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Update Stuff

"Nothing is ever forgotten" is a motto from the good old British TV series Robin of Sherwood, and true to its meaning I took up ToC after a hiatus of 7 (!) years. Well, hopefully it won't be long, and the story has a proper ending!

Some General Stuff

Well, originally Tears of Crystal started out only on a whim when I watched episode #035 (Yomigaeru kioku! Usagi to Mamoru no kako) again and just couldn't understand how Kunzite stood idly by when Queen Beryl blasted poor Zoisite into oblivion.

I decided it could be interesting to let them run away for a change.

By the way, the initial dialog between Beryl and Zoisite is taken from the German dub, so it might be different from either the Japanese original or any of the other dubs.

The same is valid for the formula SailorMoon speaks when she uses her transformation pen - I haven't found yet what she says in the original version.

When I had written the first part A Narrow Escape, suddenly I got some revelation and wrote a short text fragment, The Darkening of the Light which initially didn't have to do anything with part 1.

I only wondered where that silver crystal thingamajig (aka ginzuishou) originally had come from, and suddenly I thought up an astonishing solution for that question.

Shortly after, another flash of inspiration hit me, and I asked myself why not combine the two trains of thought into one story, as that might be more interesting than each of them alone.

When I worked on Hunters Hunted, I encountered one big problem, though. It's no big secret that I just can't stand those silly Sailor Senshi, and I realized that it is incredibly difficult for me to write them (grin, that's why I love the Tales of the Dark Kingdom so much - no need for the dumb Sailor brats at all).

So I put the story on ice for a while, until I asked Shavana, if we could work on Tears of Crystal together as we alread did on the second cycle of the Tales. Obsidian still had to be around somewhere in the DK, and so we could use him to invoke his powers (well, he really has some, although deeply buried under a thick layer of laziness) and call back some deceased or otherwise canned DK celebrities.

Well, she agreed, and now you can read the result from Rebirth on...

I decided to give Lord Cyanite a more archaic style of speaking. It's mostly Middle English, but for better readability I refrained from turning everything into the olde tongue - thus it's quite a weird mixture now. (Grin, so I haven't done historical linguistics, Middle English and the seminars on Geoffrey Chaucer for nought :)

Who's Who - the Characters

Attention, there are spoilers for Tears of Crystal in the descriptions of the persons! Read at your own risk. All of those persons (except for Oniwabandana and the 'other sides' of Celestine and Selenite) are inventions of Shavana and mine and thus are our property.

Alexandrite (Prince): He's the son of King Heliodor and Queen Morgana. Alexandrite is the younger brother of Queen Beryl and survived the Crystal War as he was hidden by a loyal servant. His children continued the original royal line of the Crystal Kingdom. Alexandrite has black hair and dark blue eyes.

Amethyst (Great Mage): He's the chief mage of the Crystal Kingdom and Dean of the University of Magickal Sciences in the capital city Media Crystallus. He died during the Crystal War. Amethyst is the life mate of Galena, father of Obsidian and brother of King Heliodor. He is tall, has long black hair and blue violet eyes.

Antimony: Since Obsidian can remember, the young woman was his nursemaid. Antimony is a little shorter than Zoisite, has kneelength, gold blonde hair, dark blue eyes and a lithe, slim figure. She has a sister, Selenite. Antimony complete the 2nd degree at the University of Magickal Sciences.
Pic of Antimony

Celestine: Name of Osaka Naru after she has been brainwashed by Queen Beryl. She's a commander of Beryl's forces and wears the usual grey uniform with turquoise piping.
Pic of Celestine and Phonolite

Cyanite (Lord): This character was designed by me (Stayka). He's a Battle Mage who was imprisoned in a hot pink crystal about 1400 years ago for 'political disagreements' (i.e. he tried to overthrow Emperor Pyrite but was caught in the process). He's an ancestor of Kunzite's; he's tall, has waist long silvery white hair and cyan blue eyes. Actually, his name is Hiddenite (his parents Jervisite and Pyroxene had some weird ideas in naming their children Hiddenite, Pidgeonite and Hypersthenite), but he hated it so much that he chose to be called Cyanite. Currently he's on the way to overthrow Queens Beryl and Metallia to seize the power in the Dark Kingdom and later take on the Earth Realm.
Pic of Lord Cyanite

Galena: She's the life mate of Amethyst and mother of Obsidian. She has deep blue hair and silvery grey eyes.

