Lost and Found

(Tears of Crystal - Pt.22)

© 1998/2006 by Stayka deyAvemta & Shavana Rhea

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"Phonolite, shouldn't we do something on ourselves to convince Queen Beryl of our worthiness? I'd still like to return the traitor Nephrite to the Dark Kingdom so that he can be properly punished," Celestine said to her colleague.

"But I don't want to," the blonde girl moaned. "I'm tired from all of those exercises and the stupid learning."

"When you don't begin to act like a proper officer of Queen Beryl's armies you will be punished, too," the red-haired commander threatened.

"I don't think she has the time to punish me."

"Well, it doesn't have to be our Queen who punishes you." Celestine smiled cruelly.

"Who else?"

"Me for example." She laughed annoyingly (but not as evilly as Zoisite could laugh).

Phonolite sulked. "Don't you dare!"

"I'm sure neither Antimony nor Queen Beryl would mind." Celestine balanced a ball of liquid scarlet fire on the palm of her hand.

Phonolite took the magick wand she had gotten (it had turned out she couldn't do anything without a proper focus for her abilities) and hit her colleague on the head with it.

Celestine looked at the blonde in shock, before she retaliated with a blast of angry red energy droplets.

"Ouch - that hurts," Phonolite whined and jumped around.

"Behave!" Celestine said coolly. "I'm outranking you, thus you have to obey."

"Only if I think your orders are sensible."

"I'll tell Queen Beryl!"

"Then I will tell her that you sneak away into the Earth Realm to visit the ice-cream parlours!"

"Don't you dare! Then I will tell her that you always sleep through Antimony's lessons."

"And you fold paper planes out of the exercise sheets!"

"But contrary to you I'm able to let them float telekinetically!"

"But it's still disrespectful."

"It's just as disrepectful to use your night sceptre to smack it over the head of your fellow officers!"

"But when they make me angry?"

"Somehow I really have to put you in your proper place," Celestine declared in a huff. Phonolite posed in front of her, arms akimbo and glared back at her. "So let's go into the Earth Realm and catch the traitors," Celestine returned to her main topic.

"Oh yes, I will catch them and punish them!" She brandished the black magick wand.

"We have to lure them into a trap," Celestine said thoughtfully. "Otherwise they are too powerful. Maybe we should just go there and collect some energy - that should lure them out of their hiding-place, especially when they now work together with the Sailor Senshi."

"Oh yes, that sounds like a good idea. What are you waiting for?"

"Oh dear, haven't you still learned how to open a doorway yourself?" Celestine sighed. She waved her hand and a black energy gate formed in the empty air.

Phonolite stuck out her tongue at her and walked through. The other girl grinned and followed her.

* * *

Suddenly Rei's communicator beeped. Puzzled, she looked around as she only wore the bathing suit Kunzite had conjured for her. "Kunzite?"

The silver-haired man stretched lazily and looked up. Zoisite played with some strands of his long, shiny hair and gazed at him in rapture.

"Where did you hide our clothes and stuff when you conjured these bathing suits?

"I just phased them out of this time-space continuum. I thought you knew the technique - it's the same you use when you turn into your Sailor outfits."

"Er, well..." Rei blushed. "I must admit I never thought about it. You see - it just worked."

"Girls, girls," Kunzite sighed. "No wonder you have such problems to study magick when you don't even wonder how it works in the first place." He waved his hand, and Rei's communicator appeared again.

"Thanks." Rei took the device, and Luna's face appeared on the little screen. The black cat looked impatiently at her.

"Luna? What's up?"

"The Dark Kingdom is active again," she announced. "There's quite a lot of dark energy in the Ginza."

"In the underground station?" Rei frowned. "Then we should go there immediately and take care of the problem." She looked regretfully to Jadeite; she still hadn't figured out what she thought about him. She informed Makoto, Minako and Ami.

"What's going on?" Obsidian wanted to know and looked to Makoto for an answer.

"Luna detected black energy, and we have to check whether there are youma around to steal the people's energy."

"May I accompany you?"

"Sure." The brown-haired Senshi smiled at him. "You're welcome if you like to help us."

"What's up?" Kunzite hadn't paid attention as Zoisite had returned to massage him. He really loved his little rat, Kunzite thought contentedly and caught one of his lover's hands to kiss his fingertips.

"We're going to beat up some nasty youma," Obsidian grinned.

"Ah. Need any help?" Kunzite yawned. Somehow he had to do something else than playing around with his beloved once in a while.

"Well, if you work with us I don't mind," Rei declared. "Should you decide to join the youma against us, though, I will punish you in the name of Mars!"

"Well, I'm only looking for a little action."

"Action?" Zoisite gave him a dark gaze. "Do you imply by that that I'm not good enough anymore?" He sniffed and looked tragically to the ground.

"Everything gets boring after a while," Obsidian commented.

"Boring? Me?" Zoisite's emerald eyes sparked poisonous green fire.

"You're never boring, little rat," Kunzite hurried to say and kissed him tenderly.

"I hope so," he pouted. "But then you're right, it might be fun to fight a little again. I really need to kill something for a change." The petite man smiled cruelly.

Rei shook the dark head in disgust. And she had just thought she might even start to get along with Zoisite.

"I guess you don't need me to tag along," Jadeite said. He didn't want to appear to eager to hang around with Rei, lest it would cause further annoying comments. Moreover, he wondered why he had this funny feeling in the stomach whenever she was in his vicinity. "So have fun playing around with the youma." He waved to the others and disappeared back into the house.

"Why don't we go?" Minako nagged.

"Good point." Rei was a bit disappointed with Jadeite's refusal to help them, but on the other hand, his presence was currently too much of a distraction for her anyway, so it was probably better that he stayed back when she had to fight. She held out her transformation pen and turned into SailorMars. The other girls followed suit.

"And what shall I wear?" Zoisite wondered. "When I fight against the youma it's improper to wear a Dark Kingdom uniform."

"It's absolutely irrelevant what you're wearing," SailorVenus told him. "We should go now or the youma have returned to the Dark Kingdom before we even arrive."

"But I want to look as nice as possible."

"You look always nice," Kunzite sighed and conjured up an only thigh-length version of his black Master Mage's robe plus comfortable black trousers so that it didn't impair his mobility. As an afterthought he added a black cape with silver lining for the proper dramatic look.

of Kunzite in the battle version of his Master Mage's Robe by Stayka

"Obsidian, could you open one of those gates for us?" SailorMars asked him. Zoisite stood in front of a freshly conjured mirror and tried out some self-invented uniforms. None of these met with his approval, though.

