Who's that Girl?

(Tears of Crystal - Pt.4)

© 1997/2006 by Stayka deyAvemta & Shavana Rhea

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Nephrite didn't want to return from his bath, and so Obsidian decided to check on him. The violet-haired man teleported into the other wing of Nephrite's - well, now obviously Kunzite's and Zoisite's - house, where the formerly dead King tried to get used to his new body.

"I'll be back later."

"Great," Zoisite smiled. He really needed some privacy with Kunzite. "'Later' means when?"

"Oh, ten or fifteen minutes."

Zoisite sighed disappointedly. "Only ten minutes?"

"What did you think? I don't need more time to check on Nephrite."

"Not? You might consider seducing him. That'd take some longer."

"Yuck!" Obsidian looked at him in utter disgust. "Not likely!"

"At least that might take longer than ten minutes."

"Forget it!"

"That's unfair," Zoisite sulked, and Kunzite chuckled. The little rat was absolutely sweet in his devotion to him.

"Till then," Obsidian grinned and teleported right into the bathroom where Nephrite still splashed around.

"Don't you think it's enough by now?" Obsidian asked his former mentor and studied the naked body that formerly had belonged to his nursemaid Antimony. S/he was slender and nicely proportioned and had gold-blonde hair that reached down to hir knees and floated around in the water.

"No, I don't think so," Nephrite snapped. "How could you do this to me? You could have at least found a better fitting body for me!"

"You should rather be glad that you're alive again. But I'm sure I'll find a way to transform this body into your old one - some time or other."

"Why are you so sure that you can do it? I've never had a worse pupil than you in all my life!"

"Do you have a choice?" Obsidian looked at him with a self-satisfied grin.

"Unfortunately no," Nephrite admitted grudgingly. "And until then I will have to live with this."

"Cheer up, Kunzite and Zoisite think you look cute."

"I can very well live without that!"

"But they are waiting for you."

"What for?"

"They want to hatch some plans against Queen Beryl."

"Okay, I will join them shortly," Nephrite decided. "And now get out," he shouted when he became aware of Obsidian's interested gaze. He really had to get used to having a female body.

Grinning, Obsidian teleported back to the living room.

* * *

When Nephrite's student materialized, Kunzite and Zoisite, who sat on the sofa with their arms tightly round each other, were ...occupied again. They only broke their kiss, when they needed some air.

"Oh, Obsidian - you're back already?" Kunzite observed.

"Yeah, I've been waiting for a while, but I didn't want to disturb you. You really look sweet together."

Zoisite blushed and lowered his gaze.

"Really," Obsidian grinned. "By the way, Nephrite will show up in a couple of minutes."

"Great. And - does he want one of my dresses?" Zoisite looked down on himself. Currently he wore deep red trousers and a long-sleeved white shirt, and he was quite happy about it. He didn't really want Obsidian - or worse Nephrite - to see him in a dress again.

"I didn't ask him, but then, he was still in the bathtub."

"Well, that's a sight I wouldn't mind either," Kunzite said with a grin, and Zoisite bit him lightly in the earlobe.

"Hey, little rat," the silver-haired man protested. "Believe me, I don't intend never betray you."

"I hope so," Zoisite pouted.

"Well, I must admit, though, that Nephrite is rather pretty at the moment," Obsidian stated.

"In terms of appearances he can't hold a candle to Kunzite-sama!" Zoisite said devotedly.

Obsidian laughed. "I'd rather not comment on that."

Finally, Nephrite entered the room. Somewhere in the cellar he had found some overlooked clothes of his which of course were much too large for his small frame. Furthermore he hadn't managed to tame his hair that was at least twice the length of his former hair-do.

Obsidian was quite amused.

"Perfect," Zoisite grinned. "Next time if someone has to disguise as SailorMoon we can take Nephrite!"

"I don't know how anyone can live with such impractical long tresses!" He pulled at the shaggy strands.

Zoisite stood up from the sofa, held out a hand and conjured a brush. "I just can't stand by and watch this." Kunzite raised an eyebrow.

"I'll do anything you want if you free me from these tangled things!"

"Anything I want?" Zoisite looked at him curiously.

"Of course not!" Nephrite fumed, "but you could help me anyway."

"Oh, I'd be delighted to help you out of your misery." The brush turned into an ice crystal.

"Zoisite," Kunzite said quietly with a menacing look at his lover. "You will immediately cease threatening Nephrite. We may need him for our plans."

