The Stars Know Everything

(Tales from the Dark Kingdom - Pt.10)

© 1997/10/13 by Stayka deyAvemta & Shavana Rhea

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"The stars know everything," Nephrite explained patiently. His young student Obsidian made a face. He considered this star stuff utter bullshit.

Nephrite had given him a task to solve, and he just didn't know how to find the solution - and when he asked his teacher for some hints, he just said that he should consult 'the stars'.

Even if the stars knew everything, Obsidian didn't know how to ask them. It was grossly unfair, he sulked.

Nephrite examined his pupil with disgust. He would never manage to get anything into Obsidian's brain, he feared. The violet-haired man seemed to be too stupid to understand even the simplest things.

The second of the Dark Kings asked himself for at least the hundredth time why Queen Beryl had insisted that he should teach Obsidian. At least he wasn't as murderous as Zoisite.

The student lowered his gaze when Nephrite shouted at him again. It wasn't his fault that he just didn't know what the auburn-haired man wanted from him. Nephrite gave him all the wrong assignments. He was about to reply something when his instructor continued to bark at him.

"No discussions! You will work at understanding the stars and their wisdom. It will help you comprehend the relations within the universe, and then you'll have no problems anymore to solve your tasks."

Obsidian looked at him unappreciatively.

"Now go - and don't you dare to return without the solution!" Nephrite teleported into his mansion before Obsidian could come up with further questions. He desperately needed a couple of drinks.

Thoughtfully, Obsidian looked at the place where his teacher had stood. How was he supposed to understand the stars? Stars didn't talk - they were only some astral objects. And now Nephrite left him alone without further explanations. It was really mean.

Obsidian pouted. Where should he begin?

* * *

"Do we really have to go there?" Zoisite grimaced.

"Yes. Queen Beryl ordered us to go there, and so we will obey," Kunzite explained calmly. He wondered why Zoisite was able to question the commands of their Queen anyway. He would never dare to disobey her as she was his ruler, and her orders had to be followed without hesitation. "We will teleport to this place called 'Hollywood' and set up some youma with crystals to collect energy."

"As you wish, Lord Kunzite," Zoisite sulked.

"You will devise a plan and set it in motion while I will monitor your progress."

The young man sighed. In other words that meant he had to work while Kunzite had all the fun. Why only couldn't he take over Kunzite's position as the first among the Kings? It was soooo unfair. But first he had to think about a design.

* * *

Obsidian still pondered sullenly what he was supposed to do. Stars! Pah, how could he ask stars?

Well, if Nephrite insisted that he asked stars, then he would ask stars. As there were none in the Dark Kingdom, he had to go elsewhere - and where were the most stars?

Suddenly Obsidian grinned when he had a flash of inspiration where he could go, and he set out on the way to Hollywood - more precisely to the Walk of Fame. There were plenty of stars he could ask.

He had changed from his uniform into black trousers, T-shirt and a dark leather jacket. His waist long dark violet mane was caught in a ponytail. In high spirits, he walked over the stars and tried out several hand and foot prints.

Exuberantly, he consulted the stars - that is, he tried to read the inscriptions on the plates. Unfortunately it wasn't Japanese, though, and he couldn't make sense of anything. Well, it wasn't worse as when he gazed up to the sky, for those stars told him even less.

* * *

"You seem to like those outfits." Kunzite shook his head.

"You said that I should devise a plan," Zoisite replied. He had decided to disguise as an average Hollywood starlet in his favourite sinful red dress. "We will walk into a studio and position a youma with an energy collector in one of these game shows. There should be plenty of energy to harvest."

of Zoisite, in that 'sinful red dress' again by Stayka

Zoisite flaunted directly into one of the studios. The guy who wanted to stop him was blasted by an attack of cherry blossom petal flavoured energy.

Kunzite followed him closely. He had kept his uniform on as he was rather fond of the long, flowing, white cape. Surprisingly he didn't receive too much attention this time. Only one studio worker told him that 'the science fiction movie was produced in studio 16', but as he didn't understand English, he only shrugged and stayed close to Zoisite.

