The Chant

© 1998 by Theresa Aluen

It's you..
  who calls me..
    beyond the time..?

It's you..
  Who tried to reach me..
    beyond the space..?

I see you...
  Through my dreams.

In the shade of white..
Beneath the dark curtain.

How can I forget you..?


    the words are beyond the thought...
    the thought is beyond the feeling...
  the feeling is beyond the dream

My feeling of you
    is in the shadow of red...
...the glory..the death..and the beauty.
My dream of you
    is beneath the curtain of whiteness..
...the love..the serenity..and pain.

Author's Note:

This one is about Zoisite. He's reborn as human being again. He doesn't remember anything about Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl, nor The Four Kings. But his feelings tell him something.

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