Everybody Wants to Rule the World

(Tears of Crystal - Pt.25)

© 1999/2006 by Stayka deyAvemta & Shavana Rhea

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"Well, Kunzite-sama, what are you going to do about Lord Cyanite?" With the tip of his index finger, Zoisite drew some figures on the broad chest of his beloved.

"Don't call him Lord Cyanite," Kunzite grumbled. "I don't believe he belongs to any kind of nobility."

"You're so sweet when you're jealous," Zoisite giggled and gave him a teasing kiss on the nose.

"Pah. I'm not jealous. I don't have a reason to be - or do I?" Kunzite looked suspiciously at him and played with a lock of Zoisite's coppery golden hair.

"Never, my Lord. I love you alone." Zoisite kissed him passionately. But it was true - Cyanite was really attractive, and he'd like to... No, he'd better not follow this train of thought. Kunzite was his life-mate, and he'd be more than furious if he found out that he, Zoisite, dared to find someone else attractive as well. "I love you," he repeated and caressed him tenderly.

Kunzite smiled and held him close. "Good, my little rat." His lips searched and found Zoisite's again. "Let's get up, now, my love. I need a large cup of tea and something to eat." He was worried. Obsidian hadn't returned yet, and they hadn't heard anything of Cyanite either.

It took them a while to shower and dress in comfortable yofuku, but finally they knelt down at the low table and had their breakfast.

Zoisite poured Kunzite some green tea and even managed to conjure a proper chirashizushi. He sighed mentally. Well, even though Cyanite was attractive, Kunzite was his beloved, and in the black yofuku with the large golden dragon embroidered on the back he looked simply ravishing.

* * *

Obsidian decided to visit Kunzite and the others as long as he had free. His first attempt brought him to Nephrite's mansion, but he only found Jadeite there who told him that Kunzite and Zoisite found themselves a nice house in the vicinity. As he knew that Kunzite made sure Obsidian couldn't betray him and the others, he decided he could tell him the location, and so Obsidian teleported into the new house.

Kunzite and Zoisite knelt at a low table in the living room and had their breakfast. Obsidian took place next to the two turtle-doves.

"Hi," he greeted them.

"Hello Obsidian," Zoisite said while he sipped on his tea, the he frowned. "How did you find us?"

"Jadeite told me where you are living now. Nice house you have here."

Kunzite nodded to him while he chewed on some bits of his sushi. As Obsidian couldn't betray him without killing himself in the process, he felt considerably safe.

Obsidian hung his head. He was depressed, and anyway...

"What's up?" Zoisite asked and twirled a lock of his shimmering hair around his index finger. He wore a colourful yofuku that was embroidered with myriads of flowers.

"I'm tired, I'm depressed and I want to be comforted," Obsidian complained.

"Oh. What happened?" Zoisite stared at him. He had never seen him like this.

"Too much."

"Would you care to elaborate?" Kunzite inquired while he stroked Zoisite's neck.

"To make it short - Cyanite has conquered the Dark Kingdom."

"Impossible," Kunzite exclaimed, while Zoisite stared open-mouthed at the violet-haired youth. "He was awake for no longer than maybe twelve or thirteen hours! How could he possibly manage to do in such a short time what we didn't in several weeks?"

"He is pretty determined, if you ask me."

"Obviously. But still... How could he defeat Queen Beryl?"

"I'd say he surprised her."

"Surprised her? How?!"

Kunzite and Zoisite exchanged an incredulous gaze. They couldn't believe that the Dark Kingdom was now in the hands of Cyanite.

"Well, she was just taking a bath."

"She was what?!" Kunzite swallowed a piece of tamago the wrong way and coughed.

"She was sitting in her bathing tube. Or do you think she's above things like bathing?"

"Well, actually... - I guess it was ingenious to attack her there." Kunzite was a bit peeved that he hadn't thought of something like that himself. "But how could he defeat her? Beryl is not exactly weak."

"But he was stronger."

"That bodes ill," Kunzite said darkly. "And what about Metallia?"

"She's still asleep."

"So at least he hasn't defeated her yet." Kunzite hoped that maybe Metallia would be able to stop - or even better destroy - Cyanite.

"Well, obviously the battle with Beryl weakened him a bit. I left the Dark Kingdom when he had a party in the throne room."

"What?!" Kunzite exclaimed incredulously. "A party?!"

"I can't believe it," Zoisite managed to say.

"I see dark days coming," the silver-haired man sighed and caught one of Zoisite's hands for comfort. "He might be even more difficult to destroy than Beryl."

"Doubtlessly," Obsidian nodded. "He calls himself a Battle Mage for a reason."

"But I have to eliminate him and take back the Dark Kingdom," Kunzite decreed.

"You're welcome to try," Obsidian said tiredly.

"I will." Kunzite stood up and conjured his old Dark Kingdom uniform instead of the black yofuku. "Probably it will be best to attack as long as he is still weakened. At least I won't be in danger to be enslaved by Beryl again when she was defeated."

"I wouldn't be so sure about that. She's still alive, and it's highly likely that she's still able to reactivate the mechanism or whatever it is with which she controlled you before."

"Then I still can't return to the Dark Kingdom," Kunzite said worriedly. "We have to put together some more fighters which means I have to continue training the Senshi. - How strong would you say is he?"

"Stronger than anyone else I've seen until now."

"Including me?" Kunzite asked in a huff.

Obsidian shrugged. "Probably." He examined the tall Mage. He wasn't sure who of the two was stronger, but one thing was sure - Cyanite was the better tactician, and he seemed to be highly determined to achieve his goals, too.

"I know you are the strongest of all," Zoisite purred. He stood up and wrapped his arms tightly around Kunzite's waist.

"Unfortunately I'm not that sure," Kunzite stated and stroked Zoisite's back. "I sensed a strong potential when I freed him from the crystal."