The studio they entered was currently deserted.

"Here we can position one youma so that she can collect the energy as soon as the show starts," Zoisite said.

"It's your task, little rat." Kunzite grinned while he studied his lover's backside in the tight red dress.

Zoisite called one of his youma and commanded her to wait until the show was produced and then harvest as much energy as possible in the storing crystals he gave her. Now they could use the spare time more usefully, he thought.

"Kunzite-sama, I'd love to get some energy as well. Let's go to a restaurant." Zoisite suggested.


Immediately Zoisite clung to the tall man's arm and dragged him to the next restaurant.

* * *

Obsidian walked through the town. As long as Nephrite wasn't around, he would enjoy the sight-seeing tour. Unfortunately he couldn't read the English signs, but he continued his exploration anyway. He teleported onto the roof of a house to get a better overview.

It didn't take long before boredom set in again. Only watching was tiring, and he pondered what he could do. When he thought about it, he was starving, he discovered, and so he looked for a restaurant

He walked into the first establishment and ordered via the Parisian method - he pointed on some lines on the menu. Money was no problem either, as he stole a purse telekinetically, just as Nephrite and Kunzite had done so effectively in Paris.

* * *

"Oh, no!" Zoisite gasped when he entered the restaurant and saw Obsidian. "It's him again!"

"Obviously." Kunzite shook his head. "Hello Obsidian."

"Hi," he replied amused. "Are you on a vacation again?" Zoisite looked really alluring in this little dress.

"No. We're on an assignment," Zoisite sulked.

"Well, the question is - what kind of assignment?" Obsidian grinned and examined the petite figure from the head to his toes.

"I'm here to collect energy on Queen Beryl's orders," the copper-gold haired man said in a huff.

"Are you?"

"Yeah! And what are you doing here?" Kunzite demanded sternly. "Do you also have a task to perform?"

"Of course. Nephrite sent me to complete an exercise."

"And what kind of exercise would that be?"

"Why do you want to know?"

"Because I have a right to know." Kunzite looked at him darkly from his icy silvery grey eyes.

"Why? You aren't my teacher."

"I'm the first of the Kings, and I'm entitled to know everything that goes on. Talk. Now." Kunzite's eyes started to glow a dangerous white-blue.

Obsidian pouted. "You don't have to know everything." He couldn't stand to be interrogated.

Kunzite decided to freeze him a little bit for his insolence. Thick layers of ice formed on Obsidian's chair and the young man as well.

"That's mean," he protested and thawed the ice.

"What are you doing here?" Kunzite asked again with deadly calm. "I will not allow you or Nephrite to disturb our assignment."

"I'm looking for a star," Obsidian grumbled and gave the silver-haired King an angry glare.

"A star?" Zoisite echoed incredulously.

"That's what I said." Obsidian folded his arms. That was all he would say, he decided.

"And what star are you looking for?" Zoisite went on.

"That concerns only me."

"Not quite. If it affects the Dark Kingdom, I am entitled to know," Kunzite declared.

"You harvest energy, how can I get in your way?"

"If you disturb our carefully layed out designs..." Zoisite said.

"I don't even use magick, so I won't disturb you," Obsidian said.

"No magick? Then what are you doing?"

"I told you - I'm looking for a star."

"And it was Nephrite who told you to do that?" Zoisite couldn't understand it.


"I think he's a bit weird," Kunzite remarked.

"It's not my place to question the tasks he gives me," Obsidian shrugged.

"That's true." Kunzite smiled and gave his student an amused look. "You should remember that, too, little rat."

As the food was brought, Obsidian started to attack his meal and ignored the two Kings. The food wasn't overly tasty, but it was good enough for now, and so he devoured it.

When Zoisite saw the meal, he ordered the usual way as well (that is by pointing at the menu). Kunzite had pulled out a small dictionary and tried to decode the foreign symbols first.

Zoisite had gotten his meal, and by then Kunzite had translated three lines of the menu. He chose the second which sounded pretty edible. If he translated more of the stuff, he would starve. With some difficulty he ordered by dictionary and considered learning another language than Japanese when they were supposed to collect energy abroad.

