(Tears of Crystal - Pt.3)

© 1997/2006 by Stayka deyAvemta & Shavana Rhea

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'A plan - I only wish I had a plan', Kunzite thought desperately, while he still maintained his usual demeanor of calm and superiority. He didn't want to alarm either Zoisite or the youma Oniwabandana that he was utterly clueless how to begin the fight.

Kunzite and Zoisite still sat on the sofa in the elegantly furnished living room of Oniwabandana's human alter ego Asahina Nana, and the youma had taken place opposite them in an arm-chair.

Well, the silver-haired man thought, he would make them believe that he knew what to do and make up his steps as he went along. After all, it had worked the other times, too, and no one had noticed. He gave Zoisite a confident smile, and his lover looked back comfortedly.

"It's too bad that we can't open a doorway or teleport to the Dark Kingdom without being noticed," Kunzite mused. "Of course there is the permanent doorway at the North Pole, but we still have to get there somehow."

"Why don't we just catch Endymion while he's in the Earth Realm?" Zoisite asked. "I must admit, I wouldn't even mind having to resort to knives if I could get him that way."

"I thought we agreed that we want him alive so that we can mind-wipe him for our purposes?"

"Awww, Kunzite-sama! You have agreed on that. I've seen how you looked at him when you teleported him back to the Dark Kingdom. I'd rather eliminate the temptation before he has a chance to spirit you away from me."

Kunzite sighed. True, Endymion was somewhat good-looking, but he lacked the catlike grace and fiery temper of Zoisite. How could he convince his beloved that his jealousy was absolutely unnecessary? Well, for starters, he had better refrain from using Endymion's name as far as that was possible.

"Zoisite, have you already forgotten that I decided to be exiled from the Dark Kingdom rather than to be without you?" Of course it was a bit unfair to remind him that he saved his life, but it was equally unfair that Zoisite always threw his jealous tantrums.

"Of course not!" The young man immediately snuggled closer to Kunzite who smiled inwardly. That was much better than having to endure Zoisite's unjustified accusations.

"I love you, my little rat," he assured him. "I promise that you can do whatever you wish with Endymion once he has lost his usefulness to us."

"Whatever I wish?" Zoisite's emerald eyes lit up as he imagined some creative new methods of torture. "You're always so good to me, Kunzite-sama."

When he looked up to his lover with affection, Oniwabandana couldn't help but take a new photo of them. She grinned and gave it to Kunzite. "You two always make a wonderful motif."

"Thanks - now we can finally replace that old picture you did so long ago."

"Let me see, too!" Zoisite gazed at the image. "Don't you think my hair is too messed up? Let me brush it, and Oniwabandana can take another picture."

"Oh no, you look just right. This time we don't let Oniwabandana take two or more dozens of photos until you're satisfied with your appearance." Kunzite kissed him.

"All right."

The youma smiled. "I don't mind taking some more pics of you."

"But I do," Kunzite sighed.

"Oh. I see," Oniwabandana giggled.

"Well, back to business," the silver-haired man said. "Do you have an idea of where we can set up a trap for Prince Endymion, Oniwabandana?"

"I can try to find out where his headquarters are. Then we could either try to assault him there or call him to lure him into an ambush."

"An ambush sounds good to me," Zoisite remarked.

"Why does this not surprise me in the least?" Kunzite commented amused. "Good. - Oniwabandana, I order you to seek out Prince Endymion's hideaway in the Earth Realm. Report to me at once when you have succeeded."

He gave the youma the location of the Japanese restaurant that he and Zoisite visited almost every day. If they weren't there the youma should check in again some time later.

* * *

Obsidian sighed. He was abysmally bored.

Now his oh so dear 'nursemaid' Antimony forced him to learn a couple of spells from this thick volume of which he couldn't even read the title as it was painted in some weird symbols that were absolutely unlike any writing used today. Blasted Old-Kesshana, he thought, a language that was dead already in the days of the Crystal Kingdom, but still used to record magickal spells and procedures.

Somehow Antimony was worse than Nephrite had ever been. When Beryl had given him Nephrite as mentor, he had hoped that he had seen the last of his old nursemaid who had looked after him since he was a small child, but when Nephrite had been killed on Zoisite's orders, Beryl gave him back into Antimony's care for want of a better solution.

