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Cloud-chan gave me a cool idea. She told me it would be great to found some kind of Saint Seiya Online Club(s) where lovers of certain characters can join and take delight in their faves and find people who share the same obsessions.

But of course, first I have to get input who would like to join the 'defenders' (we decided that priest/priestess/miko or whatever wasn't appropriate for Saint Seiya ^_^) of a certain character.

If you want to join the ranks, please send an email and tell me which character's "defenders" you wish to join.

The appointed First Defenders have the duties/rights to set up activities or whatever they think would be cool to do in a club for their favourite. I provide the platform with my site and will help you wherever possible! If you want to become 1.Defender you agree to let me put up your email addy for others to contact you about the club activities. Ah yes, and one can only be 1.Defender of max *two* official characters (FanFic characters don't count). Maintaining a nice club can be work, you know...

For info on the activities of the other clubs please contact the 1.Defenders via email! As soon as I get info about the things they want to do, I will set up a page with everything for every character.

If you wish to promote your club further, why don't you join the Saint Seiya Online Club Webring which Derrewyn created!

Table of Contents

Bronze Saints:

Pegasus Seiya

Cygnus Hyoga

Enter the Swan Lake

Andromeda Shun

Mailing List for Shun's Defenders

Dragon Shiryu

Phoenix Ikki

Enter the Ikki Defenders Club Page

Chameleon June

Unicorn Jabu

Wolf Nachi

Bronze Saints (general)

Gold Saints:

1. Aries Mu

2. Taurus Aldebaran

3. Gemini Saga

Enter the Lip of Insanity

4. Cancer DeathMask

Enter the DeathMask Worshippers' Club Page

5. Leo Aiolia

Enter the Golden Leo's Club Page

6. Virgo Shaka

Mailing List for Shaka's Defenders

7. Libra Dohko

Enter the Libra Home Page (Italian/English)

8. Scorpio Milo

9. Sagittarius Aiolos

Mailing List for Aiolos' Defenders

10. Capricorn Shura

11. Aquarius Camus

Enter the Camus Lovers' Club Page

12. Pisces Aphrodite

Aries Shion

Silver Saints:

Ophiuchus Shaina

Enter Shaina's Followers Sphere

Aquila Marin

Enter the Aquila Marin Club Page

Crystal Saint

Mailing List for the Crystal Saint

Lacerta Misty

Cepheus Albiore

Perseus Algol

Misc Characters:

Athena - Kido Saori






The Steel Saints


Asgard (in general)

Enter Asgard's Crypt of Doom

Polaris Hilda


Dubhe (Alpha) Siegfried

Merak (Beta) Hagen

Phekda (Gamma) Thor

Megrez (Delta) Alberich

Alioth Fenrir

Mizar (Zeta) Shido/Syd

Alkor (Zeta) Bado/Bud

Benetnasch (Eta) Mime

Poseidon and his Marinas:

Poseidon - Julian Solo

Mailing List for Poseidon's Defenders

SeaDragon Kanon

Enter the Defenders of Kanon Club Page

Siren Sorrento

Mailing List: Sorrento Defenders

Seahorse Baian

Scylla Io

Mailing List for Scylla Io's Defenders

Kraken Isaac

Enter the Defenders of Isaac Club Page

Lymnades Casa

Chrysaor Krishna

Mermaid Thetis

Hades and the Specters:

Hades + all the Specters (in general)



Thanatos and Hypnos


Rune (Lune)

Garuda Aiacos

Gryphon Minos

Papillon Myu

FanFic Characters:

Albatross Arythar

Shizukawa Himiko

I never thought anyone would ask me to set up a club for *her* ^_^

Enter the Himiko Admirers' Club Page

Terada Makoto

Club page currently down. Will be up+running soon again!

Little Camus

Little Camus, the son of Hyoga and Natassia appears in ChibiMu's fanfic Entre Terre et Mer - The Golden Twins.

Athena and Sion

Athena and Sion, the twins of Mu, appear in ChibiMu's fanfic Entre Terre et Mer - The Golden Twins.

Mailing List for Athena and Sion's Defenders

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