Aquarius Camus Lovers' Club

(Featuring the coolest Saint of them all)

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This page is the homepage of the Aquarius Camus Lovers Club. Here you will find information, pictures and lots more about the best of all Saints. You are cordially invited to join this club!

If you want to join the ranks of the Camus Lovers, please send me an email to!

General Stuff: Images, FanWorks and Info

Pic of Camus

Club Stuff: Interactivities

The Defenders List is the list of the members of the Camus Lovers Club.

Then I set up a place where you can discuss all aspects of the gorgeous Camus-sama with other fans at the Mailing List for Camus Lovers, where you can post fan art, fanfictions, poems, essays and whatever you'd like to have published.

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