Obsidian kept his opinion to himself. He didn't care who ordered him around, so he would wait.

"Maybe we should wait for Cyanite to take on Metallia," Kunzite mused. "Either he kills her, then there's only Cyanite left to attack or she kills him, then we're no worse off than before. In the meantime I will continue training the girls, so that they can act as a diversion when I'm taking back the Dark Kingdom and assume the throne."

Obsidian sighed. He still couldn't understand why all the people wanted this silly throne.

"Then I will put back the silver crystal where it belongs and restore the Crystal Kingdom to its former beauty," Kunzite continued and thus answered Obsidian's unspoken question.

'Haven't I heard something like this before?' Obsidian thought. Although, Cyanite had talked about power and glory, not about beauty. He seemed to be far more warlike than Kunzite.

Zoisite smiled at Kunzite and caressed his cheek. "I'd love to see that, my Lord."

The tall man returned his smile. Actually he would be content to live in peace together with his beloved and do his magickal research and teach magickal sciences, but as long as there were people who either considered him a threat because of his powers or wanted to use him because of them, he would never be able to live as he craved. So the only logical solution was to assume the power himself and then let the others follow his commands. He caught Zoisite's hand and kissed his fingertips, before he turned to Obsidian.

"Do you know when Cyanite wants to attack Metallia?"

"If I remember correctly he said something about tomorrow."

"Dear me, he does work fast," Zoisite breathed in amazement.

"Why should he wait?"

"To devise a plan or whatever - I mean, how does he want to defeat Metallia without the silver crystal? Or is there another way?"

"I don't believe he has ever heard of the silver crystal."

"Probably." Kunzite frowned. "If I remember correctly, it was first mentioned about 1300 years ago when it was necessary to install an additional energy source when the strain on the Inner Sun became too great as the Crystal Kingdom expanded and more and more energy was needed. I can't remember, though, who created it or where it came from." Kunzite was irritated that he still had so many gaps in his memory. He hoped that everything would return eventually when he stayed free from Beryl's influence. "I shall research this when I have taken back the Dark Kingdom," he promised. "Obsidian, you will continue to observe Cyanite closely and report to me whatever you find out about his weaknesses."

"Will I?" Obsidian wasn't amused at all.

"Who else?"

"I'm really fed up with doing the dirty work for all of you," Obsidian growled.

"You are best equipped for it," Kunzire stated matter-of-factly.

"Who says I have to tell you anything?"

"Well, you don't seem to be happy about the fact that Cyanite has taken over the Dark Kingdom," Zoisite pointed out.

"I hoped Cyanite and Beryl would kill each other," Obsidian sighed. "But unfortunately it didn't work."

"Has he tortured her after her defeat?" Zoisite asked with a cruel gleam in his emerald eyes. If Cyanite hadn't, he might go into the Dark Kingdom and offer to do it in his place.

"No." Obsidian shook his head. "But he uses her as decoration."

"Decoration? That's a good one," Zoisite laughed.

"Cyanite seems to like his women scantily clad and numerous."

"That's disgusting!"

"I'd love to see it," Kunzite grinned.

Zoisite rammed his elbow into Kunzite's ribs. "Don't you dare!"


"I don't think it is worth seeing," Obsidian shrugged.

"Good." Zoisite declared. Kunzite thought it wise to refrain from further comments about women with or without clothes. Zoisite's jealousy was legendary, but still he liked it to tease him a bit.

"Do you know what Cyanite intends to do after he has defeated Metallia?"

"I guess he'll party again and ...play with the women."

"Well, then he isn't an immediate danger to us." Kunzite wondered how this guy could be in such great shape when his foremost concern seemed to be to live a life of wine, women and song. Had he perhaps discovered this metabolism spell that he, Kunzite, was so desperately looking for?

"Not yet," Obsidian agreed. He decided not to tell Kunzite of Cyanite's plans to conquer the Earth Realm, too. "But I have to go now."

"You might tell the Senshi what's going on," Kunzite proposed. Maybe this would be an incentive for them to train harder when he tried to teach them magickal sciences.

"I'm not sure I have the time for this."

"So what keeps you this busy?" Zoisite asked curiously.

"Cyanite ordered me to return at a specific time."

"He seems to be pretty convincing," Zoisite remarked.

"It's of no use to quarrel with him - he is far stronger than I am."

"Obviously." Zoisite sighed. He knew it too well - fighting with Kunzite was similarly unwise.

"I don't feel like quarreling with him anymore anyway."

"Why not?" The small man measured the youth curiously. "Have you fallen in love with him?"

Obsidian shot him an angry glare. "That's none of your business."

"Whatever you say." Zoisite grinned and gave Kunzite a dazzling smile which his beloved returned before he looked to Obsidian.

"I'd appreciate to be informed about Cyanite's coming moves," he said.

"I don't know when he lets me out of the Dark Kingdom again. - Well, I will leave now. See you whenever." Obsidian opened a doorway. It was too bad that Makoto was still at school where he didn't want to go again.

"Bye-bye." Zoisite waved impatiently. He had the sudden desire to have Kunzite as second breakfast.

Obsidian stepped through and decided to go to the library. Perhaps he could find out some more about Lord Cyanite.

* * *

Cyanite spent the night with a couple of beautiful youma girls who wanted to find favour with their new lord. Now this was how it should be, he thought with satisfaction.

Probably he should delay his fight against the Metallia demon for a while and enjoy some more hours among the girls.

He leaned back and smiled with a look of contentment.

* * *

As Cyanite was ...occupied (in her quarters!), Beryl used the time to slip away. This outfit was demeaning, but she didn't want to squander precious energy to conjure a dress of her usual design.

She stormed into the library in hopes to find a history book which mentioned this guy.

When he discovered Beryl browsing through large, ancient tomes, Obsidian frowned in irritation. He had never seen her in the library before, and certainly not in such a get-up.

