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"Oh my head!" Zoisite groaned pitifully when he woke up. Kunzite - already fully dressed in the usual grey uniform - sat on the edge of the bed and grinned at him.

"I told you not to drink that much."

"I only had two glasses of wine," Zoisite whined and held his head. Even in this miserable state he still looked absolutely beautiful, Kunzite observed. The long, wavy strands of coppery gold hair looked like streams of glowing molten rock on the dark blue coverlet.

"My poor little rat," he soothed him and gave him a tender kiss on the forehead. "Maybe a shower will help."

* * *

When Obsidian arrived at the door of Nephrite's quarters punctually in the morning, he only heard a pained groan when he knocked.

"Cut the noise - I'm on the way."

"It's time to go," Obsidian declared, deliberately loudly and cheerfully, when he entered the quarters of his mentor.

Nephrite grimaced. "First I need something to get rid of this headache."

'It's all your own fault', Obsidian thought and couldn't stifle a malicious grin. Nephrite had downed at least two bottles of wine, if not more.

"Are the others already up?"

"Dunno. Shall I check on them?"

"Yes." Nephrite only wanted him to go away. He needed quiet and solitude.

Obsidian suspected that Zoisite was still at Kunzite's house. The small man hadn't looked as if he would go much farther that evening. He teleported to the large, haunted looking dwelling and rang.

of Kunzite's dwelling by Stayka

* * *

After a prolonged shower Zoisite decided to return into the bed. He still felt dizzy and a little queasy.

Kunzite shook his head when Zoisite pulled the coverlet up to his nose so that only the large emerald eyes peered out. The silver-haired king conjured a huge cup of strong coffee and placed it on the shelf next to the bed.

"Zoisite, drink this. Maybe that will help you wake up and feel better."

"I don't want to be awake. My head hurts!"

"Oh, there's someone at the door," Kunzite remarked when he heard the doorbell. He sent the mental impulse that opened the door. "You stay right there!" he told Zoisite, before he put on his cape and went downstairs to meet the visitor.

"I don't want to get up anyway," Zoisite moaned and closed his eyes when Kunzite was gone.

Obsidian strode into the entry hall. "Hello", he chimed cheerfully. Kunzite floated down the stairs.

"Good morning," he replied, all business. "I commend you on your punctuality."

"Really?" Obsidian thought it was rather late in the morning.

"Indeed. I have not even had my breakfast yet." Kunzite only hoped that Zoisite would consider getting up and moreover getting dressed in the meantime.

"But it's rather late, isn't it?"

"I can't remember giving an exact time," Kunzite grinned. "I only said 'after breakfast'."

"And of course you meant yours..."

"What did you think? Rank has its privileges," the first of the Kings said smugly.

"One more reason to aspire a higher rank," Obsidian remarked.

"Indeed." Kunzite smiled inwardly, as the comment reminded him of his ambitious little rat. Well, it was Nephrite who had to be really careful.

"Are you ready now?" Obsidian wanted to go right on the spot.

"Well, I am..." Kunzite sighed. Probably Zoisite had gone to sleep again.

"...but Zoisite isn't?" Obsidian guessed. "It seems he drank too much wine, too."


"But I don't want to wait any longer," Obsidian sulked.

"What about Nephrite?"

"He's awake."

"That doesn't mean anything. Is he ready to go?"

"I think so."

"Well, just wait while I take care of Zoisite." Kunzite teleported into his bedroom. "Zoisite!"

Only some strands of hair could be seen under a heap of pillows. Kunzite sighed. This would take some time. He used all means at hand from gentle caresses up to an ice cold shower when the former didn't convince his lover, and finally Zoisite decided to give in and get up. When he was dressed he still looked miserable and hung his head.

'They're taking hours in there', Obsidian thought frustratedly. He'd been waiting so long that he could have eaten a second breakfast and an early first lunch. It was really about time that he tried to achieve a higher position. It was annoying that Zoisite, who certainly wasn't older than him, had the rank of a King, and he was just Nephrite's pupil.

