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November 10, 2000

Torquemada opened the club for all defenders of the Asgardians - Asgard's Crypt of Doom!

November 10, 2000

Millerna set up her site for Gemeni Saga Defenders' Club.

November 5, 2000

Cloud-chan changed the address of Seiya Defenders Club Page and set up the Alberich Defenders Club Page.

October 27, 2000

I added update pages for the Club Directory and the Saint Seiya clubs I host (Camus, DeathMask and Himiko).

October 25, 2000

Irina opened the Golden Leo's Club Page

October 24, 2000

Pollux opened the Defenders of Kanon Club Page

Millerna set up the mailing list Saga's Secret Sanctuary Spies

October 23, 2000

I added logos for
-- Aquarius Camus Lovers Club
-- DeathMask Worshippers
So if you want to show you belong to their fans, you can copy the logo and put it onto your homepage.

-- Shavana changed the design of the Makoto Fan Club and turned the Makoto Profile into an interview conducted by Shun.

Furthermore I set up a Saint Seiya FanFics and FanArt Mailing List where you can join in if you like to talk about the fanfics and fanart which are featured here on my website. So if you like the stories by Toffee or Milo, the doujinshi and drawings by Natsumi, the fun stuff by Torquemada, the works by Shavana and me, the pictures by Skögul and any of the other authors' and artist's works, please feel free to subscribe!

October 21, 2000

Four more new Saint Seiya Club pages are in the making:

Seiya Defenders Club (created by Cloud-chan)

Ikki Defenders Club (created by Niara)

Himiko Admirers Club (created by me - but only because Toffee and Cygny demanded it :)))

Makoto Fan Club (created by Shavana - because I forced her to *eg*)

October 20, 2000

Among the Saint Seiya Clubs you can now find three pages:

Aquarius Camus Lovers Club (created by me)

DeathMask Worshippers Club (created by me)

Cygnus Hyoga Defenders Club (created by Cygny)

October 19, 2000

Okay, now the first real club page can be viewed: The Aquarius Camus Lovers Club Page! If you want to found a club or become a member, just check out the Saint Seiya Clubs section for instructions! (I haven't managed to set up the DeathMask Worshippers Club Page yet, I'm sorry.)

October 18, 2000

Cloud-chan gave me a cool idea. She told me, it would be great to found some kind of Saint Seiya Club(s) where lovers of certain characters can join and take delight in their faves and find people who share the same obsessions. But of course, first I have to get input who would like to join the 'defenders' (we decided that priest/priestess/miko or whatever wasn't appropriate for Saint Seiya ^_^) of a certain character.

If you like the idea, why don't you join?

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