It was worse than boring, he thought, when he studied the pages he was supposed to learn, as he would never need these silly spells in his future life. Listlessly he leafed through some pages further on.

Suddenly something caught his attention. The spell's title said something about conjuring disembodied spirits, if he deciphered it correctly.

Obsidian smiled and started to read the spell aloud. He understood only about every third word of the sermon, but he wanted to see what happened when he was through. When he ended, nothing occurred, though.

Disappointed, Obsidian called for Antimony, when he remembered that he wasn't supposed to try out spells on his own. Well, now it was too late.

Antimony stormed into the chamber. She was a petite, lithe blonde with a long ponytail that reached down to her knees. As she didn't belong to the officers of Beryl's army, she wore dark blue leggins and a long-sleeved, thigh length tunic of lighter blue.

of Antimony by Stayka

"What do you want?" she asked. Beryl had made it clear to her that she was personally responsible for Obsidian's well being, and so she had better look after him.

Unfortunately she herself had no magickal powers anymore, so everything relied on her force of personality and the underlying threat that Beryl would be really angry if Obsidian didn't obey her.

"Why doesn't this spell function properly?" Obsidian pointed to the page.

Antimony looked at the title, and her blue eyes widened in shock. "Promise me not to use this spell ever! It's much too dangerous as the spirit you call will slip into the next available body."

"Aha?" Obsidian looked at her thoughtfully and decided to repeat the spell. This time he supplied a name for the spirit, and the first deceased person that came to his mind was Nephrite.

Before Antimony could react, a bright flash shot through the room, and a shockwave hurled Obsidian into the far wall. When the smoke cleared, Antimony still stood in front of the book, although she looked a little shaken by the events.

Obsidian waited patiently for the dressing down, but Antimony stayed silent. Curiously, the violet-haired man stepped nearer.

"What's happened?" Antimony asked in utter confusion.

"There was a flash and smoke," Obsidian said with his best innocent look.

"A flash?" Antimony looked horrified at her hands and the rest of her body. "What have you done," she suddenly shouted at Obsidian. "What have you done to me?"

"Er, nothing," Obsidian said perplexed. He didn't know what she meant. Okay, she looked a little dishevelled, and her clothes were slightly burnt, but she was healthy and alive, wasn't she?

"I'm not me anymore," Antimony cried.

"Huh?" Obsidian didn't understand even one word.

"The last thing I remember is that I was killed, and then there was silence. And now?"

Obsidian's confusion grew.

"Why am I in this body?" Now Antimony's gaze fell on the book. "Conjuring disembodied spirits?! Don't tell me you have used this spell?" He always thought this spell was lost with a lot of other important spells when the Crystal Kingdom was destroyed.

"Er, well, yes..." Obsidian said hesitatingly. "Was that wrong?"

"By the stars, I thought at least in death I would be safe from you!"

"A-hem..." Suddenly Obsidian had a flash of insight. "Nephrite? Is that you?"

"Who else? What have you done to me?" the former second of the Four Kings of the Dark Kingdom lamented.

* * *

Zoisite and Kunzite were back in their house, and the younger man occupied himself with throwing knives at the door of the living room, where he had put up a lifesize image of Endymion.

Some of the sleak throwing knives stuck in the prince's eyes, throat and heart. Kunzite sighed, but decided to say nothing.

"So, what do you think?" Zoisite said smugly when he collected his knives.

"You ruined the door."

"Awwwww, Kunzite-sama, I have to exercise a bit!"

"There are other, less destructive things you could exercise - some of which I'd be delighted to assist you with." Kunzite bowed down to him and kissed him on the neck. Zoisite smiled at him.

"But we have to be prepared when we lure Endymion into our ambush."

"True. Although I still think you shouldn't kill him immediately."

Zoisite threw his knives again, this time each of them hitting a non-vital spot of the Endymion image. "Don't worry, Kunzite-sama. Didn't I tell you I wanted to torture him a bit for starters?"

"Zoisite, you know that I dislike it when you cause such a mess with your victims." Kunzite preferred to work more cleanly. He held out his hand and telekinetically collected all of Zoisite's knives and put them into a drawer. The small man pouted.

"You do have a soft spot for Endymion, don't you?"

"No, little rat," Kunzite sighed and pulled Zoisite into his arms to comfort him. They sank down on the sofa, and Zoisite enjoyed his lover's attentions.