The girls stepped through the doorway and Kunzite followed them.

"Hey, wait for me!" The pretty man ran to the doorway as well. As he still hadn't decided on an outfit, he wore black trousers and a red top, for he had only half conjured his next set of clothes.

They materialized in the Ginza where an evil looking youma sucked the energy of some sparse passers-by.

"Do you really want to run around like this?" Obsidian giggled. He walked around Zoisite and examined him closely.

"You didn't wait for me to finish choosing my clothes!"

Zoisite conjured another mirror and tried once more to settle on an outfit. Obsidian stood next to him and watched him in fascination.

SailorMars and the other Senshi began to battle the youma in the underground station when suddenly Celestine appeared in a scarlet swirl of energy. She floated about one yard high in the air and encouraged the youma to attack.

Zoisite stared open-mouthed at her. "She stole my pose!" he squealed.

"Why don't you finish dressing, then you can punish her adequately," Obsidian proposed.

"Oh, of course!" Zoisite decided to copy Kunzite's outfit, only that his was in deep green with golden symbols on it and lacked the cape.

"Cute," Obsidian commented. "Why haven't you put that on in the first place?"

"Well, it's okay, but I'm still not 100% satisfied with the design." Zoisite assessed himself critically in the mirror. "I have to devise something new when I find the time. For now it has to do."

Meanwhile Ami fought with herself whether she really should attack poor Naru. The red-head didn't share her sentiments and scarlet fire rained from her hands onto the Senshi.

"Now it's getting hot," Obsidian said cheerfully and went out of the way of the red energy droplets.

Kunzite wove a shield around himself and observed the girls and his beloved. Zoisite sulked and attacked Celestine with a particularly angry cherry blossom petal storm. It was an outrage that she copied his poses.

Celestine dodged his attacks as she was sure he could hurt her badly if he hit her. Zoisite became more and more annoyed and cursed her blasphemously.

of Zoisite being furious at Celestine by Stayka

Kunzite smiled at his little rat. He was so cute when he got angry. The silver-haired King decided not to intervene as it was much more entertaining to watch him, and of course he didn't want to spoil him the fun.

Phonolite hid behind a supporting column. There were way too many enemies around, she thought and shivered in fright. She loathed especially this mean pretty-boy Zoisite and was glad that it was Celestine who fought him.

Zoisite called upon his powers and conjured a fireball to fry Celestine for good, but she managed to jump out of the way. The shot demolished a good part of the wall behind her.

"We should sell tickets," Obsidian suggested.

"He's wonderful, isn't he?" Kunzite said proudly and looked possessively at Zoisite.

"I agree," Obsidian nodded.

They continued to observe the fight. Obsidian regretted that he didn't have any popcorn with him.

The Senshi still tried to vanquish the youma, but the hideous monster defended itself with claws and teeth and deadly energy beams. Phonolite didn't want to leave her cover, but from Celestine's direction came a desperate cry for help.

"I prefer to stay here," Phonolite shouted back. "Zoisite's much too mean!"

"Well, why don't you try to kill him then, so that it's the end of him being mean?" Celestine panted while Zoisite scored another almost hit.

"No, he could hurt me."

"You're a warrior from the Dark Kingdom and shall fear no pain!" Celestine shouted angrily.

Kunzite almost doubled over from laughter.

"You first," Phonolite demanded.

"I am fighting him right now, lame-brain - I need support!"

"Why haven't you said so in the first place?"

"If you would stop cowering behind that dustbin and hiding, you'd have seen it."

"Okay, I'm coming out," Phonolite muttered and appeared out of her hiding-place. "What do you want me to do?"

"What about attacking him from behind?" Celestine sighed and shot another energy salvo at Zoisite.

"As you wish." Phonolite tried to get into Zoisite's back, but of course she was so obvious that even a blind and deaf person would have had difficulties not to discover her.

Kunzite shook his head and shot a rather weak blast of energy that hit Phonolite square in the butt. She squeaked in pain and jumped some feet high into the air before she dived under cover again.

SailorMars glared at the Dark King. "Don't you dare kill her!" she hissed.

"I'll try - but don't expect me to promise anything."

"I really wonder how the Dark Kingdom has survived since you have deserted it," Obsidian stated.

"Good question. Beryl made a grave mistake trying to kill my beloved."

"Indeed. These two are a joke!" Obsidian pointed at Phonolite and Celestine.

"I agree," Kunzite nodded. "Well, Zoisite, finish her off so that we can return home."

"No!" SailorMercury screamed. "I won't allow you to kill Naru!"

"Oh dear, now this starts again," Obsidian sighed. "I wonder what they need this girl for anyway."

"But she copies my poses and she even dared to attack me," Zoisite pouted. "I want to torture her, if only a little bit."

"Whatever you wish, little rat."

"Forget it," SailorMars fumed. "I won't let you kill either of them. We're going to catch and reprogram them."

"And I thought you were so glad to be rid of SailorMoon," Kunzite grinned.

"I wasn't exactly talking of SailorMoon, but of Naru," SailorMars growled.

During their conversation, SailorJupiter finished off the youma with a powerful Supreme Thunder attack.

"Is there a difference?" Obsidian wanted to know.

"Well, Naru was brainwashed and SailorMoon is as always - utterly useless," the black-haired Senshi shrugged.

"Don't talk that way of Usagi," SailorMercury chided her.

"It's the truth - and truth hurts sometimes."

Obsidian sighed. "Why don't you collect both of them, then we can leave this sorrow place."

Zoisite stuck out his tongue at Naru and returned into Kunzite's arms. When he wasn't allowed to torture her, it was no fun anyway, he sulked.

SailorMercury blinded Celestine and Phonolite with her Shabon Spray, while SailorMars tried to heal them with the moon sceptre.

Phonolite strained to see something. Until now she hadn't been on the receiving end of SailorMercury's silly soap bubbles, but they seemed to be more effective than she had ever thought.

Celestine tried hard to fight back, but to no avail. Her attacks only grazed the Senshi, and when it seemed they would overpower her, she opened a doorway and made a tactical retreat.

"Where am I?" Phonolite wailed and stumbled blindly around, but suddenly she was caught. She struggled and whined, but her captor held her securely.

"Gotcha," Obsidian grinned, and threw Phonolite over his shoulder which caused an increase of her whining volume. Kunzite made a face. Why not resort to a mercy kill?

