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Irrelevant Maverick has quite a sense of humour and she does request fanart at If you like to write her what you think of her works please send comments to:!

For more of her artwork (much of it not Saint Seiya related), please check out Irrelevant Maverick at DeviantArt.

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Gifts and Art Trades for Stayka (Thanks!)

Saint Seiya FanArt by Irrelevant Maverick Invading Shaina's Love
Finalized request fanart of Camus, Shaina-dono, and Deathmask. Darth Vader helmet still small but at least it looks like how it's supposed to. Changed Shaina-dono's hairstyle to long hair.
Camus: Obi Wan Kenobi
Shaina-dono: Queen Amidala
Deathmask: Darth Vader
Saint Seiya FanArt by Irrelevant Maverick Shaina's Love is Cooking
This is a fanart request by Shaina-dono aka Stayka. Based on her fanfic titled Aftermath (I'd say rated T), I drew Shaina following her nose into the kitchen, her heart beating fast at the sight of Deathmask cooking!
Stayka agreed that I could use any design from here for Shaina's tunic. But as a fanartist, I kinda understand the character's taste so I decided to combine both designs into what you see =) Deathmask's hair astounds me, I had to redo it quite a lot.
Saint Seiya FanArt by Irrelevant Maverick DeathMask intercepts Marin
This fanart is another illustration for the fanfic Aftermath. In Chapter 4, Marin is en route from Leo Temple to the training places, when DeathMask decides to intercept her as she enters his domain. Unfortunately it is somewhat early in the morning, and he has only wrapped a blanket around his yummy figure.
Saint Seiya FanArt by Irrelevant Maverick The Italian Lovers
This is my part of the art trade with Stayka. She requested Deathmask and Shaina. Haha, their outfits aren't Italian (but it's colorful). ;P But I like the red sashes I drew on them.

