Cruise Surprise

(Tales from the Dark Kingdom - Pt.9)

© 1997/10/12 by Stayka deyAvemta & Shavana Rhea

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"What did you say, Yasha?" Zoisite asked the youma spy he had set on the task to find any rumours about the location of the silver crystal.

"There seems to be a possibility that the silver crystal is in the possession of a rich passenger on the cruise liner Luxuria."

"Kunzite-sama! Did you hear? We have to go there and retrieve the silver crystal!"

"Well, maybe Queen Beryl will look more favourably on us again when we succeed in finding the crystal," the silver-haired man pondered. The last assignment in Europe had turned out to become a veritable catastrophe, and it would be wise to find something to appease the Queen. "A cruise liner, you said?"

"Yeah. And it's even a Japanese line! We could masquerade as normal passengers. That way we can look around without drawing too much attention."

"Agreed." Kunzite shook his head when he watched Zoisite who stood in front of the mirror and conjured the most extravagant outfits that he wanted to try out in public for once. The boutiques in Paris had given him some really weird ideas, it seemed.

* * *

Nephrite's spies had reported the same information, and so he decided to check out the ship as well. He urgently needed a big success after the failure in Paris.

Unbeknownst to Kunzite and Zoisite, he also masqueraded as passenger and teleported on the liner. He strolled over the deck and planned to connect the search for the silver crystal with a much needed vacation. The second of the four Dark Kings desperately needed a period of relief from his obnoxious pupil.

* * *

Obsidian was irritated. Neither his teacher nor any of the other Kings of the Dark Kingdom were around. This was strange as - except for Jadeite, who had to check out some stuff in Tokyo - no one had gotten an assignment from Queen Beryl.

He sulked. Nephrite was supposed to teach him to become a powerful warrior, and what happend? He had decided to leave him alone. Certainly he was doing something really exciting while he had to stay here and get bored to death.

With a bit of bribery in the right places he found out that his mentor was on a cruise liner, and much to his surprise he learned that Kunzite and Zoisite were there as well. That was interesting, as especially Zoisite and Nephrite couldn't stand each other at all.

There had to be something going on, Obsidian suspected, and he decided to check what they were doing. As long as Nephrite wasn't here, he had no lessons anyway, and going on a cruise was definitely better than withering from boredom.

He would masquerade as crew member and try to find out what the three Kings were up to.

* * *

Kunzite and Zoisite had found the bar of the liner. As most of the passengers came here sooner or later, they considered it a good observation post.

Kunzite had dressed in an elegant midnight blue suit that set of his silvery white hair and platinum coloured eyes, while Zoisite had decided to wear a sinful short red dress this time. He had liked the admiring stares when he had tried out the dresses in Paris, and as here were only normal humans around, no one from the Dark Kingdom but Kunzite would see him that way.

of Zoisite, in that 'sinful red dress', by Stayka

One great thing about dressing as a woman was that he could wear high heels for once. Zoisite hated being small. It was unfair, even with the four inch heels, Kunzite was still taller than him.

Well, as long as he sat on his lover's lap, it didn't matter anyway, he thought and sipped on a colourful cocktail while he divided his attention not quite equally between the other passengers and Kunzite.

"Until now I haven't sensed anything that would point to the silver crystal," Kunzite remarked and stroked Zoisite's coppery golden hair that flowed openly down to his waist. His beloved looked rather unfamiliar with all the make-up in his face, but he made a really lovely lady. Kunzite only hoped that the lipstick stayed where it belonged.

* * *

Obsidian had managed to slip in as a steward and was performing his duty at the bar, when he discovered Kunzite and Zoisite. He couldn't stifle a grin when he saw Zoisite who currently looked like a girl - well, not that he didn't look effeminate all the time, but the dress and make-up definitely did it...

He tried to watch them inconspicuously while he went around and served drinks and snacks. He was really glad about his telekinetic abilities, or the drinks would have landed everywhere but where they should.

"Well, if we don't discover the silver crystal, we had at least our vacation," Zoisite purred and tousled Kunzite's hair before he kissed him. Oops. Now he knew - the lipstick did lose colour.

"You mess up my hair, little rat," Kunzite complained without being aware of the colour accident.

"I'm only taking revenge for all the times you messed up mine."

Obsidian found them absolutely cute and grinned to himself while he went around and did his work. It was too amusing that they didn't even see him when he stood right next to them to serve the neighbour table. He almost giggled when he noticed that Zoisite's lipstick had found its way on Kunzite's face.