Obsidian had finished his meal and watched the two Kings. He found Kunzite's efforts amusing, but maybe the older man had a point. Japanese didn't seem to be too widely distributed in the Earth Realm.

As Zoisite had nothing else to do but stare at Kunzite while eating his meal, Obsidian grew bored as usual and decided to pay and look for a more interesting place.

"I'm going to look for the stars now," Obsidian said to them.

"Just look at the night sky," Zoisite suggested. "I'm sure Nephrite told you that the stars know everything."

Obsidian glared angrily at him. "I know that!" Actually, he couldn't hear it anymore.

Zoisite laughed his best annoying laugh when he saw Obsidian's grimace. It was almost as much fun to annoy him as it was to terrorize Nephrite himself.

Obsidian shook his head and observed Zoisite. The small man looked really cute when he laughed, he found. Kunzite watched the interchange until he got his meal, too. To his relief, it even was the stuff he had intended to order.

"Now I really have to go." Obsidian stood up and left the restaurant.

"I wonder if he told us the truth about that star thing," Zoisite remarked.

"If he didn't, I'll make him pay for it," Kunzite threatened.

Shortly after they had left the restaurant as well and followed Obsidian to find out what he was really up to.

The violet-haired man went back to the Walk of Fame and jumped merrily over the stars while he pondered what to do.

Kunzite and Zoisite hid around a corner and watched the display incredulously.

"Has he gone mad?" Zoisite wondered.

"Well, he is Nephrite's student."

Now Obsidian had found a souvenir shop and looked at the merchandise. Finally he found a key-ring with a star tag. When Nephrite asked him, if he had been successful, he would present him this 'star'.

Zoisite followed Obsidian into the shop. 'He bought a star key-ring?!' he thought and couldn't believe it. 'He is as weird as Nephrite.'

As there was nothing more of interest in the shop, Obsidian left and looked for a quiet corner to teleport to the next interesting target, a shopping mall.

Kunzite and Zoisite followed him stealthily and watched him as he bought heaps and heaps of ...stuff. By now he carried around several bags and looked rather satisfied.

"So he doesn't have an assignment after all," Kunzite remarked. "I should have known."

"Then let's catch him and punish him a bit," Zoisite said with a wicked gleam in his emerald eyes.

Obsidian teleported onto a roof, put down his bags and looked at the streets. Then he took the locator crystal he had worked on for quite a while now and tried to home in on Kunzite and Zoisite.

Kunzite concentrated and checked the energy distribution in the area to locate Nephrite's pupil. "He's on the roof of a tall building," he discovered.

"What is he doing there?"

"How am I supposed to know?"

"Oh, Kunzite-sama, you always know everything, don't you?"

"I wish I would, little rat," he sighed.

Obsidian found out that the two Kings were still in his vicinity. Coincidence? He supposed so. Why should two of the 'mighty Kings' of the Dark Kingdom follow him. They certainly had better things to do.

"I fear we can't follow him up there - he would see us immediately," Kunzite said.

"And what do you suggest?"

"We wait for his next move. And in the meantime..." Kunzite pulled Zoisite into his arms and kissed him tenderly while he kept his psychic senses on Obsidian.

They didn't move, Obsidian observed via his crystal, and furthermore they seemed to stand really close together. Probably they were occupied with one of their favourite pastimes again, he thought and shook his head, before he collected his bags and teleported to another place nearby.

When he sensed the energy wave of a teleport, Kunzite regretfully parted from Zoisite. "He's jumped again. Now he's in the vicinity of the studios."

"He'll sabotage our project," Zoisite suspected alarmed. "We have to stop him!"

They teleported after Obsidian, but took care to stay out of sight. Nephrite's pupil strolled through the area and looked curiously around. It was fascinating to see how shows and movies were produced.

"I'll kill him when he sabotages my design!" Zoisite had already conjured an ice crystal and held it ready.

"Don't, little rat." Kunzite put a restraining hand on his shoulder, and Zoisite obeyed and dissolved the crystal.

