Captured in Stone

© 1998/03/26 by Stayka deyAvemta

So long ago the cruel fate decreed
That we'd be turned to crystal once we meet
Our destiny - the witch queen Beryl turned
Our once pure souls and caught them, so I learned

Four diff'rent gem stones hold our essence now
Our bodies move still though she won't allow
That our minds roam free - and we can't fight
Her influence, for she has all the might

Captured in jadeite - gem stone of temperance
The soul of the quiet one has ceased to dance
Captured in nephrite - stone of protection
The soul of the cheerful one broke into fractions

Captured in zoisite - stone of tranquility
The soul of the beauteous one turned to cruelty
Captured in kunzite - gem stone of discipline
I was the strongest, but even I couldn't win

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