"But Kunzi-"


Zoisite lowered his gaze. "As you wish, my Lord," he said meekly, and Nephrite almost couldn't believe it. How did Kunzite manage to make Zoisite obey so effortlessly? The fact that they were lovers couldn't fully account for Zoisite's reaction, he was sure.

The small man fumed internally. Unfortunately he couldn't do anything against Kunzite, not even if he treated him that badly. He cursed the damned oath that hindered him to attack Kunzite in any way. Well, he did love him, even desperately so, but sometimes he would like to teach him a lesson, nonetheless.

Zoisite turned the ice crystal back into the brush and went defiantly to Nephrite. Then he would turn to other means, and making Kunzite jealous to hurt him a bit might do, too.

Nephrite had watched the exchange of looks with fascination. Zoisite always reminded him of a volcano short of a devastating eruption, and he still couldn't understand how Kunzite could cope with him. He definitely wouldn't stand him for too long.

With a suspicious glance he watched Zoisite coming nearer.

"Don't worry, Zoisite won't harm you for the time being," Kunzite said flatly.

"Thank you very much," Nephrite replied wryly. Kunzite gave him an icy stare.

"Now keep still," Zoisite demanded and started to work on the long, gold-blonde hair. He absolutely loved long hair, there were so many things one could do with it.

"I'm finished," he declared after a while.

Now Nephrite's hairdo was the exact copy of SailorMoon's, only without the red ornaments that normally adorned her odangos.

Nephrite conjured a mirror and discovered Zoisite's handiwork. He sighed tragically. "Great! Now I'm just as blonde as SailorMoon," he said self-ironically.

Kunzite almost fell from the sofa, doubling over from laughter, and Obsidian grinned broadly as well.

"Now all I need is such a Sailor fuku, and I can join the competition."

"If he does, do you allow me to hunt him down?" Zoisite looked at Kunzite with his puppy-dog gaze.

"Of course, my little rat." The tall man smiled placatingly and held out his arms to him. Obediently Zoisite went to him and sat down on his lap. Immediately he was rewarded by a tender kiss.

Nephrite lowered himself in a chair and carefully arranged the long ponytails over the armrests. "Why do you want to talk with me?"

"I plan to dethrone Queen Beryl," Kunzite announced and absently stroked Zoisite's hair.

"So what? What do I have to do with it?"

"Beryl has Prince Endymion on her side, as well as the whole youma army. If I am to triumph against her, I need all the support I can get."

"Why do you tell me that? I don't want to return to the Dark Kingdom."

"And what do you intend to do?"

"I will try to exchange this," he pointed to himself, "for my real body. That's my foremost concern."

"As far as I heard your body disintegrated," Kunzite remarked.

"Well, I'll be content with a simile of my body. Everything is better than this!" Nephrite loked down at Antimony's body.

"You should be lucky that Obsidian didn't have some pet around," Kunzite grinned.

"I don't think that would have been worse."

"Well, you might have looked cute as a little piglet," Zoisite giggled.

"Pah!" Nephrite pouted.

"If you don't want to work with us, I advise you strongly not to work against us. Or I might ask Zoisite to take care of you again. I'm sure he'd be delighted." Indeed the young man nestled up to him, before he gave Nephrite an evil smile.

"I can't wait that Kunzite-sama allows me to get at you again."

Nephrite returned an angry look to Zoisite as he couldn't do anything else. Kunzite sighed.

"Please, why don't you just try to get along in the meantime?"

"I would go along with it," Nephrite claimed.

"Zoisite?" Kunzite lifted his lover's chin so that he could look into his eyes.

"I... might try it", the young man said hesitantly. "But still..."

"What?" To his surprise he discovered a single tear running down Zoisite's cheek, and Kunzite tenderly wiped it away. He really wanted to know what had happened between Zoisite and Nephrite in the past.

"I guess you wouldn't understand it anyway, my love." Zoisite curled up in his arms, and Kunzite gave Nephrite an icy glare for having caused his beloved so much pain, even though he didn't know what had occurred.

Unfortunately he knew that Zoisite would never forgive him, if he forced him to tell the whole story, so he had to wait until Zoisite managed to relate the happenings by himself.

"If there's nothing more to talk about, I'd like to go. There are some things that I have to take care of," Nephrite said.