Finally Kunzite and Zoisite materialized, the one in his blue streaks of energy and the other in his usual swirl of pink cherry blossom petals (although the latter seemed to have a slightly greenish tint to them, just like Zoisite's face).

"It's about time," Obsidian nagged.

"Be quiet!" Zoisite groaned unfriendlily and held his head.

"Why?" Obsidian curved his lips in a malicious smile.

"I have a migraine, and I can assure you that I'm really dangerous when I don't feel well." His glare was positively murderous.

"You drank too much wine and now you have to pay the consequences," Obsidian smirked.

Zoisite lifted his hand and an ice crystal formed immediately.

"Oh, it's as green as you look," Nephrite's student teased.

Without further warning the small man hurled the sharp crystal at him. Fortunately Kunzite knew his lover's temperament, and he knew what he had in mind, so he was prepared to blast the ice crystal before it could hit.

"That was really mean," Obsidian complained.

"Be happy that Kunzite-sama saved you," Zoisite hissed.

"So? Should I?"

"It depends on how much you value your life," the silver-haired King chuckled. He laid a restraining hand on Zoisite's shoulder, for the young man looked as if he wanted to conjure the next ice crystal.

Obsidian shrugged. "I trust my fate," he said.

"Fate is a fickle thing - especially when you cross Zoisite in the morning." Kunzite grinned.

"Please, let me kill him," Zoisite begged and looked up to Kunzite.

"Not yet. We still have a job to do," he declared.

"That's true," Obsidian smirked. He had trusted that the fear of Queen Beryl would keep them from doing him real harm, although he wasn't so sure anymore that it would stop Zoisite. The pretty boy really seemed to have as nasty a temper as the rumours suggested, even though he looked so harmless.

They finally went to Nephrite's home.

Much to Obsidian's surprise his mentor was ready to go, and Kunzite opened a new doorway that led them to the byway where they had appeared on their first visit to Paris. This time it was late in the morning, though, and the area looked strangely desolate.

"And what are we going to do now?" Obsidian asked. Nephrite held his head; the pounding within was unbearable.

"We will continue where we left off last evening," Kunzite declared.

"No more wine," Zoisite groaned.

"What about some ice?" Obsidian asked with a grin.

Nephrite tried to avoid abrupt movements of his head. "Your task is to collect energy," he told his pupil, while Zoisite put on a wicked smile and held a foot long ice crystal under Obsidian's nose.

"Zoisite!" he was promptly reprimanded by Kunzite.

"Wanna swap?" Obsidian presented Zoisite an ice crystal that he had made. The other man looked perplexed.


"My crystal is much more beautiful," Obsidian remarked.

"Pah." Zoisite dissolved his ice dagger and went back to Kunzite. He wasn't allowed to kill this annoying guy anyway. Although, no one had said he couldn't hurt him a bit...

The violet-haired man grinned and looked at the others, and Nephrite shook his head, a gesture he regretted immediately.

"Get back to your task!" he commanded.

While Obsidian looked unappreciative as usual, Zoisite decided to call the violet crystal to him that he had left at home. Maybe a little work would keep his mind off the headache. A pink sphere formed, and the crystal floated above his hand.

As Obsidian still didn't know what to do, he decided to observe Zoisite who was playing with a pretty glowing crystal. When Nephrite became aware of it, he directed the attention of his pupil back to the task at hand. Unfortunately that didn't help as Obsidian still didn't know what to do. Nephrite sighed. Beryl had told him that she saw potential in this one, but he was sure that if there was anything, it was buried beyond retrieval.

Maybe he should have kept Zoisite after all. That young man was definitely promising, even though he was cruel, guileful, vindictive, murderous and had a terrible temper. Anyway, Kunzite had survived him now for several weeks.

Zoisite tried to figure out how to gather energy with the crystal, while he possessively and proudly looked at Kunzite. His beloved always knew what to do and how. He only had to convince him to do the work for him, and everything was just great.