"I'd like to have another drink, dearest," Zoisite smiled lovingly, and Kunzite looked for a steward to order. As Obsidian was nearest to them he came immediately to take their order.

"May I help you?" he asked with a broad grin in his voice.

Zoisite looked up. He knew that voice. "Obsidian!" he squealed and blushed a deep red that matched his dress. He definitely hadn't wanted anyone from the Dark Kingdom to see him like this!

"Oh, Obsidian," Kunzite sighed. Nephrite's pupil had the uncanny ability to appear in the most embarassing moments.

"Well?" He waited for the order.

"What are you doing here?" Zoisite demanded.

"I serve drinks."

"I didn't know the payment in the Dark Kingdom was that bad," Kunzite said dryly and ordered two cocktails.

"Well, I needed to do something else for a change," Obsidian claimed and went to fetch the drinks.

"He saw me in that dress," Zoisite said scandalized.

"You look perfectly beautiful, my little rat. No need to be ashamed." Kunzite kissed him again to console him.

When Obsidian returned with the drinks, he grinned and gave Kunzite a napkin. "This red is definitely not your colour."

Kunzite looked at Zoisite's lips and blushed. "Oh." His lover giggled, took the napkin and tried to remove the lipstick.

"What are you doing here anyway?" Obsidian wanted to know.

"We have important business," Zoisite claimed. "But what are you doing here, except for serving drinks? That reminds me - is Nephrite on the ship as well? I sincerely hope not..." He grimaced. Nephrite was the last person whom he wanted to meet in this outfit. It had been for Kunzite only...

"Of course he's here." Obsidian looked at the watch that belonged to his costume. Ah, his shift was just over. He took place next to them.

"Oh no," Zoisite squeaked. "Where exactly? I definitely have to get out of that dress!"

"You will stay right here," Kunzite decreed. "It was your idea that we masquerade as honeymooners, and now you won't back out. What would the people say if my beautiful young wife suddenly turns out to become an equally beautiful young man? I wouldn't want them to think I can't tell a woman from a man..." He grinned wickedly at his lover who immediately started to pout.

"Yeah, we wouldn't want that," Obsidian burst out laughing. "Furthermore it would be a real shame to have those nice legs covered again..."

"Indeed," Kunzite agreed and pulled Zoisite closer to comfort him.

"You two look really cute," Obsidian commented.

Kunzite grimaced. "I don't think it's proper to consider two of the mighty Kings of the Dark Kingdom as cute."

"I prefer to say what I think."

"That might get dangerous," Zoisite warned.

"Possibly. But I like danger."

"Obviously." Kunzite remembered the morning when Obsidian had managed to get Zoisite angry enough to attack him with an ice crystal. If he hadn't interfered, Nephrite's pupil would have been history in an instant. Of course, it wasn't difficult to cause Zoisite lose his temper, and normally the people who knew him were rather careful with their comments in his vicinity.

Obsidian grinned at the two men. He found it much more interesting near them than with Nephrite who only tried to find another source for alcoholic drinks whenever possible.

Zoisite glared at the violet-haired man. He wanted to spend some more time with Kunzite alone. Maybe he should try out if Obsidian was able to swim. The ocean was at least two miles deep in this location.

"What are you thinking of?" Obsidian asked Zoisite.

"You don't want to know." Zoisite rested his head against Kunzite's shoulder and imagined that it might be fun, too, to drown Obsidian slowly in one of the ship's swimming-pools...

"Of course I want to know. I'm sure it's got something to do with me."

...or he could stick a couple of long ice crystals into various parts of this obnoxious twit... Zoisite sighed dreamily and played with a strand of his lover's hair.

Obsidian was angry that he was ignored so openly. He grumbled something and stood up. Okay, when they absolutely wanted to be alone... He went to his cabin, but not without toppling over the cocktail glasses telekinetically when he was at the door of the mess.

Zoisite stared angrily at the offending liquid. "My dress!" he complained.

"My poor little rat..." Kunzite looked at the stains, and miraculously they disappeared. It was easy to separate conjured weavings and true matter liquid.

"Thanks. - By the way, how are we supposed to find out where the silver crystal is hidden?"

"Well, Beryl said it is a really strong source of energy. The best way should be to home in on a highly concentrated powerful energy source. I've tried that already, but to no avail until now."

