Wanted: Queen Beryl

(Tears of Crystal - Pt.9)

© 1997/2006 by Stayka deyAvemta & Shavana Rhea

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The Sailor Senshi were a little confused when the Dark Kings had left them without comment.

"What's that? Not even a simple 'thank you' that we saved their butts from those youma?" SailorVenus complained.

"What did you think of this malicious weasel and his colleague?" SailorMars asked back. "We really should have left them to their fate."

"But on the other hand we couldn't allow a horde of evil youma to cause havoc in the city," SailorMercury pointed out.

"We could have waited until the youma killed off Zoisite and Jadeite, and then taken care of them," the raven-haired Senshi suggested.

"In any case, I won't help them again," SailorMoon pouted.

"I'd like to know where this pink rabbit came from," SailorMercury wondered.

"True. It looked so soft and fleecy," the leader of the Senshi mused.

"I'd love to have a pet," the blue-haired girl sighed. "But unfortunately I have to study all the time."

"Pets can be a nuisance, too, especially when they always give you orders," SailorMoon stated, thinking of Luna.

"But nonetheless, the rabbit was really cute," SailorMercury said thoughtfully. "I can't understand why it would choose to stay with an evil guy like Jadeite."

"It didn't seem as if Jadeite forced it to stay with him," SailorVenus remarked. She thought that the blonde King looked really nice, in fact.

"The rabbit even gave him orders," SailorMars said with a frown. "I didn't know the Dark Kingdom employed animal guardians, too."

"But why pink rabbits?" SailorVenus asked with a raised eyebrow.

"It doesn't matter," SailorMoon declared. "We still have to free Endymion and Naru."

"If you have a plan?"

"Not really. But if we could manage to enter the Dark Kingdom..."

"I think it might be a better idea to lure them to us. Here we can set the rules," SailorVenus stated.

"The only drawback is the fact that they might cause quite some havoc here," SailorMercury cautioned.

"I have another idea - why don't we catch one of the Kings who are already here and force them to open one of those doorways?"

"Do you really think we could convince them to do that?" SailorMercury asked doubtfully.

"I have a better idea." The black-haired girl put on a pretty nasty grin. "What about kidnapping one of them and offering him in exchange for our friends?"

"But SailorMars!" The others looked at her in shock.

"I wouldn't trust them to release Endymion and Naru in exchange." SailorVenus shook her blonde head.

"It would be worth a try, and even if Queen Beryl doesn't give back Naru and Endymion, she would certainly take care of the traitorous Kings."

"But what is in for us when we don't get Endymion and Naru back?"

"Well, some bad guys less here," SailorMars grinned.

"Hm. We should carefully consider what to do," SailorVenus suggested.

"I'd like to eat something." SailorMoon looked around for a café or a snack bar.

"No, we need to work out a plan!"

"But we could look for an another place to do that," SailorMercury agreed. They decided to change back to their normal seeming and went to a small restaurant.

Usagi ordered enough for at least two persons, and the others shook theirs heads, as usual.

"Sorry, I just can't think when I'm hungry," she apologized.

Rei rolled her dark violet eyes. "I'm still for catching Zoisite and giving him over to Queen Beryl."

"Why can't we catch the rabbit? It doesn't look as dangerous as the Kings," Minako proposed.

"Oh yes. Maybe Usagi can heal it and I might keep it as a pet after all," Ami said thoughtfully.

"I'd say one rabbit is more than enough," Minako giggled.

"Which rabbit do you mean?" Usagi asked.

"The one with the long, blonde ears." Minako pointed at the ponytails of her friend.


"But I still like the idea of saving the pink rabbit," Ami remarked.

"It certainly won't be as mean as Zoisite."

"No one is as mean as Zoisite."

"That's exactly why we shouldn't get too close to him," Usagi declared.

"But I can't stand him, and I think he should be punished in the name of the Mars and the other planets as well."

"If you say so," Minako shrugged. "But I still wonder where they left Kunzite."

"Indeed, the last times we saw Zoisite, he was virtually glued to him."

"I still don't understand how someone so mean can actually love someone else and not try to kill his partner."

"I guess this works only because Kunzite is more powerful."

"By the way," Rei pondered. "Why don't we try to get to the North Pole and just storm the Dark Kingdom?"

"And where do we find the entrance? The area around the North Pole is huge."

