Shizukawa Himiko Admirers' Club

(Featuring Camus's Greatest Groupie)

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This page is the homepage of the Shizukawa Himiko Lovers Club. Here you will find information, pictures and lots more about the annoy-- er, I mean *sweet* little blonde who won't stop running after Camus and driving him neatly up walls and into silent misery, and who was adopted by Hyoga as his perfect new mama.

General Stuff: FanFics, FanArt and Info

Pic of Himiko

Club Stuff: Interactivities

The Defenders List is the list of the members of the Himiko Admirers Club.

Then I set up a place where you can discuss all aspects of the FanFics published on my website - including of course The S-Files featuring the blonde Graude Foundation engineer - with other fans at the Saint Seiya FanFics Mailing List. There you can post fan art, fan fictions, poems, essays and whatever you'd like to have published and what you think should be published in the FanArt and FanFics area of my Saint Seiya Archive.

Pic of Himiko with Camus

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