(Tears of Crystal - Pt.13)

The New Year's Eve's Story

© 1997/2006 by Stayka deyAvemta & Shavana Rhea

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By now Nephrite found his new state of existence not funny anymore. It was horribly boring, to be precise. He didn't get tired, he had no appetite, no thirst, he couldn't sit down... All in all, he didn't know what to do.

Finally, after an uncountable number of seconds that flowed into minutes and endless hours, Kunzite and Zoisite returned to the living room. At least Zoisite appeared to be in high spirits; Kunzite still appeared to be a little exhausted..

"Good morning," Zoisite chimed and Kunzite muttered something as well.

Nephrite looked at them with a stressed gaze. "Morning."

"Hello Nephrite - slept well?" The young man twirled a lock of his copper-golden hair around his finger and hummed a cheerful melody.

"Is this supposed to be funny?" Nephrite growled.

"No, it was a serious question," Zoisite blinked innocently with his emerald eyes.

"Don't get on my nerves."

"Don't talk that way to Zoisite," Kunzite grumbled. He didn't want to get involved in any petty bickerings at the moment. There was still work to do for him, and he didn't really look forward to investing a considerable part of his energies again.

"Why not? I'm in a bad mood, and Zoisite is a viable target."

"Ah well, I guess you won't keep quiet until you'll have gotten your real body back." Kunzite sighed, concentrated and completed the materialization process. At least now he didn't need as much energy as when he'd started the spell yesterday.

Nephrite crashed to the floor when he became solid again. "Ouch!"

"That serves you right," Zoisite giggled.

"Finally," Nephrite sighed in relief. "Now I can do everything I want! See you later!"

"Where do you want to go?" Zoisite asked curiously.

"There are lots of things that I still have to do, and they aren't your concern at all."

"Why do you always have to be so rude to me," the small man asked and looked at him from his large, deep green eyes. Kunzite put his hand at Zoisite's shoulder. Who knew what his lover was up to this time.

"And how have you been to me?" Nephrite retorted.

"It was a professionell disagreement," Zoisite claimed. "Well, mostly, I mean."

"Ah? Well, at least now I've returned from the dead." Nephrite went away.

"I really would like to know what he's up to," Zoisite stated.

"Probably he wants to check on that company of his," Kunzite remarked. "Let's get some breakfast."

Jadeite prepared some food in the kitchen when they entered.

"Good morning," Zoisite greeted him. "Mh, I smell coffee."

"There's enough of it in the pot. Help yourself."

"Great." Zoisite poured two cups and gave one Kunzite who smiled in return. They sat down opposite Jadeite and ate some slices of toasted bread as well.

"I guess I'll go shopping now," the blonde man announced. "We don't have much here anymore."

"Did I hear 'shopping'?" Zoisite sat up.

"No chance, I'll go alone." Jadeite stood up, put on a jacket and left the house. He wanted to go through some food stores and supermarkets at his leisure.

Zoisite sighed. He wondered whether it was only a figment of his imagination, or did the others go out of his way on purpose? He looked at Kunzite. "We could go into the city, too, could we?"

"Only if you promise not to drag me through all of those boutiques again."

They took the car and drove to the city. Kunzite wanted to check the library if he could find some information about the past or books about magick.

Zoisite was utterly bored. As Kunzite hadn't found anything in the libraries, he had searched through all bookstores he could find, and now he sat in an internet café and browsed through the usenet news in hopes to find any hints about his past.

Instead of going out, Nephrite hid in his rooms and devoted a generous amount of time to himself. First he took a long, hot bath, and then he started to brush his hair until it shone in a luxurious reddish brown.

When he had finished his shopping trip in the afternoon, Jadeite returned with a newly purchased motorbike and a full supply of foodstuffs. He prepared an early dinner, and Nephrite helped him to finish it off.

Kunzite and Zoisite returned just when Jadeite and Nephrite had cleaned the table.

"Hi. Is there something left to eat?" Zoisite wanted to know. He was hungry.

"There should be enough in the refrigerator," Jadeite said, and his colleague stormed the kitchen.

"Ah!" Zoisite pulled out a large dish of noodles. "What's this?"

"Tris di pasta - which is three different kinds of noodles together with a hot sauce."

"Sounds great." Zoisite put the dish into the microwave oven. "What do you cook tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow? Nothing," Jadeite replied. "I'm not your cook."

"But I can't cook at all," the pretty man sighed.

"That's not my problem," Jadeite grinned.

"But it is - I can be really dangerous when I'm hungry."

"You're always dangerous."

"Hm." Zoisite frowned. "Lord Kunzite - can't you cook something?"

The silver-haired man gazed at him in shock. "Me?"