"As you wish," Kunzite allowed him graciously. At least Zoisite had had his revenge once.

Nephrite looked at him disapprovingly. "I'll go shopping," he declared.

This statement led to one of Zoisite astonishing mood swings, and he suddenly beamed at Kunzite. "My Lord, I think I could need some new clothes, too!"

"Little rat, you have more than enough."

"Awwww, Kunzite-sama, pleeeease!"

Obsidian watched the two with amusement. Zoisite's measures of persuasion were cute.

"Well", Kunzite said thoughtfully. He had to give in to Zoisite's wishes once in a while, then he could be sure that all the important things were done as he wanted.

"Please?" Zoisite caressed Kunzite's cheek.

"Good," he finally said, and Zoisite kissed him exuberantly.

"How sweet," Obsidian grinned, and Kunzite gave him an icy stare. Zoisite stood up and stretched.

"Let's go shopping!" He took Kunzite's hands and pulled him up. "You also need some new outfits, my Lord." Currently the silver-haired man wore black jeans and a white shirt, that he had left partly unbuttoned as usual. "Don't forget to take enough money with you - I'd like to buy several things."

"Everything you say, my little rat."

"I can just see it," Obsidian commented. "You'll buy whole stores empty."

"Of course!" Zoisite assured, and Kunzite sighed. It seemed that his partner indeed wished to go along with Nephrite and Obsidian. Well, at least he didn't intend to kill either of them for the time being.

"Does this mean that we can finally go?" Grumbling Nephrite tugged at the badly fitting clothes.

"Okay, I'll take the car out of the garage." Kunzite fetched his black denim jacket.

"You really want to go by car?" Obsidian asked.

"If we either open a doorway or teleport, we will alarm Endymion's troops, and this is too dangerous at the moment. I set up detector crystals, and they showed some youma watching the area."

"Who drives?" Obsidian had heard enough about Nephrite's driving skills to be wary.

"I do. What did you think?"

"Er, I'd rather not think anything at all."

"And what is that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing," Obsidian immediately assured him.

"Good." Kunzite went to fetch the car, and Obsidian gazed at him doubtfully.

Zoisite sighed. "Well, at least the new car hasn't gotten any bumps yet."

"What about my car?" Nephrite asked anxiously.

"Oh, you mean the red one?"


"Er, you don't want to know." Zoisite blushed.

"Are you sure?"

Zoisite emphatically shook his head.

"If it didn't survive Kunzite's first driving experiences, I'll kill him," Nephrite threatened.

"Well, it didn't, but I would suggest that you calm down. You can't harm Kunzite-sama anyway."

Nephrite took a deep breath. He stood just before a big explosion, but unfortunately Zoisite was right. Okay, he thought resigned. He could always buy a new car.

"Don't despair, we have a nice white Toyota Corolla now."

Nephrite made a face. A car that wasn't a sport car was no car for him.

A horn sounded, and Zoisite put on a white jacket, while Obsidian stayed in the usual uniform of the Dark Kingdom, his with violet piping. They left the house and climbed into the car. At least it was fairly comfortable for four passengers, unlike Nephrite's deceased Ferrari.

Kunzite drove into the city, while Nephrite fidgeted on the seat. It took so long! Why had Kunzite to drive so slowly?

Finally they arrived and parked the car in a multi-storey car park. From there they walked to one of the shopping malls where Zoisite knew several boutiques.

Obsidian looked curiously around, while Nephrite grumbled and tugged at his much too large trousers. The first way was into a women's boutique, Zoisite decided. Nephrite desperately needed something better fitting, and while they were there he might try one one or the other nice dress, too.

Nephrite gazed doubtfully at the women's clothing. Somehow he couldn't get to like the thought of being a woman now.

Zoisite had found some fashionable short summer dresses. One particular dress in violet and light blue overcame his resolve, and he went to a mirror and held it in front of himself.

Obsidian had followed Zoisite and looked at him. "Do you really like to wear something like this?"

The pretty man blushed. "Well, don't you think it would fit me perfectly? Oh, I have to try it on!" He looked around furtively and slipped into a changing room.

Obsidian waited curiously until he reappeared, and Kunzite joined Nephrite's student. At last Zoisite stepped out of the cubicle. He had taken the ribbon out of his hair and looked absolutely beautiful.

"Not bad," Obsidian commented. "Turn around."