* * *

Obsidian looked thoughtfully at Antimony - or rather Nephrite. Hm, when Nephrite was in Antimony's body now - where was she? When he sensed around he couldn't feel any spirit or energy signature of her. Had she simply dissolved? Obviously Nephrite's energy pattern had been too strong and probably overpowered hers.

Well, at least that meant she couldn't force him to learn any more stupid spells he didn't need, and he hadn't forgotten the spankings she had given him when he was a small child and played some tricks on her.

But what what should he do with Nephrite now? His new outer appearance was slightly unsettling, and when Beryl discovered what had happened, she would certainly be furious. He had to get rid of Nephrite as fast as possible.

The best idea would probably be to send him to the Earth Realm where he could get to terms with his new look. He/she still stared down at him/herself in shock. Obsidian opened a doorway and shoved Nephrite through; he should appear somewhere in the area of Tokyo where he had this house of his.

Just when Nephrite was gone and Obsidian's big spellbook hidden, a call of Queen Beryl's reached him, and he teleported into her audience chamber.

Fortunately she didn't know of the book that was the only legacy left by his father. It was bad enough that she knew that the Great Mage Amethyst had decided to put him into suspended animation just after the fall of the Crystal Kingdom, so that he might wake up in a better world in the future.


"At your service, my Queen." He bowed his head.

"What have you done in your rooms? I sensed a magickal explosion."

"Er, nothing, Queen Beryl. I only did my exercises as I was told, and it seems I botched a spell. But nothing happened..."

Queen Beryl looked as him sternly. "If your late father knew how incompetent you are in magickal matters, he would weep in his grave!"

"Yes, Queen Beryl." Obsidian looked properly chastened. "I will try to do better in the future."

"I hope so. You are dismissed!"

Obsidian teleported back to his quarters to think about his next steps. Probably he should go to the Earth Realm and try to find Nephrite.

The 'reborn' King had decided to go to his mansion, where he hoped to find the quiet and solitude to think about his current situation. He would ask the stars, as they knew everything, and that was best done in the chapel of his home.

* * *

"Did you hear that?" Zoisite looked up and frowned.

"What?" Kunzite was ripped from his reverie and disentangled his fingers from Zoisite's wonderfully soft, coppery golden hair.

"I think I heard a sound - there's someone sneaking around in our house."

"Hm." Kunzite concentrated and widened his senses to encompass the whole mansion. "I feel a familiar energy pattern," he said perplexed. "But that's impossible..."

Just in this moment Nephrite stormed through the door into the living room. He noticed the changes in his house and didn't like it at all, especially as the unwelcome visitors seemed to have taken over his mansion for good.

"What are you doing here?" he snapped.

A petite blonde woman stormed into the room. Kunzite let go of Zoisite and jumped to the feet.

"Shouldn't rather you tell me what you are doing here? - Who are you anyway?"

"This is my house, and no one is allowed to enter it uninvited!" Nephrite seethed.

"Your house?" Kunzite asked incredulously, before he checked the energy pattern of the strange woman. His eyes widened in shock, and he fell back onto the sofa. "Is that really you, Nephrite?"

"Nephrite?" Zoisite echoed unbelievingly.

"Yes, it's me. What have you done to my house?"

"Well, as you're dead - ah, well, as you were dead - we figured that you wouldn't need it anymore." Kunzite got up again and examined Nephrite's new body with interest. He was quite pretty now, and Kunzite had the vague impression he looked somehow familiar, although he couldn't place it.

"Before I forget it - we have to settle a certain score, my dear Zoisite," Nephrite fumed. "And about my house... You shouldn't consider enemies be gone so fast."

"Awwww, Nephrite," Zoisite giggled. "Stop complaining! I think this new outfit is definitely an improvement. You should rather thank me."

Nephrite growled and jumped at Zoisite to strangle him, but Kunzite pulled him effortlessly away from his beloved. Antimony's body was even smaller than Zoisite and more delicately built.

"I won't allow you to hurt Zoisite," Kunzite declared coolly. Nephrite was irritated that Kunzite was far more than one head taller than him now and so much stronger physically. This weak female body was a punishment, he thought angrily.

And anyway, he should have called in the power of the stars to blast Zoisite. It was unnerving, somehow this body seemed to react differently than he would have liked.

