Dark Kingdom Interviews

Episode 1: Queen Beryl

© 1999 by Sailor Jade

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Author's Notes:

I apologize ahead of time. I making fun of everyone in this fanfic and am planning to make it even worse in the not so distant future. I'm planning to write an interview for all the Dark Kingdom Kings, or generals, prepare to laugh and get mad, and I'm preparing to get a lot of flames.

Just when you send them make sure you mention Jade in the title or my little sister will go through it, then you'll get a flame trying to send me a flame! *Sigh* Little sisters. Who needs them, well from the big sister's point of view.

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon or any of her friends (or foes). I do own Jade or Sailor Jade, and my fellow writer owns Christa-chan. Don't use our characters without our permission please.

Dark Kingdom Interviews - Episode 1: Queen Beryl

© 1999 by Sailor Jade

(Jade is J, Queen Beryl is QB, Christa-chan is C, and the Narrator is N)

J: Hi all you lucky readers! Today I'm interviewing the Lady of Darkness herself, Queen Beryl!

QB: Quit sucking up.

J: *Ahem* Well anyway, we're going to try and see into the mind of this caring, wonderful, beautiful, kind ruler.

QB: I said quit sucking up! (Stands up) And where's Endymion! That note said he'd meet me here!

J: Well... you see... our producer Christa-chan...


J: ...sort of had to write you that note so you would actually come.

QB: What! You *Beep Beep Beep Beep* Of a monkey's *Beep* How dare you even think of doing that!

J: That was... interesting. Now Beryl, why don't you stop cursing and answer a few questions?

QB: I'm not done yet! You *Beep Beep Beep*! Where the *Beep* is that noise coming from!?

J: It's our censors, Mr Lemley, and Mr Godo. They won't allow us any fun on this fanfic!

QB: *Humph* As soon as I get back I'll send Jedite to attack them with some killer shrews! (Sits back down)

J: Ok...

C: Hurrah! No more science or geography homework!

J (to Christa-chan): Don't let her know that!

QB: Know what?

J: Um... that... Barney and Endymion are madly in love with one another.

QB: What! My true love and a purple singing dinosaur!

J: 'Fraid so.

QB: Then I'll kill *him* too.

C: Hurrah!

J: Can we continue!?

C: Jeeze!

J: Thank you. Beryl, why did you put Jedite into eternal sleep?

QB: He got on my nerves. Beside he never... <CENSORED>... Darn censors!

J: Ok, since I heard that you must excuse me. (Walks off stage, faint sounds of someone hurling)

QB: I love to gross them out. (Smiles evilly)

J: Ok, I'm back. Oh, Beryl, Christa-chan told me this came for you.

QB (reads letter): Christa-chan! Get your little *Beep* over here!

C: Uh, oh.

QB (runs off stage screaming war cry): Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! (Many massive crashing noises)

J (picks up letter and starts to read out loud): Beryl. I have decided to run away with my beloved Christa-chan. Please don't try and stop us. Evil Prince Endymion. (Finishes letter) Well I didn't know that! (Set catches on fire) Uh, oh. Well that's all the time we have today. Come back soon for my interview with Jedite. Bye! (Runs off set screaming) Call 911! Call 911! Call Sailor Mercury or Neptune! Call my agent! Call someone!

C (running back on stage): He's mine! You Can't have him!

QB: (running after Christa-chan): Say that to my face you little *Beep*!

N: This story was written in front of a live studio audience.

(Fade to black)

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