"Are you looking for something in particular?"

"Indeed!" she fumed. "Have you seen this 'Lord Cyanite' mentioned anywhere??!"

"No," Obsidian replied. "I would be surprised if he were."


"He told me it isn't his given name."

"Interesting. Then tell me his real name!"

"I'm not allowed to."

"Remember, I'm your queen." She looked threateningly at him, but Obsidian merely shook his head.

"I can destroy you with a single thought," she hissed.

"Firstly, you are not the queen anymore. Lord Cyanite is in charge. And secondly, I don't think you have recovered enough of your energy to be any danger to me."

"You insolent wretch!"

Obsidian folded the arms in front of his chest. "I won't be ordered around by someone wearing such a get-up!"

Beryl looked down at herself and growled something. Her cousin grinned at her and tugged at the translucent veils that showed more of Beryl's pale skin than they covered.

"Lord Cyanite has some weird taste."

"He's insufferable, and I'm sure he has no taste at all," she sulked. "It's highly demeaning to make me wear this!"

"Well, he seems to prefer his women scantily clad."

"He's a debauchee and lecher," Beryl fumed. "When I'm back in my rightful place I will not destroy him, but brainwash him. And then I will show him what it means to be forced to run around in 'clothes' like this!"

Obsidian couldn't help but grin at the idea of Cyanite in a similar outfit.

"Indeed!" Beryl stood, arms akimbo, a pose that showed off her shapely bosom. This only made Obsidian crack up, and he laughed out loud.

"How dare you laugh at me?" she shrieked.

"You look enchanting, my Queen," Obsidian said cheerfully. "A true jewel in every harem."

Enraged, Beryl slapped him hard.

"Ouch!" He rubbed his cheek. "That hurt!"

"This was intended. I refuse to belong to any harem. You will regret you current behaviour when I have defeated Cyanite. He won't surprise me a second time."

"We'll see."

"In the meantime you will find out Cyanite's weaknesses and tell them to me."

"Sure, I wanted to do that anyway."

"Fine." Beryl showed her pointed teeth.

"But Kunzite will get the news first. He asked first."

"What has Kunzite to do with this?"

"He wants to assume the throne, of course."

"He wants my throne? How dare he?! - on the other hand, he's weaker than Cyanite, isn't he? Then I might work together with him." And when Kunzite had helped her defeat Cyanite, she would put Kunzite back under her control, torture Zoisite to death for good measure and then conquer the Earth Realm in the name of Metallia.

"Somehow everybody wants this throne" Obsidian commented fascinatedly. "What do you get when you sit on this thing?"

"The ultimate power! - What did you think?"

"Well, I thought about blisters at the butt." This stone seat had to be horribly uncomfortable, and he wondered why Beryl hadn't bothered to pad it with soft cushions.

"The throne of the Dark Kingdom is the seat of power - it's not supposed to be comfortable."

"Whatever you say, my Queen." Obsidian shrugged. "I'll go now and check what Cyanite is doing."

"Don't remember to report all of your findings!"

"Sure." Obsidian walked out of the library, while Beryl stayed and dug through some more books.

She really wanted to know who Cyanite was and where he came from. And why did he tell Obsidian?! Maybe she should try to seduce him to tell her, too. She needed every bit of information that she could get to start her counter attack. And moreover, he did look good, she had to admit.

* * *

Obsidian went looking for Cyanite. After a short while of wandering through the secret corridors (he wasn't in the mood of meeting anyone in the moment), he discovered him in Beryl's rooms where he had a fun time with a couple of particularly beautiful youma girls.

Cyanite grinned like a Cheshire cat while he had the sweet torturous choice between a delicate youma with light violet skin and flowing purple hair and a voluptuous dark-skinned beauty with red, orange, and yellow hair that moved of its own and reminded him of burning flames.

Soon, he would capture Metallia, and not long after, the Earth Realm would be his as well.

Obsidian watched Cyanite through one of the hidden peepholes and sighed. This was boring! On the other hand, it would be highly unwise to disturb Cyanite right now, thus, he had no other choice but to wait.

He went to an empty room of Beryl's suite and spend about two boring hours there, until he couldn't sense anyone else but Cyanite in the adjoining room.

Hesitantly, he knocked at the door. "Lord Cyanite?"

"Obsidian? - Come in."

The youth entered the room and found Cyanite draped on Beryl's bed, clad only in some lose fitting, long trousers of dark blue-black satin, and with his arms folded behind his head. He greeted his aide with a self-contented smile.

"I only wanted to report back, Lord Cyanite."

"Very good." The ancient Mage fished for a short blue tunic and put it on, before he stood up and ran a hand sensously through his more than waist-long, silvery white hair. He knew that he was good-looking, and he loved to watch the effect he had on other people.

Pic of Lord Cyanite by Gen
(c) by Gen

Obsidian stared at him in utter fascination. This gorgeous white mane was simply great. But then, his own hair wasn't too bad either.

"As next step, I will take care of Metallia," Cyanite announced.

"Yeah," Obsidian said.

"I devised a spell that will imprison her in a human body and block all of her powers that way. If she would try to use her powers with the full energy, she would burn the body and be destroyed herself as I will bind her energy pattern to the matrix of the chosen host. We only need to fetch a fitting host from the Earth Realm, and you will help me find one.

"Hm." Obsidian frowned. How was he supposed to know what kind of host was fitting for this spell?


"I don't know what exactly you expect me to find."

"You don't know where to find pretty girls?" Cyanite was amazed. "Are you a man or not?"

Obsidian shot him an angry glare. "What has this to do with the other?"

"Well, in my time I always knew where to find the most beautiful girls. Unfortunately I haven't been here long enough to find my way around as easily as I would like. So I consider it the best idea that you show me around."