"Now we only need to find a concentration of energy that we can collect," Zoisite remarked and looked hopefully at Kunzite who would certainly know where to start. "What would you propose, Lord Kunzite?" he cajoled and gave him an affectionate look.

Of course the older man couldn't resist.

"Well, the area around here seems to be curiously devoid of energy at this time," Kunzite observed, "even though yesterday it was filled with it."

Obsidian pouted, and Nephrite sighed. Obviously his student would never get the idea. Finally he gave him some hints so that he wouldn't be at a disadvantage when they had to present Queen Beryl with some results. In any case, Kunzite cheated, too.

"What do you expect, this early in the morning?" Nephrite massaged his temples.

"Then we have to go and find another source." Kunzite floated in the air and tried to get a better reading on the energy levels. Zoisite looked admiringly up to him and put on a satisfied smile. He knew it was the best thing to let him do the work.

Obsidian found it unfair that Kunzite helped his student so much. This way it was no wonder that Zoisite was able to fulfill his task more easily. Unfortunately Nephrite wasn't that easy to persuade - well, maybe with some bottles of wine, but then he was only drunk and couldn't help anymore.

Shortly thereafter, Kunzite returned to them. "I discovered a viable source in that direction." He pointed east.

"What are we waiting for?" Obsidian asked. He was frustrated that nothing seemed to work as expected.

"Let them go first, we'll look for another source," Nephrite said. "It's no good for all of us to collect in the same place." He had located another source and teleported there with Obsidian.

Zoisite waited for Kunzite to give him the teleport coordinates, and they jumped simultaneously to a big shopping mall. He was relieved that Nephrite and Obsidian had gone somewhere else, and he smiled blissfully at Kunzite before he took his arm when they had landed on the ground.

Curiously he gazed around. This - whatever it was where they had appeared - was much too interesting to start collecting energy immediately. He wanted to go sight-seeing first.

Of course they managed to draw all attention to them again. It had to be the cape, Zoisite presumed, as he couldn't see anyone else wearing such a piece of clothing. On the other hand, there was Kunzite's hair, too, and the eyes, the slim, but powerful build...

As usual he couldn't rip his gaze from his beloved, and so Kunzite decided that he should do the work for Zoisite. Otherwise they wouldn't collect any energy in a thousand years.

* * *

Nephrite and Obsidian had chosen the Eiffel tower to place their collector crystal. The famous tourist attraction drew quite a lot of people whose energy could be harvested.

As the King still had a terrible headache, he decided to do the work himself as he wanted to return to the Dark Kingdom as fast as possible. If he let Obsidian do it, they wouldn't get the job done in a millennium.

Of course that meant he had to get his student out of his hair, as he didn't want to be disturbed. Headaches and magickal work were bad enough together, but Obsidian's questions and comments would kill him for sure.

Obsidian sulked when he was sent away to the byway where they had agreed to meet again after they had done their work. He decided to spend his time sight-seeing instead of waiting for Nephrite and getting bored to death. Maybe he should try to track down Kunzite and Zoisite and find out what they were up to.

Nephrite had found a small restaurant in the vicinity of the Eiffel tower and waited for the crystal to do its work. Now that Obsidian was gone even his headache got better.

The shopping center was easy to locate, but it was more difficult to find his two colleagues. At least the shop windows were interesting. There were lots of fascinating things to admire, Obsidian discovered.

The silver-haired King and his partner had found a little café and sat there while the crystal hung suspended in the air and collected the shoppers' energy. It didn't need any more attention, and so they had time to look soulfully into each others' eyes and exchange sweet nothings, while they sipped at their coffee.

Finally Obsidian discovered Kunzite and Zoisite. He decided it was more fun to observe them secretly, and so he occupied a place in the vicinity where he could watch them without being seen himself. Now he could also try out the brush he had acquired in a super market. When he peered over at them again, he was really amused. They didn't behave like teacher and student at all.