"I think we'll feel it."

"But how do we get there?"

"Well, that's another point," Rei looked at the blonde girl with the ridiculous hairstyle. "Can't you use the silver crystal for that? I thought it's good for almost everything."

"But how?"

"Well, can't you say 'Power of the Moon - take us there!' or something like that?"

"I could try it."

The girls paid and went to the Hikawa Shrine where they turned into their Sailor Senshi seeming. SailorMoon took out the silver crystal and looked at it in full concentration and spoke the makeshift formula.

The others watched her intently, but nothing happened.

"It seems we have to try something else," SailorMercury commented.

"Or SailorMoon has to try harder," SailorMars demanded.

"I really tried hard enough," the blonde pouted.

"Maybe we could work together to invoke the power to teleport," SailorMercury suggested.

"Let's do it!"

The Sailor Senshi stood together, took out their transformation pens and concentrated on the fact that they wanted to get to the North Pole. Suddenly they disappeared from the room.

* * *

Kunzite sighed. No wonder he didn't manage to improve his magickal skills. While he was sitting on a chair, bowed over an ancient tome, Zoisite stood behind him, played with his silvery white hair and tickled him at the neck to get his attention.

He really had to figure out something to occupy the little rat, and that something had better not be him all the time. He never realized how convenient it was back in the Dark Kingdom, when Queen Beryl sent Zoisite to accomplish missions on his own.

Kunzite mumbled something and fled into the kitchen. He needed something to fortify himself.

Jadeite eagerly pottered around in the kitchen to prepare a tasty meal. How long had he waited to be able to cook something without the fear of being interrupted in the middle of it! He hummed a cheerful melody and kneaded the dough for the noodle plates. When he made lasagne he wanted to do it properly.

Nephrite watched him with interest and nibbled at some fresh vegetables. At times like this living as a rabbit wasn't that bad after all.

"What are you doing here?" Kunzite wanted to know, when Jadeite gingerly put the greenish noodle plates into a pot of boiling water. In two other pans a béchamel sauce and a sauce bolognese steamed, and Kunzite lifted the lids and sniffed at the pots.

"I'm cooking."

"I see - but what? It smells ...interesting."

"Lasagne verde al forno," Jadeite explained, and Kunzite frowned.

"You're sure that's something to eat?"

"You don't have to try it if you don't want it," the blonde King shrugged. "Zoisite bought sushi and some other stuff - what was it? - 'tempura' or so he called it."

"Really? That's great." Kunzite opened the refrigerator and took out the boxes. He sighed. Tenpura definitely should be eaten freshly done, not reheated. At least the sushi was okay, although the hamachi - the bits with the yellowtail - probably had seen better days. But the others were quite good, and he finished off half of the box in almost zero time.

"Would you care to leave now? You're in the way!" Jadeite laid the finished noodle plates in an ovenproof dish and layered the sauces and cheese with the remaining noodles in the dish until the lasagne was completed.

"Okay, okay - but I want to try some of that alforno stuff when it's done."

"I'd say it's enough for us all," Jadeite agreed.

Kunzite took the rest of the sushi and returned to Zoisite who eagerly awaited him. The silver-haired man sighed and decided to give up his research. Zoisite was just too insistent, and actually it was much more enjoyable to concentrate on the younger man than on his books. Kunzite fed him some bits of the remaining sushi.

Finally the lasagne was finished, and Jadeite looked with satisfaction at his culinary masterpiece. Nephrite curiously sniffed at the dish.

"Don't you dare shed your hair in my meal!" Jadeite warned him, before he shouted: "If you want to try the lasagne, come now!"

Kunzite jumped up and almost let Zoisite drop to the ground. "Oops, sorry, little rat, but I have to try that!"

Zoisite pouted, but accompanied him to the kitchen. "What's a lasagne?" he asked.

"Something to eat."

Jadeite had already secured his portion and ate with relish. He had even conjured Western flatware for the occasion as it was virtually impossible to eat lasagne with chopsticks.

Nephrite stuck his nose into a small dish of it. Kunzite also heaped a fair share of the meal onto his plate, while Zoisite only took a little.

"I have to watch my figure," he declared.

"With your temper you don't stand a chance to get fat," Nephrite said and licked some sauce from his nose.