"Of course. I know you can do everything."

"Hm." Kunzite didn't look convinced.

"I'd say we two will take a walk when you start to devastate the kitchen," Nephrite grinned and Jadeite nodded.

"You don't want to imply that Kunzite-sama can't cook?" Zoisite asked.

Kunzite didn't look as confident as his lover sounded. 'Why me?' he thought. "I guess I will try something easy," he said thoughtfully. "Hm, sushi can't be that difficult."

Nephrite and Jadeite exchanged an utterly amused gaze.

'Yes, I will try that', Kunzite thought. 'In the worst case we can still eat in the restaurant.'

"Tomorrow we'll eat in a restaurant," Jadeite announced.

"Do you have a cookbook somewhere?" Kunzite asked Nephrite. The auburn-haired King shook his head. "Well, I guess I have to go to the city once more and buy one - and the ingredients as well."

* * *

It didn't take long, and Kunzite and Zoisite returned from their second shopping trip for today.

They sat down in the living room where the other Kings had turned on the TV and fought for the remote control. Jadeite wanted to zap through the channels, while Nephrite desperately wished to watch his chosen program from beginning to end.

Kunzite brooded over the cookbook and looked more and more worried. Zoisite heard his sigh and looked up from the TV screen. The stuff the others watched was boring anyway. They should rather rent some gory splatter movies from the video library. "Is something wrong, Kunzite-sama?"

"Er, well... I suggest we join Jadeite and Nephrite when they go to the restaurant tomorrow."


"Alone cooking the rice properly is an hour long experience."

Jadeite grinned.

"Don't smirk so silly," Zoisite grumbled. "Can you do it properly?"

"Of course. But I don't like sushi. Especially the pieces with raw fish."

"Don't worry, it'll be a unique happening," Nephrite laughed.

"I hope so," Kunzite agreed dryly.

"But my Lord... I'm absolutely positive that you'll do wonderfully." Zoisite looked at him with sheer hero worship, before he went over to him and put his arms around him. The older man still wasn't convinced.

"I'm glad that there are things that you can't do," Jadeite grinned. He found Kunzite's vast magickal skills highly uncanny.

"What are our plans for the rest of the day?" Nephrite wanted to know.

"I have to steel myself for tomorrow's cooking experience," Kunzite commented wryly.

"What about extensive meditation and intensive study of the instructions?"

"You can talk easily," he sighed. Jadeite could cook and it even tasted great. Maybe he should call a food taxi.

"Cheating isn't allowed," Nephrite chuckled. Kunzite blushed. Was he that obvious?

"Hello," Obsidian exclaimed when he materialized in the living room.

"Obsidian," Kunzite acknowledged him.

Zoisite looked over his shoulder into the cookbook. He didn't know that it was soooo difficult to cook rice. He frowned. 'First let it come to boil for two minutes, then cook 5 minutes at middle temperature, then 15 more minute at low temperature and never look into the pan if you want to get first class rice...' And this was only the beginning! They would starve before even the rice was done.

"What are you doing there?" the violet-haired man wanted to know.

"Tomorrow Kunzite-sama is going to cook a delicious lunch," Zoisite announced and laid his chin on his lover's shoulder.

"Oh. Then I'd rather eat in a restaurant tomorrow."

"You are all mean," Zoisite sulked. "You should rather come and admire the results."

"Little rat, I'm not sure it's such a good idea. I'd prefer to go to a restaurant, too, I must admit." Kunzite looked at Obsidian. "And what calls you to us again? I thought you were still sulking."

"Actually I still do," Obsidian nodded. "But on the other hand it's horribly boring back in the Dark Kingdom. By the way, have I already told you that Endymion is the great-nephew of Queen Beryl?"

"He's what?" Zoisite exclaimed.

"Sounds logical," Kunzite commented.

"I think it's hideous - it also means he's related to me, too!" Obsidian shuddered. Kunzite frowned and tried to put together his memories of the past. "Beryl also said you shouldn't be able to remember anything of the past. She was pretty peeved."

"My memories only came back a short time ago and I'm still missing a lot. I think something happened when I managed to break free from her influence to save Zoisite and flee from the Dark Kingdom."

"She was so angry that she scratched the armrest of her throne."

"Beryl should really trim her fingernails," Zoisite commented. "But why can't I remember anything?" He still stood behind Kunzite and played with the long, silvery white hair of his beloved.

Kunzite and Zoisite

"Maybe you're younger and weren't there in the past?"

"Well, originally I only knew that I woke up in the Dark Kingdom. I was grown up and didn't have any memories of my childhood. Now I remember the time when I grew up in the Crystal Kingdom, but everything after the theft of the silver crystal is still blacked out," Kunzite mused.