"Ah, you've got her," SailorMars observed. "Then let's go home."

"But fast - she struggles rather wildly!" Obsidian gave her a slap on the butt. "Be still!"

"Just knock her out," Kunzite suggested.

"No, you mustn't hurt her," SailorMercury demanded.

"If you had allowed me to kill her, the problem would have been solved permanently," Zoisite pointed out and snuggled close to Kunzite. When he laid his head against his lover's shoulder and breathed in his tantalizing scent, he just wished to get home real soon as he had some ideas of how to spend the meagre rest of the evening and the night.

When she heard the word 'kill', Phonolite managed to increase the volume of her wailing once more. Obsidian sighed. "Could someone please free me from this whiny brat?"

"Sorry, I have my hands full," Kunzite grinned and held Zoisite as tight as possible without crushing him.

"Okay, give her to me," SailorJupiter offered.

"But she struggles pretty hard."

"Well, maybe we should knock her out after all," the tall Senshi said thoughtfully.

"No!" SailorMercury protested.

"Well, then it's settled and you carry her," Obsidian grinned. SailorMercury was totally surprised when he called "Catch!" and threw Phonolite at her. Of course this meant that both girls crashed into the ground.

"My poor back," Obsidian complained and stretched. "Weight-lifting isn't my favourite pastime."

"This wasn't fair," SailorMercury complained and rubbed the aching parts, before she managed to get up again.

"Who says I'm fair?" Obsidian lifted and eyebrow. "I'm egotistical."

"Well, it shows. You are evil after all," SailorVenus commented.

"I think he's only reasonable," SailorMars joined in the conversation. "I wouldn't want to carry Usagi either."

"I'm sure I'm black and blue from her kicks." Obsidian gave the blonde, who still sat on the ground, a mean stare.

"Shall I take a look?" SailorJupiter offered.

"Oh, yes. I want to be comforted, now."

"With pleasure." She smiled at him but didn't dare to do anything else.

"But first we should disappear from this place - I'm sure Celestine will return with reinforcements soon."

"True," Kunzite nodded. "Zoisite and I have plans for the rest of the evening anyway."

"We should bring Usagi to the Hikawa Shrine," SailorMars suggested. "I want to try healing her."

"Well, then do that before she flees." Obsidian pointed at Phonolite who tried to get back to her feet and glared angrily at the Senshi.

"SailorJupiter, it's your turn!" The black-haired girl told her impatiently, and Makoto lifted Phonolite onto her shoulder.

"I'll open a doorway for you," Obsidian announced, and immediately a black gate appeared in front of them.

"That's nice, Obsidian - thanks," SailorJupiter beamed at him. When Phonolite struggled again, she gave her a slap on the backside. "Stay still!"

When the others had disappeared, Kunzite and Zoisite teleported into the city to find some transportation back to their house. They really had to get rid of Beryl in the next time, so that they could use all of their powers again without having to fear detection all the time.

* * *

"How are you going to heal her now?" Obsidian asked curiously when they had settled in Rei's room.

"Like this!" SailorMars brandished the moon sceptre and spoke SailorMoon's usual formula.

"And that was it?"

"We'll see." SailorMars shook her friend. "Usagi!"

"What do you want?" she hissed back.

"How do you feel?"

"How does one feel who is held captive by one's enemies?"

"Hm. Even though this sounds pretty sound for a normal person, this is SailorMoon - so I worry." Obsidian grinned.

"Eh!" Makoto shoved him. She had turned back into her civilian seeming.

"Ouch, be careful," he protested and rubbed his upper arm.

"The Dark Kingdom will destroy you!" Phonolite threatened.

"They tried that before," SailorMars frowned and repeated the Moon Healing Escalation. Her friends had all assumed their normal seeming by now.

"It seems you don't get through with it," Obsidian observed.

"I wonder why it doesn't work?!"

"Well, you are SailorMars after all and it's the Moon Healing Escalation," Ami pointed out.

"Might be." SailorMars frowned. "But how did Kunzite and Zoisite break free from the Dark Kingdom? They managed to do so on their own, didn't they?"

Obsidian shrugged. "I don't know how they managed this. I only know that Kunzite is afraid to go back to the Dark Kingdom as he fears Beryl could get him under control again when she gets her claws on him, so he doesn't seem to have gotten rid of the conditioning completely."

"Probably Beryl did the same thing to Usagi to secure her control over her. - How comes that you don't feel any particular loyalty to her?"

"Well, she never bothered to put me under her control. Don't ask me why - I don't know the Queen's mind," Obsidian claimed. In truth she didn't consider him a danger, and of course he was family, too.

"Probably it's because you don't like to take any orders in any case," Makoto grinned.

"It depends who gives them."

"What about me?" She batted her eyelids at him.

"What do you want me to do?"

"What about 'please come and visit me more often'", she suggested.

"Then I could move in with you altogether," he laughed.

"My apartment is large enough."

"Aha! So when are you two going to marry?" Minako inquired.

"Hm. We'll see. Although I don't have time before Wednesday next week."

"You are going to marry on Wednesday next week? This means Rei and Jadeite have to hurry that we can arrange a double marriage," Minako giggled.

"I won't marry Jadeite!" Rei shouted angrily.

"Just a moment - did I understand correctly that you do want to marry me?" Makoto said in a mixture of shock and amazement.

"Why not?" Obsidian asked cheerfully.

"But this is a serious decision - I mean, a marriage is for life!"

The young man frowned. "Since when?"

"Always! - Say, don't you have marriages in the Dark Kingdom?"

"Sure, but they only last as long as one wishes it. - Well, except for state marriages, that is. These were supposed to hold a little longer."

"That's sad. When I marry I want to stay together with my love until death does depart us," Makoto sighed.

"But that's pretty long, don't you think?" Obsidian gazed thoughtfully at her. "And what about this engagement thing? Is that forever as well?"

"Not yet. Although normally you only get engaged when you wish to marry, too."

"Indeed," Minako nodded vigorously. "I'd say Rei and Jadeite should get engaged first, too."

"Aaaaarrrrggggglllllll!" Rei grumbled. She turned back from SailorMars to the normal outfit as well. "I don't want to!"

"And why not?"

"Because he's sexist, self-satisfied, arrogant, smug, mean and everything", she repeated her usual mantra, even though she had the feeling that it somehow didn't apply to him anymore. Not to mention that he was also really good-looking and obviously tried to be very nice to her in the last time.