Zoisite sighed.

"Would you like to take a walk?" Kunzite suggested. "I could try to check some more people on the upper deck."

"Only if you carry me. I can stand in those shoes, but walking is way too difficult."

"As you wish." Kunzite smiled and lifted Zoisite effortlessly onto his arms. Of course his telekinetic abilities did help, too.

* * *

Nephrite was still looking for the silver crystal. Unfortunately it wasn't easy to find at all, as he was sure it certainly wouldn't lie around openly.

On the other hand it would take hours, days and weeks to search all of the cabins. He had to find a better way. A detector might help, he thought.

He lay down comfortably in a deck chair on the upper deck and enjoyed a glass of expensive wine while he tried to figure out a configuration for his detector.

Well, he had time. As long as the ship was on the sea, the crystal wouldn't escape.

Suddenly he discovered two persons he knew much too well, although the picture that they currently presented was absolutely impossible. Nephrite squinted his eyes. He wouldn't have thought that Kunzite and this sneaky weasel... But he had to admit that Zoisite looked really interesting in the short red dress.

Kunzite put his partner down when he became aware that he had just run into Nephrite. "Err, hi Nephrite - what are you doing here?"

Zoisite tried unsuccessfully to hide behind Kunzite.

"Well, I thought I could spend some nice days on a cruise." Nephrite examined Zoisite - as far as he could see him - from head to the high heeled shoes.

"We also wanted to take a little vacation," Kunzite declared and looked over his shoulder to his lover. "I don't think this is of any use..."

"True. - You seem to have a really good time here."

Zoisite peered out from behind Kunzite's back.

"So that's how you spend your leisure time," Nephrite remarked thoughtfully.

"We have decided to mix with the other passengers," Kunzite stated.

"Ah, that's how you call it." Nephrite found Zoisite's taste in clothing weird, especially those shoes...

"Zoisite wanted to try out some outfits he had discovered in Paris. I couldn't hinder him." Kunzite wondered why his partner hadn't given even one retort.

"Absolutely sweet," Nephrite grinned. "He should wear it instead of his uniform. - Well, I don't want to disturb you with whatever it is you are doing here. Have a lot of fun!" He walked away.

Zoisite sulked. His worst nightmare had come true - Nephrite had seen him in a dress again... "Please, let me kill him," he pleaded and directed his large, deep green eyes at Kunzite.

"There are too many witnesses here, little rat. Although, if you want to lose the silver crystal - if it's actually here - and cut our vacation short, you could of course fry the whole liner..."

"Awww, Kunzite-sama..." Well, it would be an option to blast the whole ship afterwards - if Nephrite was still on board, that is. Otherwise it would be a waste of precious energy.

The silver-haired man decided to spell Zoisite as far away from Nephrite as possible before he forgot reason and blasted the other King just for good measure. They still had to find the silver crystal.

Nephrite had decided to visit the bar. Another glass of wine should help him with the work on the detector. He had to find the silver crystal before Kunzite and Zoisite did. Surely they weren't here only for a vacation.

Obsidian had exchanged the steward's uniform for some inconspicuous civilian clothing as he wanted to spy on the three Kings. He was much too curious what they were up to on the ship.

Silently he observed Kunzite and his pretty plaything from a platform above and thought on possibilites to tease them, for he was still peeved that they had chosen to ignore him.

Kunzite had put down Zoisite in front of the railing and stood behind him, arms wrapped around the slender waist. They faced the open sea, even though Kunzite had spread his senses wide to check the upper deck of the ship for the silver crystal.

"I don't feel any larger energy concentrations up here either."

"That's too bad," Zoisite sighed and leaned back against his lover. "I'd like to stay here a while longer with you."

"Later," Kunzite promised and buried his face in Zoisite's coppery golden hair. "First we should try to make sure that we get the silver crystal before Nephrite."

"Oh-oh..." Zoisite looked down at his shoes.

Obsidian found Zoisite's stumbling around absolutely hilarious. It didn't take long, though, before Kunzite carried his pet on the arms again.

"Next time - no heels," the tall King declared.

"Although I must admit that I love being treated with such care."

"So it seems."

Obsidian followed them in some distance.

* * *

In the meantime Nephrite had produced a detector crystal that hopefully should do the work, but unfortunately he couldn't get any readings on anything that resembled the silver crystal.