Zoisite whirled around and his coppery golden locks flew. Kunzite shook his head with amusement. He had thought Zoisite didn't want to show himself in a dress in public again, but obviously his desire for new clothes had won over his resolve.

"You look really sweet," Obsidian grinned, and the comment prompted a frown from Kunzite. Not that he wouldn't agree, but Zoisite still was his personal property.

Zoisite blushed and cast down his eyes, then he remembered a certain promise, blushed even deeper red and fled back into the changing room. Now he had shown himself in a dress before Obsidian again! But he would buy it anyway. It really fit him perfectly.

Obsidian shook his head and decided to turn his attention to Nephrite who had chosen a pastel yellow and white outfit that certainly would look rather bland on him.

Now Zoisite returned in his trousers and shirt. He also had caught his hair in the ribbon again, Kunzite noticed regretfully. The small man gave Kunzite the dress. "Hold that, please. I want to look for something else," he said in high spirits. Without waiting for a response, he dived into the store again.

Nephrite still fought with his dress and wondered why it had the zipper on the back. How was he supposed to close it that way? He stuck his head out of the cubicle. "Could anyone help me please?"

Obsidian went to him. "Help with what?"

"The zipper of this dress."

"I see." He worked at the zipper, but the dress was pretty tight. "Maybe you should try a larger size."

Nephrite sighed. "Sounds reasonable." He wondered again what he had done to deserve this.

Furtively Zoisite rushed into the adjoining cubicle; he had found another interesting dress that he had to try on. "Kunzite-sama!" he chimed and presented himself in a stunning green evening gown that exactly matched the colour of his eyes.

Nephrite raised his eyebrows when he saw Zoisite. "Elegant."

"Thanks." Suddenly he squealed when he realized that it was Nephrite in that woman's body. He fled into the cubicle and cursed himself that his love for beautiful dresses always got the better of him. The next stop would be a men's boutique, he promised himself.

Obsidian brought Nephrite the pastel yellow dress two sizes larger and helped him again with the zipper. Critically Nephrite gazed at his mirror image.

"I think I'll take this. At least it's comfortable."

When Zoisite spotted Nephrite, he shook his head. "No way that you buy this one," he decreed. "Wait a moment."

Only two minutes later Zoisite returned with an arm full of clothes. He threw him a bright red dress. "You have to try on this one."

"If you say so." Nephrite stared at the dress as if it might bite him, but complied. The result was stunning. Obviously Zoisite really had a knack for finding fitting clothes. Nephrite admired himself in the mirror. It really looked better than the first one.

"Nice," Kunzite commented. "You'd better let Zoisite choose your clothing."

Nephrite also tried the other pantsuits and dresses Zoisite gave him without complaints. Obsidian was amused, but Zoisite's taste in clothing was really better than Nephrite's. Kunzite had the honourable task to carry everything, as he was the one who would pay for it, too.

"I hate shopping," Kunzite declared fervently when his lover was away looking for some further pieces. "Especially when Zoisite wants to buy clothing!"

Obsidian shook his head. "And why are you doing it anyway?"

"Well, some time or the other I have to do the things Zoisite wants, or he'll sulk for weeks. And anyway, he does look beautiful in these outfits, doesn't he?" Kunzite looked affectionately to his beloved who just returned.

Obsidian tsked and wondered where Kunzite took his patience from. He already started to get bored again.

"I have bought enough for now," Zoisite announced. "Let's find some nice clothes for you, too, my Lord."

The silver-haired man sighed. It had been so much easier in the Dark Kingdom where he only had to wear his uniform and everything was perfectly fine.

"It seems now it's your turn," Obsidian grinned at him.

"You're right. I wish I could get back to my uniform. I especially miss my cape," he sighed.

"Well, it looked nice," Obsidian agreed. "But wasn't it much to impractical?"

"It's only a matter or practice," Kunzite said.

Nephrite decided to wear one of the dresses right away and turned around in front of the mirror. He still hadn't gotten used to his new look.

"Where are we going now?" he asked after Kunzite had paid.

"Over there!" Zoisite pointed at a men's boutique. "Kunzite-sama needs some clothes, too."

Zoisite shoved Kunzite into the store and chose a completely new wardrobe for him as well, while Nephrite and Obsidian leaned against a wall and tried to fight their boredom. Finally the young man was satisfied, and Kunzite paid before they left the store with another couple of plastic bags.