"Which means you two make the absolute perfect match," Minako remarked.

"Pah! What makes you think an arrogant male chauvinist would be a perfect match for me?" Rei fumed, but somehow her reply wasn't as aggressive as usual anymore.

"No one else could dare to stand up to you," Obsidian commented.

"Hm!" She glared at him.

"You should be glad that such a cute guy is interested in you," Minako sighed. She would go with Jadeite anytime, she thought, but unfortunately he had eyes only for Rei.

"Be careful, Usagi tries to flee," Ami cautioned.

"Can someone get me a rope to bind her?" Obsidian asked. Rei supplied a rope, and he bound the blonde securely, not without additionally gagging her. "Okay. Where did we leave our conversation?"

"We still have to convince Rei to be a bit nicer to Jadeite," Makoto helped him out. "Although I think she only acts as if she doesn't like him."

Rei growled something.

"Just my opinion," Obsidian nodded. "I hope they'll get everything settled that they can marry soon. I want to see a real Earth marriage."

"Well, then you can wait until hell freezes over", Rei fumed.

"Hm. I thought you found him attractive."

"He isn't even my type," Rei contradicted. "I prefer tall, dark-haired guys who do what I want them to do." Although, when she was honest, Jadeite was much more interesting than Yuuichirou. The latter was sweet and caring, true, but she certainly would get bored with him fast. Jadeite on the other hand... But no, she should banish these thoughts as far away as possible.

"I will think about it," Obsidian mused.

"Oh, do you volunteer to become my boyfriend?" Rei laughed.

"Hey, he's mine!" Makoto protested. "I don't want to share you with anyone."

"Well, then you're lucky that my thousand years of cold sleep have done away with my former 'fiancée'."

"What? You were engaged? But you said you didn't know?"

"Well, I used that for want of a better term. When I was but one year old - or so Antimony told me - I was promised to a girl of royal blood. You see, my dad was the brother of the Crystal King, and it was some state thing or so. But I don't think Dioptase - that was the girl's name, if I remember correctly - has survived up to now."

"Good. That means you're free for me," Makoto stated.

In the corner the bound and gagged Phonolite tried to wriggle out of her bonds, but to no avail. When Rei shot her a threatening glare, she decided to lie still for a while.

"Slowly but surely I'm getting hungry again," Obsidian remarked and looked tragically at Makoto.

"I could cook something," she volunteered immediately. "But we have to return to my apartment."

"I'll gladly open a doorway for you."

"Wonderful. Anyone else who likes to eat something?"

The others shook their heads. "I'll stay here. I desperately need a good night's sleep," Rei announced.

"Ah, you're waiting for Jadeite to visit you again by chance," Obsidian grinned. "Take good care of SailorMoon."

"Sure - and I don't wait for Jadeite!"

With a giggle, Makoto and Obsidian disappeared through the black gate.

Rei sighed and looked at Minako and Ami. "And what shall we do with Usagi now?"

"We can't leave her here like this," Minako said thoughtfully. "But when we free her from the bonds, she'll certainly try to run."

"Maybe we should ask Kunzite to take care of her. His powers are much greater than ours and perhaps he's even able to break Beryl's influence over her altogether," Ami suggested. "Does anyone of you have his phone number? In case he has a phone at all, that is."

Rei made a face, and Minako answered negatively, too.

"What about calling Makoto and asking Obsidian to contact Kunzite?"

"Good idea, Ami. Make it so," Rei ordered.

Obsidian chewed on some pieces of sweet yokan when Makoto's communicator beeped.

"What do you want?" he asked into the microphone when Makoto gave him the device after Ami explained that she wanted to talk to Obsidian.

"We need to contact Kunzite," Ami told him. "He doesn't happen to have a telephone, does he?"

"No, I'm afraid not. But when it's really important I could try to reach him telepathically."

"Please! That would be great. Tell him it would be nice if he could just come over. We have a little problem here."

"As you wish."

Obsidian concentrated and sent out a tendril of thought that reached for the Dark King.

*What's up?* came a rather irritated mental reply. Kunzite and Zoisite had just retired to their bedchambers and were ...occupied.

*The Senshi want to know if you could meet them at the Shrine right now.*

*Right now? Certainly not.* Some stray passionate emotions made their way to Obsidian via the telepathic link, and the youth grinned. *Why don't you ask Jadeite? I have more urgent matters to attend to here, and I'm absolutely not willing to leave.*

*I see. You're way too ...occupied*, Obsidian stated with a mental grin. *Well, then I'll contact Jadeite.*

*Fine. And remember not to disturb me before tomorrow noon or you will regret it*, Kunzite threatened before he turned his attention fully back to the warm and soft presence of his beloved in his arms.

"Kunzite has 'other matters to attend to'," Obsidian told Ami. "I'm supposed to ask Jadeite."

Rei blushed when she heard Obsidian mention his name via the communicator.

"Yeah, just do it," Ami nodded. Jadeite was relatively powerful, too.

Much to Obsidian's amusement, Jadeite immediately agreed to visit the girls even though he didn't know what they wanted of him. He told the Senshi the result.

Rei didn't comment anything, but her flushed cheeks spoke volumes while she herself stayed silent.

* * *

Half an hour later, Jadeite arrived at the Hikawa Shrine. "Hello," he greeted the black-haired girl hesitantly.

"Hi," Rei replied shyly. She was slightly annoyed by the reaction Jadeite caused in her and an awkward silence began to stretch between them.

"So why did you want me to appear?" Jadeite finally managed to say. Rei motioned him into the house and pointed at the securely bound and gagged Usagi.

"Because of that!"

"What's the matter with her?"

"Well, she seems to be still under Queen Beryl's influence, even though I tried to heal her. I thought that maybe Kunzite - or you - have an idea of how to cure her."

"I'm not sure if I can manage it."

"Well, but you broke free from the Dark Kingdom, didn't you?"

"Sure, but probably it's somehow related to the fact that I was put to eternal sleep and sealed into this crystal."

"The fact remains that you broke free - just as your colleagues did. So shouldn't it be possible to free Usagi from Beryl's influence, too?" Rei looked hopefully at Jadeite. She hadn't wanted Usagi to be so thoroughly conditioned, but even Obsidian hadn't foreseen that Beryl would succeed in brainwashing her.

"But how? I'm not able to put someone to eternal sleep."

"Can't you just hypnotize her somehow? Please!"