"But I don't know where I can find lots of pretty girls - what should I do with them, anyway?" Currently he was content to know Makoto and her fabulous cooking skills, and he didn't want to estrange her by meeting other girls.

"Well, I know a lot of things to do with beautiful girls." Cyanite put on a lascivious smile.

"But I don't," Obsidian retorted snottily.

Cyanite looked at him in utter amazement. "Poor little one. You are in dire need of a teacher."

"I get along pretty well on my own."

"Obviously not." Cyanite shook his head. The youth obviously never had had anyone who taught him the important things of life, and Cyanite had the sudden impulse to help him remedy this problem. Obsidian was such a promising young man and he would not let this talent go to waste. "You seem to lack a lot of experience."

"I'm still pretty young," Obsidian pointed out. "Experience only comes with the years, or so I have heard."

"And how old would that be?"

"I'm about 17."

"Then it's about time you learn." Cyanite grinned and gave him a light slap on the shoulder. "Let's go to the Earth Realm and have some fun while we're looking for a host for Metallia."

Obsidian snorted angrily. Why did Cyanite always slap him? He hated it. Really.

"So why don't you open a doorway to an area where we most likely encounter what we're looking for?"

"Because I don't feel like it," Obsidian sulked.

"You will do it. Now." Cyanite smiled at him, and his eyes began to glow in his trademark dangerous cyan blue.

Grumbling, Obsidian complied and opened a gate somewhere into Tokyo.

"So where would you suggest we should go?"

Obsidian merely shrugged and examined the tips of his boots. Cyanite sighed. The youth of today wasn't as they had been in his time. Sorrowful wimps.

"You really should overcome this meek and shy demeanor of yours," the silver-haired Mage said with a lifted eyebrow. You act like a maiden."

"So what?"

"It's a shame to see such a promising young man act like a silly girl."

"I don't think anyone would mistake me for a girl."

"Even though you act like this? Dark powers, how far has this world fallen in the time while I was sleeping?"

Obsidian grumbled something unintelligible, and Cyanite chuckled. He would teach him how to act like a man.

"Come on, little one - or do you wish to stay here forever?"

"I only wait for your orders, oh mighty Lord Cyanite," he said acidly.

"Good. Then show me some interesting places here."

"And what would you consider interesting?"

"Well, first of course places where one can find pretty girls in abundance, and second, places where there is some action. Which reminds me - what do you consider as entertainment in this time and place?"

Obsidian put on a thoughtful face. "Video games, watching movies in the cinema, visiting an amusement park, theatre..."

"Hm. What is a video game?"

Obsidian tried to explain the ancient Mage the joys of electronic gaming, but somehow he seemed to fail to convey the excitement. He sighed. Well, Cyanite had been canned for quite a while.

"Intriguing," Cyanite said with a frown. Science and technology were not only absolutely alien to him, but also highly suspect. One thing he knew for sure - he had to experience it himself so that he knew what he faced when he tried to bring Magick back into the Earth Realm.

Obsidian stepped from one foot onto the other. He was bored, but he didn't dare teleport away.

"Why don't you show me some of the modern forms of entertainment?"

"What for? You are too old for most of them. Everybody over twenty is too old," he added, when Cyanite shot him a dangerous glare.

"I want to see it anyway. I need to know how my subjects spend their time when I will rule the world."

"But how does it look when I tug you along? As if I can't go anywhere without a grown-up chaperone."

Cyanite threw back his head and laughed. Him a chaperone? That was a good one. "I guess you only fear that no one will notice you anymore while you walk in my shadow."

"Compared with me you look like a grandpa, especially when you visit a place like the game center," Obsidian said snottily.

Cyanite frowned darkly and conjured a mirror. It was still a huge effort for him, and he didn't like it at all that his resources were so depleted. But he needed to examine himself thoroughly. Grandpa?! "I'd say look I like I'm in the middle of the twenties. Even closer to the beginning!"

Obsidian shook his head. "Never. Thirty is way closer to your looks."

"Let's put it to the test," Cyanite said in a huff. He didn't look old. In fact, he looked ravishingly handsome and strong. He run his hands through his shimmering, unruly mane.

Obsidian shrugged and lead him to the Game Center Crown.

The Mage examined his surroundings carefully. The unadorned gleaming metal and glass looked strange to him who was used to stone and cloth in houses.

Obsidian sat down in front of the newest Sailor V game while Cyanite stood behind him and watched every move he made. He didn't understand the reason behind making a figure on this screen run around and shoot likewise imaginary enemies.

If the young man wished to train his speed and aim, he had better use real targets that shot back - the greater the incentive to strive for perfection would be. One coin after the other disappeared in the machine.

"This device forces you to give up all your money," Cyanite frowned. "This is truely evil." Especially as the average people were not able to conjure money if they needed it.

"So what?"

"Let me try it, too!"

"As you wish." Obsidian vacated the chair for Cyanite and inserted a new coin.

Cyanite tried his luck - he had watched Obsidian closely enough to grasp the workings of the game - but somehow he didn't manage to shot the virtual enemies. He frowned. This was impossible. He was the best in everything he tried! Angrily he jumped up. "No, I won't have anything to do with such a kind of evil."

"Didn't I tell you that you're too old?"

"This is not a matter of age," Cyanite grumbled. "It's the evil of technology that has to be exterminated in favour of a fully magickal society."

"That's another way to put it," Obsidian grinned in satisfaction while Cyanite sulked.

"Can we go now?" The violet-haired man ask in good mood.

"Indeed. I demand that we go now."

"I know a better place where you will be entertained a bit more according to your age."

"I don't feel old," Cyanite growled. "But take me there anyway."

Obsidian led him to the amusement park. As the ads said 'Entertainment for young & old', it should be sufficiently safe.

Cyanite admired the strange moving ...things that carried screaming people and whirled them violently around.