Obsidian stumbled into the production of a daily soap. It was horrible and really should be destroyed, he found. He blew up the camera and smiled when the technicians ran to the affected device immediately.

Zoisite stalked after him, closely followed by Kunzite.

"See? He started his sabotage. I have to finish him off before he gets to the studio I have prepared." Zoisite conjured another crystal.

When Obsidian ran out of the room and looked for the next interesting place, Zoisite was behind him, ice crystal in the hand. Only seconds before he was hit, Obsidian noticed the small man and teleported a couple of steps away.

Just in this moment the door to a studio was opened, and Zoisite, who couldn't cut his momentum fast enough, shot into a talk show where the guests discussed dangerous girl-friends. The talk master was sure that Zoisite was a gag from the director and seated him in front of the cameras.

Unfortunately he didn't understand one word, and he looked pretty nonplussed. Kunzite, who had watched the action, slapped a hand to his forehead. Obsidian, who hid behind the studio decoration, almost burst from suppressed laughter. To get a better overview, he floated up to one of the catwalks below the ceiling.

Finally Zoisite jumped up and ran out of the studio as fast as he had gotten in. It was the shortest appearance of a talk guest in the history of this show. He returned to Kunzite full speed and threw himself into his lover's arms. He desperately needed to be comforted.

Kunzite stroked the coppery golden hair and tried to calm down the young man, otherwise he wouldn't be of much use in the next time. Zoisite wrapped his arms around his partner's waist and rested his head against his shoulder. One tear rolled down his cheek.

"There, there, little one..." Kunzite held him close.

"They laughed at me," Zoisite sniffed. "Let's collect their energy as well. I want them sucked dry!"

Obsidian grinned. It was fun how Zoisite had made a fool of himself. On the other hand, he was peeved that the sneaky weasel continuosly tried to assassinate him. He found it tedious to watch his back all the time.

The silver-haired King called another youma from the Dark Kingdom and sent her to invade the talk show. It would be another rich harvest, he hoped. He conjured a couple of collector crystals and handed them to the youma who turned into another talk guest and walked into the studio.

Zoisite lifted his head and looked affectionately at Kunzite who couldn't resist and kissed him again.

Obsidian was astonished when he saw the youma. It seemed Kunzite and Zoisite really worked on an energy collecting assignment, even when they took their time with their favourite pastimes as well.

Some time later Zoisite peered into the studio and grinned smugly. The annoying people in there were slumped together in their seats as their energy was transferred into the youma's crystals. That served them right, and Queen Beryl would be satisfied.

Obsidian floated down from the catwalk and searched the unconscious humans for interesting things, while Kunzite and Zoisite checked the other studio that they had prepared before. Some technicians had poured into it and set up lighting and cameras.

They stalked into the studio and hid high up in the supports of the lighting system where they sat in close embrace and waited for the show to start and the youma to work.

When he had put the most interesting things into another bag, Obsidian located Kunzite and his little pet again. They were in another studio now. Didn't they have enough energy by now? Obviously they wanted to impress Queen Beryl, he surmised and teleported to them. They were in a tight clinch again, he observed and shook his head.

"What are you still doing here?" he asked with interest. Now more people streamed into the room.

"We do our job," Zoisite replied when he finally ripped his eyes from Kunzite. "Contrary to you, it seems."

"I've already finished my task."

"So you found your star?"

"Yep! I have it in my bag."

"Pardon?" Kunzite lifted an eyebrow. For safety reasons he formed an energy bubble around them that made it impossible for the humans to see or hear them.

"Well, I'm not quite sure what I'm supposed to do with it. Nephrite only told me 'to work at understanding the stars and their wisdom'."

Suddenly Zoisite started to laugh. Why hadn't he come up with such a wonderful idea when he was still Nephrite's student? "Oh, I must watch when you show Nephrite your results," he giggled.

"So?" Obsidian hadn't forgotten that Zoisite had tried to kill him at least twice till now. He didn't deserve to witness the fun. "Nephrite is my teacher, and it's my privilege to tease him and watch the results."