It was all Obsidian's fault, he thought sulkily. Well, maybe not, or he would be still dead for good. But his pupil could have given him a more fitting body! He had to come to terms with the new circumstances, before he tried anything, Nephrite decided. First of all, he needed a good glass of wine, and anyway, Zoisite certainly wouldn't run away. He could still punish him when Kunzite wasn't around some time.

"Well, how did you manage this most unusual rebirth?" Kunzite asked curiously. 'He has really nice legs', he thought.

"I'm not quite sure, but it seems Obsidian succeeded in calling me back from the dead." Nephrite tried to appear as calm as possible. He couldn't do anything against the two of them anyway.

"Obsidian? How?" Kunzite shook his head. Nephrite's former pupil was a walking catastrophe when it came to magickal work. Well, maybe this accounted for Nephrite's interesting reincarnation.

"Obsidian read a formula from an old book."

"Intriguing." Kunzite sighed. He had to leave almost all of his books in the Dark Kingdom when he fled with Zoisite. If only he could retrieve them...

"But would you please tell me why you have occupied my house?" He took a deep breath. If he was a bit stronger in power, he would blast first Zoisite and then Kunzite. Ah, wishful thinking!

"You weren't supposed to return from the dead," Zoisite grumbled.

"But now I'm here." His deadly gaze should have felled Zoisite, but the young man only made a face.

"And we are here as well," Kunzite stated. "And we won't go away."

Nephrite stood in front of him, arms akimbo, and looked angrily from him to Zoisite and back. "Wait and see," he threatened.

"Well, try me," Kunzite said with raised eyebrows.

"Graaa!" Nephrite stamped on the ground, and immediately wondered about this atypical behaviour. It seemed this body had some weird built-in reactions that he would have to get used to.

"Cute" Zoisite commented. "Nephrite you look really sweet in this body. You should have tried that before."

Of course this only prompted Nephrite to jump Zoisite again.

"Na!" Kunzite said and plucked him away from the copper-gold haired man. "I thought you knew that Zoisite isn't interested in women."

"I only want to show him how it's like to be dead", Nephrite fumed.

"I won't allow you to kill my beloved," Kunzite declared, and Zoisite gave him an affectionate smile, before he grinned evilly at Nephrite.

"Let him try. I'd love to return the favour a second time."

Nephrite couldn't decide whom he should kill first, but unfortunately he was much too weak for such actions anyway. He clenched his fists in an act of futility and grumbled something.

Kunzite grinned and examined him from the dishevelled blonde head to the shoes. Nephrite looked really sweet that way.

"Don't even think about that," Zoisite warned his beloved and put a hand on his arm. It was really unfair that Kunzite liked both men and women, for that meant he had to be doubly careful where his partner put his eyes.

Nephrite had the feeling they wanted to make fun of him, and he gave them deadly looks. "So you really want to stay here?" He tried desperately to stay calm.

"You got the point." Kunzite put his arms around Zoisite's middle and looked at Nephrite. "But you may take a suite in the other wing of the house, and we will stay in this wing."

With another murderous gaze, Nephrite invoked his powers and disappeared.

"Where has he gone?" Zoisite wondered.

"To the other wing, just as I told him."

"It seems he's a tad angry," Zoisite giggled and turned around to face Kunzite.

"Indeed. I shall put up some new wards around our bedroom, just to be sure."

"He has nice legs, though," Zoisite mused.

"Little rat, don't tell me you find a woman attractive?"

Zoisite grinned sprightly. Was there a little jealousy in Kunzite's voice? That served him right. "You know, somehow there's a man within that body."

"Don't you dare look at him as you look at me!" Kunzite said sternly.

"Lord Kunzite, you know I would never do that." Zoisite smiled at him. "You're much too powerful as that I'd ever want to let you go. Who else would protect me like you do?"

"Good." Kunzite kissed him tenderly.

* * *

Nephrite stood in one of the empty rooms of the other wing of his mansion and conjured fragile things that he could smash against the wall.

With satisfaction he watched as the heap of splinters at the ground grew. Suddenly he became aware what he was doing, and he stopped, blushing deeply. This body sometimes seemed to have its own notions of proper behaviour.

Nephrite conjured a tall mirror to study his new appearance. It was horrible! He had to find a way to get back his body as fast as possible. This was more than a punishment! He had to get a whole new stock of clothes.