Kunzite decided to put all their purchases into the trunk of the car, before they did anything else. The others waited for him until he came back.

"I suggest we should find something to eat," Obsidian said and looked at his belly. "I'm hungry."

"I agree," Kunzite nodded and pulled Zoisite into his arms. "We are done buying clothes, aren't we, little rat?"

Zoisite looked up to him and discovered that Kunzite had put on his no-nonsense face that said he really was fed up with running around and doing the shopping.

"Yeah, I guess so," he complied. He could have gone on trying more clothes and other stuff for some more hours, but it was better not to try Kunzite's patience too much.

They looked around for a restaurant and took the nearest one.

* * *

"I don't believe it!" Mizuno Ami and her four friends strolled through a shopping mall, when the blue-haired girl discovered two familiar figures. But this wasn't was caused her incredulous shout. "Do you also see what I'm seeing?"

She pointed at a certain tall, silver-haired man who was this time not only accompanied by his partner, but also by an unknown violet-haired youth in the usual uniform of the Dark Kingdom and a blonde young woman in a blue dress who sported exactly the same weird hairdo as Tsukino Usagi.

"Waaaaah!" Usagi couldn't believe it either. There was someone who shamelessly copied her.

Kino Makoto looked fascinated at the violet-haired young man, and two big hearts appeared in her eyes. "He looks just like my old senpai," she sighed.

The other girls looked tragically heavenwards.

"Hm." Aino Minako looked from the unknown blonde to Usagi and back. "I always thought only one person would wear her hair that way."

"At least voluntarily," Hino Rei said acidly.

Of course Usagi immediately pounced on Rei and stuck her tongue out at her, which caused Rei to do just the same, until Ami stepped between them.

"Usagi, Rei, do I have to remind you that we have just discovered some bad guys? Shouldn't we do something about it?"

"Oh, yes." Embarassedly, Usagi tread from one foot on the other one. "What are we going to do now?"

"What about transforming and challenging them?" Ami asked wryly.

"But the cute guy with the violet hair just can't be evil," Makoto sighed dreamily. At least he hadn't crossed their way until now.

"Tell me, have you hidden some sister from us?" Minako asked Usagi.


"Don't you think that lady over there pretty much resembles you, odangos and everything?"

"But I'm much prettier," Usagi protested.

"I fear something else," Rei interjected. "Usagi might have started a new fashion trend. "

"Me? Why?"

Rei slapped a hand to her forehead, but stifled a comment.

"They're gone," Makoto sighed. She had to meet that violet-haired guy again.

"They've only gone into the restaurant," Ami told them.

"What are we waiting for?" Usagi jogged to the restaurant. The others exchanged quizzical looks, but followed her nonetheless. Unfortunately Usagi was the Moon Princess and thus their leader.

"I still want to know what they have done to Tuxedo Kamen," she panted and stormed the restaurant. Suddenly she stopped when she noticed that all the guests directed their attention at her because of her vehement entrance.

Minako, who was right behind her, ran into her and threw her down. Promptly the others stumbled over them as well, and a heap of five girls lay on the ground.

A waiter looked curiously down on them. "I take it you want a table for ...five?" he asked when he had managed to figure out the number.

* * *

Obsidian watched the knot of girls with fascination. "The restaurant seems to be popular," he observed. "There's a real run on it."

"Interesting," Kunzite commented. "Wouldn't you say that the girl at the bottom of that heap has just the same hairdo as Nephrite currently has?"

"What?" Nephrite stared at the girl Kunzite had pointed out. "But... That's SailorMoon - I mean, Tsukino Usagi."

Shortly before his death he found out her true identity, but never had the chance to reveal it to anyone. Anyhow, he remembered darkly that he told her that her secret was safe with him - but then, he hadn't thought he'd come back from the dead, either.

"Pardon?" Kunzite asked incredulously. "That blonde clutz is SailorMoon? Well, the hairdo does fit. - But, wouldn't that mean the others are the rest of the Senshi?"

"It's reasonable to assume that," Nephrite agreed. "One can't even eat without being disturbed by them."

"SailorMoon?" Obsidian asked curiously. He had only heard the stories about the 'highly dangerous girl-soldiers' that Jadeite, Nephrite and some youma had told him. "This is SailorMoon?" Obviously they had exaggerated hopelessly to cover their own incompetence, he thought.

"Actually, I doubt it, but obviously Nephrite has some information we lack," Kunzite stated.

