Last Stand

© 1998/01/22 by Stayka deyAvemta

Now this will be the final stand
My queen told me to put an end
To SailorMoon and company
Ere they fulfill their destiny

And should they fight together here
I still won't have a thing to fear
They never were a match for me
To dust I'll blast them easily

First it is their turn to attack
But without mercy I strike back
They disappear engulfed by light
The silver crystal by their side

But suddenly the girls return
Why couldn't they to cinders burn?
Queen Beryl won't be pleased for sure
And my future also'll look poor

I have to challenge them right now
That they'll break through I can't allow
My boomerang knives fly to kill
Why are they standing upright still?

The Moon Princess stands up to me
She glows from crystal energy
And tries to use her healing art
But I won't let her touch my heart

Now what's this - she turns my attack?
To me my knife is flying back?
So let it end finally here
I never saw my fate so clear

Some time ago my heart had died
My love was killed, so was my light
Let me find solace from that hurt
Zoisite, take me to your world

Okay, this is a poem in iambic tetrameter for a change...

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