"I guess the rest will return as well."

"I really want to know if I knew Kunzite-sama in the past, too," Zoisite said and breathed in the scent of his lover's hair.

"I'm sure you deserve each other," Obsidian giggled.

Zoisite looked darkly at the violet-haired man, while Kunzite put on a wry smile and closed the cookbook. He really didn't know if he was able to produce something edible, but then, he didn't want to worry anymore about it today.

"Did Endymion and Naru continue their argument much longer after we were gone?" Nephrite inquired.

"No, they had to take care of some other things." With surprise Obsidian discovered that Nephrite was fully material again. Obviously Kunzite had completed the spell.

"I'd like to see Endymion dead," Zoisite remarked thoughtfully. "I can't stand him, and he escaped my attempts thrice by now."

"I don't like him either," Obsidian agreed.

"Fine." A cruel gleam appeared in Zoisite's eyes. "I have some interesting ideas for him." He played with a freshly conjured, very thin and sharp ice blade.

Kunzite shook his head. Zoisite's jealousy was legendary. The young man still thought that he considered Prince Endymion interesting, and till now he hadn't managed to convince him otherwise.

Nephrite wondered what Obsidian really wanted. He definitely had some ulterior motives.

"By the way, the barrier around the Dark Kingdom is dissolved. - I thought it might interest you."

"Good." Kunzite nodded and played with Zoisite's silky ponytail. Obsidian watched the two men.

"One should take a photo of you and show the picture to Beryl."

"Do you think she'll get so angry that she explodes?" Zoisite wondered. This would be a picture he'd like to see.

"Probably not, but she'll get furious at least."

"She certainly didn't like the idea that I saved Zoisite from her punishment."

"I don't think that's her foremost concern," Obsidian grinned.

"And what is?" Kunzite asked full of presentiment.

"Well, to destroy you of course."

"I thought she'd rather want me back for another brainwashing session?"

"According to her last comments I don't think so."

"I wonder what made her change her mind."

"It seems she thinks you're too strong."

"Well." Kunzite smiled smugly.

"Especially as you have that large spellbook she so desperately wants."

"I have what?!" Kunzite looked at him in shock. "You haven't told her that I have Amethyst's spellbook?"

"Certainly I did. I want to rise in the ranks of the Dark Kingdom."

"But telling her that I have this book... She'll move heaven and earth to get her hands on it!"

"Sure," Obsidian giggled. "And I'm supposed to retrieve it - by any means necessary. I just have to find an explanation why I can't deliver it to her."

"I hope you'll come up with a good reason."

"I think so. Now I only have to find a way to get rid of Endymion."

"I'd love to assist you." Zoisite stretched lazily.

"Fine. Of course there's still the matter of killing Queen Beryl," Obsidian pondered.

"I really want the chance to torture her a bit before we kill her," Zoisite said dreamily and sat down on Kunzite's lap. Kunzite sighed inwardly. Killing Beryl was still a bad idea as long as they didn't have all of their memories back.

"If it pleases you." Obsidian shrugged.

"It does. I'm really looking forward to it." Zoisite laid his head on his lover's shoulder and smiled happily when Kunzite wrapped his arms around him.

"Then we only have to wait for the right time to strike."

"What about Naru?" Nephrite inquired.

"Currently she's under my supervision and I will take care that she is as far away from the action as possible."

"If you wish I'll kill her, too," Zoisite murmured with closed eyes.

"If it was for me you could kill everybody in the Dark Kingdom," Obsidian said, "but I guess Nephrite has a little problem with your attitude."


"What a pity," Zoisite sighed and enjoyed that Kunzite tenderly caressed the nape of his neck.

"You're right. Celestine continually gets on my nerves and even tried to shoot me."

"Don't you dare injure her," Nephrite threatened.

Zoisite opened his eyes again and examined Nephrite with an evil, dark green gaze. He could obliterate Nephrite and Naru, too.

"Don't even think about it," Nephrite hissed.

"Me? I didn't think anything," Zoisite purred innocently.

"I don't think anyone will believe you this act."

"Oh, I thought I'd give it a try." The pretty man smiled sweetly.

"I won't believe you anything anymore."

"How can you be so mean to me?" Zoisite fluttered his eyelids at him.

"Because you're a hypocritical bitch."

At the double insult, Zoisite jumped up and glared murderously at him. "Take that back!" He conjured a ragged ice crystal.


"Because I'm absolutely honest in my wish to kill you."

"Okay, then I'll take back the 'hypocritical'."

Kunzite chuckled, when Zoisite still stood there, arms akimbo, as if he wanted to explode right on the spot. He loved his little rat, especially when his temper got the better of him and he was even more beautiful in his rage.