"I will try it." Jadeite went to Usagi and gazed deeply into her eyes while he tried to override Beryl's conditioning. When he finally nodded, Ami freed Usagi from the gag and watched her intently, while Rei couldn't take her eyes from the blonde King. The magickal powers of the Shitennou were amazing.

"Why have you bound me?" Usagi whined, now that she was able to talk again.

"You were under Queen Beryl's influence," Ami explained as Rei seemed to be somewhat preoccupied. Now that he finished with his task, Jadeite covertly glanced at Rei.

"Please, free me from those ropes," Usagi yammered.

"Oh, sorry." Ami untied her friend while Rei finally came to the conclusion that she did like Jadeite after all. She just wasn't sure if this was a good idea.

Usagi rubbed her arms and the other aching parts of her body before she became aware of the looks that Rei and Jadeite exchanged. "What happened to these two?" she asked.

"Well, they can't stand each other, or so Rei claims," Minako grinned broadly.

"I'd rather say they like each other pretty much," Usagi observed, not getting Minako's irony.

"They are lucky," Ami sighed.

"Yeah. We shouldn't disturb them any further," Minako suggested and ushered Ami and Usagi out of the Shrine. It was late in the evening by now, and so the girls returned home.

Rei and Jadeite didn't notice their departure at all, they continued to exchange furtive glances. Rei didn't dare say anything, for she had insulted him rather badly before, and she thought it might look strange when she did a 180 degrees turn.

"I fear I have to go now," Jadeite broke the silence a while later.

"Really?" She sounded a bit disappointed.

"It is late. Don't you have to get up early for school?"

"Yes, you're right of course." She nodded and cast down her eyes while she blushed once more und cursed herself for it in the same instant.

"I'd like to meet you again, if you'd like." Daringly Jadeite lifted her chin so that she gazed at him once more. "What about tomorrow?" To his relief, she didn't try to attack him on his bold move.

"I'm looking forward to it," she admitted.

"Fine." He caressed her cheek, and Rei didn't dare to move. "What about tomorrow after school? I could meet you there."

"That would be great."

"I'll see you there!" Jadeite smiled at her a last time and left the house. He didn't want to rush anything now that he had her at a point that she refrained from strangling him.

"Until tomorrow," she mouthed and sat down in confusion. She touched her cheek where she had the impression she still felt his caress. Had she really fallen in love somehow? And why had it to be Jadeite of all men? After all, they were supposed to be deadly enemies - or rather, they had been enemies. Rei shook her head, but her thoughts didn't get any clearer.

* * *

"Where have you been all the time?" Tsukino Ikuko shouted furiously at her wayward daughter who had not only been missing for quite a while but who also wore a strange kind of uniform at the moment. "And where have you left your clothes?"

"I'm sorry, I don't know," Usagi said meekly.

"Get into your room! Now! We will talk about this tomorrow morning when I have managed to calm down a bit!"

"Yes, Mom," Usagi sniffed and a waterfall of tears run over her face when she hurried into her room.

Tsukino Ikuko took a deep breath before she called the police department to tell them that her daughter had returned unharmed and they could stop their search for her.

And tomorrow Usagi was due for a thorough spanking, she vowed.

* * *

It was fairly late in the morning when Kunzite and Zoisite finally appeared in the kitchen where Jadeite hummed a cheerful melody and created a new menu in celebration of his good fortune.

"Good morning," Kunzite said with equal cheer. Zoisite clung to his arm and smiled beatifically.

"Morning," Jadeite replied absently. He couldn't stop thinking of his raven-haired goddess from the Hikawa Shrine.

"Is there any coffee or tea around?"

"Sure, over there!" Jadeite pointed at a huge pot of coffee on the table.

"Great." Kunzite smiled at Zoisite and gave him a fleeting kiss on the cheek. "Please sit down, my little rat." He fetched a pair of mugs and filled them, before he laid out the table with an assortment of food for breakfast. The tall King began to feed his lover some choice bits, until something else came to his mind. "By the way, Jadeite - what did the girls want yesterday?"

"They asked me to free Usagi from Queen Beryl's influence."

"And? Did you?" Zoisite wanted to know.

"I'm not absolutely sure, but I hope so."

"Hm. How did you go about it?" Kunzite inquired. He wasn't sure that Jadeite was able to permanently pierce a block that Beryl had set in Usagi's brain.

"I hypnotized her."

"But that's only overlaying Beryl's commands with yours," Kunzite frowned. "I suggest we take her and try to analyze Beryl's handiwork thoroughly. Maybe then we can even figure out how she managed to get us under her control."

"The idea isn't bad," Jadeite acknowledged.

"Where's Obsidian? He has to open the doorway so that we can fetch her without her knowing the location of our house."

"Why can't we just kill Beryl, then we wouldn't need to hide our whereabouts anymore," Zoisite sighed.

"We need to find a weaknesss of hers that we can exploit," Kunzite pointed out.

"Well, Endymion ought to be dead now," Zoisite shrugged. "Maybe we should have kept that jerk alive after all."

"On the other hand she might become so furious once she learns of his demise that she makes mistakes," Kunzite said und concentrated on Obsidian's mind signature. *Obsidian!*

*What do you want?* came an irritated reply. Obsidian didn't like to be disturbed when he ate the tasty little tidbits Makoto had prepared for him.

*You are to open a doorway from our house to wherever SailorMoon is located at the moment so that we can take her to us for further examination*, Kunzite demanded.

*Why don't you just drive there?*

*I don't want her to see the way to the house lest she might give us away in case her conditioning is too strong and she manages to flee.*

*You could still throw her into the trunk of your car.*

Kunzite frowned. This was an option. On the other hand, he was the one in command. *You are not to question me*, he sent him a thought with a highly dangerous undertone. *You should better obey me.*

*But I don't like to.*

*I think you'd like it even less to experience the things Zoisite has in mind if I allow him to punish you.*

*Hm.* This was definitely true, Obsidian thought. Well, Makoto was at school right now, so he didn't have to do much more than eat the snacks she had left for him in the fridge. *Okay, I'll fetch her.* She was probably back at home by now, he imagined. After her absence, her mother certainly wanted to figure out where she had been and everything before she let her go back to school.

Obsidian teleportated into Usagi's room. As he had already visited her there once he had no problems to pinpoint the correct coordinates.

The blonde girl lay on her bed and cried without pause. Luna wasn't with her. Probably the cat had fled to the rooftop of the house.

