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Not only Warlady Kat wanted to draw the Saints in fashionable clothing, Arianwen also put the guys into nice outfits. If you like what she has created, please feel free to email her at

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Fashionable Goldies:

The titles and explanations accompanying the artwork are written by Arianwen so that you can better appreciate her works.

Seiya FanArt by Arianwen Aries Mu
For Mu, I wanted to create something traditional, not too far away from his usual Tibetan attire. With a little modification, I think this outfit suits him fine. Mu has a sweet and innocent image, and I obviously don't want to disturb that! :)
Seiya FanArt by Arianwen Taurus Aldebaran
For some reason, I always view Alde as someone reasonable, posh, and economically oriented. With this expensive suit and a glass of wine in one hand, I'd say he looks absolutely upper class!
Seiya FanArt by Arianwen Gemini Saga
I can't seem to find a style that suits Saga perfectly. He's way too elusive, enigmatic and he seems to have all sorts of image rolled into one: mysterious, charming, modern, traditional, sexy, aristocratic, etc. I suppose this purple Greek-inspired casual-wear captures all of those.
Seiya FanArt by Arianwen Cancer DeathMask
The one thing on my mind when I started designing his clothes was: He has to look Italian! But it turned out more Spanish-desperado than Italiano! I thought, well, at least this outfit accentuates his "bad boy" charm while adding a little cuteness to his image (He'd go up the walls if he finds that out! "Me? Cute?!")
Seiya FanArt by Arianwen Leo Aiolia
Well, red may not be Leo's colour, but at least it's radiant and alluring. I tried to create something that emphasises his image as the "Golden Lion" by wearing something gold-clad but then I thought it would be boring as he already had that image when he's wearing his Gold Cloth. So I chose something "softer". Then I added some gold accessories to his red outfit to prevent a "plain" image. Or maybe I should've added a robe?
Seiya FanArt by Arianwen Virgo Shaka
I had the most fun designing an outfit for Shaka. He has the body of an ideal unisex model: long legs, thin and alluring body like a willow leaf. These days you read beauty magazines and there're lots of Indian-Asian influences on the fashion scene. I thought, Shaka would look SO perfect in such designs! So here I've drawn Shaka in an exotic attire inspired by his traditional monk outfit and the modern Indian-style two-piece. The thing that he's holding in his left hand was supposed to be a lotus-miniature, but it turned out to look like an ashtray ;p
Seiya FanArt by Arianwen Libra Dohko
Well, with him it was simple. I always imagined how young Dohko would look like in this traditional Chinese set. I personally think that Dohko is really cute, so I thought the shirt HAD to be sleeveless! ;) Also, light green-blue or indigo is Libra's colour, that emphasises Dohko's sweet image! (aww!) :)
Seiya FanArt by Arianwen Scorpio Milo
Contrary to the public belief that Scorpions always had to appear sexy, fashion-wise or behaviour-wise, I forced myself to avoid brocade-style shirts or any other transparent fabrics for Milo. However, subconsciously, I couldn't stop myself from drawing Milo in his rather "inviting" pose. Then I thought, black leather would be best for Milo. Many thinks that leather is sexy. Well, I'd say it depends on whoever's wearing it! *wink*
Seiya FanArt by Arianwen Sagittarius Aiolos
Sagittarius is another word for sporty! So, I designed this outfit for Aiolos, inspired by layered casual Greek shirt collided with 80s-break-dance-style tight blue jeans and legwarmers. I thought Aiolos looks charming in light blue, which is a typical Sagittarius colour. Well, I think he looks sporty enough, don't you think?
Seiya FanArt by Arianwen Capricorn Shura
Melancholy. That was the first thing that emerged in my mind as I started thinking about Shura's image. So, again, black is the answer. Dark or earth colours such as darkbrown and black suit Capricorns. So I created this turtleneck set with a golden Capricorn symbol embroidered on the chest. I was very satisfied with it, cos it accentuates Shura's melancholic and sad image, yet his pose and the golden Capricorn suggest that he's hiding something powerful behind all those melancholy.
Seiya FanArt by Arianwen Aquarius Camus
Well, we all know that Camus came from a cold area. So, what could suit him better than a long overcoat with some fur to keep him warm...and stylish? I'd say he looks really cool and glam in this outfit.
Seiya FanArt by Arianwen Pisces Aphrodite
With him, everything has to be soft, the style, the colour, the material. I imagined that a soft pink silk shirt and purple silk pants would fit him :) Not forgetting the rose, of course!

More Beautiful Saints:

Seiya FanArt by Arianwen Glory Asia
Well, I wanted to draw the 3 gorgeous Goldies from Asia with their traditional attire. Hope you all like it :)

FanFic Illustrations:

Seiya FanArt by Arianwen 2 Scorpios and their Intense Minds
Well, what can I say? I absolutely adore Toffee's intense fanfic "Unbroken" and one day I got so tempted to draw a scene from it. I chose this scene from part 2: Milo reminiscing his sensei, Scorpio Blood, in the flower bed. (I hope my drawing of Blood fits Toffee's description. I just thought of Milo, but with straight red hair) I think this is a very sweet scene, displaying a sincere relationship between a Gold Saint and his pupil... my mind just wondered off trying to picture it in my mind, teenage Milo with his innocent and intense look in his eyes staring at him while Blood passionately said to him: "When you love something, fight for it. Let it know you love it, and never... hear me, never turn your back on it. Make every moment last, and love to the very limit of your heart, and beyond."

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