"Are these instruments of torture?" He was sure he had never seen anything like this.

"Sure," Obsidian grinned. "And it's fun, too."

"Ah. So you are into masochism?"

"Ahm, no... I guess I'm more of a sadist myself."

"And what for are these devices?"

"To have fun of course"

"You seem to have a weird idea of 'fun', " Cyanite remarked with a frown and eyed the roller-coaster suspiciously.

"It's really fun!"

"Well. Then I shall try it. Are there any customs to observe?" Cyanite wanted to act as inconspiciously as possible on his first prolongued discovery tour through the Earth Realm.

"You have to buy a ticked and then you wait until it's your turn to get in."

"Hm." It didn't become his rank at all to wait, the silver-haired Mage thought, but then, the puny mortals would cower in fear of him early enough.

"You really want to take a ride?"

"Of course, or do you think I'm afraid?"

"Of course not," Obsidian grinned and bought two tickets for them. It was amusing to watch Cyanite squirm when he had to wait, even though he tried to appear calm and superior as usual.

When they finally reached the car, Cyanite secured them a place in the front. At least now he had to be in the first place. As the safety-bar was fastened, Cyanite's look darkened. But then, no one would be able to boast that he trapped him in such a simple way - he could teleport out whenever he pleased.

"Don't panic," Obsidian grinned. "This is only that you don't fall out."

As if he would panic! Cyanite growled something and tried to look confident. He mustn't show any weakness, especially not in front of the boy.

Obsidian watched him with interest. Now the car arrived at the highest point and stopped for a moment until it speeded downward.

Cyanite's eyes widened in surprise. This was torture. But he would neither scream nor surrender. Never.

Obsidian squealed in delight when the car looped the loops. His companion didn't like it as much as he, it seemed.

Obsidian enjoyed himself thoroughly, Cyanite thought gruffly. He was sure the young man had done this on purpose and lured him onto the most horrible device in the amusement park.

After a couple of very long seconds, the car came to a halt and the passengers were ushered out. Cyanite discovered that he suddenly stood on rather wobbly legs. Floating around by telekinesis was far more comfortable in comparison. Although, somehow it had been a little fun, too. But only a little.

"Are you unwell?" Obsidian inquired with false concern.

"I'm absolutely fine," Cyanite claimed.

"Great. Then let's go to the next merry-go-round."

Cyanite looked at him in shock, but immediately put on a self-assured mien. He wasn't afraid of anything.

"Okay, let's go!" Obsidian marched towards the next carousel while he brushed his long hair that was rather dishevelled by the airstream.

Cyanite sighed inaudibly and followed Obsidian. To his relief, the young man's attention was distracted by the smells of a stand with sweets and roasted almonds.

To their surprise they encountered a well-known couple there. Zoisite had been hungry after his 'second breakfast' and so he had tugged Kunzite to the amusement park to buy some genuine freshly roasted almonds. Somehow they tasted a bit different from the stuff he conjured.

Kunzite didn't look particularly happy to be here, but he didn't want to make Zoisite unhappy, and so he put on a slightly forced, but still sufficiently convincing smile.

"Hi," Obsidian greeted them cheerfully when he was in hearing distance.

"Hello Obsidian," Zoisite chirped. He was fully content. Not only had he convinced Kunzite to go here after their little tête-à-tête, his beloved even had agreed to accompany him on some of the carousels. The small man sighed and laid his head against Kunzite's shoulder.

"It smells more than yummy here," Obsidian stated. "I'm almost starving."

"So am I. - I love those roasted almonds with the vanilla coating." He looked up to Kunzite. "My Lord, you will buy me some of them, won't you?"

"Of course, my little rat." Kunzite smiled dutifully and stroked his lovers soft, coppery golden mane.

"Mmmh. I like these, to. And the chocoloate-glazed fruit - yummy, yummy!" Obsidian said cheerfully.

"Yeah. - Ah, yes, love, would you please buy me some of the candied pineapples, too?"

"Of course, my little rat."

"You are lucky," Obsidian remarked. "I have to buy everything myself."

"Sure." Zoisite grinned, before he smiled happily at Kunzite and mouthed an "I love you!". Then he turned back to Obsidian. "You only need to find such a wonderful beloved, too. But never forget that Kunzite-sama is mine alone."

"Don't worry..."

"I just wanted to remind you."

Finally Kunzite was in turn to buy the sweets Zoisite wanted. As an afterthought he bought a candied apple for himself, too. Zoisite was sweet, sure, but he still needed something strengthening to cope with the amusement park. He would have preferred to stay at home and study, but Zoisite had insisted that he accompany him. Kunzite sighed and put an arm around Zoisite's shoulders. Sometimes he found it frightening how much he loved his little rat.

When he had his sweets as well, Obsidian looked around where Cyanite was.

The ancient Mage examined the other 'torture' devices and wondered which of them Obsidian wanted to try on him next.

"Where do we go now?" Zoisite asked. He wrapped his right arm tightly around Kunzite's waist while he nibbled on his candied pineapples.

"I want to show Lord Cyanite some of the carousels. He still doesn't believe it's fun to take a ride."

"Cyanite? He's here?" Kunzite asked with a deep frown.

"Over there." Obsidian pointed in the direction where he had discovered Cyanite.

"He doesn't believe it's fun to ride on a merry-go-round?" Zoisite asked incredulously. Kunzite sighed mentally. In this he could even sympathize with Cyanite.

"I'm going to convince him after all," Obsidian assured the small man.

"Sure. As you can see, I even managed to convince Kunzite-sama!" His lover decided better not to comment on this.

"Well, I have to join Lord Cyanite, or he will become angry."

"Make it so." Kunzite made a gesture that he was dismissed. *We should follow them,* he told Zoisite telepathically. *I want to know what Cyanite is up to.*

*Oh yes,* Zoisite beamed. It would be great when Kunzite and he would follow Obsidian and Cyanite onto all of the carousels.

