Seat of Power

© 1998/02/10 by Stayka deyAvemta

I gaze upon my underlings.
Sometimes it even amuses me when they cower in fear
And grovel before me in hopes to get my attention
Or even my appraisal.

Puny youma -
Warped, distorted figures that once were human
Shaped by my need for willing servants
Waiting to be rewarded or destroyed at my whim.

There are the Shitennou,
Ferociously fighting for power amongst themselves.
I smile while they're plotting to dethrone me.
They still think I am not aware.

But of course it's better
To know and watch their little plans
While they hone their abilities
And become most formidable tools.

A telepathic call cuts through my mind
And orders me to my Queen who's displeased.
For still she's caught and needs more energy.
Her anger almost crushes me.

And it reminds me that
For all my power even I am no more than a servant
To the overwhelming evil demon
Called Metallia.

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