Without further ado, Obsidian grabbed her telekinetically and shoved her through the doorway he had created. They landed in Kunzite's living-room.

"Well done," the silver-haired man acknowledged. Obsidian gave him an angry glare, fell down in an armchair and sprawled all over it.

Usagi still hung horizontally suspended in the air. She was afraid as no one of the men talked to her - and of course they were her enemies, weren't they?

Kunzite concentrated on the frightened girl. "My assumption was correct - Jadeite really didn't do more than put one more layer of influence over Beryl's conditioning."

"I still wonder what there is to influence after all," Obsidian said ironically.

"Good point," Zoisite grinned and stepped behind Kunzite to wrap his arms around his lover's waist.

"Hey - I have to concentrate," the other man protested.

"Is Zoisite so much of a disturbance?"

"More of a sweet distraction," Kunzite smiled and caught Zoisite's hands that had wandered a little astray.

"Don't let Usagi crash down," Obsidian warned. "It might cause splotches."

"I'll try to," Kunzite chuckled, before he probed her mind again. It was awfully unordered, and currently fear and self-pity were the predominant emotions.

"It wouldn't matter anyway," Zoisite said. "Kunzite-sama, do you perhaps allow me to torture her a bit? Not much... Only a little bit," he begged and rubbed his cheek against Kunzite's back.

"Oh yes, I want to help!" Obsidian added.

"But first we have to get rid of Beryl's conditioning or SailorMoon won't be able to appreciate it properly."

"Then go on!" Obsidian urged him.

"I'm trying. Beryl's block is very strong, you see, and I'm not even sure I'm able to undo it."

"Soso," Obsidian sighed. "And what am I supposed to do in the meantime? Do you have any books or video tapes around?"

"Well, you have the choice between my books on magickal sciences and Zoisite's splatter videos."

"I've got a director's cut of the Hellraiser movies," Zoisite volunteered. "And then I just managed to get my hands on Bad Taste and Braindead."

"Hellraiser is dull," Obsidian shook his head. "I don't know the others, but I admit I prefer the books over your taste in movies."

"Hellraiser is cool," Zoisite pouted. "Lots of blood and gore and torturing."

Obsidian grimaced. "Exactly that's the point."


"Say that again and I'll hurt you after all!"

Zoisite let go of Kunzite and stuck out his tongue at Obsidian. The violet-haired man went over to him.

"Do you wish to challenge me?"

"I'm stronger anyway," the pretty man claimed.

"I wouldn't be so sure about that."

"Try me." Zoisite stood in front of him, arms akimbo.

"But I refuse to start a fight."

"You're afraid to lose!"

"Well, not exactly," Obsidian mused. "But that's my upbringing - I was always told not to hit little girls."

"I'm no girl," Zoisite exploded. "I'm a man!" If Kunzite hadn't caught him with one arm, he certainly would have tried (and probably succeeded) to strangle Obsidian.

"Shhhh, calm down little rat, he isn't worth it."

Zoisite took a deep breath, and Kunzite let go of his trembling lover. He had to turn most of his attention at Usagi.

"I still don't believe it," Obsidian continued to tease him.

"Shall I prove it to you?" Zoisite fumed.


Zoisite was so angry that he didn't mind the display and let all of his clothes disappear. "Do you believe me now?" he hissed.

Kunzite turned around to look what Zoisite had done now, and when he discovered him stark naked, his concentration slipped and Usagi crashed down. "Zoisite!" he told him angrily. "Get back into your clothes. I don't want others to see you like this - you're solely mine to admire."

"He looks quite nice," Obsidian commented. "But who knows if that's your real appearance?"

"It is," Kunzite growled. "And you will not touch him."

By now Usagi had managed to sit up and watched the situation in utter confusion. What was going on here? Why was this mean bad-guy Zoisite naked? Why had they thrown her to the ground anyway? They were all so mean! She took a deep breath and started to wail.

"Be quiet!" Kunzite shouted at her. With one thought he conjured both a gag for the girl and a usual Dark Kingdom uniform for Zoisite as this would cover him fully from neck to toes.

"What a pity," Obsidian sighed.

Kunzite folded his arms around his beloved and glared at Obsidian. "I won't allow you to lecher after Zoisite. He's all mine."

"It was his idea to undress, not mine."

"But only because you teased him. You can take my word for it that he's no girl." Kunzite buried his face in Zoisite's silky coppery golden mane.

"Whatever you say. He's not my type anyway. - Didn't you want to give me some books to read?"

Kunzite concentrated and a heap of books appeared next to Obsidian's chair. "Read and be quiet while I work on SailorMoon's block," the tall man commanded. Although, the fragrance of Zoisite's hair was tantalizing, and he nibbled at his earlobe.

"Eh," Obsidian called. "Don't you want to continue with SailorMoon? I'd like to torment her soon."

Zoisite looked at Obsidian in amazement. He'd never have thought that Obsidian might take delight in this, too. Kunzite sighed and turned his attention back at the blonde girl.

"Do you have some snacks here?" Obsidian wanted to know.

"Ask Jadeite. He's in the kitchen."

"But I'm reading right now. Why can't Zoisite go and ask him? He only distracts you anyway."

"Hm. You have a point," Kunzite nodded. His thoughts had gone astray again when his beloved began to caress him once more. "Please, little rat?" He kissed him tenderly, and Zoisite couldn't help but smile at him. When Kunzite asked him like this, he would do everything for him.

"How long do you need until you've finished?" Obsidian asked impatiently.

"Well, I will now try to shatter the layer of hypnosis that Jadeite created," Kunzite announced, and when he applied his energies to the task, his eyes glowed icily blue.

Obsidian shuddered. When Kunzite did this he was reminded how dangerous the King was - a fact one easily forgot when Kunzite smooched around with Zoisite.

Suddenly Jadeite's influence was wiped away, and Phonolite looked darkly at Kunzite and Obsidian. "I'm going to destroy you all," she hissed.

Obsidian looked startled at the girl and the book he read fell to the floor. Why did she always have to shout so loudly, he thought in annoyance.

"I don't think so," Kunzite told her. He had surrounded her with a damping field that hindered her to teleport or send a telepathic distress call.

"Traitor!" she shouted at him, but the energy bonds held her securely in place. Kunzite smiled evilly at her. For a moment he considered strangling her with the bonds, but as he imagined Zoisite's disappointment when he killed her that fast, he refrained from yielding to temptation.