"Hm." Zoisite tried a bit, and his face lit up with delight. "Wow! That's great!" Immediately he forgot his good intentions and secured the rest of the stuff in the dish.

"I thought you wanted to watch your figure?" Jadeite teased him.

"Ah well, I have my personal home trainer," Zoisite grinned (said home trainer blushed slightly), and he finished the lasagne in record time. "I could get used to the stuff," he decided. "Will you cook something tomorrow, too?"

"Maybe. When I feel like it."


"I have to make this a red-letter day - you actually ask for something?" Jadeite wondered.

"Well... If it pleases me."

"I'll consider it." Jadeite cleared the table.

"Great." Zoisite beamed at him, before he turned to Kunzite, sat down on his lap and smiled at him with deep affection.

Jadeite shook his head. What a pair of turtle-doves!

"Now I only need something to drink and I'm utterly content," Kunzite sighed while he held his lover close. He discovered Nephrite's carafe of red wine on the table, held out one hand and conjured a glass, before he called the container to him telekinetically and poured himself a little of the dark red liquid. The first sip almost made him spit it out again.

Jadeite grinned. The French stuff was indeed way to sour, he found.

"Philistine," Nephrite declared with contempt.

"Who can drink this stuff? It's sour and bitter."

"It's excellent," Nephrite sulked. "You just don't know what's really good."

Jadeite took the bottle from Kunzite and poured some of it in a fresh dish and put it in front of his colleague. "Be happy, the more is left for you."

"Don't you have something more palatable?"

"You can try one of my favourites." Jadeite pointed at the two bottles he had procured for himself. "Would you like the..." he slowly and haltingly read the label, "Albiger Schloß Hammerstein Bacchus Spätlese, or the Traben-Trarbach-Wolfer Goldgrube Riesling Auslese?"

"Whatever you say." Kunzite dissolved the glass including content and conjured a clean, new one. The blonde man poured him a bit of the Riesling from the carafe into which he had decanted it. "Thanks. - Now that's more like it", Kunzite nodded.

"My thought, exactly.."

"Let me try, too," Zoisite begged and nibbled at Kunzite's earlobe. His lover smiled and let him sip from the glass. "Pretty sweet, don't you think?"

"Not as sweet as you are, little rat, but it's as it should be."

"So, what's the other stuff?" Zoisite gave Kunzite a soft kiss on the lips, before he climbed from his lap and went to Nephrite. He looked at the dish. "No chance that I drink from this." He grabbed the carafe and took a large sip.

"It's a Château Latour Pauillac 1er Grand Cru Classé. And you are disgusting! Wine has to be properly savoured, not downed like that."

"What? Well, never mind. It's quite nice as well," Zoisite giggled as the strong wine immediately went to his head. He conjured a large glass and filled it. Actually he liked the sweet wine better, but as this red stuff seemed to be expensive and dear to Nephrite, he just had to drink a bit of it, too.

Nephrite shook his head that his ears flew. Zoisite was a philistine and had no manners at all - one just did not down a wine like that. Moreover, the small man would be drunk in no time, just as he had been when they had carried out their orders in Paris.

Zoisite emptied his glass, while he merrily hummed a melody. "Is there some more of this stuff around?"

"There's lots of it in the cellar," Jadeite commented and gave him the empty bottle that stood on the floor. "Just look for this label."

"Hey, the wine is expensive," Nephrite protested. Nonetheless Zoisite fetched another Château Latour Pauillac and some other interesting looking bottles for good measure, too. When he went over to Kunzite it was plain that his balance wasn't perfect anymore.

He put the bottles onto the table before he sat down on Kunzite's lap again. "Hold me tight, I feel a tiny little bit dizzy," he sighed.

Kunzite echoed his sigh. "When will you ever learn that you just can't take your drink, little rat?"

"I'm perfectly sober," Zoisite pouted. It had been only a little more than one glass, and it annoyed him that this should be already too much for him.

"Obviously. It seems you can't even stand without staggering," Jadeite claimed.

"I'm sitting anyway." Zoisite put his head against Kunzite's shoulder.

Once more Nephrite shook his head.

Kunzite played with Zoisite's hair and admired the play of the light in the coppery golden locks.

"Kunzite-sama, why don't we go and get rid of Queen Beryl permanently?" This idea was obviously born from Zoisite's slight intoxication, but he uttered it with fervor.