Heliodor (King): He's the Crystal King, the ruler of the Crystal Kingdom. He's the father of Queen Beryl and Alexandrite and the brother of Great Mage Amethyst. Heliodor is married to Queen Morgana. He has short, black hair and dark blue eyes.

Morgana (Queen): She's married to King Heliodor. Morgana is the mother of Queen Beryl and Alexandrite. She has long, ruby red hair and green eyes.

Obsidian: This character was invented by Shavana. He is the cousin of Queen Beryl who ordered Nephrite to teach him. Obsidian has long, dark blue-violet hair, likewise coloured eyes and is a little taller than Nephrite. He says that he is 17 years old.
Pic of Obsidian

Oniwabandana: The youma who appeared in episode #043 (Usagi ga koritsu? Sailor Senshi tachino oogenka). Her Earth seeming is that of the reporter Asahina Nana.

Phonolite: Name of Tsukino Usagi after she has been brainwashed by Queen Beryl. She's supposed to be a commander of Beryl's forces and wears the usual grey uniform with white piping. Neither Beryl nor Phonolite realize that she's actually the secret weapon deployed by SailorMars and Obsidian to bring about the downfall of the Dark Kingdom...
Pic of Celestine and Phonolite

Selenite: She's a princess of the Crystal Kingdom although she doesn't belong directly to the ruling family. She has a sister, Antimony. Selenite has silvery white hair and dark blue eyes.

Who Writes What

Shavana currently writes Obsidian, Nephrite, Tsukino Usagi / SailorMoon (mostly), Aino Minako / SailorVenus (mostly), Hino Rei / SailorMars (sometimes), and Endymion (mostly) / Tuxedo Kamen / Chiba Mamoru, Jadeite (mostly), Artemis, Luna, Umino and Mrs.Tsukino (sometimes).

I (Stayka) currently write Lord Cyanite, Kunzite, Zoisite, Queen Beryl, Mizuno Ami / SailorMercury, Hino Rei / SailorMars (mostly), Kino Makoto / SailorJupiter, Tsukino Usagi / SailorMoon (sometimes), Aino Minako / SailorVenus (sometimes), Tsukikage no Knight, Oniwabandana, Antimony, Jadeite (sometimes), Osaka Naru / Celestine, Endymion (sometimes), SailorPluto and Mrs.Tsukino (mostly).

The settings and descriptions in the story are written as we go along by just who has pen and paper in the hand. By the way, any mistakes in the English are solely mine, as I write in English, while Shavana writes her parts in German, and I translate everything into a whole when I type it into the computer.

By the way - if you want to see how a page of the stuff that we write looks like in the original - that's it: One Page of ToC Pt.17 (84K).

Astrological Side Notes

It is widely known which astrological signs the Senshi + Tuxedo Kamen have:

Tsukino Usagi - Cancer
Mizuno Ami - Virgo
Hino Rei - Aries
Kino Makoto - Sagittarius
Aino Minako - Libra
Chiba Mamoru - Leo

As I'm a bit into astrology, I decided to give the four Kings and some other important characters of the story astrological signs, too, which I also use a bit to derive their behaviour and reactions from. Those are:

Ages of the Persons

Attention, spoilers galore for Tears of Crystal! Read at your own risk.

All the stuff here is an invention of Shavana and mine and doesn't belong to the 'official' SailorMoon continuity.

Crystal Kingdom

Ages of the persons during the time of the Crystal Kingdom (about 1050 years before the present time in the first series of SailorMoon). In this year the silver crystal was stolen by Princess Selenite of a noble (but not the ruling) family, who used it to further her plans.

