A Glimpse of the Past

(Tears of Crystal - Pt.10)

© 1997/2006 by Stayka deyAvemta & Shavana Rhea

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The Kings and the Senshi were in the time portal, when an energy surge flashed through the shimmering corridor and rendered the travellers unconscious.

* * *

At the same time, Obsidian had an ingenious plan how he could get around the wards that Zoisite had set to enclose his rooms.

Why shouldn't he just do a little time jump back into the time when Zoisite hadn't been there to booby trap his quarters? He'd just found a nice little spell in his book that he had to try.

He opened a portal and stepped into the corridor, when a bright flash flung him through the times.

* * *

The time portal closed down and spewed out the eight persons and the rabbit onto a lush plain that was covered with bluish green grass and myriads of brightly coloured flowers. In the lavender sky a silvery sun shone, and white clouds chased over the heavens.

"I told you I had a bad feeling about the time jump," Nephrite sighed and lollopped through the grass. Where had they landed now?

Jadeite looked around with amazement. Wherever they were, it was beautiful. The Senshi were just as astonished as he was.

"It seems we are... Well... I don't know where we are," Zoisite commented.

"But I do," Kunzite marvelled. He'd never thought he would see the lavender skies of the Crystal Kingdom again. "We're far back in time. This is the Crystal Kingdom before it was ruined by the theft of the sun crystal."

All faces turned in his direction. "The Crystal Kingdom?"

"Yes." Kunzite sat down on the blue-green grass. "How much do you know of the past?"

"History isn't my strongest subject," SailorMoon said sheepishly.

Kunzite sighed. Somehow he knew some facts of the past, but unfortunately not everything. He was sure that Queen Beryl's control mechanism had wiped out large parts of his memory, so that he wouldn't feel any loyalties but to her. He frowned as a thought occurred to him. Maybe killing Beryl wasn't such a good idea after all.

"I will try to put together what I can remember," he said. Since his flight he repeatedly tried to pierce the barrier of oblivion that Beryl put up in his mind and he found some glimpses of the past, but there was still so much lacking. The others sat down in the lush grass as well and looked fascinatedly at the silver-haired man. "The Crystal Kingdom existed far away in the past. It was the realm of the Inner Earth, for the world outside was primitive and inhabited by warlike peoples."

SailorMoon lay down on the meadow and closed her eyes to listen with concentration, but unfortunately the warm sun made her so comfortable that her thoughts wandered astray.

SailorMercury pulled the legs under and listened intently. Maybe Kunzite's story would make some things clearer. The other Senshi and Jadeite listened with interest as well, while Zoisite laid his head onto Kunzite's lap and dozed. Kunzite looked affectionately down on his beautiful beloved and tenderly stroked his hair, before he decided to continue with his tale. Nephrite chose to try some of the flowers and found them quite tasty.

"As it was located within the Earth where the rays of the sun didn't reach, the Crystal Kingdom only could be maintained by a powerful energy source that worked as its sun and main power source - the sun crystal that was also called the silver crystal."

Now the Senshi sat up and took notice; only SailorMoon slept soundly.

"The ruler of the Crystal Kingdom - King Heliodor - had a powerful adversary in Princess Selenite of another noble family who wanted the power for herself. She tried to convince the council to depose King Heliodor, but the council members refused."

Kunzite frowned. "I'm sorry, but I don't know the whole story. I had just applied for the training to complete the 4th degree at the University of Magickal Sciences, and I was in one of my practical years - which means that I had quite a lot of duties outside the capital city, thus I didn't learn too much about the current politics."

Jadeite and Nephrite were absolutely intrigued. Some parts of the story felt somehow familiar, although they didn't know why. They had awoken in the Dark Kingdom some time ago and they had been told that they had always been there. Now it seemed there was a past that had been erased, and maybe Kunzite could shed some light on it.

"Unfortunately I have large gaps in my memory of that time," Kunzite admitted while he absently caressed Zoisite's cheek. "For example, I know that Endymion has to fit in there somehow, but don't ask me how. I also have the feeling that we four have known each other from the past."

A snore sounded from SailorMoon's direction.

"Hm," Nephrite uttered. "But what are we doing here?"

"Good question. Actually I only wanted to get out of the Dark Kingdom - but now that we're so far in the past we could maybe try to stop Princess Selenite before she can steal the silver crystal."

"Is this Princess Selenite somehow related to Princess Serenity?" SailorMercury wanted to know. "The name does sound similar."

"As far as I know she took the silver crystal and built an empire of her own on the Moon. Of course this was only possible as she employed the powers of the silver crystal to turn the Moon into a hospitable landscape. When she had done this, she styled herself 'Queen Selenity' or 'Serenity' - or something like that."

SailorMercury frowned. She had the impression she had heard that story before, but from a slightly different point of view.

"Well, aren't you Senshi fighters for love and justice? If you are, shouldn't you help us to hinder the theft of the only means that kept the Crystal Kingdom alive?"

"But won't that upset the proper flow of time?" SailorMercury wondered.

"Indeed it would," another voice thundered. "I will not allow you to tamper with the time stream!" A tall, Sailor fuku clad woman with long, dark green hair appeared and looked at them reproachfully.

"Waaah?" The loud voice woke SailorMoon from her sleep. "Who's that lady?"

"I am SailorPluto, the Guardian of Time, and I won't allow you to tamper with the past!"

"There has to be a nest of these Sailor brats," Nephrite murmured.

"If you don't return to the time where you belong immediately, I will use deadly force if necessary, to make sure that you won't endanger the proper flow of time!"

"As if we had come here out of our free will," Jadeite grumbled.

"It doesn't matter. In my capacity as Guardian of Time I have to make sure that no illegal time jumps take place."

"Aha," Jadeite commented. "And what do you intend to do?"

SailorPluto lifted her garnet rod. "I will send you back where you belong - and you as well!" She directed her gaze at Obsidian who had just materialized and looked questioningly around.

"And why?" he wanted to know.

SailorPluto explained to him as well who she was and what her duties were.

"That's nice. But I like it here. Wherever here is."

Kunzite sighed. "That's the Crystal Kingdom. The place where you were born, if you truly are the son of the Great Mage Amethyst."

"I think I have seen pictures of it."

"Unfortunately it seems that we aren't allowed to save it in this time," Kunzite told him regretfully. "But maybe we can rebuild it in our time."

"Perhaps," Obsidian said and plucked a flower. "What are you doing here anyway?"

"Endymion tampered with my short range time portal."

"The backlash obviously hit mine as well."

"I don't mind if you employ a short range or a long range time portal," SailorPluto interjected with a frown. "You aren't allowed to open any time gates! And if I ever have to meet you again because the time stream was upset, I will get upset and then I'll obliterate you. And don't think I'm merely joking."

"Don't panic, I won't think that," Obsidian tried to reassure her. "You don't look as if you would stand for any nonsense."

"Indeed. I sense that she's quite powerful," Kunzite agreed. Actually he was sure he could blast her anyway, but he didn't want to endanger Zoisite who still slept peacefully in his lap.

"I felt that, too," Obsidian nodded and looked at the lavender sky. "I asked myself for quite some time how it looked here. I only had some pictures which just aren't the real thing."

"Anyway, now I will send you back where you belong." SailorPluto lifted the garnet rod and conjured mighty energies that catapulted the nine persons plus the rabbit back into the present.

They all landed in Obsidian's quarters.

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