"What do you want to do?" Nephrite asked.

"I want to go to the Dark Kingdom and kill Queen Beryl. Now!" Zoisite demanded.

"What hinders you?" The King-turned-rabbit thought it was an easy way to get rid of either Zoisite or Queen Beryl or preferably both.

"I don't want to go alone."

"Don't you think Kunzite will accompany you anyway?"

"I hope so." Zoisite gave Kunzite a long and passionate kiss. "You will come with me, won't you?"

The silver-haired mane sighed tragically. In his current state it would be near impossibe to talk sense into Zoisite, but he didn't want to restrain him by fore either. The small man could be very vengeful. It would probably be best to accompany him to limit the damage. "Of course."

"Good. Now we need some further fighters for our cause."

"I can't accompany you while I'm stuck in this body." Nephrite really didn't feel like going on a suicide mission.

"Then we have to take Jadeite with us", Zoisite decreed.

"And why should I do it?" the blonde man asked.

"Don't you like the thought of obliterating Queen Beryl? And maybe we will get our hands on Obsidian as well."

"Hm, you have actually a point. Then let's go."

"Whoopee," Zoisite shouted and jumped up.

"Pull yourself together!"

"Okay." He looked to Kunzite. "You will lead us to the victory, my Lord, won't you?" The older man smiled and nodded. Actually he would see to it that they appeared in some secure area to humor Zoisite and then convince him to return before any greater harm would be done.

"We'll follow you." Nephrite lollopped to Jadeite who took him up and they waited for Kunzite to open a doorway. He chose Obsidian's quarters as his exit point as Zoisite had warded them, and so a direct jump should be fairly safe.

* * *

Obsidian sat in his bedroom and was really angry about the fact that he was imprisoned in his own rooms. He had tried fervently to dissolve the wards, but they were too cleverly woven. It definitely felt like Zoisite's handiwork.

* * *

"I guess Obsidian is pretty peeved by now," Zoisite gloated when they appeared in the living room, and he found that his wards still held.

Immediately Obsidian appeared in the door of the bedroom. "You bet that I'm furious!" He flashed his amethyst eyes at Zoisite and his companions.

"Well, ask Nephrite how he feels," Jadeite said reproachfully.

"Probably better than before," Obsidian grumbled. "It's not my fault that I'm not powerful enough to conjure larger things!"

"But a rabbit?!" Jadeite stroked the pink animal that growled in a low voice.

"You're right," Zoisite giggled. "A duck would have been more fun - or a piglet."

"Shall I turn you into a piglet?" Obsidian hissed.

"Before you manage to do that, you'll have an ice crystal in the middle of your throat." Zoisite hiccoughed. The wine had some unpleasant side effects, it seemed. Obsidian chose to ignore the threat.

"Why are you here? Do you want to gloat about the fact that I can't get out of my rooms?"

"No. We want to go and kill Queen Beryl," Zoisite explained.

"Whose idea was that?"

"Mine. She's in my way to absolute power." Zoisite hiccoughed again.

"You're drunk," Obsidian said disgustedly. "And now go chase yourself! "

"But what about Nephrite," Jadeite interjected. The big bunny was fairly heavy.

"What about him?"

"Is he supposed to stay a rabbit for the rest of his life?"

"I can't help it."

"But you turned him into that form in the first place."

"So what? I already regret it. But I can't conjure anything that's larger."

"And if you would show Kunzite how the spell works? He certainly could," Jadeite pointed out.

Obsidian looked at the silver-haired man. "I certainly won't tell him any of my spells."

"I can figure them out myself when I have seen how they were performed anyway," Kunzite declared haughtily. It just took a while to deduce the proper weaving, thus it was faster if he could just check the procedure in a spellbook.

"So if you would clear off now? Leave me alone!"

"If you wish," Zoisite grinned evilly. "But then I won't take down the wards."

"I can cope with that."

"Whatever you say. Maybe I'll check on you tomorrow again. Or the day after tomorrow."

The Kings disappeared through a gate that Zoisite had opened.

Obsidian went back into his bedroom. He was more than angry and tried to calm himself down by reading in his big spellbook.

* * *

They appeared in the disused storage area again that was located some miles away from the inhabited regions.

"And now?" Jadeite wanted to know. "Where do you want to go?"

"To Queen Beryl." Zoisite leaned against Kunzite. "I want to kill her."