He wasn't sure if it was a problem of the range of his detector, or if the crystal just wasn't here. To be sure he would have to search all the decks on foot.

He started from the lowest deck and went up from there. Time was an issue, as he was sure that Kunzite and Zoisite didn't take a vacation only either, whatever they claimed. Still, he found no trace of his objective.

This stupid sensing around shouldn't be the work for someone of his qualifications, he thought, but on the other hand he preferred to do it himself before he had to take along his incapable student.

* * *

Three decks later Zoisite walked barefoot next to his partner. Kunzite had told him he couldn't concentrate when he had to carry him around while Zoisite had nothing better to do but nibble at his ear or tousle his hair. The young man had pouted, but he had complied.

Obsidian continued to play their shadow. He was a bit frustrated that he couldn't hear what they talked about, but he didn't want to get too near, lest he would be discovered. Cautiously he peered around a corner.

Ten more decks...

"Kunzite-sama, do I have to accompany you? My feet are cold, and I'd rather wait for you in our cabin."

"It depends if you can bear to be without me that long." He smiled and kissed his beloved tenderly who practically melted into his arms.

"That'll be truly hard," Zoisite sighed. "But if I caught a cold, it would be worse." Another couple of minutes and kisses later, he returned to the cabin while Kunzite continued the search.

Obsidian waited impatiently until they had gotten over their fit of passion. He decided to follow Kunzite when Zoisite walked away, as the small man certainly only had his own well-being in mind.

Kunzite walked through the decks and missed the company of Zoisite. Somehow he had gotten used to the little rat, he discovered. Only some more decks, and he would return to their cabin, he promised himself, as by now he suspected that there was no silver crystal on board.

Nephrite was also fed up with walking along endless corridors. He had come to the same conclusion as Kunzite - the rumours about the silver crystal on the ship had been wrong.

He sighed and teleported into his cabin. If there was no crystal, he could at least enjoy the cruise.

Obsidian still followed Kunzite, and he was really peeved that the King suddenly disappeared via teleport. Well, he had to go back to his duty anyway, and so he dressed accordingly and went to the mess where the dinner was served.

* * *

When Kunzite materialized in the cabin, he looked stunned at Zoisite who was already dressed for the dinner.

"Zoisite!" Fascinated he walked around him. His lover was clad in a long black dress adorned with feathers and glitter in strategic places that successfully masked his otherwise flat chest, and he had put up his hair in an elegant hairdo. Long black gloves and pumps completed his outfit.

"We have a place at the captain's table, so we have to dress perfectly," he explained.

Kunzite nodded, still absolutely captivated by Zoisite's look. He conjured a white suit for himself, and they went to the mess.

Zoisite had a grand entrance, as most men in the mess stared at him with admiration. Immediately Kunzite put an arm around his waist to show everyone that Zoisite was his.

Obsidian served drinks in the mess. He was glad that he didn't have to serve the food, as this was something he couldn't facilitate with his telekinetic skills.

When he saw Zoisite, he had to admit that the fourth of the Kings looked really beautiful in the elegant robe. If he hadn't known that he was a guy, he would have certainly admired him like the rest of the dinner guests. Obsidian smiled at Kunzite's possessiveness. Apparently he was absolutely infatuated with Zoisite.

Kunzite looked around and discovered Obsidian doing his duty as a steward. Fortunately Nephrite was nowhere to be seen.

The auburn-haired man had decided to take his dinner in the cabin. His feet hurt from all the walking around in the ship. With a good bottle of wine he relaxed and enjoyed the quiet and solitude of his cabin.

The evening was wonderful, Zoisite thought. He relished the admiring looks directed at him and smiled with satisfaction. Finally he had gotten Kunzite jealous for once.

Directly after dessert Kunzite demanded that they retire, as he couldn't stand the suggestive looks that were directed at his partner. Zoisite pouted, but on the other hand he was relieved to get out of the narrow shoes.

When they were gone, Obsidian went as well. The job as a steward was much to straining for his taste, and so he disappeared from the mess and went to his cabin.

* * *

"This feels like heaven," Zoisite declared and wiggled his toes. To console him for the rather short evening, Kunzite was massaging Zoisite's feet, while the young man pulled the needles out of his hair.

"And now you will remove all the paint from your face and that sticky stuff out of your hair!" Kunzite demanded.

With a smile, Zoisite stepped out of the dress and went into the shower. Somehow he liked it when Kunzite was so determined, even though he reacted rather allergically to commands from other persons.