"If they are truly the Senshi, I'd really like to fry them," Zoisite hissed. If SailorMoon hadn't intervened, Tuxedo Kamen would have been dead twice, and Beryl would have never found out that he was Prince Endymion.

"Zoisite," Kunzite laid a hand on his lover's arm. "You know that we'll have to deal with Endymion and the youma army as well if you invoke your powers here."

"That's so unfair," he sighed, and Kunzite gave him a fleeting kiss on the lips.

"We should disappear before they have managed to get up," Nephrite suggested.

"I agree," Kunzite said. They stood up, and Kunzite left an ample amount of money on the table to pay for whatever they had ordered. It was enough if the Senshi and the Dark Kingdom were after them, they didn't need to be pursued by the local police, too.

"We should split," Nephrite told Kunzite. "I think they will be mostly after you and Zoisite."

"Probably. Although Obsidian's uniform will have given him away as well."

"Well, then he should be able to lure them away."

"Hey, I'm no potential suicide," Obsidian protested. "If they are really the Senshi, they are dangerous!"

"I'd say if we split, they'll split as well, and if they are separated, we are stronger," Kunzite said. The power of the Senshi came mostly from working together, while he and the others were comparably stronger on their own. "We'll go that way."

Under the puzzled looks of waiters and cooks they ran through the kitchen and left the house through a backdoor.

When Kunzite and Zoisite were away, Obsidian was left confused in the restaurant. This was a little too fast for him.

The girls were still in the process of disentangling themselves from each other, but in their eagerness to be as fast as possible, they just crashed down again.

"Take your foot out of my face, Usagi," Rei hissed.

"Waaaaaah," the blonde squealed and tried to free her ponytails from under Minako.

Makoto tried to crawl out of the heap when she had discovered that the cute violet-haired boy still stood in the middle of the room.

Nephrite took his chance and ran to the exit. With a long leap he jumped over the girls and cleared off. Obsidian felt somehow left alone, although he still couldn't believe that these silly girls were the Sailor Senshi.

Finally Makoto managed to get free and stood up. She straightened her skirt and gazed enraptured at the young man. "You look just like my old senpai," she managed to say.

"What?" Obsidian didn't trust his ears.

"You have exactly the same hairstyle as he had," she noted dreamily.

Obsidian looked at her unbelievingly. This couldn't be true, could it? No, it was impossible, these girls couldn't be the Senshi.

"Ahm, I'd like to invite you to a cup of tea," she said, slightly blushing.

"Tea?" Obsidian mouthed. He still didn't get it.

"Or do you prefer coffee?" This cute guy couldn't be evil, Makoto was absolutely sure.

"I... I don't know," Obsidian replied in confusion.

"We could settle on hot chocolate, too," Makoto pressed on.

"Er, I like all of it," he said and made a step backwards.

"Wonderful!" Makoto smiled. She only hoped this cutie wouldn't reject her because of her size. At least he was a little taller than she was. "By the way, I'm Kino Makoto."

"Aha." Obsidian cautiously took another step backwards.

"And what's your name?" She followed him step by step.

"My name?" He withdrew a further step.

"Yes, your name." She came nearer still.

"Obsidian." When he tried to retreat even further, he felt the wall at his back. Uh-oh. He just wanted to get away from here.

"That's an interesting name." Makoto examined him from head to toe. Actually he looked even more handsome than her old senpai, she thought.

* * *

Finally Usagi managed to get up as well, and she stormed after that impertinent copy of hers. Minako immediately followed suit, but Nephrite had quite a lead.

Rei and Ami decided to come to Makoto's aid, but somehow there didn't seem to be any battle. Actually it looked more as if Makoto had cornered a frightened animal which desperately sought for a way to escape.

"Makoto?" Rei asked unbelievingly. "Do you need help?"

Obsidian found it absolutely unfair that he had no one who came to his aid. Maybe these girls were dangerous after all.

"No," Makoto replied and tried to shoo them away. "He looks even better than my old senpai," she sighed.

Obsidian stared at her in shock. What did she want to say with this?

"But he belongs to the Dark Kingdom," Rei chided her. "They're all evil."

"Nephrite also turned good in the end," Makoto stated. "At least according to Naru."

"Who is Naru?" Obsidian wanted to know. Nephrite had never told him about someone called Naru. Although, didn't Zoisite mention something about a mortal girl Nephrite had fallen in love with?