"Finally there's some action here," Obsidian said cheerfully.

"Maybe it's not so bad after all that we have SailorMoon," Kunzite stated. "Perhaps I can figure out how Queen Beryl's conditioning works and find a way to shield us from it." He sent another mental probe into the girl's brain. He frowned. "Although, until now I haven't found a weak point in the conditioning. It's as if Beryl's will permeates her whole being." Another probe that employed another mental key... "There is a block which feels as hard as stone," he marvelled about his findings. "The strength of Beryl's powers is disconcerting."

"And what are you going to do about it?"

"I have to slice away the conditioning bit by bit. This might take a while."

"Well, then I'll go to the kitchen and find something to eat."

Kunzite ignored him and took a deep breath before he probed SailorMoon again. Working his way through the mind of a dumb blonde wasn't his favourite pastime.

* * *

Obsidian barged into the kitchen. "Is my brunch ready?"

"Just a moment," Zoisite said and chewed on something. "Jadeite has created a bunch of wonderful sandwiches."

"Leave some for me!" Obsidian stepped beside Zoisite and watched the sandwich toaster.

Jadeite grinned and assembled another stack of white bread, ham, cheese and butter that he put next to the sandwich maker. Zoisite looked impatiently at the light bulb which indicated that the sandwiches still needed some time until they were done.

Finally the light went out and both Zoisite and Obsidian snatched away one of the sandwiches each. Obsidian tried to take away Zoisite's, too, but the small man was faster.

"Eh, I'm hungry, too," Zoisite protested.

"I thought you were supposed to lose some weight?" Obsidian asked.

"Kunzite-sama and I burned quite some energy last night," Zoisite giggled and blushed slightly at the most satisfying memories while the sandwich disappeared in almost no time. Immediately he looked at the glowing red light bulb of the toaster again.

"It'll take a moment more, I've just put them in there," Jadeite sighed and assembled the next load.

Zoisite let a slice of cheese disappear into his mouth.

"I'd like to get something to eat, too," Kunzite called from the adjoining room.

The light went out, and Obsidian tried this time to get both of the sandwiches for himself.

"Leave one for Kunzite-sama!" Zoisite demanded.

"But there are only two of them."

"And one of them is for Kunzite-sama." With a vile gaze, Zoisite took it away from Obsidian and supplied Kunzite with the tasty snack. "Have you had any success, my Lord?"

"Thank you, my little rat. - No, not yet, I'm sorry."

Zoisite gave him a fleeting kiss before he returned to the others. "Kunzite-sama is still working hard at the block."

"If he doesn't manage to break it - who else can?" Jadeite wondered.

"Well, he won't give up so easily - are there any new sandwiches finished?"

"Not yet."

"We need a larger toaster," Zoisite sighed.

"True," Jadeite nodded. "But at least one piece of the next load is mine! I haven't gotten a single bit yet."

"But don't forget that I need to eat something, too. Maybe then I'll grow another inch or two."

"Only around the waist," Obsidian pointed out. "You're too old to grow in height."

"It can never hurt to try," Zoisite pouted. It was so unfair that virtually all men around were taller than him.

"Don't sulk," Obsidian looked down on him. "Small and cute go well together."

"I hate to be small and cute! I want to be tall, imposing and dangerous!"

"Well, I grant you the 'dangerous' - but the rest?"

Zoisite sighed. "It's all sooooo unfair," he complained and played absently with his hair. As the pretty man was distracted, Obsidian managed to divide the next portion between Jadeite and himself.

"Hey! This sandwich was mine!" Zoisite whined.

"Poor little one, you'll get the next one."

"Graaaahh! I hate to be called 'little one' - at least from you!"

"How else shall I call you?"

"Zoisite, of course." He puffed himself up in front of him. "Only Kunzite-sama is allowed to use pet names for me."

"It was the truth, no pet name."

"Pah!" Zoisite conquered the next sandwiches and bit into one of them in frustration. "Ouch! This was hot," he complained.

Obsidian grinned. "Poor little one."

Zoisite sniffed and stomped into the living room to be comforted by Kunzite and feed him.

"Ah, as he's gone, the next two are for me," Obsidian said in anticipation.

"Nope, we'll share," Jadeite corrected him.

"Well, as long as Zoisite doesn't get one..."

"I guess he's 'otherwise occupied' anyway," the blonde King grinned.

While he waited for the food, Obsidian used the time to peer into the living room. SailorMoon floated completely forgotten in the middle of the room, while the two men were indeed smooching around.

"This may take a while," he commented. "I'd say the next loads are ours alone."

"Fine." Jadeite put two sandwiches Hawaiian style into the toaster before he assembled a new creation with tuna and peach pieces.

When both Jadeite and Obsidian were stuffed, the platter was still left with almost half a dozen sandwiches on it.

Finally Zoisite had been sufficiently comforted by his beloved, and he returned to the kitchen. "Are there any more sandwiches left? My Lord needs some more substantial nourishment."

"Take 'em!" Jadeite pointed at the platter. "We had more than enough."

"Fine, thanks." With the food, Zoisite returned to Kunzite, sat down on his lap and began to feed him the sandwiches, only interrupted by occasional tender kisses.

Obsidian sat down in the living room as well and noticed that SailorMoon floated in some corner now (it had looked so untidy with her in the middle of the room). Kunzite and Zoisite looked soulfully into each other's eyes while the small man took care that his lover didn't go hungry.

"How cute," Obsidian said. "Jadeite, you have to look at this," he called to Jadeite who still worked in the kitchen.

"What?" The blonde head looked out of the door. "Oh, this. That's nothing new."

Suddenly the last sandwich was gone. Zoisite looked at the empty plate and squealed - he had been so occupied feeding Kunzite that he had forgotten to eat himself. "Now I'm still hungry and there's nothing left!"

"Well, that's diet for you," Obsidian giggled.

"But I hate it when my stomach rumbles all the time. It ruins every romantic moment." Zoisite laid his head against Kunzite's shoulder and snuggled close to him.

"Poor boy!"

Zoisite sighed and closed his eyes, but then his stomach growled and he blinked. "Sorry, love," he said and stormed into the kitchen.

Kunzite chuckled. He folded the arms behind his head and grinned like a Cheshire cat.

"How long does it take until he has enough?" Obsidian wondered.

"It might take a while." Kunzite looked at SailorMoon who glared angrily back, but the energy gag prevented her from either whining or cursing at him.