Saint Seiya Fanart

Saint Seiya FanArt by Irrelevant Maverick Miro Ever After
The Final inked version of Miro Ever After of Scorpio no Miro's request. Fudge-pop finalized with streaks in Miro-dono's hair. Miro-dono is the chibi person in the pic. His eyes have more lash lines across to give him the 'loving glance' look.
Saint Seiya FanArt by Irrelevant Maverick Road Rage Ikki n Esmeralda
Finalized Dragon Shiryu's request of Ikki in his final cloth (before the divine cloth). Changed his whole cloth because I drew his cloth from the poseidon arc... Luckily Shiryu-dono posted a link to a full-version of Ikki in his final cloth that he wanted.
Dash lines added to hair and tire to show Ikki speedingXD Erased the "Have you ever felt your cosmo?" on the front part of the motorcycle because I didn't feel like inking that in.
Kurumada really had his work cut-out for him when he designed those cloths... Motorcycle not based on any actual ones and so if it looks weird, forgive me. The stickers are the brands ^o^
Saint Seiya FanArt by Irrelevant Maverick Taj Mahal of Virgo
A fanart request by Shaka, a forum member of She requested Shaka together with her own original character Ayako.
I had to give Shaka 5 art facials -_-' Quite difficult and I found drawing Ayako quite fun! The Salas garden looks a little empty but someday when I do color this, I will add the shading to give it more texture.
Saint Seiya FanArt by Irrelevant Maverick Dances with Roses
This is a fanart request by Plantress, a forum member at She requested that she (based on a photo), Shura, and a chibi Shun to be in it.
I now know that clothing design isn't something I'd get into... I wish that I could've made Plantress-dono's dress fancier. Shura's jacket is based on his Capricorn Gold Cloth (Hades). Chibi Shun came out the way I wanted him to. ^^
Saint Seiya FanArt by Irrelevant Maverick Fangirl Alert at Sanctuary
This is a fanart request by a fellow member and friend who wishes to remain anonymous, asked for a drawing depicting "Two people arguing about Kanon! One with tape, and another one with chains!"
I forgot the tape >__< At SSFan, many of us members have harems which are not just limited to guys, but also girls. We call it an inverse-harem. XD
Saint Seiya FanArt by Irrelevant Maverick Scorpio Love
This is a fanart request by Miro from She requested her and Milo to be in this drawing. Miro-dono wanted Shaka-like bangs and I added lashes and drew the ends of her hair (straight) to keep her from looking too Shakaish.
Drawing this fanart made me realize that whenever someone/something sits on a bed, the bedsheets will have creases. The creases in the drawing really made a difference to give it more depth. Miro braiding Milo's hair is an inspiration from Miro's own dream.
Saint Seiya FanArt by Irrelevant Maverick Star Crossed Lovers
This is a fanart request by Maddery from to show my appreciation of her reviewing of my fanfics.
The picture shows her fave couple from a Saint Seiya crossover fic with Sailor Moon. Hyoga and Minako were easy to imagine together!
Saint Seiya FanArt by Irrelevant Maverick Alone's Canvas for Nankh
This piece of artwork was Irrelevant Maverick's way to congratulate Newbornankh Studios / for forum member Nr.500. The picture shows Alone/Aroon aka Hades of Lost Canvas' fame.
Saint Seiya FanArt by Irrelevant Maverick Orange Juice for Saga
I drew this fanart for one of my old-time favorite fanfics for Saint Seiya, titled To Serve Sanctuary, However Required by Stayka and Scorpio Milo.
In this scene, Saga and Astrios are at an open-bar in Athens, Greece. They are having a conversation about Cosmo over lunch. Saga seems to be addicted to the orange juice. XD)
Saint Seiya FanArt by Irrelevant Maverick Detective Camus
I was looking at Camus from the screencaps of him wearing a brown overcoat from the Summery Fancy gold saint game, and realized he looked like a detective! Other forum members agree with me at
And so, I said that I would draw a fanart of Camus as a detective. XD   I messed up his long, flowing hair>_<
Saint Seiya FanArt by Irrelevant Maverick Aries Family in Hufflepuff
If Mu, Kiki, and Shion were ever to go to Hogwarts, I'd imagine they'd be in Hufflepuff! Not to mention I got placed in Hufflepuff due to a Sorting Hat quiz for: "Loyalty, kindness, ..." and I forgot. This will also be colored and fixed. ^^
Hufflepuff belongs to J.K.Rowling from Harry Potter.
Saint Seiya FanArt by Irrelevant Maverick Aquarius Family in Ravenclaw
Yay, I've finished the colored version of my lineart. There are many mistakes but I really tried hard in coloring this. ^^ Unfortunately, I forgot to make the wand bigger, sorry Marynchan-dono.
Ravenclaw is from J.K.Rowling's Harry Potter. series.
Saint Seiya FanArt by Irrelevant Maverick Happy Punk Birthday Saori
A fanart request by Akira-dono from the forum. He requested that a naughty Athena be drawn as a punk/goth XD)). But it's also doubling as her birthday gift pic since it's in September. It's Saori's birthday and not Athena since Athena doesn't have a birthday! It's her party and she'll dress like she wants to!
Saint Seiya FanArt by Irrelevant Maverick Master and Disciple
A fanart request by Tetsu Aero-dono at He requested that his 2 original characters from a story he's working on: Ridd and Daidolos, Ridd's master, sitting down together under a starry night sky. Ridd plays a panflute into the night.
Do you notice the 'rabbit on the moon'?
NOT done with photoshop but with an art editing program that came with my Canon printer called ArcPhoto or something.
Ridd and Daidolos are characters by TetsuAero. The fanart drawing was done by me.
Saint Seiya FanArt by Irrelevant Maverick Bronzies in Wonderland
A fanart request by bronze_fan-dono at She requested that Hyoga and Shun are on either side of her (based on a photograph of herself in the Presentation thread). She gave me free reign to draw it however I want. XD
And so, a the Hatter Hyoga, Bronze-dono as Alice, and cute Mr.Rabbit Shun.
The Hatter, Alice, and Mr.Rabbit are by Lewis Carroll from The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland.
Saint Seiya FanArt by Irrelevant Maverick 777 Saint Seiya Fans
A congratulatory fanart for the Forum of for reaching 777 members. Originally this fanart was supposed to show a slot machine of 3 of the Bronzies holding up the number 7 but it ended up like this. ^^
Shiryu's shirt says 7, Seiya is holding a flip-chart of 7 (points) over his blue jersey and Hyoga is basketball player #7. I colored my fanart using Prisma color pencils since I've grown tired of using a mouse to color. XP
Saint Seiya FanArt by Irrelevant Maverick A Love for Kanon
A fanart for Raiden-dono at She requested for her best friend's birthday (sadly, it wasn't in time for that!!!) back in August for a drawing of Kanon in a romantic pose with Arcadia. For this drawing, I applied added lines within Kanon's and Arcadia's hair to give more details of hairstrands. Arcadia's clothing (in character for that matter) is based on this hero generator card.
Saint Seiya FanArt by Irrelevant Maverick Aioros' 15th Birthday
A happy belated birthday to Aioros! The Sagittarius Saint is celebrating his 15th b-day with everyone. He was born on Nov 30th.
His and Aiolia's hair and eye colors are based from Saint Seiya Episode G =)
Saint Seiya FanArt by Irrelevant Maverick Mu and Kiki's First Snowfall
This is my Mu fanart for the Christmas contest of the Aries Mu Fan Club at DeviantArt.
It's Christmas day and Kiki has woken up his new master. They have been master and pupil for one year. Together they watch their first snowfall together... at 7 am, baby! I wish everyone good tidings this Christmas and a wonderful New Year
Saint Seiya FanArt by Irrelevant Maverick An Elysium Bath
This is a fanart request by Raven-dono at She requested a fanart of Basilisk Sylphid, Mandrake Queen, and Minotaur Gordon (l-r). So I proposed to draw them half-nakey. ^w^ I don't know how to draw abs well...^^ But I did my best on their bodies (changed the poses 3 times) and so, here they are in Elysium, enjoying a cool bath. Apparently, the rules as Hades dictates is that guys bathe separately from girls. Basically like gym class XD And they've got their swim trunks on, so non-yaoi, I assure you! ;)

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