Whatever happened to Endymion?

(Tears of Crystal - Pt.16)

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SailorMoon screamed in horror. "My Tuxedo Kamen! They kidnapped him!"

SailorVenus only sighed. "We had better see to it that we finish off the youma. What about transforming him back, SailorMoon?"

"Yeah, he's pretty strong, but I guess we weakened him enough." SailorJupiter shot another Supreme Thunder bolt at him. "Now, SailorMoon!"

The blonde girl with the ridiculous odangos in her hair brandished the moon sceptre and called out "Moon Healing Escalation!"

Immediately the youma turned back into the human referee who looked around in confusion.

"Okay, now that we've settled that, we should try to find out where Kunzite brought Tuxedo Kamen," SailorMars said.

"My poor Mamoru," SailorMoon whined. "I'm sure this chief baddie Kunzite will torture him."

"Well, I'd say Zoisite will torture him," Ami pondered, before she looked apologetically at her friend. "Oh, I'm sorry, SailorMoon."

"Waaaaah," the blonde wailed. "We have to rescue him!"

"First we have to find him," SailorMars stated matter of factly..

"So what are we waiting for?" SailorMoon asked.

"Well, what would you suggest?" SailorJupiter frowned.

"Hm, let's see. Where should we look for him? Ah, I'd suggest the cake shops!"

"SailorMoon," the raven-haired Senshi sighed tragically. "I suggest we'd return to the Hikawa Shrine, and I'll try to get a reading in the fire."

"That's okay, when I get something to eat," SailorMoon nodded.

"If that's all you can think about." SailorMars shook her head. The blonde girl was so incompetent that she was convinced they should rather choose someone else as the leader of the Senshi - preferably her.

"Wonderful! Let's go, I'm hungry."

The five girls changed into their normal seeming and walked back to Hino Rei's home.

On the way they stopped at no less than three snack bars until Usagi was at least moderately full. Makoto shook her head. She didn't like fast food at all.

Finally they arrived at the Hikawa Shrine, and Usagi's first action was to check if Rei had bought any new manga.

"I didn't allow you to read my manga," Rei chided her, before she went to the holy fire. Of course Usagi didn't mind the rebuke at all, especially as her friend had gone to the adjacent room.

Rei began to meditate and soon fell into the trance that enabled her to catch glimpses of the future in the fire. Faint figures formed, until the pictures became clearer.

She saw a foreign town with a tower formed out of metal struts that looked somewhat similar to the Tokyo Tower. Then there was Endymion bound in black energy and Kunzite, Zoisite, Nephrite and Jadeite surrounded him.

* * *

Usagi giggled helplessly when she browsed through the manga.

Minako shook her head. Usagi was the living proof that there was more than a grain of truth in quite a lot of the jokes about stupid blondes. Maybe she, Minako, should dye her hair into a more intelligent colour.

Ami tried to check some things with her computer when Rei returned.

"It seems they brought Endymion to Paris. I believe I recognized the Eiffel Tower."

"Paris - the capital of love," Usagi sighed with hearts in her eyes.

Rei looked at her. "Sometimes I can almost understand that the Dark Kingdom wants to kill you off," she commented. And sometimes she was even tempted to help them.

"You're mean," the blonde complained.

"Stop arguing," Ami tried to calm them down. "I'd rather point you to the more important question which is: How can we get to Paris?"

"We could take an airplane," Minako proposed.

"But that's expensive," Usagi interjected.

"I agree - I couldn't afford such a trip either," Makoto stated.

"And I can't skip my course at cram school again," Ami said.

"But I want to go to Paris and save Mamoru," Usagi wailed.

"We could try to use the Sailor Teleport," Minako suggested.

"True - but how can we free Mamoru when we have to fight against all four of the Dark Kings?" Rei wondered.

"What about hoping that they aren't around?" Minako said wryly.

"One can't say much good about Kunzite - but unfortunately he is pretty intelligent," Ami remarked. "I don't think he'll leave Endymion alone."

"That's bad. But how can we get him back in that case?" Usagi wanted to know.

"We need a plan," Makoto stated.

"Somehow we always need a plan," Minako sighed.

"Well, we can't just teleport to Paris and demand 'Hey, give us back Endymion'", Rei said.

"But I don't know what else to do," Usagi whined.

Suddenly Kunzite materialized in their midst.

"I thought I'd find you here, little girls," he said smugly. When they had dumped Endymion in Paris, a much better idea than the original one had occurred to him.

"Waaaah," Usagi screamed when she saw the tall, silver-haired man and tried to crawl under the flat table.

"What do you want, Kunzite?" Rei hissed. She was more than annoyed that he had found her home.

"I have a proposal to make. You will go into the Dark Kingdom and kill both Queens Beryl and Metallia, and then I'll give you back Prince Endymion."

"Endymion!" Usagi repeated and bumped her head into the tabletop.

