Gone With Flowers

© 1997/08/20 by Stayka deyAvemta

Cherry blossoms that blow in the wind
Take with them your fragile soul
A gentle breeze sweeps away lonely petals
While I remain in the dark, lost and alone

Why didn't I do anything to save you?
How could I be so deep under her control?
That I couldn't lift my hand to protect you

When I enter my rooms that are bereft of your presence
The guilt threatens to overwhelm me again
Only some pictures of you remain here
Pictures and bittersweet memories

How many things did I leave unsaid because you were there
And we had all the time in the world
Now that you're gone I can only mourn the lost opportunities
To tell you how much I cherished you
Not only thinking that you will certainly know

You were like a burning fire
And made me feel so very much alive
I tried to be your steady rock and haven
But I failed you in the end.

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