"You really should do that more often," Obsidian observed and admired Zoisite. His face was slightly flushed, and his eyes flashed like purest emeralds when he whirled around.


"When you're angry you look even prettier than usually."

"You think so?" In the same instant Zoisite's mood turned from murderous to self-satisfied and he floated into the air to take on one of his favourite poses.

"Sure," Obsidian assured him and admired him from all sides. Nephrite shook his head. Zoisite was absolutely impossible. Kunzite frowned. Obsidian definitely looked too fondly at his beloved.

"Zoisite," Kunzite said sternly. "Come here!" Obediently the small man floated down and landed beside Kunzite, before he sat down on the armrest of his chair.

Obsidian tsked and took place in another chair. Kunzite was a spoilsport. Although it still would be interesting how he had managed to tame Zoisite like that.

The silver-haired man put an arm possessively around Zoisite's waist and grinned smugly at Obsidian.

"I have to go now," Obsidian announced. "I have to visit SailorMoon."

"You want to visit SailorMoon?" Zoisite wondered.

"Yes, I want to convince her to free Naru."

"I see."

Suddenly a thought occurred to Kunzite, but he could only set it in motion when Obsidian had gone - he trusted Nephrite's ex-pupil about as far as Zoisite usually thought.

"Till then!" Obsidian disappeared.

"We also have urgent matters to attend," Kunzite declared.

"And that would be?" Nephrite inquired.

"Don't be so curious," Kunzite grinned. To bring Nephrite on a wrong trace, he pulled Zoisite close and kissed him lingeringly.

Nephrite sighed. He should have guessed. He fished for some automobile catalogues and tried to find a new sport car that he could buy, while Jadeite browsed through the forgotten cookbook on the table.

Kunzite teleported away with Zoisite - although not into their bedchambers, but into the garage.

"Kunzite-sama?" Zoisite looked puzzled at his lover.

"No, it's not what you think," Kunzite laughed. "And neither do I want to go to a drive-in cinema. We have to go to SailorMoon as fast as possible and take the silver crystal from her before Obsidian has the chance."

"What a pity." Zoisite sighed. The kiss had kindled his passion.

"Just wait for tonight."

They got into the Toyota, drove to the city again and arrived in front of SailorMoon's - or rather Tsukino Usagi's - house in a couple of minutes. To check the surroundings, they patroled around the block.

"I think I have an idea," Zoisite announced and transformed his clothes into a fairly conservative green costume.

"What are you doing?" Kunzite exclaimed. Using their magickal powers around here was no good idea.

"Ah well, if the youma appear - it's only SailorMoon's house," the pretty man grinned. "I will tell them that I'm a teacher of Usagi's and need to talk to her." Zoisite pulled out the ribbon and shook out his hair, before he conjured some fitting make-up as well.

* * *

Obsidian conjured normal clothing for himself and went to Kino Makoto. It was a better idea to convince her, as Usagi was just to dumb to understand anything.

He rang the bell and hoped that she was there.

Makoto opened the door. She wore an apron and held a dangerously looking banno-bouchou in her right hand.

"Hi," Obsidian greeted and looked suspiciously at the knife.

"Obsidian!" Immediately hearts appeared in her eyes. "I'm just preparing a little meal - would you like to join me?"

"If you allow me to enter."

"Oh, of course." She stepped back into the small hallway, and Obsidian followed her.

"Please, sit down." She pointed at the low table. "You see, I wanted to start with sumashijiru, followed by kappamaki, toriniku no kamage, nasu no tougarashini and as finish a bowl of misoshiru"

Obsidian took off his black jacket, hung it at the coat-stand and kneeled in front of the table. "Did you know that I would come?"

"Well, actually not, but I love to cook."

"It smells wonderfully."

"Thank you." Makoto blushed slightly and cast down her tourmaline green eyes, before she went to the kitchen. "Just a moment please."

Two minutes later she returned with two steaming hot, rolled towels. "I didn't expect a guest, so I hadn't prepared oshibori in advance," she apologized.

"Thank you." Obsidian took one of the towels and cleaned his hands. After she had done the same, Makoto took them away and brought a pot of green tea, two cups and two small bowls of soup on a tray. Obsidian watched her intently.

Makoto knelt down on the opposite side and poured him the tea.

"You're a perfect hostess."

She smiled and thanked him again while they celebrated their meal. Finally they had finished it, and Obsidian found that Makoto's cooking skills were equal to that of even a good cook in a restaurant. When he voiced his praise, she blushed again.

"If you like you can visit me any time," she invited him. "If you wish you can also tell me your favourite food and I'll prepare it for you."