"And how do you propose to get around the guards?" the blonde King asked. The young man was in no condition to fight, so how could he take on the Queen?

"We just teleport in, blast her and teleport out." Zoisite wrapped the arms around his beloved and laid his head against his shoulder. Kunzite's presence was like a steady rock, just what he needed right now. The tall man was unusually quiet, he pondered how he could convince Zoisite that this idea wasn't the best.

"Really simple," Nephrite interjected ironically. "Why haven't we done that before?"

"That's what I ask myself, too," Zoisite said.

"Maybe we didn't because you were sober before."

"I guess so," Kunzite agreed. "I don't think it's a good idea to teleport directly into Beryl's audience chamber."

"And what would you suggest?" Zoisite sulked. Kunzite agreed with Nephrite?!

"I'd like to get the rest of my books." Now that he was in the Dark Kingdom, he could as well fetch the rest of his belongings.

"Lord Kunzite, it seems you love your books more than me!"

"Well, they are more helpful at times."

Zoisite pouted demonstratively. "But I want to kill Queen Beryl! " He stomped his foot on the ground.

"Why don't you go?" Jadeite asked. "I won't hold you."

"No! I don't want to go alone."

Kunzite held him tight. "You had too much wine, little rat," he said.

"True," Nephrite agreed. "We only risk to be discovered by Queen Beryl."

As if called, Endymion materialized with a horde of youma. "There you are! Finally I've got you, traitors," he thundered.

"Oops," Jadeite exclaimed. "It seems we've got a problem."

"That's only because no one listens to me," Nephrite stated.

"You don't want to tell me you're afraid?" Zoisite hid behind Kunzite and fired several salvos of ice crystals and his cherry blossom storm at the youma.

"Who's the one who's hiding again?" Jadeite grumbled and directed some energy bolts at the enemy.

"I only bring myself in the best position for the fight," Zoisite claimed, and indeed, as Endymion couldn't see what Zoisite targeted, he was grazed by an ice crystal that ruined part of his black outfit.

"I think we should disappear," Nephrite suggested. "If we stay here, our chances aren't too good."

"Well, back to the Earth Realm then." Kunzite opened a doorway to a place in North America. When they went through, they discovered that they still were in the Dark Kingdom, though.

"What's happened?" Jadeite looked around. They stood in a desolate corridor.

"I don't know. Something interfered with my magick." Kunzite was angry at his failure, and his eyes sparkled light blue fire.

"Tough luck," Nephrite commented.

"We should get away as fast as possible," Jadeite suggested.

Suddenly they were run over by a bunch of girls in Sailor fukus who stormed around the corner. SailorMoon collided with Jadeite and threw him to the floor, and the other girls landed on them as well.

"This was all I needed," Jadeite groaned. Nephrite who logically also lay at the bottom of the heap, thrashed about and bit around.

"Ouch! I got bitten by a rabid rabbit," Mars squeaked. Zoisite and Kunzite stood some steps away and looked in fascination at the wild knot of persons.

"Get off me," Jadeite shouted and tried to free himself from both SailorMoon and SailorMars.

"You pinched my breast, you lecher!" The black-haired girl gave him a forceful slap in the face, while SailorVenus had managed to scramble out on her hands and knees.

"You lay on top of me," Jadeite shouted back. "I didn't ask for that!"

"It wasn't my idea. If it was for me I wouldn't touch you with a ten-foot pole!" She gave him a murderous stare, just for good measure. She looked really cute, when she was so angry, Jadeite thought, but very dangerous, too.

"I'd still like you to get up," Nephrite whined. He was stuck below SailorMercury who immediately grabbed him.

"I have the cuddly little rabbit!" she shouted and saved him from the others when she managed to disentangle herself from the knot. Nephrite stayed there and decided to keep quiet until he had gotten over the sudden 'attack'.

Finally all involved persons stood again, and Jadeite looked at the five Sailor Senshi. "What are you doing here anyway?" he inquired.

"We want to kill Queen Beryl," SailorMoon explained.

"So do I," Zoisite declared and hiccoughed again.

SailorMercury stroked the soft fur of the large pink bunny which purred contentedly. The girl was much more careful with him than Jadeite.

"SailorMercury, remember, the bunny is evil!" SailorMars reminded her.

"But it's soooo cute."