Well, but first he definitely needed a bath. If he had to live with this impractical kneelength mane, it had to be at least washed and combed. And this tunic had seen better days, too. If he was lucky, at least some of his clothes should be still here in the house.

When he lay in the bath tub of one of the guest bathrooms and soaked in the hot water, he tried to figure out a way to get his hands on Obsidian's spellbook. When it contained the formula to put him into this body, there should be a way to get him out of this condition as well.

At least he could be sure that Obsidian would appear sooner or later. His student never missed an opportunity to make fun of other people's misfortunes.

* * *

"Do you think he will want to live here in the house again?" Zoisite looked at Kunzite with a gaze that begged the older man to tell him it was not like that.

"I fear that's exactly what he wants to do," Kunzite sighed, though.

"I'll kill him again," Zoisite threatened. He was pretty peeved that he hadn't managed to off Nephrite properly the first time. One should never give such important tasks to subordinates.

* * *

Obsidian expected that Nephrite had reached his house by now, and so he materialized in the chapel. When he spread his senses, he was surprised to feel more than one person in the mansion.

Curiously he followed the patterns and discovered the fugitive Kings in the living room. Kunzite sat on the sofa, Zoisite snuggled close to him, while he played with his beloved's gold-copper hair.

"What are you doing here?" Obsidian queried. So this was where they hid from Queen Beryl!

"Well, we thought we had a chance to live in peace and harmony," Kunzite said. He closed his eyes and buried the face in Zoisite's silky mane. 'While we figure out a plan to overthrow Queen Beryl and assume the power in the Dark Kingdom', he added mentally.

"I was bored stiff in the Dark Kingdom after Nephrite's death and when you were gone as well," Obsidian remarked. "But now I know where I can find you," he grinned.

Kunzite and Zoisite exchanged a stressed look, and the young man laid his head against his lover's shoulder. Kunzite would certainly take care that everything would become good again.

Obsidian sank into the armchair and sprawled all over it, while he examined the happy couple and smiled contentedly. The time of boredom was finally over! Especially, as Nephrite was here, too. He wondered if they had seen him already.

Kunzite thought about blasting Obsidian to oblivion, as the violet-haired man might give them away. He lifted his hand, but Obsidian noticed the gesture immediately.

"Don't even think about it," he grinned. "I have found an interesting spell that would reflect every attack at me back to you, and I guess that certainly won't be fortunate for you." At least he hoped it would work that way. To be honest, he didn't care at all to test his claim, but if Kunzite actually wanted to fry him, he had nothing to lose.

Kunzite gave him a deadly look, but decided not to take his chances, as his own attacks certainly could be dangerous for him. "By the way, what did you do to your nursemaid?" he deliberately changed the topic.

"Nothing," Obsidian replied innocently.

"Antimony said she was Nephrite, and the energy signature backed her claim."

"Hm, that may well be."

"So what have you done to her or him - or rather both of them?"

"I just read something aloud, then there was a flash and smoke, and it had just happened."

"You don't want to tell me you played with a magickal spell that you didn't understand?"

"Me? Certainly not!"

"He did," Zoisite contradicted with conviction and played with Kunzite's silver strands.

"So what?" Obsidian sulked. "I was bored."

"Poor boy," Zoisite sneered.

"What exactly have you done?" Kunzite wanted to know.

"As I have already told you - I read something aloud."

"And what was it that you have read?"

"A book."

"Cut that," Kunzite said icily. "Name the spell."

"Well, it said something about conjuring spirits or the like."

Kunzite blanched. "You actually invoked the great conjuring of disembodied spirits?"

"What's that?" Zoisite asked.

"A powerful binding spell that calls to disembodied spirits and is able to pull them into a host body and bind them there."

"Well, there were so many words I didn't know," Obsidian admitted his ignorance.

The silver-haired man sighed. "Unfortunately it's enough to say the words, as the underlying pattern bends reality. You've imprisoned Antimony's mind and channeled Nephrite into her body."

"I never liked her anyway."

"If it is correct what I remember about this spell, it means that Nephrite will be bound to Antimony's body until it is destroyed." Kunzite wondered where Obsidian had gotten the spell from. All of his books only had mentioned it and some of its properties, but they agreed upon the fact that the formula was lost since the time of the Crystal Kingdom.

