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Marco Albiero allowed me to publish all of the artworks from his homepage on my site. :) I was so awed by his superb pictures that I just couldn't say "no" even though Marco Albiero obviously likes some pretty strange yaoi pairings. Those who don't like any gayish stuff are advised not to look at these pics - the others may admire some really gorgeous artwork! :))

If you like to send Marco Albiero praises and comments - here's his email addy: But be aware - he only speaks Italian and some French (so certain US-anti-yaoi crusaders don't need to bother harrassing him in English). *I* hope to see more of his wonderful artwork!!

Don't miss Marco Albiero's Homepage: (with more of his gorgeous artwork - check out his caricatures and Saint Seiya unrelated drawings, too!)

By the way, as the page grew larger and larger, I split it into two pages now. Click on the links to get to the pics you wish to view!

And here's the content:

Marco Albiero's Artwork - Page 1:

Great Gods

Marco Albiero's Artwork - Page 2:

Marco Albiero's Artwork - Page 3: Tarot

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