Nephrite looked at the blue-haired girl with likewise coloured eyes. He liked to be cuddled that way.

"Then let's go and off the Queen," Jadeite proposed.

"I'm with you," Zoisite beamed, while Kunzite only shook his head in silent acceptance.

"I like the pink bunny," SailorMercury declared with large hearts in her eyes.

"Well, then let's go and exterminate the Queen, then we can return home," SailorMars suggested.

Zoisite steadied himself with a strong grip at Kunzite's arm.

"I want a rabbit, too," SailorMoon nagged. "And by the way, it's cold here."

"No, the rabbit is mine," SailorMercury contradicted her and tousled the pink fur.

When Kunzite saw SailorMercury's determined look, he couldn't help but double over from laughter when he wondered what she would do if she discovered the rabbit's identity. Unfortunately this bereft Zoisite of his secure grip, and the small man landed on his backside.

"That happens when one drinks too much," Nephrite commented.

Jadeite also grinned at the face Zoisite made, and the copper-gold haired man pouted and looked tearfully up to Kunzite. His lover stopped laughing and helped Zoisite to the feet. "Sorry, my little rat."

"Didn't we want to destroy Queen Beryl?" SailorVenus asked.

"Yes, I still want to kill her," Zoisite sniffed.

"You can't even stand properly on your own," Nephrite pointed out.

"Kunzite-sama will carry me."

"I may be in love with you, but I'm not your slave," the silver-haired man declared.

"Well, last night you told me something else," Zoisite purred. Kunzite blushed.

"Caught," Nephrite said amused. "You really should consider your promises more carefully."

Jadeite grinned broadly, and SailorMoon was all ears as well. "What more did he say?"

Zoisite took a deep breath, but before he could relate any more embarassing tidbits, he was silenced by a long and passionate kiss.

"Doesn't this have time until you're home again?" SailorMars grumbled. "Queen Beryl still waits."

SailorMoon sulked because her curiousity wasn't satisfied, but Nephrite urged them to go on once more. Kunzite gave Zoisite a warning glance. He definitely didn't want some details from their bedchambers to get out. Then he decided to take the lead.

"By the way, is your name really Bunny?" SailorMercury asked the rabbit.


"Isn't that a little boring? It's like calling a cat 'Cat' or a dog 'Dog'."

"I'm sure that actually he's called 'Rabbit'," SailorMars grinned.

"Strike," the rabbit grinned back.

"Nephrite, you are silly," Zoisite giggled.

"Nephrite?" SailorMoon asked incredulously. "But that's a rabbit!"

"You're Nephrite?" SailorMercury almost let the animal drop to the ground. "Naru won't be pleased to see you like that."

"I hope this body is only temporary until I get my own back."

"If I had all of my books, I might find a spell to cure you," Kunzite pointed out.

Just at this moment, Endymion and his youma appeared. "Ha! I found you again!"

"Oh no, not again!" Zoisite sighed and shot another barrage of ice crystals at the attackers. Of course they immediately returned the fire.

Unfortunately the narrow corridor didn't help the Kings and the Senshi much, as they got more into their way than anything else. Jadeite wove a shield that sucked up most of the attackers' energies, but it was obvious the he wouldn't withstand for long.

"I suggest giving up," Nephrite said pessimistically when SailorMars almost stepped onto him, before she ran into SailorMercury and SailorMoon.

"'Giving up' doesn't exist in my vocabulary," Zoisite hissed. He hovered in the air, still covered by Jadeite's shield and blasted one youma after the other.

"Well, then I suggest a tactical retreat," Kunzite proposed wryly and opened a doorway behind them. It didn't look black as usual but shimmered strangely pinkish.

"And where do you want to send us?" Jadeite asked. The strain of keeping up the shield clearly showed on his face.

"If we can't get out of the Dark Kingdom now, we will simply go back in time before the barrier was set and get out, before we return into our own time."

"Are you sure this works?" Jadeite wondered. He had never managed to conjure a time portal.

"Of course," Kunzite declared. "Get through. Now!"

Zoisite first ushered the Senshi through the doorway, before he shoved Nephrite and Jadeite through who still hesitated. Then he jumped, and Kunzite followed closely. Just as the silver-haired King entered the gate, Endymion fired an energy blast after them that hit the portal and overloaded it.

It flashed bright white and collapsed.

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