"I don't know what meals are usually eaten in the Earth Realm," Obsidian remarked.

"And what do you eat in the Dark Kingdom?"

"Canteen fodder," he told her with a shudder.

"Oh dear! Then you have to come to me for decent meals." She smiled at him. "But tell me in advance when you come over, then I can prepare something really good for you."

"Even better than that?"

"Well, this was just normal fare."

"Not for me." He smiled at her. "Shall I help you to do the washing-up?"

"That would be wonderful." They took care of the dishes, and Obsidian watched Makoto intently. He wondered that she had forgiven him how he had left her alone in the Dark Kingdom.

They went into the living room which contained more Western-style furniture. Obsidian sat down on the sofa, while Makoto took place in a chair.

The violet-haired man admired the cushions that were embroidered with flowers and birds and wondered what Makoto expected of him. It would take two hours more until it was dark and he could visit SailorMoon and try to get the silver crystal from her.

"Would you like to go with me to the cinema next weekend?" Makoto finally asked.

"I don't know. After the catastrophe last time I'm not so keen on going to a cinema in the next time."

"Oh. What would you like to do otherwise?"

"What does one usually do with a pretty girl like you?" He looked at her questioningly, and Makoto blushed once more.

"Well, we could take a walk through the park."

"I'm sure everybody will envy me."

"As long as I'm as red as a tomato I don't think so," she giggled.

"I think it makes you look only prettier."

Makoto sighed. Obsidian was even sweeter than the highschool guy who had walked out on her.

"What do you think?"

"I think that you're absolutely cute."

"No one has told me that before," he remarked and conjured a pink flower to play around with. It took him quite some effort not to grin. It was really practical that she seemed to like him a lot. With her help it should be no problem to convince the other Sailor Senshi to work together with him. He threw her the flower.

Makoto caught it. "It's beautiful."

"I exercised quite a bit to do it right," he admitted.

They decided to go out now and walked to the park where SailorMoon, SailorMercury and SailorMars not too long ago had fought against a youma that Nephrite had planted there.

"We could hire a rowboat," Makoto suggested. She dragged Obsidian along, and soon she rowed them over the small, crystal clear pond in the middle of the town.

When they had spent enough time on the water, they went back and sat down on a bank. Obsidian closed his eyes and seemed to doze in the last beams of the sun, while he figured out a plan how he could use the Senshi to get rid of Queen Beryl, Endymion and some others.

Makoto looked furtively at the young man. He was soooo cute.

Finally Obsidian opened his eyes again. "Won't your friends be angry when you meet me?"

"Probably" she admitted. "But on the other hand - Nephrite also turned good in the end."

"Do you want to compare me with Nephrite?"

"Well, you belong to the Dark Kingdom, just as he does."

"But I never attacked anyone and I never collected energy from humans," he lied.

"You haven't? But what's your job in the Dark Kingdom?"

"I'm still in training," Obsidian explained. "Actually I shouldn't go anywhere without my supervisor. - But there are always possibilities," he grinned.

"Do you go to a real school in the Dark Kingdom?"

"No. Our schools are different. You see, we don't have classes when we are trained for higher uses. Every student has his or her own teacher."

"Then you have either very few pupils or a lot of teachers."

"Very few pupils who train to become higher rank officers. Currently I don't have a teacher at all; I have to learn alone most of the time."

"That sounds difficult. - What kinds of teachers do you have anyway?" Makoto thought about Haruna-sensei and giggled.

"My mentor was Nephrite. Well, I can deal with most of the stuff alone, as I'm almost finished with my regular studies."

"I see. Hm. Does Zoisite teach someone as well?" Somehow Makoto couldn't imagine him in that capacity.

"No," Obsidian shook his head. "Even though he already has the rank of a King, he's still Kunzite's student."

"But obviously not only his student..."

"No." Obsidian shook his head with amusement. "By the way, what do you learn at school?"

Makoto listed all the subjects she had to deal with. Obsidian shuddered.

"That sounds horrible."

"Indeed. Especially physics."

"Well, compared to that I really prefer target practice and learning magick spells by rote."

"Such subjects aren't on our schedule." Makoto frowned. "Don't you learn reading, writing, mathematics and stuff like this?"

"Of course, but that's learned in the beginning. Well, actually in the first years our schools are pretty similar to yours, when I think about it."

"Are you a youma, by the way?"

"Of course not."

"Oh. So what are you?"

"I'm a human who was born in the Crystal Kingdom."

"You mean from that Kingdom in the past about which Kunzite told us?"

"I don't know what he told you." Obsidian was astonished that Kunzite had told the Senshi something about the past at all.