"A school-friend of mine who fell in love with a ...colleague of yours." Makoto sighed. "This proves again that love can conquer everything."

Obsidian cursed himself that he had let her maneuver him back to the wall. How could he flee now without invoking his powers?

"Well, you're right that this guy looks quite nice, Mako," Rei agreed, "but he is from the Dark Kingdom, so you really should be careful."

"I'd still like to invite you to a cup of tea, Obsidian," Makoto reminded him.

Ami was fascinated that this young Dark Kingdom guy almost looked a little frightened. Weren't they supposed to be cool and arrogant all the time?

"Good," Obsidian gave in. Probably this was the fastest way to get out of here.

With a triumphant smile, Makoto tugged him to a free table and ordered a large pot of green tea. Obsidian was curious what the tall, brown-haired girl had in mind. The other girls sat down as well and watched Makoto worriedly, who only had eyes for her target.

Rei couldn't believe that Mako was interested in a member of the Dark Kingdom, although this might open up some whole new possibilities. Maybe she could convince him to tell her the location of the entrance?

Slowly but surely the attention of the other guests turned back to their tables, and Obsidian relaxed. "Okay, what do you want of me?"

"I... I only want to talk to you." Makoto blushed deeply red. He was so cute!

"About what?" He looked at her questioningly.

"Well, about you for example. How old are you?" Makoto looked deep into his blue-violet eyes.

"A-hem, I think I'm seventeen."

"Seventeen. That's perfect." She smiled. "I'm fifteen. - Do you also go to school? I mean, are there schools in the Dark Kingdom?"

"Aren't there schools everywhere?" Obsidian asked back.

"So the Dark Kingdom isn't too different from the Earth, it seems."

"It's darker," Obsidian volunteered.

"Well, it's the Dark Kingdom after all," Ami commented amused.

"Exactly," Obsidian grinned.

"So why do you have to be evil? I mean, you hurt people when you draw the energy from them."

"And what about the humans? Don't they hurt themselves all the time, too?"

"What do you mean?"

"I don't think we are worse than the humans."

"But you want to attack the Earth," Rei accused him. "Why don't you take the energy from another source?"

"And what would you suggest?"

"There's geothermal energy, tidal power plants, nuclear energy," Ami enumerated.

"I don't think that would work," Obsidian suspected. "But I'm no scientist."

"You should try to find it out. If you wouldn't attack the Earth to collect energy we could live in peace."

"I don't attack anyone," Obsidian pointed out.

"That's true," Makoto agreed. He only drank his tea. "I really don't think he's evil," she told Ami and Rei.

"I'd better go now," Obsidian said and stood up. "The others will wonder where I've gone."

"Could we meet again some time?" Makoto asked wistfully.

"Why not?" Obsidian replied.

"What about sunday? We could watch a movie in the cinema."


"Please - sunday afternoon at the cinema complex. I'll wait for you."

Rei looked heavenwards. She couldn't believe it - Makoto actually intended to date a member of the Dark Kingdom.

"Until then." Obsidian waved at her and left the restaurant. Makoto followed him with the eyes and had hearts in them again.

* * *

Obsidian immediately set out to look for Nephrite. It didn't take long for him to find him. He was still running from the two blonde girls, and by now he was pretty much exhausted, so they slowly but surely gained on him.

Obsidian had found a good observation post and amused himself watching his former mentor.

"Hold!" Usagi panted. "I'll get you anyway."

Kunzite and Zoisite had arrived as well, and when they heard the sound of a fast pursuit, they hid in a house entrance to let the three blondes run by. It was an amusing sight how their hair blew about.

Now Obsidian discovered Kunzite and Zoisite when they stuck their heads out of the entrance to look after the three girls.

Suddenly Nephrite stopped in his tracks and turned to face his pursuers. "Would you please tell me what you want of me?"

"Ahm," Usagi panted heavily. "Er, what did we want of her?"

"I thought you had a plan," Minako replied in surprise.

Obsidian, Kunzite and Zoisite stalked a little closer, but still tried to stay hidden. Kunzite was badly out of breath. He really should have trained a little more and not relied so much on his magickal powers to float around, he thought wryly.

When they studied Nephrite, SailorMoon and the other blonde - who probably was SailorVenus - it was almost uncanny how much they resembled each other. Especially SailorMoon and Nephrite-Antimony almost looked like twin sisters.