"Exactly." Kunzite looked at Usagi's backside that looked out from under the table and shook his head. This blonde clutz had managed to defeat several youma until now? He still couldn't believe it.

"But how are we supposed to destroy them?" Minako asked.

"You have to think about something." Kunzite grinned evilly. "You see, I left Endymion in the tender care of my beloved Zoisite."

"My poor Mamoru," Usagi whined. "Zoisite is so mean!"

"Well, he told me he wanted to try out some interesting things on him." Kunzite ran a hand through his hair.

"I really wonder how you can stand to be in his vicinity," Rei said disgustedly.

"I bet you don't want to know," Kunzite laughed.

"Why not?" Usagi asked curiously. Finally she had decided to leave the safety of the table and examined the handsome villain.

Kunzite grinned at her. "You're under age."

"Why do all people always insist that I'm too young," she sulked.

"Yeah, I must admit, if I didn't know your real age I'd say you're either nine or ten," Rei teased her.

Usagi blew a raspberry at her, and Rei returned the gesture. Kunzite sighed. How were these little brats able to accomplish anything?

"Can't you just stop that?" Minako grumbled. "We have a problem right now."

"Indeed." Kunzite smiled nonchalantly, let himself fall back and floated in the air as if he sat in a comfortable chair.

"So what?" Usagi looked at him questioningly.

"It depends if you wish to get your boy-friend back. You only have to work for me."

"Never! You're mean and evil."

"Well, in that case I will allow Zoisite to have his way with Endymion."

"Wouldn't you do that anyway? I don't trust you," Minako said.

"Now I feel really hurt," Kunzite remarked ironically.

"As if you would trust us!"

"That depends." Kunzite folded his arms. "I could brainwash you."

"Don't you dare!"

"How would you try to stop me?" He looked coolly at the girl and raised one eyebrow.

"We would find a way."

"I'd say currently you have three possibilities. One - you give me the silver crystal and get back Endymion. Two - you kill Queen Beryl and Metallia and get back Endymion. Three - you do none of the aforementioned and we keep Endymion and kill you whenever the possibility arises and take the silver crystal after all. It's your choice."

"I want to get Endymion back," Usagi shouted.

"You said that often enough," Minako said impatiently.

"But I don't think we can trust him," Rei pointed out. "I'm sure he will grab the silver crystal after we vanquished Queen Beryl and still keep Endymion."

Kunzite chuckled. "Well, if you think too long I might consider keeping Endymion as a little toy for Zoisite."

"Waaaaah", Usagi wailed. "You can't do that - he's mine!"

"Sure? He belonged to Queen Beryl for a while, and at the moment he's in my possession."

"That doesn't count!"

"Well, he isn't here, is he?" Kunzite grinned at Usagi.

"We can't decide that fast," Minako stalled for time.

"Very well. I will give you until tomorrow. But I expect your decision once I'll have returned."

Kunzite disappeared in a flash of blue energy streaks.

"I do hate this guy," Minako breathed.

"He's absolutely mean," Usagi agreed.

"But unfortunately he's pretty strong," Makoto sighed.

"We should immediately join our forces once he returns and blast him," Rei suggested.

"But then he can't tell us where we can find Endymion!"

"I wonder if we couldn't ask Obsidian to help us," Makoto said.

"But Obsidian is evil, too," Usagi exclaimed.

"Obsidian is not evil," the tall girl contradicted vehemently. The others hung their heads. "I guess I should prepare a tasty meal, then he'll join me in no time."

"Well, it won't hurt to try," Minako agreed. "Maybe he can tell us some weakness of Kunzite's."

"Yeah, I'd love to learn about any weakness of that arrogant freak, so that I can blast him into oblivion with my Fire Soul!"

"Good. Makoto, you'll cook something, we'll hide and wait, and when Obsidian arrives we catch him and interrogate him so that he tells us the weaknesses of Kunzite," Minako suggested.

"Exactly!" Rei grinned wickedly, and Ami looked at her dark-haired friend in surprise.

"I assure you, we don't need to interrogate him, he'll tell us everything out of his free will," Makoto assured them.

"That's great," Usagi shouted. "When Makoto cooks I'll get something to eat, too!"

"But you ate through three snack bars on our way here," Ami exclaimed.

"This was over an hour ago!"

The others sighed tragically before they set out on their way to Makoto's.

* * *

Obsidian likewise sighed.

"Are you sure you'll find the fugitive Kings here?" he asked Celestine who just dragged him into the seventh ice-cream parlour.

"I know that Nephrite always wanted to try a chocolate parfait," the red-haired girl assured him and finished off the seventh chocolate parfait herself.

"Well, I thought he preferred liquid nourishment such as wine." At least he had rarely seen him eat, but instead he was drinking all the time.

"I guess that's something I should take care of when I have him back. This alcohol just isn't good for him. I want him fully conscious when I show him what it's like to be used by the one you're in love with!"