"He said there was a Kingdom within the Earth that existed about 1000 years in the past. Were all of its inhabitants normal humans?"

"More or less. There were humans with magickal powers and others without them."

"And what are youma?"

"Youma are servants. They are transformed humans."

"And the Kings? They don't look like those youma."

"The Kings were humans who had magickal powers from the start. When Queen Beryl transformed them, she brainwashed them and implanted control devices into their brains."

"So they actually weren't evil, but are forced to do evil deeds? That's a tragic tale," Makoto sighed. "But what about Naru?"

"I'm not sure - but without any inherent magickal powers Beryl couldn't have turned her into something else than a youma."

"Oh. By the way, I have been told I'm a reborn warrior from the Silver Millennium - although I don't know anything about my past."

"Hm. What's the Silver Millennium?"

"It was a peaceful realm in the past that was destroyed by Queen Beryl and her troops," Makoto told him.

"I guess I was already put into cold sleep when that happened." Obsidian played around with Makoto's brown ponytail. "Is the Silver Millennium somehow connected to the silver crystal?"

"As far as I know, the silver crystal was important for the Silver Millennium, and Queen Beryl wanted to steal it to get all the power for herself."

"Hm, I remember that the silver crystal was the sun of the Crystal Kingdom, and Princess Selenite stole it to build an empire of her own. I'm not absolutely sure about it, but after the theft of the silver crystal the Crystal Kingdom sank into gloom and darkness."

"But that means that you aren't that evil - although... you hurt others."

"There seem to be two versions of the past, which of them is the truth?"

"I don't know. I guess to be sure we need to travel into the past and look for ourselves. But unfortunately that's forbidden."

"You're right. This SailorPluto was pretty determined."

"I wonder if there's another way to find out."

"We could ask someone who was there - but that's also a problem."

"It seems, Kunzite was there," Makoto pointed out. "But I'm not sure if I can believe the things he tells."

"Yes, he's from the past, but he still has only recovered parts of his memory."

"Maybe SailorMoon could try to heal him?"

"I don't think he would let her do it."

* * *

Zoisite rang the bell and put on his sweetest smile. Usagi's mother opened.

"Hello, Tsukino-san. I'm..." Oops, he had forgotten to make up a name. Hm. Nephrite had chosen a female name before. What had it been? Ah! "I'm Sato Keiko, one of Usagi's teachers."

"Usagi, here's one of your teachers for you," the mother shouted up the stairs.

"Waaaah," it sounded from above, and something crashed about.

Zoisite kept his sugary smile. "You don't have to worry, Tsukino-san, I just want to check on an assignment I gave her."

"Usagi," her mother shouted once more. "Please, come in."

"Thank you." Zoisite stepped carefully into the house. High heeled shoes were both practical and a problem.

Usagi stormed down the stairs and stopped in her tracks when she recognized Zoisite. "What are you doing here?"

"I just want to talk to you about your assignment," the pretty man chirped.

"Don't you consider it embarassing to run around like this?" Usagi wanted to know and examined Zoisite from all sides.

"Don't you think it fits me perfectly?" Zoisite grinned and turned around.

Usagi's mother looked shocked at her daughter and the teacher. What kind of conversational tone did they employ?!

"You wear make-up," Usagi stated. "You should be ashamed."

"Pah. I like it. And it fits to the costume."

"I still think it's embarassing. What do you want of me?"

"I told you - I want to talk to you."

"Then talk."

"Here?" Zoisite glanced at Tsukino Ikuko.

"Ahm..." Usagi put on a forced smile. "Would you please follow me?"

"Thank you." Zoisite smiled sweetly at Usagi's mother again and carefully climbed the stairs.

When they were in Usagi's room, Zoisite closed the door telekinetically and laughed. "Okay. I'll talk: give me the silver crystal. Immediately!" He held out his hand.

"And why should I do it?"

"Because your mother stole it and it rightfully belongs to the Dark Kingdom."


"Your mother, Queen Selenite, stole us the silver crystal to build her own empire on the Moon."

"That's not true," Usagi moaned.

"Of course it's true. Ask Kunzite."

"If you think I believe a single word he says... I'll never give you the silver crystal."

"Are you sure?" Zoisite began to search the room. Usagi followed his gaze and tried to remember where she had put the moon sceptre.

Finally Zoisite discovered the object and tried to reach it before Usagi. Unfortunately he didn't think of his shoes, stumbled with the high heels and crashed down.

"That serves you right," Usagi triumphed and grabbed the sceptre. Zoisite cursed blasphemously and tried to get back onto his feet. Usagi jumped onto him and tried to hold him down.

"Get your hands off me," Zoisite screamed.