At last the crystal had done its work. As there were lots of shoppers here and the crystal was rather small, no one of the people felt more than a little tired, while the stone gleamed almost white.

Zoisite called it back and decided that he had to thank Kunzite properly for doing the job for him. He smiled at him and kissed him passionately.

'Interesting', Obsidian thought. So the rumours he had heard about them had been true. He thought it was fun to embarass the loving couple and teleported to them.

When Obsidian materialized, Zoisite and Kunzite parted immediately and looked rather shocked. Zoisite blushed deeply red.

"Oh, hello Obsidian..."

"Hi. What are you doing here?"

"We're collecting energy - what did you think?" Zoisite snapped and presented the crystal.

"I'd rather keep only thinking what I think," Obsidian grinned.

"And what would that be?" Zoisite gave him a nasty glare.

"Well, I've seen what I've seen."

Zoisite flushed again while Kunzite sighed. Sooner or later someone had to find out what was between them, although he would have preferred it not to have been Obsidian. Now Nephrite would know in an instant, and he would tease him from here to the Dark Kingdom and back.

Obsidian examined Zoisite thoughtfully. He wondered what Kunzite saw in this mean pretty boy. He would certainly not let him come that close, for fear of getting an ice crystal in the back or somewhere else.

"We should return now," Kunzite remarked. "Where did you leave Nephrite?"

"He's somewhere around the Eiffel tower. He wanted me to go."

"Still, we had better return to the Dark Kingdom together. We'd better not make Queen Beryl angry."

"That's true." Obsidian nodded.

"So Nephrite collects the energy for you," Zoisite said thoughtfully. "How did you convince him to do it?" He examined Obsidian speculatively. He had always thought that Nephrite preferred women. The other student just shrugged.

"I'm sure Nephrite will need some more time," Zoisite stated. "We could drink another coffee." He gave Kunzite another loving look. Now that Obsidian knew, there was no need to hide his affection anymore.

Obsidian found those glances cute, even though he couldn't stand Zoisite at all. After all, the nasty weasel had tried to kill him only a few hours ago.

"Why don't you sit down," Kunzite wanted to know. "Either go or stay, but if you want to stay you can take a seat. People standing around irritate me."

Obsidian shrugged again before took place on a free seat.

"We are going to wait another hour and then we'll go and check on Nephrite," Kunzite declared.

"Good." Obsidian watched the passers-by while Zoisite and Kunzite watched each other. When Nephrite's pupil started to get bored, he took out his brush and worked on his waist long violet hair.

That got the attention of the other two immediately. 'Nice hair', both thought simultaneously.

"What's up?" Obsidian looked at them suspiciously.

"Oh, I was just admiring your hair," Zoisite stated. That earned him an irritated look from Kunzite.

"You were doing what?" He didn't like it at all when his lover paid attention to someone other than him.

"Awww, Kunzite-sama, but I saw you looking at him, too!" Zoisite pouted.

"What is this all about?" Obsidian interjected puzzled.

"Err, nothing," Kunzite replied immediately. He didn't want to argue with Zoisite, so he conjured one of his pink roses and gave it his beloved. He was rewarded by a beatific smile from him.

Obsidian looked from one to the other and shook his head. Roses... This became more and more embarassing, especially when Zoisite put on a silly grin and played with his ponytail while he inhaled the sweet fragrance of the flower.

Finally he was saved when Kunzite said that it was time to go. Together they teleported to the Eiffel tower where Nephrite had just finished collecting energy.

The four men returned to the Dark Kingdom and appeared in Queen Beryl's audience chamber.

"Kunzite, Nephrite - you have returned." Beryl acknowledged them. "Have you been successful?"

"Zoisite has fulfilled his task exemplarily," Kunzite lied without missing a beat.

Of course that meant that Nephrite also had to claim that his pupil had done well, or he would look bad as a teacher. Grumbling, he assured her that Obsidian had also performed well.

"I am pleased," Beryl said. "You may continue tomorrow. - You are dismissed." She waved her hands, and the four men teleported away.

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