Heliodor (Crystal King) - 68
Morgana (Crystal Queen) - 59
Beryl (Crystal Princess) - 17
Alexandrite (Crystal Prince) - 14
Amethyst (Great Mage) - 83
Galena - 58
Obsidian - 3
Kunzite (Master Mage) - 37
Nephrite (Court Astrologer, Mage) - 31
Antimony (Princess, Mage) - 25
Selenite (Princess, Mage) - 27

(Some mages who reached the 2nd degree, most of the 3rd degree, and all of the 4th degree are able to invoke longevity spells that stop ageing.)

Silver Millennium

Ages of the persons during the time of the destruction of the Moon Kingdom / Silver Kingdom / Silver Millennium (about 1000 years before the present time in the first series of SailorMoon).

Serenity/Selenity (Queen, Mage) - 77
Serenity (Princess) - 16
Endymion (Prince) - 19
Beryl (Queen) - 67
Kunzite (Master Mage) - 87
Nephrite (Astrologer, Astronomer & Mathematician, Mage) - 81
Jadeite (Engineer, Mage) - 26
Zoisite (Martial Arts Instructor, Healer in Training, Lesser Mage) - 20
SailorMercury - 16
SailorVenus - 16
SailorMars - 16
SailorJupiter - 16

Family Trees

The Ruling Family of the Crystal Kingdom

       Sapphirine (Queen)  oo  Topaz 
       (*-1162,+-1091)      |  (*-1157)                        
                |                                |
Morgana  oo  Heliodor (King)                  Amethyst  oo  Galena
(*-1109)  |  (*-1118)                         (*-1133)   |  (*-1108)
          |                                              |
          |                                              | 
  .----------------.                                     | 
Beryl          Alexandrite  oo  Chalcedony            Obsidian 
(*-1067)       (*-1064)      |  (*-1069)              (*-1053) 
             Aitolos  oo  Turquoise                          
                       |  (*-1040)

The Ruling Family of the Moon Kingdom

      Hyperion  oo  Thulite
Heliotrope    Antimony     Selenite (Queen)  oo  ???
(*-1071)      (*-1075)     (*-1077)           |

Crystal Kingdom - Regional Studies

Capital city: Media Crystallus

Main language: Kesshana

Ruler: Crystal King (constitutional monarchy) in -1100

Ruler: Emperor (absolutism) in -1400

University of Magickal Sciences

There are four degrees available; each takes at least one practical year and two years of theoretical studying. The 1st degree is that of a Lesser Mage who is capable of doing minor conjurings and healings.

The 2nd degree is the Mage which is the most common degree. One can apply for the courses after 5 years of experience as a Lesser Mage. Mages are in good standing in the Crystal Kingdom they take care of weather control, psychic healing arts (although they have to specialize in medicine to work true healings), work in the magickal defense force and more.

The 3rd degree, Master Mage allows to teach Magickal Sciences and start experimenting without supervision by a higher ranking mage. It takes at least ten years of work as 2nd degree mage to be allowed to take up the studies that lead to the 3rd degree exam.

The 4th degree, High Mage is needed to be taken into the Mage Council. Only then one is allowed to elect the Great Mage or the Head Mages of the Universities of Magickal Sciences who always are members of the Council. Usually no one is allowed to apply for the training that leads to this degree, if the mage in question has not taught others for at least ten years, and even then it can take a long time to complete the studies.

During the last years of the Crystal Kingdom, the Great Mage and Head of the capital city's University of Magickal Sciences is Amethyst.


Maybe you noticed in the stories that I like to cook (and that I like wines as well :). [Somehow most of the stories Shavana and I write involve lots of cooking and sometimes even recipes...] Actually I love Italian, Chinese and Indian food best, but I decided to learn a bit about the Japanese cuisine as well.

If someone is interested in preparing proper sushi - I found a cookbook that contains highly interesting recipes (including meticulous instructions). It's called Step by Step Sushi by Katsuji Yamamoto and Roger W. Hicks.

Another nice book (in German, though) from which I took the stuff Makoto offered is Japanische Küche by Shiro Uehara and Masumi Schmidt-Muraki.

And - on popular demand - here's Jadeite's Cookbook! Currently there are two Lasagne versions and a Borschtsch recipe in there, but I guess it'll grow in time as the story progresses :)

And now excuse me please, there's a Malayan chicken soup boiling on the oven that calls for my attention :)

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