"Don't move," Usagi whined as Zoisite squirmed wildly and tried to grab her. "How am I supposed to transform into SailorMoon that way?"

"You crumple my clothes! And my hair! How dare you ruin my beautiful hair!"

Finally Usagi managed to turn into SailorMoon and tried to hit Zoisite on the head with her sceptre, but as he put up a furious fight, she only hit the ground. At last the pretty King had enough and teleported away from under her.

"Where are you?" SailorMoon shouted and brandished her moon sceptre while she stood up.

"He-here," Zoisite purred and grabbed her from behind. SailorMoon kicked around and screamed like mad. Immediately the young man let go of her and clasped his hands over his ears. "Be quiet! I'll only get a migraine again."

SailorMoon only screamed louder.

Now Tsukino Ikuko stormed into the room. "What's going on here?" She saw only the teacher who held her ears and Usagi in a ridiculous outfit.

"Hi Mom," Usagi said sheepishly, then turned to Zoisite. "Did you like my performance?"

"Er, it's a theater rehearsal," Zoisite took the bait. "You were very convincing."

"Lalalala," SailorMoon sang around.

"I see," her mother said. "Good. But please continue your rehearsal a bit quieter."

When Tsukino Ikuko shut the door, SailorMoon jumped Zoisite again and they wrestled silently this time.

Just in this moment the bell rang again, and Obsidian and Makoto stood in front of the door.

"Ah, you also want to join the theater rehearsal?" Usagi's mother asked. Makoto and Obsidian exchanged a surprised look, then he nodded eagerly and shoved Makoto into the house.

The brown-haired girl led the way to Usagi's room from where they heard curses and heavy breathing. When Makoto opened the door, she stared open-mouthed at the weirdest picture.

Zoisite - dressed as a woman with make-up and everything - sat on top of SailorMoon and held her hands hehind her head.

"What are you doing here?" Obsidian asked with profound interest.

"She refuses to give me the silver crystal."

"Ah. And that's why you're sitting on top of her?"

"He's so mean," SailorMoon whined.

Zoisite vs. SailorMoon

"She tried to hit me with that stick," Zoisite pouted.

"How are you looking anyway?"

"So, how do I look?" Zoisite glared at him. In the heat of the battle he had completely forgotten the outfit he currently wore, and Obsidian conjured a mirror and held it before the pretty man.

"Oh. That." Zoisite blushed, while he still held SailorMoon's hand behind her head with one of his hands. "Oh dear, my hair is completely messed up."

"Indeed. And obviously the skirt was too tight." Now it had a rip along its side that showed even more of Zoisite's perfectly formed, long legs.

"Oops." Zoisite's blush deepened.

"Let SailorMoon go," Obsidian demanded.

"Yeah, let me go!"

"You're right. I definitely have to repair my appearance." Zoisite got up from SailorMoon, conjured a brush and started to work on his hair.

SailorMoon got to her feet. "What are you doing here, Mako, Obsidian?"

"Well, obviously we spoiled you the fun," Makoto observed dryly.

"That was my impression as well," Obsidian grinned. "What will Kunzite say to this?"

"What?" Zoisite put the arms on his hips. "You don't want to imply that I and a girl?!" He looked absolutely scandalized.

"It certainly looked like it," Obsidian commented.

"Me and that?" SailorMoon was horrified.

Makoto giggled. "Well, you two have quite a lot of things in common."


Zoisite almost exploded. "I'll tell Kunzite-sama that you said that and he will tell you," he sulked.

As if on cue, Kunzite materialized in the room. "Why does it take so long to - Obsidian?! What's going on here?"

Zoisite threw himself into his arms. "They are all so mean to me," he sniffed.

"He just can't behave himself," Obsidian remarked.

Kunzite wrapped his arms around the small man. "I take it you weren't successful?"

"No. I'm sorry, my Lord." Zoisite looked tearfully up to him and snuggled close to him.

SailorMoon still whined and cried.

"Don't you think it's enough?" Obsidian asked stressedly.

Makoto stepped to her friend. "Hey, you're still alive, aren't you? Calm down."

SailorMoon sniffed once more and was quiet. "What do you want of me?"

"We want the silver crystal," Kunzite declared in his usual calm and slightly arrogant voice.

"The silver crystal is mine." SailorMoon pressed the moon sceptre to her breast.

"Wrong. It belongs to the Dark Kingdom which was formerly known as the Crystal Kingdom."

"What's this Crystal Kingdom that all people talk about?" SailorMoon wondered. "I don't understand."

"It's not my fault when you slept while I related the tale," Kunzite said impatiently.

"Zoisite slept, too," Makoto observed.

"But I told him the story later on. - Hm. I'm surprised that no youma appears here even though we've used our powers," Kunzite frowned.