The violet-haired youth ran over to Cyanite. "I'm back. Want some?" He held the almonds out to the other man.

"Yes." Cyanite took one of the sticky, white-coated almonds and sniffed at it. As far as he could tell it wasn't poisoned, but it smelled fine and so he tried it. "Hey, that's good!"

"Of course, or I wouldn't have bought it."

"I see." Cyanite took another almond. "I could get used to this," he said after he had eaten almost half of the almonds.

"No problem. I bought some more packets," Obsidian said amusedly.

"Very good." Cyanite grinned like a Cheshire cat.

"And which of the carousels shall we try now?" Obsidian looked around for his favourite device.

"I don't know." Cyanite couldn't decide which was the least evil.

"Then let's go there!" Obsidian pointed to a merry-go-round, every single part of which seemed to whirl in another direction.

Cyanite swallowed hard. "If you insist."


"They want to go there?" Kunzite eyed the carousel in shock.

"Oh, that's one of my favourites!" Zoisite giggled and tugged Kunzite along. The older man grimaced and managed to get free of Zoisite's grip.

*Little rat, why don't you go with Obsidian? He seems to enjoy it far more.* Kunzite said telepathically.

"Awww, Kunzite-sama." Zoisite stopped and Kunzite joined him once more and gave him a light kiss on the lips.

*Why don't you observe Obsidian while I keep an eye on Cyanite?* Kunzite managed to rephrase his intent.

*You're a coward, my love*, came a cheerful thought-reply, but Zoisite went on after Obsidian.

The youth discovered Zoisite in his vicinity, but no sign of either Cyanite or Kunzite. "They seem to be afraid of this thing, if I'm not wrong", he grinned.

"I guess so", Zoisite snickered. The mighty Lords Cyanite and Kunzite... "Well, if they don't accompany us, we can go twice, don't you think?"

"Good idea."

As Zoisite and Obsidian stormed to the ticket window, Kunzite and Cyanite stayed in front of the barrier before the dangerously looking device.

"Are you trying to accomodate yourself with the 20th century?" Kunzite asked and eyed him thoroughly.

Cyanite wore a dark blue and black combination of tunic and loose fitting trousers and looked handsome as ever with his flowing, more than waist-long shimmering white hair. Kunzite vowed he would fry him, no matter the cost, if he ever ventured to close to Zoisite.

The ancient Mage put up a self-satisfied grin, even though he didn't feel too comfortable here - but he would never let it show in front of others.

"Indeed. I have to get to know my future subjects." He looked at the carousel with a deep frown. "Although they seem to be a bit weird."

"I know", Kunzite sighed and waved at Zoisite, who looked down at him from his seat, waved frantically and blew him kisses.

Obsidian watched them with amusement. From this distance, Kunzite and Cyanite looked even more alike. "They seem to be pretty similar, don't you think?"

"Well, they have the same gorgeous build and wonderful silvery hair", Zoisite agreed.

"True, but I meant their attitude towards entertainment like this."

"Weeeell, Kunzite-sama is somewhat older than me, and somehow sometimes he acts way to grown up. You see, he loves to read all these boring old books and try out magick spells and the stuff. Sometimes it's really difficult to make him loosen up."

"I'm sure that shouldn't pose too much of a problem for you."

"Most of the times not, true. But sometimes he actually does what he wishes to do, not what I want him to do!" Zoisite pouted.

Obsidian shook his head.

"Oh, it's finished." They were ushered out of the carousel.

"Well, we can still go again." Zoisite held up the second ticket. They ran around the carousel to the entrance once more.

When Zoisite passed Kunzite on the way, he gave him a brief kiss on the cheek en passant, before he took place in a vacant seat.

"I wonder if I can convince Kunzite-sama to buy me such a thing and put it into the garden. - Ah well , better not. The noise from the carousel might shock the poor little koi in the pond."

"Koi? You mean these colourful carps?"

"Yeah. Although they're actually not that little. You see, when I inspected the garden I was pretty surprised to find these cute carps in the pond. They have truly wonderfully colours."

"Well, I prefer to eat them."

"Oh no! Don't you dare eat my koi! I'd rather put them into a frame and put them at the wall of the living room."

"I'd say they're prettier in the water."

"You're probably right." Zoisite giggled excitedly when the carousel started again and fished for the roasted almonds and ate them, while some women in the seats next to him turned dangerously green.

"Once more?" Obsidian asked after this turn when they had left the carousel.

"Sure. Hm. I hope Kunzite-sama doesn't mind."

"I'm quite certain he'll wait patiently."

"That's for sure - but he keeps the money. He always says I'm not supposed to spend it for such nonsense. When I wanted to buy some new beautiful clothes a while ago, he actually told me I had already enough. But one can never have enough clothing, don't you agree?"

"Of course. Aren't you supposed to look as pretty as possible all of the time?"

"Just my sentiments! But tell this to Kunzite-sama who would be absolutely content with his old uniform alone!"

"He just has no fashion sense. The Dark Kingdom uniforms are absolutely ugly."

"Exactly", Zoisite sighed.

Suddenly Obsidian discovered his image in a shining surface of another booth and stopped in shock. "Oh dear! My hair is completely dishevelled!" He conjured a brush and began to work on his hair.

Zoisite squeaked, too, when he examined himself. "I'd better not go onto the carousel once more", he decided. He tugged at the knots and tried to untangle his coppery golden curls. "What will Kunzite-sama say when he sees me like this?"

"He'll say that you're totally messed up."

"A horrible thought." Zoisite conjured a brush and attacked his dishevelled mane. "I should have thought to braid my hair", he sighed, but he looked at least fairly orderly again when they reached Kunzite and Cyanite.

