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I pride myself on my lethality
And it amuses me to be constantly underrated
No enemy will stand for long against my wrath
Until my thirst for vengeance will be sated

Those who got to know me came to fear me
Because I'd never rest until my foes were crushed
But not until I took my time to play with them
Some may call it cruelty, for me it's just great fun

I rose up the ranks like a meteor
Leaving the bodies of my predecessors behind
If they weren't up to me it wasn't my fault
I would not have asked for mercy were the tables turned

But then another presence invaded my life
Who still fills me with breathless wonder
Cool, composed - the balance for my fiery temper
When I'm with him my anger fades to nothingness

I only long to be held in his arms
I've never felt so peaceful and secure before
And all feelings of hatred and revenge dissolve
With the gentle caress of his hand
And a loving look from his breathtaking platinum eyes

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