"What I wanted to know," Usagi began. "Why do you run around just like me?"

"I could give the question back to you," Nephrite retorted and folded his arms. "Well?"

"Ahm, I don't know, I always look like this," Usagi said surprised.

"What is going on anyway?" Minako wanted to know. "I thought we pursued someone from the Dark Kingdom?"

"You're right," Usagi nodded. "I think we should transform."


"Aha," Kunzite, who had strained to overhear the conversation and succeeded, observed. So it was true and they were two of the Sailor Senshi.

"I can't believe that those two dumb blondes have given us such difficulties," Zoisite whispered into Kunzite's ear and took the opportunity to kiss him briefly on the check. Kunzite smiled and tousled his lover's hair affectionately.

"Transform into what?" Nephrite asked innocently. Maybe they should try to transform into brunettes - that might heighten their intelligence quotient.

Minako tugged at Usagi's sleeve. "We'd better go."

"Why? I thought we wanted to interrogate her?" She frowned. "Although I don't know anymore what I wanted to ask her."

Minako looked heavenwards.

Nephrite looked from SailorMoon to the other girl and grinned. He couldn't believe that the former was the leader of the much feared Sailor Senshi. She really was only blonde.

"Kunzite-sama, I want to frighten them a bit - may I?" Before the older King could answer, Zoisite stepped behind Usagi.

"Boooo!" he said loudly.

Usagi jumped almost three feet high and looked utterly shocked. Zoisite laughed his best evil laugh. "Well, well. Whom do we have here?" He made a threatening step towards her.

"Waaaaaaaaah!" As she hadn't transformed into SailorMoon, Usagi decided it was the best course to flee full speed, and she tugged Minako along.

Zoisite almost doubled over and laughed gleefully.

"Now they are all gone," Obsidian said regretfully. "Are you sure these were the Sailor Senshi?"

"One of them was definitely SailorMoon," Nephrite assured him.

"Strange," Zoisite mused, when he had calmed down. "Normally SailorMoon should have babbled something about 'punishing us in the name of the Moon' or so."

Kunzite stepped behind Zoisite and wrapped his arms around his waist. "I'd say you shocked her too badly," he chuckled.

"Yeah, I had the impression she had something against my hairdo."

Zoisite giggled. "I know. She was likewise furious when I masqueraded as SailorMoon to lure the Senshi into a trap."

"You masqueraded as SailorMoon?" Nephrite looked at Zoisite and tried to imagine him with odangos and in a Sailor fuku.

"Well, you should have seen the face of Tuxedo Kamen when he thought that it was his sweetheart who stabbed him with an ice crystal!" He laughed wickedly.

Obsidian shook his head. He really couldn't imagine Zoisite as SailorMoon. "Anyway, I can't understand why Jadeite and some other guys back home claimed that these Senshi were dangerous."

"In my eyes they are more an annoyance," Kunzite said. "I didn't have any problems bringing them to their knees. If Queen Beryl hadn't called me and Zoisite back, we would have already eliminated them."

"I'd really like to see them in their nice little fukus one day," Obsidian mused.

"Sooner or later we'll run into them again," Kunzite suspected.

"Yeah, and then I'll blast them one after the other," Zoisite promised with a nasty gleam in his emerald eyes.

"Reserve me a place on the grandstand."

"You don't want to join me in fighting them?" Zoisite frowned at the violet-haired man. He still had a score to settle with them.

"Actually, no," Obsidian said. "They haven't done me any harm, and I don't like to fight anyway."

"Coward," Zoisite spat.

"I don't care what you think of me"

"Zoisite." Kunzite caressed the young man's neck. "Temper, temper, little rat!"

"As you wish, Lord Kunzite." Zoisite decided to ignore Obsidian for the time being.

"And what are we doing now?" Obsidian nagged. "I'm still hungry."

"We could either go to another restaurant or buy some foodstuffs and cook something at home," Kunzite proposed.

"Is here anyone who can cook?" Obsidian looked pointedly at Zoisite.

"Don't look at me."

"Well, I thought when you run around in dresses all the time you might be able to-"

Zoisite shot him a furious glance. "Well, if I fry you, you can experience my cooking skills first-hand."

"Okay, okay. But I still want something to eat."

"Then it's settled; we'll look for another restaurant," Kunzite decreed, and this time they actually managed to eat without disruption.

The End of Pt.4 - Goto Pt.5

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