"Well, I haven't planned that, but I think it serves him right. Now he's paid back that he always forced me to do these stupid exercises," Obsidian said smugly. "Anyway, he should be glad that he isn't dead anymore."

"Well, I could do something about that," Zoisite said thoughtfully and played with an ice crystal. Fortunately he could conjure things in the house without drawing unwanted attention here.

"If you do that I will simply call him back," Obsidian grinned. "The spell wasn't very straining."

"Oh, it's no fun killing someone when you know that he'll come back anyway," Zoisite pouted, before a wicked gleam lit up his intense green eyes. "Although, then I could try out several methods of torture on him..."

"For the time being we will have to live with him as he is," Kunzite decided. If Obsidian called Nephrite back every time Zoisite killed him, they could better try to come to terms with the situation of him staying here.

"Well, maybe I can turn him into something more agreeable," Obsidian mused. "In that book there were quite a lot of spells I didn't know."

"And what book would that be?"

"It's got no title, but it is rather large and thick. It's black with strange golden symbols on it." Obsidian projected a three dimensional picture of the tome's cover in the room, and Kunzite looked at it incredulously. He had heard and read of this masterpiece of ancient magick lore, but...

"This book has been lost for over a millennium," he breathed. "Where have you found it?"

"It's mine. It always was."

"But who gave it to you? This treasure was once compiled by the Great Mage Amethyst who died during the Crystal War."

"I know. That's what the book says."

"Pardon?! How did you come into the possession of it?"

"Who else should have gotten it?" Obsidian looked questioningly at Kunzite.

"Where do you come from anyway?" Kunzite asked. He suddenly had a suspicion. Zoisite followed the dialog with fascination.

"From the Dark Kingdom, what did you think?"

"Cut that! Who are your parents?"

"Why do you want to know this?"

"Because it might clear up some things, such as your relationship to Queen Beryl." He tapped his fingers on the sofa's armrest. "Tell me," he commanded, and his platinum eyes started to glow in the iciest blue. "Now."

"If I tell you, I'll only get into trouble," the young man moaned.

"If you don't tell me, you'll get into even more trouble," Kunzite said icily.

Obsidian sighed. "You are pretty mean," he complained. "All right. My mother was Galena and my father Amethyst. Are you satisfied now?"

"Just a moment - you don't want to tell me that you're the son of the Great Mage Amethyst?"

Obsidian's enervated look spoke volumes.

"Why didn't you perish in the destruction of the Crystal Kingdom like the others?"

"I have been told that I was put in suspended animation together with my nursemaid Antimony. Queen Beryl found us only fourteen years ago and freed us from the cold sleep chambers."

"Intriguing." Kunzite examined the violet-haired man thoughtfully. He was pretty sure that Nephrite didn't know of Obsidian's heritage, and now some of his behaviour made sense, too.

"So what?" Zoisite asked with a frown.

"According to some ancient books - that unfortunatelly still are back in our house in the Dark Kingdom - the Great Mage Amethyst was the brother of King Heliodor, the last ruler of the Crystal Kingdom, who happened to be the father of our dear Queen Beryl."

"Is your curiosity satisfied now?" Obsidian inquired impatiently. Now he really would get into trouble, for Beryl didn't want others to know too much about her wayward cousin.

"It is," Kunzite nodded. Finally he knew Obsidian's secret.

"And now?" Zoisite demanded. "We still have to deal with Nephrite."

"Why?" Obsidian wondered.

"He wants to reclaim his house," Zoisite sulked. "But it's ours now!"

"If he stayed in the other wing of the house, I could live with it," Kunzite stated, although Zoisite didn't look very happy about this.

"Well, I don't mind where you are living," Obsidian grinned. "But now that I know where I can find you, I'll certainly visit you more often."

"I fear we can't hinder you," Kunzite sighed. At least it seemed that Obsidian didn't want to betray them to Queen Beryl.

"You don't want to spoil me the fun, do you?"

"But you won't visit us when we're otherwise occupied," Zoisite demanded. He gave Kunzite a loving look, took his hand and and laid it against his cheek.

"And how am I supposed to know that you're 'otherwise occupied'?"

"Well, when we have retreated to our bedchambers," Zoisite declared, slightly blushing.

"I bet you spend 95 percent of your time there," Obsidian said amused.