"But not too long ago he was my teacher as well, so I'd say I'm still entitled to see it when a practical joke is played on him."

"By the way," Kunzite looked at his lover, "Why did Queen Beryl make you my student when you were already apprenticed to Nephrite?"

"Oh, I think it was because I wanted a better looking mentor who could teach me in a wider variety of subjects..." Zoisite nibbled playfully at Kunzite's ear.

Obsidian gazed thoughtfully at Zoisite. He really wanted to know how the other man had managed to lay off his former teacher as he also wanted to get rid of Nephrite.

"Don't you dare try to convince Beryl to give you Kunzite as teacher, too," Zoisite warned. "You'd be toast faster than you think."

"Don't worry, I don't think, I would like that anyway."

"Good." Zoisited wrapped his arms possessively around Kunzite. "He's all mine!"

"Obviously... But I certainly don't want him at any rate."

"Then you have less to fear from me."

"I don't fear anything," Obsidian declared.

"That might be unwise." Zoisite smiled at him maliciously.

"If you say so. But I don't think anyone is going to harm me." Obsidian grinned smugly. Queen Beryl would see to that.

"Well," Kunzite said. "Zoisite even tried to kill me once. Although afterwards he changed his intentions slightly..."

"It seems sometimes he acts faster than he thinks."

"That's true." Kunzite smiled affectionately and gave his sulking lover a gentle kiss.

"Well, that's why I don't take him too seriously."

"You should better take me very seriously," Zoisite fumed.

"Sorry, that's not possible." Obsidian grinned. "I just can't take a King seriously who runs around in nice little dresses and high heeled shoes, not to mention all the paint in your face."

Zoisite almost exploded and turned into his normal seeming with uniform and boots. "Better, you obnoxious twit?"

"Oh, yes," he said.

Kunzite sighed and looked at Zoisite's uniform trousers. "Although it's a shame when those nice legs are covered."

"They are too much of a diversion for certain persons," Obsidian remarked.

"You should rather hold your tongue in the presence of your betters," Kunzite said flatly.

"Only if I really have to."

"You have to," the first of the Kings said with dangerous calm.

"Okay," Obsidian sulked, "but only because I don't have a chance against you."

"That's the point." Kunzite smirked.

Obsidian fell silent. He was determined to change the fact, but how could he become more powerful when Nephrite didn't teach him properly? This star mumbo-jumbo didn't help him at all.

Kunzite put an arm around Zoisite's shoulders. Once more he was glad that he had him as a student and not Obsidian. The latter was much too disobedient and incapable.

of Kunzite and Zoisite by Stayka

"I'll go now," Obsidian announced. He teleported to the Dark Kingdom without waiting for an answer. He had to show Nephrite the wisdom of his 'star'.

"Kunzite-sama, let's go, too."

"We have to collect the youma first."

They called the youma back and returned to the Dark Kingdom as well, where Queen Beryl was satisfied for once when she was given the energy.

* * *

Obsidian materialized in front of the door to Nephrite's quarters and rang.

The second of the Kings sat at a table and enjoyed his favourite pastime, a large glass of the best wine available.

"Back already?" he greeted his student after he had let him in.

"Yep. Assignment completed," he reported.

"Is that so?" Nephrite couldn't believe it. "You have asked the stars?"

"Yep," Obsidian nodded eagerly. "I even brought one of them back with me." He showed him the key-ring with the star tag. "You can read its wisdom for yourself." He pointed at the inscription Welcome to Hollywood.

First Nephrite looked perplexed, then he became aware of the fact that Obsidian only wanted to tease him again. He took a deep breath and hurled a string of curses and swear words at Obsidian who only looked interested at his teacher. There were some new creations among the curses that he hadn't heard before.

Nephrite churned. Unfortunately he wasn't allowed to fry his pupil, as the young man stood under the protection of Queen Beryl herself. Hm. Maybe if he arranged it so that it looked like an accident? Finally he dismissed Obsidian when he didn't find any further swear words for him, and the young man teleported home as fast as possible.

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