"The youma are elsewhere," Obsidian explained.

Zoisited changed into some other clothes that made him appear at least vaguely male, and his make-up disappeared as well.

"No more cross-dressing today?" Obsidian mocked.

"I only used the outfit to get into the house," Zoisite grumbled. "Do you think Tsukino-san would leave her daughter alone with a strange man?"

Suddenly the door opened and Usagi's mother entered. "I brought you some tea and some sweets, dear - oh! Who are you and when did you come in?" she asked Kunzite who still held Zoisite close, only that the young man didn't look as much as a woman as before. Tsukino Ikuko stared at him. "Huh? Sato-san?!"

"Aaaaahhh," SailorMoon started and took the tray. "Thanks, Mom!"

Tsukino Ikuko still looked at Zoisite with fascination and wondered if she was a he or he a she or something that just couldn't decide.

"Thanks, Mom," SailorMoon repeated and put the tray onto the ground.

"But... Who is she... he... whatever?"

"They're all members of my theater group," SailorMoon desperately tried to explain.

"I see. And what's the name of the play?"

"SailorMoon vs. the Dark Kingdom - and I'm the director," Kunzite said without missing a beat.

SailorMoon stared at him open-mouthed, while Obsidian leaned against a closet to get some breath. Makoto had thrown herself on Usagi's bed and giggled helplessly.

SailorMoon closed her mouth. "At least I have the lead role."

"Well, but do you have to run around in such a scanty dress? Your father won't like it."

"But that's how SailorMoon looks like."

"I still think you should put on a longer skirt - especially when such a handsome man directs the piece." She smiled at Kunzite.

Zoisite wrapped his arms possessivlely around Kunzite's waist and put on his he's mine - Mine - MINE! face.

"Don't panic, he isn't interested in girls," Makoto giggled.

Obsidian grinned. Here it was really fun, he thought. He sat down next to Makoto. "What did we want to do here, by the way?"

"Didn't you want to ask SailorMoon something?"

"Dunno. What did I want from her?" He put on a frown.

"I don't know either. You just wanted to ask her something."

"I've forgotten," Obsidian sighed.

"I still want the silver crystal," Zoisite sulked.

"But it's still mine."

"We will see whom it belongs," Obsidian remarked.

"Well, we will retire now," Kunzite decided. "We have other matters to attend to." They teleported to their car. They really had to figure out another plan.

Obsidian looked at Usagi who sat crumpled on the floor.

"Maybe you should turn back now," Makoto suggested, and SailorMoon did as she was told. "Obsidian, do you know now what you wanted to ask her?"

"When I saw Zoisite in this ...outfit, I was so surprised that I simply forgot it."

"I think he looks better as a girl anyway," Makoto stated.

"I guess that's his main problem," Obsidian grinned.

"Does anybody want some tea?" Usagi asked and ate one of the daifuku mochi her mother had brought with the tea. The others took their cups as well, and Obsidian tried to remember what he had wanted from the blonde girl.

"Was Zoisite only after the silver crystal, or did he say something else?" Makoto inquired.

"He only wanted the crystal, otherwise he only whined something."

"It never occurred to me before that the Dark Kingdom has its own version of SailorMoon," Makoto giggled. Her friend pouted.

"Well, we have our problems, too," Obsidian grinned. "Ah! Now I know again!"

"What?" Usagi asked.

"I wanted to ask you if you could heal Kunzite with your silver crystal."

"Hm. I think he's much too mean for healing. And why do you want me to heal him, when you're from the Dark Kingdom as well?"

"It's not so easy to explain."

"You see, Obsidian isn't evil," Makoto assured her.

"I don't know. I have to think about it some more."

Obsidian looked at the blonde girl. "I can understand that you don't trust me."

"Well, trying to heal Kunzite and/or Zoisite should be a good idea anyway," Makoto remarked. "I mean, when they are healed they should be on our side."

"I can try it the next time we meet them. But first we have to meet them again."

"What about setting a trap?" Makoto said thoughtfully. "Just tell them that Kunzite's story convinced you and you want to give them the silver crystal, but when they appear, you heal them instead."

"Maybe it'll work," Usagi pondered the plan doubtfully. "Tomorrow."

"Okay, tomorrow."

"And now leave me, please. I'm tired." Usagi yawned.

Obsidian and Makoto left, and the young man accompanied the girl to her apartment. When they had said good-bye, he returned to the Dark Kingdom and told Queen Beryl his version of the happenings.

Of course he didn't forget to describe in detail how Kunzite and Zoisite had visited SailorMoon to work out a plan to attack the Dark Kingdom.

The End of Pt.13 - Goto Pt.14

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