"Oh, I'd love to," Zoisite sighed dreamily and nibbled at Kunzite's earlobe. "Unfortunately, Kunzite-sama much too often has other things to do."

Obsidian looked at them doubtfully.

"By the way, Obsidian, what do you think of Queen Beryl?" Kunzite changed the topic.

"Beryl? I don't like her very much."



"Asking hypothetically... Whom would you prefer on the throne of the Dark Kingdom - her or me?"

"Neither. I don't think anyone is qualified to take this place."

"But the Dark Kingdom has to be ruled by someone," Zoisite interjected. "I think Kunzite-sama would be the perfect choice." He looked up to him with utter devotion.

"Somehow this doesn't surprise me at all."

"But what do you have against him?" Zoisite looked poutily at Obsidian.

"Why should I support him?"

"Just look at him!"

Obsidian grinned. "I thought you forbade me to do right this?"

"Hm. Yes. I think you have a point. - But my beloved is strong, intelligent, rational, loving and just plain wonderful", Zoisite enumerated, and Kunzite gave him an affectionate look. "And what arguments do you have against him?"

"He orders me around!"

"A true ruler needs a strong commanding presence." Zoisite positively melted against Kunzite's side, when the older King caressed his neck. "So, do you help us getting rid of Queen Beryl?"

"Well, I won't do anything against you."

"That's all we ask." Zoisite beamed at him. Obsidian examined the two of them thoughtfully. He just didn't know what to do.

"Obsidian, do you know where Endymion's base in the Earth Realm is located?" Kunzite inquired.

"Don't you have any spies?"

"Of course we have. But I prefer to verify their findings."

"And who tells you that I say the truth?"

"I will know."


"I can sense it," Kunzite lied without missing a beat. He wasn't sure he could overcome Obsidian's natural defenses, but the boy didn't have to know that.

Obsidian frowned doubtfully.

"Try me," the silver-haired man challenged and gazed at him with his best icy stare.

"But I don't know it," Obsidian hurried to say.

"Then find it out!"

"As you wish." Obsidian was a little peeved how easily Kunzite managed to make him obey.

"By the way, how many youma has Endymion at his disposal?"

"All of them, I think."

Kunzite sighed; but that was to be expected.

"Well, Beryl is livid with rage."

"So am I," Kunzite said icily. "No one tries to kill my love and lives for long to gloat about it."

Obsidian looked at him and decided that it would be really unwise to cross Kunzite in any way.

"I wonder what Nephrite is doing right now," Zoisite mentioned.

"When I last saw him, he was sitting in the bathtub," Obsidian replied.

"I wonder if he might help us to get rid of Beryl." Zoisite looked at Obsidian.

"Well, if he doesn't kill you first, he might even support you."

"Kunzite-sama will protect me," the copper-gold haired man smiled confidently and snuggled closer to the subject of his affection.

"You might try to bribe him with some bottles of good wine," Obsidian suggested. "Or promise him new clothes. He might be in need of some."

"Well, I have a couple of nice dresses in my wardrobe." Zoisite blushed slightly.

"I think they might look wonderful on Nephrite in his current state," Obsidian giggled.

"I agree," Kunzite said. "I'd really love to see him in this alluring short red dress of yours."

"Kunzite-sama!" Zoisite pouted.

"I'd say currently he has just the right curves for it."

"But I looked nice in it too, didn't I?" Zoisite looked up to his lover.

"Indeed, my little rat." Kunzite tenderly caressed his cheek.

"Yeah, your legs are much longer and nicer," Obsidian nodded.

"Exactly," Kunzite agreed and stroked Zoisite's thighs.

"Although the fact that Nephrite currently looks like my nursemaid lessens my interest in his appearance a bit," Obsidian remarked.

"That reminds me," Zoisite laughed gleefully. "Wasn't there some mortal chick Nephrite had fallen in love with? I think it might be fun to introduce her to the new Nephrite!"

"Sounds like fun," Obsidian agreed.

Zoisite's eyes gleamed wickedly. "I can see wholly new ways to torture him."

"And what are we going to do now?" Obsidian wanted to know.

"Well, I know a couple of things." Zoisite curled up against Kunzite.

"We should wait for Nephrite," Kunzite decreed. "And then we will plan the downfall of Queen Beryl!"

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