now because of this damn ward he couldn't...

There was a flash of light and Neflite felt a power, more powerful than his, take hold of the room and seconds later he was standing before his queen, Zoycite landing with a thud beside him, still clutching the duvet around her chest. As soon as Beryl saw them she went red. Neflite waited for the outburst but when it came it was directed at the woman beside him.


"Queen Beryl I.... He didn't see anything I swear" she struggled to replace the jacket whilst retaining her modesty.

"I don't want excuses. I thought I warned you about this? You know the price of disobeying me?" with that the staff started to glow a dangerous red as powers were drawn from its holder.

"Queen Beryl...!" Zoycite stumbled backwards, fear reflecting in her eyes. "Please... don't..."

Neflite winced and closed his eyes as power leapt out from the staff and engulfed the woman beside him. Zoycite screamed and fell back onto the stone, now fully clothed. Silence followed as Zoycite struggled up onto her knees, burn marks on the front of the jacket.

"That was a warning" Beryl hissed, "Now get out of my sight before I change my mind about sparing your worthless life"

"Yes your majesty... thank you" Zoycite quickly teleported from the throne room as Neflite looked on in amazement. What had just happened here?

"Neflite" Beryl turned to the auburn haired man "I forbid you from seeing Zoycite again do you understand?"

"But..." Neflite knew it was unwise to question Beryl but he had, had enough. He wanted sex damn it!

"I forbid you to have sex with her!"


"Believe me it is for your own good" Beryl hissed, "Now the Silver Crystal. I want it now! Without it we cannot revive the Negaforce"

"Yes my Queen"

* * *

Zoycite stormed back to the castle and ripped off her burnt uniform before replacing it with a new one. This wasn't fair! Damn Neflite... he had nearly killed her! Him and his stupid male urges! Gods if Beryl hadn't of called when she did... Zoycite sniggered. It might have been worth it to see the look on Neflite's face when he realised... Enough was enough now. He had to die. Zoycite summoned her most loyal Youma and located the general. Hmmm he was heading into the park, probably to get drunk again. Still it meant no witnesses. Zoycite opened a portal and gave the Youma their orders.

* * *

Neflite stomped through the darkening park listening to the annoying chatter of the girl at his side. This girl was the key to finding the silver crystal and he was not going to let her leave until he had it. Then Neflite planned on using its power to destroy Beryl and take the throne for himself. If he were king of the Negaverse he would no longer have trouble finding women willing to sleep with him. Still for some reason Neflite kept thinking of the coppery haired general. Gods he shouldn't care about her anymore. After tonight he could have sex anytime he wanted! Why did his thoughts bring him back to her? Neflite sat down under a tree, Molly sitting beside him. She was starting to ask him about something called a chocolate parfait. Neflite was feeling so annoyed that he practically told Molly where she could stick her parfait and this caused the girl to cry. Not being able to stand her wailing Neflite stormed over to the lake to watch the moon's reflection in the water.

"Why?" he looked up at the stars "Why do I keep thinking about her?"

They gave no reply; they seldom did when Neflite asked them of matters of the heart. What? He looked down at his reflection and sighed... there was no use in denying it. He had fallen in love... with his enemy. All those desperate plans to win Zoycite over. Why had he bothered with them when any sane man would have hired a prostitute if they became desperate? The diamond necklace? Sex was not worth that much unless he was unconsciously thinking of the woman herself and not just the few moments pleasure he would gain by winning her over.

Neflite had never been honest in all his thousand years and now was a good enough time as any to start. Perhaps if he told Zoycite how he really felt she wouldn't hate him... she might even realise that she liked him too. After all there had to be a reason they hated each other didn't there? As Neflite turned he heard Molly screaming. Looking around he saw her cowering against the tree. Youma! Neflite recognised them instantly. Grape and her sisters were Zoycite's Youma. Zoycite must have seen him with Molly and got jealous. Neflite quickly teleported between the girl and the thorns snaking out to ensnare her thinking that Grape would stop when she saw it was Zoycite's love she would hit. As soon as Neflite appeared the thorns struck. Gasping he fell back as they broke off in his flesh.