"What's up tomorrow?" he asked about ten minutes later when he returned, a beige towel wrapped around his waist, another around his head.

"I will try once more to locate the silver crystal. We can't risk that it falls into Nephrite's hands."

"If it is on board."

"That's right. - But I don't want to think about this anymore tonight." He smiled at Zoisite. "I'd rather unwrap an interesting package standing right in front of me..."

* * *

Obsidian was bored as usual and strolled through the ship. He was dressed in normal clothing now and thought that he should have better chosen to disguise as a passenger, too. The job as steward was as bad as his tasks as a pupil of Nephrite's.

It was night, and the corridors and decks were almost empty. For want of other ideas he went to the swimming-pool on the upper deck that was deserted as well and jumped into the water.

Suddenly an idea popped up in his mind, and he left the pool. Then he bought two wonderful bouquets in the bord shop, one of orchids and one of lilies, which he put into boxes that he addressed at Kunzite and Zoisite respectively.

When everything was prepared, he set down the packages in front of their door, although he didn't really expect them to notice the flowers anyway. If they did, though, it might be amusing.

In any case, he should start to think about other practical jokes he could play. As the humans on the ship didn't interest him at all, he decided to try figuring out a means that might help him to observe the three Kings unconspicuously. So he produced a crystal that should help him to watch them without him needing to get too near. It certainly would be more fun than having to run after them all the time.

He went back to the upper deck and exercised producing crystals.

* * *

The night had gone by much too fast, Zoisite regretted and rubbed his cheek playfully against Kunzite's chest. He yawned. Well, when they wanted the silver crystal, they should get up now.

Gently he stroked his beloved who was still asleep. Kunzite had done almost all the magickal work yesterday, and so he was entitled to be a littled tired. He kissed him.

"Wake up, Kunzite-sama," he urged. "You wanted to find the silver crystal, remember?"

The silver-haired man turned around and grunted something.

It took almost half an hour of cajoling and caressing until Zoisite could convince him to get up and take a shower together with him, before they finally dressed and styled themselves.

When they left the room, they had eyes for each other only, and so they didn't notice the boxes on the floor at all. Hand in hand they went to the mess and took a long breakfast.

Afterwards Kunzite wanted to check the remaining decks, and then they could finally enjoy their vacation.

As Obsidian had gotten hungry from his magickal exercises, he decided to attack the buffet, too, before he returned to his conjuring.

"Hi Obsidian - quit the job?" Today Zoisite wore a turquoise cocktail dress, likewise coloured pumps and batted his long lashes under greenish blue eyelids at him.

"I have better things to do," Obsidian replied and heaped food on his plate.

"I can see that." Zoisite only took some choice bits, when he felt Kunzite step behind him. The silver-haired man wanted to take special care that no one got too near his lover.

"Good morning, Obsidian," he said.

"Good morning," Nephrite's pupil replied in good spirits.

"It seems you have joined the ranks of the passengers now?" Kunzite remarked.

"Yeah. The food is much better," Obsidian grinned.

"Probably." Kunzite filled his plate and returned to the table, Zoisite trailing along.

As they still had nothing better to do but looking longingly at each other, Obsidian grew bored rather fast. He decided to clean his plate in record time and went to his cabin to work on the locator crystal again.

"There's only a couple of decks I have still to check," Kunzite said when they had left the table, too.

"Would you like me to accompany you, or am I too much of a diversion again?"

"You're always a diversion, no matter if you're with me or not." Kunzite pulled Zoisite close and buried the face in his silky gold-copper hair.

"Then I'm content," the young man smiled. "Let's go."

It took two hours until they had finished the search without success. Obviously the information had been wrong; the silver crystal was definitely not here. Kunzite shook his head.

"Let's go to the sun deck. I'd like to work on my tan," he declared.

* * *

Nephrite had given up the search as well. He wanted to enjoy a vacation from the Dark Kingdom and flirted with the prettiest girls on board.

Who knew when he would have time for such little games again. He paddled through the pool and relished the admiring looks he got.

The Dark Kingdom would be dark and gloomy as usual, and probably he wouldn't get the chance to return to the Earth Realm too soon as long as he had no major success to prove himself.

It didn't take long, until Zoisite and Kunzite appeared and disturbed his peaceful relaxation. The tall man only wore dark blue swimming-trunks and had a large white bath-towel slung over the shoulder.