"I'm back", Zoisite smiled and slipped into Kunzite's embrace who gave Cyanite a warning glare, just in case, to show him to whom the small man belonged.

"Did you enjoy yourself on this torturing device? Cyanite inquired.

"Sure", Obsidian grinned.

"Torturing device?" Zoisite giggled. "This was fun."

"Somewhere I heard this before." Cyanite wasn't convinced at all.

"But it is - only one's hair gets so messed up", Obsidian assured him and took the fingers to straighten his hair at least a little bit.

"Obviously." Cyanite conjured a mirror to check his outfit. Fortunately he knew a couple of spells that preserved his perfect appearance even under bad conditions such as the roller-coaster.

"What are we doing now?" Obsidian wanted to know.

"That depends. What else do you consider entertainment?"

"Hm. I don't think you like what I would like to do."

"And what would that be?"

"Cinema, ice skating, virtual reality..."

"I will sample all of it", Cyanite declared.

Kunzite sighed, but Zoisite beamed. When they wanted to shadow Cyanite, it was sure to be fun.

"Today?" Obsidian asked.

"Why not?"

"Because I don't feel like it."

"That's no argument." Cyanite examined Obsidian with a particularly dark gaze.

"Why don't you go on your own? I'm sure you're old enough to find your way on your own."

"Certainly. But you are my aide, so you have to aid me."

"I don't want to."

"That's of no concern to me." Cyanite smiled evilly.

Kunzite made a mental note that Cyanite seemed to be more patient than he would have thought possible. Or did he have another reason not to fry Obsidian on the spot? This was an interesting question, he thought.

Obsidian sulked demonstratively.

Cyanite shook his head. The young man absolutely needed someone who taught him manners and everything else.

Kunzite was slightly annoyed that Obsidian seemed to respect Cyanite more than him. The youth seemed to forget that he, Kunzite, was the future ruler of both Dark Kingdom and the Earth Realm. Cyanite was only a cheap ersatz ruler until he would assume the throne.

* * *

Beryl finished her studies when she didn't feel Cyanite's presence anymore. Now that he had left the Dark Kingdom for what ever reason he had, she could finally begin to plan his downfall.

The first step to get rid of him would be taking care of Nephrite and obtaining his unwavering loyalty. As she still didn't have the time to brainwash him properly, Beryl decided to check whether he had regeined his memories during the wait.

"Nephrite - wake up!"

Slowly, he opened his eyes and watched his surroundings in utter confusion.

"Nephrite! Get up. You are needed."

Dizzily, Nephrite got to his feet. "Where am I?" He'd almost asked 'Who am I?', but the name 'Nephrite' still rang some bell.

Beryl looked at him thoughtfully. Maybe she didn't need to invoke the dark energy after all. It would probably be sensible to get around it, as Cyanite might sense her use of it.

"You're in the Dark Kingdom, your home." Beryl put on a smile of which she hoped it looked warm and convincing. "I need your help to get rid of an evil ursurper who pushed me, the rightful queen, of my throne and who stole your girl."

Nephrite frowned deeply. His girl? The queen? He tried to remember anything, but his memory was still a blank slate.

"Lord Cyanite - the evil usurper - considered you a dangerous rival and tried to kill you. I managed to save you, but not before he managed to wound you grievously." Beryl was proud of the story she invented on the fly. If this didn't manage to convince Nephrite to help her, she didn't know what would.

Nephrite massaged his temples, but for wont of another alternative he decided to believe her in the meantime.

"I'm sure you'll get your memories back as soon as he is defeated", Beryl claimed. "But we have to act now so that he can't become so strong that we can't defeat him anymore. We need to make a plan."

"But I don't remember anything! How can I make plans when I don't know anything about my opponent - and myself, at that."

"Well." Beryl filled him in with her version of the current events. "As he uses to amuse himself in my former personal suite, you will use one of the secret corridors to slip in. And when he's asleep after one of his orgies, you will simply assassinate him."

"A simple plan", Nephrite mused. "In fact, it's so simple that it even might work."

"I'm sure he expects something intricate and complicated, so I decided to resort to a simple plan." She described him the passageways he was supposed to use. "And when he's back, you will immediately go and kill him."

"As you wish."

* * *

Kunzite sighed. It had been a really bad idea to follow Cyanite and Obsidian. First they had had to watch a highly boring love flic, and now Obsidian steered towards the ice stadium.

Zoisite didn't mind. He had used the visit in the cinema to smooch around with Kunzite. Cyanite was highly bored, too. He had to find some more interesting things he could introduce to the Earth Realm when he sat on the throne.

Obsidian was satisfied with the choice of the movie as Cyanite looked really bored. He hoped the ice stadium was just as dull for him.

"Why me?" Kunzite thought. Okay, he needed to know what Cyanite did, but he thought the ancient mage would do something more interesting.

The ice stadium was well attended. Kunzite stayed safely at the border of the ice, while Zoisite tried his luck on skates. Obsidian made circles on the ice, while Zoisite tried some pirouettes and beamed at his beloved.

"Why don't you try it, too?" he nagged.

"I don't know..."

"Aww, Kunzite-sama!" Zoisite braked in front of him and gave him a kiss. "Please!"

"Well." Hesitantly, Kunzite fetched some skates and went onto the ice as well.

Cyanite wasn't as bored as Obsidian hoped. Actually, he didn't feel bored at all, because he had discovered a couple of beautiful girls in short leotards who slid over the ice. Supported by his telekinetic powers, he followed one of them and showed off with some jumps.

Obsidian sighed, for he hadn't thought of the cute girls here. Now he could probably wait for a long time until Cyanite was fed up with the place.

Kunzite tried to cope without telekinetics, but unfortunately this meant that he fell down several times. Zoisite giggled and tried to help him up, but of course it ended with both of them sitting on the ice.

"Don't you feel cold?" Obsidian asked as he passed by.