"Neflite!" Molly screamed racing to his side.

Neflite bit his lip forcing back tears of agony. Why hadn't they stopped? Dizzy with pain he fell back against Molly as the world spun around him. Then he heard laughter and cherry blossoms filled the air. Zoycite appeared and then stepped towards them.

"Well done girls" she stopped to pick the star crystal from the ground.

"Zoycite?" Neflite whispered as she drew nearer "Why?"

"Leave us," she commanded the Youma. They did so and Zoycite knelt down beside him, shoving Molly aside.

"Your foolish urges nearly cost me my life" she whispered, "You had to be eliminated"

"But why?" Neflite demanded, "What was so wrong with wanting to have sex with you?" he could hardly imagine Beryl would care about Zoycite cheating on Malachite.

Zoycite sighed and leaned forwards, taking Neflite hand. Neflite's eyes widened and for a few moments disbelief held his hand between her legs as he felt something that should not have been there.

"See" Zoycite spoke again, her voice lower than it had been.

"You're a... you're male? But why...?"

"Beryl's homophobic" Zoisite snapped, "She told me to put on a girly voice and pretend to be a woman or she would kill me. As long as I keep up the charade it keeps her phobia in check. That's why she went crazy in the throne room. If anyone found out about her phobia she would lose face"

"Does Malachite know?"

Zoisite scowled "Of course he does!"

"Then why isn't he a girl?"

Zoisite rolled his eyes "Can you see Malachite-sama in a dress?"

Neflite sighed, "Good point" he winced in pain "But why do you have to kill me?"

"Because you know my secret"

"That's not fair! I didn't until you told me"

"Beryl thinks you know and one of us has to die... I would rather it be you"

Neflite paused to consider these facts. What horrified him most of all was not that he tried to bed another man but the fact that now he knew Zoisite's secret he still wanted to have sex with her... erm him.

"Very well" he gasped, "You win... but could I ask one last favour?"

"What is it? Don't tell me you want to die beautifully? That's my famous quote remember?"

Neflite shook his head "A kiss?"

Zoisite was about to refuse when his conscience kicked in. Was he going to deny Neflite his dying wish? Not even he was that cruel... was he?

Zoisite sighed and leaned down, pressing his lips to Neflite's. The other man held him close and explored his mouth with his tongue for a few moments as the kiss deepened, tangling his hands in his foes coppery curls, drawing the slight body closer wishing he had the strength to further this embrace. Then the need for air forced him to release the other man.

"Thank you" Neflite whispered his fears confirmed. Zoisite had turned him gay. There was only one thing to do now. Neflite gripped hold of the thorns and pushed... and the world went dark... forever.

Zoisite stood, shocked as Neflite died... no killed himself. Was he that much of a bad kisser? Molly was knelt over him screaming at him for destroying her innocence and forcing her witness a gay kiss.

"Zoisaito?" Zoisite felt Malachite place a hand on his shoulder

"Malachite-sama I thought?"

"Beryl woke me... she wanted someone to take care of Neflite for her. It would seem that job has already been taken care of"

Zoisite smiled and leaned against his lover "I have to admit I am going to miss taunting him yet I fear he could not handle the truth"

Malachite laughed softly "We should go"

Zoisite nodded knowing what that would mean... back to the Negaverse and back to lying to all that lived there. "Malachite-sama I don't want... I hate hiding the truth like this. It seems wrong somehow. As if this was how it was meant to be and when we go back the lie will cover us once again"

"Zoycite" Malachite sighed, "I am sure those who care already know the truth anyway and those that cannot handle it end up like Neflite"

Zoycite smiled and laughed "Oh Malachite you're wonderful" she threw her arms around her lover. What did it matter? She was with the man she loved and Malachite was the only person that really mattered. Malachite took Zoycite's hand the two silently teleported back to the Negaverse.

A few hours later Sailor Moon, on hearing about Molly's disappearance, found her friend in the city park clutching a bunch of thorns and babbling about monsters who shot bushes at people, women who turned out to be gay men who could disappear into the air and a homophobic queen of the Negaverse.

The End

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