Zoisite clung to his arm and almost devoured him with his eyes. He was clad in a large white T-Shirt with a narrow red belt and sulked that he couldn't get rid of the bulky garment, but donning a swimsuit would give him away immediately.

Kunzite decided to lay out his towel next to the swimming pool and stretched out on it.

"Hey," he protested when Zoisite had made himself comfortable half next to him and half on him. "I said I wanted to work on my tan - but how can I do this when you act as a sunshade?"

"Awwww, Kunzite-sama," Zoisite pouted and got up. This time he positioned himself next to him, so that his lover could enjoy the sun's rays to the fullest. Zoisite looked down at the slim but perfectly built body and sighed dreamily, while he gently stroked Kunzite's throat and chest.

Obsidian appeared at the pool shortly after. He had finally completed the crystal that should be able to locate the Kings, and he wanted to try it out. He leaned at the railing and observed them, while he tried to modify the crystal, so that it could home in on the Kings with more precision.

Zoisite sighed. Kunzite had fallen asleep, and he looked absolutely ravishing. As he couldn't keep his fingers from him, he smiled and started to braid his hair in thin plaits.

Twenty minutes later, Zoisite kissed him lightly on the lips. "Your front is well done."

Kunzite opened his eyes and was a little shocked that he had actually fallen asleep when there was his rival Nephrite around. That was really careless, he had to admit, but fortunately Zoisite had watched over him. He gave him a loving smile and turned around. He was sure that Zoisite would never allow anyone to harm him.

Zoisite giggled, before he tenderly stroked Kunzite's back until he fell contentedly asleep again. Now he could work small braids in the rest of his hair.

Obsidian observed Zoisite's action with fascination. He couldn't understand how the normally so temperamental man could summon up so much patience. He went closer to them and checked the reactions of his crystal.

Finally, it was done, and Kunzite sported about two dozen neat silvery white plaits. Zoisite grinned wickedly and kissed him on the neck. He continued to sleep.

"Nice work," Obsidian commented when he appeared next to Zoisite. The smaller man immediately prepared to conjure an ice crystal, just to be sure, should Obsidian dare to try something.

"My opinion as well." Zoisite tickled his lover, and he woke up. "Now your other side is done, too."

"You look weird," Obsidian commented.

"What?" Kunzite yawned.

"Your hairdo."

"What's wrong with my hair?" Kunzite sat up, touched his hair and discovered the braids.


"Yes, Lord Kunzite?" He batted his lashes at him.

Obsidian grinned when he saw the horrified look on Kunzite's face. The numerous little plaits looked ridiculous on him.

"Take them out. Now!" he demanded.

"Awwww, Kunzite-sama..." Zoisite gave him a totally innocent smile, sat down on his lap and started to loosen the braids.

"You two are always worth a visit."

"Maybe we should ask for a fee," Kunzite said wryly.

"Oh, I think I would even pay for it."

Zoisite gave him a dark look, while Obsidian only grinned. "I think the braids would have befitted you much better."

Before Zoisite could launch himself at the violet-haired man, Kunzite caught his wrist. "Is my hair back to normal?"

"Not yet... Turn around." Zoisite took out the last braids and conjured a brush to work on the thick mane.

While they were occupied, Obsidian tuned his crystal again. He wasn't satisfied with its performance yet.

Nephrite hat watched the little games of his most dangerous rivals with amusement. He still sat on the other side of the pool and wondered about their intentions. Could it really be that they only wanted to make a vacation? Somehow he couldn't believe it, but that sickening love-in suggested otherwise.

Obsidian wondered why Kunzite still had such a thick shock of hair when Zoisite seemed to mishandle it all the time. He always managed to pull out quite some strands while brushing his. Now they were back to devoted looks, he observed. Didn't they ever get enough of each other?

"What about some cocktails?" Zoisite asked.

"Obsidian, why don't you fetch some?" Kunzite suggested.

"I'm not your servant."

"I am the first among the Kings of the Dark Kingdom, and you as a lowly student have to obey," Kunzite declared in a huff.

"You are definetely off-duty now, so I don't take orders from you."

"Nephrite did something really wrong in your education," Kunzite remarked with a frown.

"Education? When? He prefers to drink wine or stronger stuff."

"Kunzite-sama - maybe we could spank him?" With his fingertips Zoisite drew some figures on Kunzite's chest and gave him a light kiss on the lips.