Obsidian decided to look into the kitchen where Zoisite had produced quite a heap of sandwiches by now. One half stuck in his mouth while he assembled the next load.

"What are you doing there?"

Zoisite mumbled something unintelligible.

"What?" Obsidian pulled the sandwich out of his mouth.

"Hey, that's mine!"

"As you say..." He stuck it back and Zoisite pouted, a funny sight with one corner of the sandwich still hanging between his lips.

Kunzite who wanted to make sure that Obsidian had no intentions towards he beloved looked into the kitchen and almost burst from suppressed laughter when he saw Zoisite sulking with sandwich.

Grumbling, Zoisite pushed the rest of the sandwich into his mouth. Kunzite smiled. His little rat was too cute. Zoisite switched off the toaster and put the sandwiches on the plate before he teleported away, closely followed by Kunzite.

"This is really mean," Obsidian pouted. He would have loved to tease Zoisite a little more.

"Didn't they want to include you in their little love games?" Jadeite grinned.

"Well, I'm bored and they just teleported away."

"Why don't you play with SailorMoon?"

"Thanks, but no thanks. She's too dumb."

"Well, that's true." But SailorMoon reminded him of the other Senshi - or more precisely, of Rei. Jadeite sighed in anticipation. "This afternoon I will meet Rei again," he remarked. "She's such a sweet and charming girl." At least when she didn't want to blast or strangle him.

"Indeed. And she is quite capable with her fire stuff."

The blonde man nodded. "I only hope I can convince her that I'm really interested in her." He sighed. "It's so strange, now that I don't belong to the Dark Kingdom anymore, there are so many new things that occur to me. Somehow it was much easier when I only had to obey Beryl's commands."

"But obeying orders is always so utterly boring."

"Well, you're right, I think. But still... Somehow I lack a proper goal in my life, now that my purpose isn't to collect energy for our... - er, I mean Queen Metallia anymore or fight the Sailor Senshi."

"Hm. This has never been my goal."

"So what is your purpose in life?"

"I don't know," Obsidian admitted. "I only want to do what I like and what is fun."

"I'm currently trying to figure out what is fun. - Ah, I'm really looking forward to meeting Rei in the afternoon!"

"I'm sure you'll find that this will be fun."

"I think so." Jadeite smiled happily. "She is stunningly beautiful, and I like the fire in her."

"But it can be dangerous, too."

"I don't mind. Actually, I admire the fact that she is very much able to stand her ground. - And what do you like about a girl?"

"She should be sweet and she should be able to cook."

"Aha. Like Makoto. - Well, in my case she doesn't have to be able to cook. I'll gladly do this for her. Which reminds me, Makoto wanted to give me some recipes. Oh, and I almost forgot - I have to bake some sweet cakes to take along with me when I visit Rei."

"Okay, I'll take a walk while you do that."

"No problem. You may try out some of the cakes when they are finished."

"Great!" Obsidian left the house and went to the tennis court. Maybe he should work out a bit to keep fit.

About half an hour later delicious odors wafted from the kitchen through the forest when Jadeite worked his kitchen magic to create a selection of exquisite little cakes and sweets.

Obsidian sniffed curiously. The smells were more than mouth-watering, and training made him hungry. He followed the scent and reached the open kitchen window.

"Jadeite? What are you baking? It smells delicious!"

The blonde man carefully took one of the still warm little brown cakes and gave it to Obsidian. "This and some other sweet things for Rei."

"Fantastic!" Obsidian praised Jadeite's talent after he had devoured the tiny cake. "You have to write down the recipe so that I can give it Makoto."

"No problem." Jadeite fetched some paper and scribbled down a couple of notes. "That's it."


"Ah, in about an hour, Rei's school is out." He put a selection of the delicious tidbits into a bag and gave Obsidian the rest. "Please excuse me, I don't want to arrive late." He hurried to his motorbike.

Obsidian shook his head and sat down comfortably with the heap of cakes and sweets.

* * *

Nephrite had decided to show himself again, when he discovered that the others weren't there - only SailorMoon lay gagged and bound in a corner on the floor of the living room.

"Where have you come from?" he asked, but the gag prevented her from replying. He watched her thoughtfully. "What are you doing here?"

Phonolite stared madly at him. He was the worst of the traitors, or so she had been told. If only she could move and get her hands on him!

When he discovered that her silence was caused by a certain technical problem, he dissolved the energy gag and repeated his question.

"Because these..." She wanted to fall into a wild stream of curses, but caught herself in time. She'd better be careful what to say, as he obviously didn't know what was going on. "Kunzite and Zoisite want to torture me," she whined.

"Why this?" Nephrite asked wonderingly. Okay, Zoisite certainly would love to to this, but Kunzite?

"Because they're evil and soooo mean!"

"That is no reason."

"Well, then ask them," she sniffed. "Could you please free me from these bonds? I need to go to the bathroom."

"I don't know. I'm sure Kunzite had a reason to bind you."

"I told you he wants to torment me." She started to cry whole waterfalls.

"I'm sure Kunzite just didn't want to dirty his fingers on you."

Offended, Phonolite continued to cry.

Nephrite shrugged. "Be quiet or I will gag you once more."

She looked at him out of tearfilled eyes, but at least she stopped whining. "Please - I really need to go to the bathroom. They didn't let me go for hours," she sobbed.

Nephrite sighed. "Okay, but don't you try to escape!" He untied her, and she stormed into the bathroom. It was true that she desperately needed to relieve herself.

Nephrite waited in front of the door.

Inside Phonolite reached for the night sceptre that she still had with her. She knew that she had to act fast, or she would miss the opportunity to flee and take back Nephrite with her. When she concentrated and tried to sense his location, she found that he stood slightly next to the door.

"How much longer do you need?" he asked impatiently.

"I'm almost finished." Suddenly she stormed through the door and slammed the night sceptre forcefully down where she had made out Nephrite.

The man did not expect such an attack at all, and so she managed to hit him with the stick until he was safely unconscious. She hit him once more, just to be sure, before she stopped, panting. How could she get away from here, she thought frantically. Until now she hadn't mastered to open one of these fabled doorways, even though she knew how they worked theoretically.

But she had to get away before the others discovered her. She concentrated hard for once, and suddenly a black energy gate flickered into existence. It took full two minutes until it appeared stable, but finally she trusted it enough to grab the traitor and tug him slowly but surely through it into the Dark Kingdom.

The End of Pt.22 - Goto Pt.23

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