"Yes," Kunzite sighed.

"No," Zoisite contradicted, but then, he lay on top of his beloved.

"What are you doing, creating a new figure?" Obsidian wanted to know.

"I only wish to stay on the skates," Kunzite said. "Without using telekinetics, that is."

"And I like to be as close to Kunzite-sama as possible," Zoisite giggled and gave him a kiss on the nose, before he tried to help him up a second time.

"Skating is easy," Obsidian declared. "Perhaps you are to old for it."

"I'm not too old!" Kunzite grumbled and straightened himself.

"He isn't," Zoisite told Obsidian and wrapped his arms around Kunzite's middle.

"It would be easier, if Zoisite didn't cling to you."

"I agree."

"Kunzite-sama!" Zoisite pouted.

"Let him go, he can't escape anyway."

"Hm." Reluctantly, Zoisite let go of Kunzite and now the tall man could try it again.

"You are standing much longer than before," Obsidian observed.

"Indeed, he does!" Zoisite said in surprise.

"Then it was all your fault," Obsidian said.

"But I only wanted to help." Zoisite showed off with another pirouette.

"Some things are better done alone." Obsidian decided to follow Zoisite, who tried a jump and landed on the butt.


"Do you search something," Obsidian asked as he passed by.

"Waaah! No, of course not! I wanted to try something."


"To jump like this girl!" He pointed at the girl that Cyanite currently pursued.

"You have to practise much more to be as good as she is."


"At least your figure is that of an iceskater."

"You think so?" Zoisite got to his feet and posed in front of him.

"Sure, you are not too tall, but light and athletic."

Zoisite beamed and tried another pirouette.

In the background, Kunzite curved around and became more and more secure on the skates. Obsidian looked for Cyanite, but of course he was busy with the girls.

Cyanite was content. By now his winning smile had conquered at least four of the girls who craved for his attention. Perfect.

Zoisite was trying another jump, but again crashed down. "Ouch!"

Obsidian hold his hand out. "Down there again?"

"Yes!" Zoisite sniffed and took Obsidians hand. "Thanks."

"You are doing something wrong."

"I only attempt not to cheat."

"In the beginning, I fell often, too."

"Sigh." Zoisite tried another jump. "Hey, it worked! For once it worked!"

"Nearly perfect."


"Your hand touched the ice."

"Oh, that."

Kunzite, who by now felt sufficiently safe on skates, followed his distant relative from the past. Unfortunately this meant that some of the girls who found Cyanite attractive, turned their attention to Kunzite, much to Cyanite's dismay.

"He barely manages to stand on the skates, and still he is surrounded by girls," Obsidian said with a grin.

"What?" Zoisite looked in the direction in which Obsidian looked. "How dare he!"

He turned and ran to Kunzite. Unfortunately he wasn't able to stop in time and so they both landed on the ice again.

Obsidian shook his head in amusement. The two men would be all black and blue tomorrow.

"What was this supposed to accomplish?" One of Kunzite's 'suitors' asked angrily.

"I only wanted to remind my beloved that he's mine," Zoisite hissed.

"It wasn't my idea," Kunzite tried to apologize.

"Hm," Zoisite and decided to kiss Kunzite thoroughly to clear the property rights once and for all. After all, it wasn't his fault that he was so attractive that so many women were after him.

The girls were rather annoyed that Kunzite was already taken and turned back to Cyanite. Obsidian wondered why they behaved in that way. They should be ashamed. In any case, he had to try to get rid of the girls, so that Cyanite got bored again as soon as possible.

Kunzite frowned. It was demeaning - did the girls actually consider him to be only the second choice?

Cyanite tried his luck pair-skating with a tall dark-haired girl (under the envious gazes of about five others).

Kunzite and Zoisite stood once more, and Kunzite rubbed his aching back.

"You will turn black and blue tomorrow," Obsidian told Kunzite with a wide grin.

"I fear I am already black and blue."

"How undecorative."

"I will comfort him thoroughly," Zoisite promised.


"He only needs proper care." Zoisite caressed Kunzite's cheek and the silver-haired man smiled.

"You have to know it."

"Sure." Zoisite grinned and gave a girl who dared to smile at Kunzite a deadly stare.

"How could you frighten the poor girl?"

"She looked indecently at Kunzite-sama!"

"You are touchy."

"He's mine."

"And so they aren't even allowed to look?"

"Not like this."

"You are cute."

Zoisite pouted while Kunzite grinned.

"Both of you are."

"I'm not!" Kunzite contradicted. "I'm supposed to be imposing and dangerous."

"Zoisite makes up for this."

"What do you mean?" Zoisite asked.

"You are doubly cute, so you are both cute."

Kunzite chuckled. "Good. That's a point." He pulled his little rat closer.

Zoisite pouted. "But I want to be dangerous and imposing, too!"

"You are simply too cute to be anything else."

Zoisite laid his head against Kunzite's shoulder and sulked.

"See? Not a chance in hell for you to appear imposing."

Cyanite had chosen one of the skaters as host for Metallia and was satisfied with the result of this visit. He had the girl completely under his spell by now and grinned like the proverbial Cheshire cat again.

Obsidian looked for Cyanite, for he wanted to go home. When he saw Cyanite with a red-head, he wondered what he needed the girl for. "Can we go now?" he asked him.

"Yes, I'm finished here."

"It's about time!"

"Asuko will accompany me."

She smiled raptly.


"Open a doorway back to the Dark Kingdom."

"As you wish," Obsidian complied and opened a doorway. They went through the gate while Kunzite and Zoisite chose to stay.

"Do you have any further orders for me?" Obsidian asked Cyanite when they arrived in the Dark Kingdom.

"No. You may do as you wish for the rest of the day." Cyanite wanted to prepare Asuko as new host for Metallia.

"Fine." Obsidian disappeared back to Earth.

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