"Can you bear to leave your favourite pastime for long enough?"

"He has a point," Kunzite said thoughtfully, while Zoisite sighed.

"I'm not allowed to kill him, and now I can't even spank him. You spoil all the fun!" When Kunzite just nodded with a slight smile, Zoisite curled up in his arms.

"I think you'll have enough fun without having to resort to spank me." Obsidian grinned at Zoisite.

"But I need my evil deeds once in a while," the small man sulked.

"I think you should refrain from doing them to me."

"Why?" Zoisite pouted. "Kunzite-sama is off-limits..."

"I noticed, but aren't there other people for you to harass? I'm no challenge anyway."

"That's no problem for me. I like an easy target once in a while." Zoisite put on an evil grin.

"I see. Small victims for small people." Obsidian taunted.

"Pah! I take on everything!" Zoisite hissed. "And I'll get it - sooner or later!"

"I only hope it's later," Obsidian smirked.

"Calm down, my little rat," Kunzite put a restraining arm around Zoisite's waist and caressed the nape of his neck. Immediately Zoisite's facial expression changed from anger to pure delight.

Obsidian found those mood swings amazing. Fortunately Kunzite was able to calm down his little lover with only some words and a caress, or he wouldn't spend even one minute in Zoisite's company and even less dare to tease him.

"You should consider fetching us our drinks, Obsidian," Kunzite said in a dangerously quiet tone. Deep in his eyes a blue glow of energy sparkled, and Obsidian decided it was wiser to comply.

"Okay. But only because I have nothing else to do." Obsidian went to the bar and came back with two filled glasses. When he returned, he saw that this time Zoisite enjoyed the tender ministrations of his partner. It was easy to forget what amount of destructive power they shared among themselves, when one saw them acting like smitten teens most of the time.

He gave them their cocktails, sat down next to them and played with his crystal, when suddenly the water started to churn and swirl around, and the ship rocked forth and back.

"What's going on here?" Obsidian asked surprised and searched the surroundings.

"I feel an enormous energy concentration nearby," Kunzite said with a frown and got up from his towel. Zoisite did the same and staggered as the ground moved heavily.

When the ship started to move, Nephrite climbed out of the pool immediately. He scanned the area and could also sense the dark energies.

Zoisite squinted his eyes and tried to discover the source of the uproar. "Could it be an attack against us?" he asked.

"Maybe - I wonder if Jadeite has pulled his courage together for once and tries to eliminate us, or if it's someone else."

"Maybe Queen Beryl found out that we had fun here and wants to punish us now?"

Obsidian looked at them askance. He had not much experience with things like that, but he couldn't believe that Queen Beryl was involved. It wasn't her style.

"I don't think it's Queen Beryl, little rat," Kunzite remarked. "Actually, I don't think it's Jadeite either. It's neither her nor his style."

"Then who is responsible for shaking the ship?" Obsidian wanted to know.

"Well..." Kunzite looked at the center of the vortex where the figure of a youma solidified. "It seems Queen Beryl's favourite youma has designs of her own."

"Hm," Obsidian made when he reconized her as well. "Tetis often does things no one else is supposed to know about. I think I'll disappear from here as fast as possible."

"That would be wise," Kunzite nodded. "You are not supposed to be here, aren't you?"

"Of course not. Especially Tetis shouldn't see me at any cost."

"I think I don't want her to see me either," Zoisite said and looked down his big T-shirt.

"Then let's scram!" Obsidian suggested.

"Before we do that we should see to it that she doesn't get what she wants," Kunzite said and waved his hand. A doorway appeared. "Go home, you two, I'll take care of the ship."

"Okay," Obsidian agreed and stepped through, followed by Zoisite. Nephrite had gone home as soon as he had become aware of the youma. Tetis would report everything she saw to Beryl, and he didn't want to get spotted on a vacation.

When the others were back in the Dark Kingdom, Kunzite waved his hand again, and suddenly an iceberg appeared directly in front of the cruiser. The waves caused by Tetis threw the ship against the obstacle, and it began to sink.

Tetis was furious when she saw that her prize slowly but surely disappeared below the waves. Some life-boats floated in the agitated sea and Tetis lashed at them in blind fury. Kunzite hovered far above and grinned smugly when the youma at last teleported away in frustration.

Finally he opened a new doorway and went after Zoisite, wondering what Tetis had intended to do with the cruise ship.

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