"But couldn't we look somewhere else? I'm fed up with ice-cream!"

"Do you have a better idea where we can find him?"

"Well, I think we should try a pizzeria for a change."

"I don't think Nephrite likes pizza."

"But Jadeite does. And there's a high probability that Nephrite is where the other Kings are."

"Oh, I didn't know that." They left the ice-cream parlour and - to Obsidian's relief - went to a genuine Italian pizzeria. It even had an Italian name, something like 'Da Giuseppe' if he spelled out the curved Latin letters correctly.

Obsidian sighed contentedly. Finally he could eat something of substance. Celestine looked at him with fascination when he gulped down two whole large pizzas with strange denominations like Quattro stagioni and Prosciutto funghi.

"Okay, now I'm steeled for the next ice-cream parlour," he announced.

"Well, I must admit I'm getting a bit tired myself," Celestine said hesitantly. "What about returning to the Dark Kingdom? We can continue the search tomorrow."

"Your wish is my command," Obsidian grinned. If it was her decision to return, Queen Beryl would reprimand her, not him. "I agree that we probably won't find them today."

"I only hope the Queen won't be too angry." The girl shuddered.

"She'll certainly screech around as usual. What else do you expect?"

"She frightens me quite a bit."

"I don't think there's anyone whom she doesn't frighten."

"You're right," Celestine sighed.

They opened a doorway and returned. Of course they didn't escape a thorough dressing down, but that couldn't be helped.

* * *

"We need a place where we can store Endymion," Kunzite pondered.

"And we need something to eat," Zoisite demanded.

"You're free to fry Endymion and help yourself," Nephrite grinned.

"Phew, you don't expect me to eat rotten meat like that? When I want something to nibble at then I prefer it to be sweet." Zoisite gave Kunzite one of his forbidden glances.

"So what are we going to do with the jerk?"

"Queen Beryl will destroy all of you traitors," Endymion hissed.

"I don't think so," Kunzite declared cheerfully.

"My Lord, let me torture him for only five minutes," Zoisite begged. "I'll try to make sure that he'll fully recover."

"I'll second that as long as you silence him," Nephrite said.

"You can't hurt me," Endymion said arrogantly. "I won't give in to a bunch of cowards who can only torment a captive who is at their mercy."

"I don't mind how you call me as long as I have my fun with you." Zoisite smiled at him cruelly. He would pay him back every insult in exquisite pain - it was that easy.

"I thought we wanted to exchange him," Jadeite pointed out. "I fear the Senshi only want him back when he's still fully functional."

Zoisite looked at Jadeite and sulked. "You sure?"

"I'm afraid so."

"You spoil me all the fun." He went over to Kunzite, wrapped the arms around his middle and laid his head against his lover's shoulder.

"There, there, little rat," the tall man consoled him and held him close. Actually he was glad that Jadeite brought up this argument as he wasn't so fond of senseless slaughter.

"So what are we going to do?" Nephrite inquired.

"Actually I have some ideas," Zoisite mumbled and rubbed his cheek against Kunzite's chest.

"Not now," Kunzite said sternly. "We still need a place where to put Endymion."

"It has to be secure so that he can neither free himself nor be freed by Beryl's troops," Nephrite said thoughtfully.

"And it has to be as uncomfortable as possible," Zoisite demanded. "A mouldy, damp cellar would be perfect."

"I can live with that," Nephrite grinned. "Let's look for a fitting place."

After a while of running around they really found a pretty dilapidated building that was just perfect, as Zoisite found. They gagged Endymion and bound him up with some yards of rope they had procured on the way and left him lie on the moist stone floor.

"We could just 'forget' him here," Zoisite said with an evil gleam in his deep green eyes.

"Yeah, when we need him we just need to fetch him from here," Jadeite agreed. "Although I'm not sure how long he'll keep in this environment."

"Does it matter?" Zoisite giggled and cuddled up to Kunzite.

"Well, it matters a bit," Jadeite said. "But for the time being we can leave him here. And now we should return home. I'm hungry."

Endymion uttered some muffled sounds, but the others ignored him conveniently.

"Oh yes, let's go home," Zoisite chimed. "I have a little appetite, too." He looked greedily at Kunzite.

The silver-haired man opened a doorway back to Tokyo and they went to their homestead.

* * *

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl sat on her throne and wondered why Endymion hadn't returned yet. He had told her that he wanted to follow an idea to collect lots of energy, but until now neither the energy nor Endymion had shown up.

"Endymion, report," she called out telepathically.

No answer.

Beryl scratched her claws over the armrests of her throne. It gave a horrible sound.

"Endymion!" she shouted angrily.

No reply.

"Endymion, if you don't report to me right now I will kill you!"



The Queen began to worry.

"Endymion? I hope nothing happened to you, my sweetheart, my love..."

The End of Pt.16 - Goto Pt.17

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