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All of the following fanart is drawn by me, Stayka - if you wish to take it, please don't do it without giving me credit for it (and tell me where you put it)! Every picture here was done with The GIMP on a Linux machine. If you'd like to comment on any of my artworks, you might go to my deviantART account and leave a comment there - I would be delighted!

Click on the thumbnails to get the larger images.

Misc Fanfic Illus

Saint Seiya FanArt by Stayka "Marin and her Big Kitten"
Another cute couple in my fanfics is Aquila Marin and Leo Aiolia. Again I have to thank EmberPrairie from who patiently helped me during the drawing process and gave me valuable input and criticism until the pic looked way better than I would have achieved on my own.
Saint Seiya FanArt by Stayka "Shizukawa Himiko"
For the first time I drew a proper full colour picture of Shizukawa Himiko, the cute engineer from The S-Files, who has the task to examine Saints and Cloths together with her colleage Terada Makoto. As she hopelessly fell in love with Aquarius Camus, she managed to get on his nerves big time.
Saint Seiya FanArt by Stayka "Triangulum Borealis Astreya"
Finally here is my full colour picture of Triangulum Borealis Astreya, Sanctuary's talent scout from To Serve Sanctuary, However Required. Astreya poses as guy, that's why her Cloth configuration is male and she doesn't wear a mask. She decided to keep her name and hair, too, as the Triangulum Cloth told her it was not rare to have guys looking like girls among the Saints and even keeping female names. ^^ I mean, with Misty or Aphrodite around - who would question an Astreya? XD

Shaina and DeathMask

Saint Seiya FanArt by Stayka "DeathMask and Shaina"
This is an idea that sort of happened when I was chatting with EmberPrairie in the chat of where I use the nickname 'Shaina'. As I never really understood why Shaina is only interested in Seiya, we pondered who might be a more interesting alternative. After dismissing Aiolia (he has Marin), Camus and Milo (well, in the S-Files it just wouldn't fit), we settled on DeathMask. As you can see, the two really make a cute couple!
Saint Seiya FanArt by Stayka "DeathMask and Shaina 2"
Here's another pic of Shaina and DeathMask. Somehow they seem to become my favourite Saint Seiya couple as they do not only look hot together, but writing them in my fanfics is fun, too.
Saint Seiya FanArt by Stayka "DeathMask and Shaina 3"
This is another DeathMask and Shaina pic - and this time it belongs to the fanfic Aftermath - Path into the Light. The scene is from chapter 4 when DM wants to intercept an 'impudent trespasser' through his temple, but had some problems to find a decent outfit right away. Shaina took her time to get into her proper clothes again but still wants to make clear that Angelo is her property now. ^_^
Saint Seiya FanArt by Stayka "Ophiuchus Gold Saint Shaina"
This picture shows Shaina in the Ophiuchus Gold Cloth. In my projected fanfic The 13th Zodiac Sign, I will use the fact that Ophiuchus is a constellation that lies in the ecliptic with the other twelve - and in fact, the Sun is even longer in Ophiuchus than it is in Scorpio! - to have Shaina attain Gold Saint rank, too.
She gets the job to personally guard Athena, but she doesn't get a temple of her own. The latter doesn't bother Shaina at all as she prefers to spend her free time with DeathMask in his temple anyway. ^_^
Saint Seiya FanArt by Stayka "Birthday Present for DeathMask"
It's finally done! Admittedly, it's a bit early as DeathMask's birthday is on June 24, but I wanted to upload it already as I'm pretty happy how it turned out in the end.
The idea to this pic came from a chat in SSF where I mentioned that Shaina might give herself to DM as present and Beldarius/Raiden asked "With bows and ribbons?" and I said "Sure!"

Dancing the Shadows

Saint Seiya FanArt by Stayka "Persephoneia - Queen of the Underworld"
This is finally an adequate picture of Persephoneia, Hades wife and Queen of the Underworld from my fanfic Dancing the Shadows. As her mother Demeter still demands that Persephoneia spends at least half of the year at Mount Olympos, she missed the whole war between Athena and her Saints and Hades and his Specters. When she returned into the underworld she learned of the mess, and thus she decides to take revenge on Athena for the defeat of her beloved husband Hades.
Saint Seiya FanArt by Stayka "Hekate - Goddess of Witches and Demons"
Hekate is one of Persephoneia's Shadow Knights in Dancing the Shadows. She is the Goddess of Witches and Demons, but she promised Demeter to look after Persephoneia while she was in the Underworld, and so Hekate decided to humour Persephoneia and don the Onyx Crystal Armour as one of her warriors. This picture shows Hekate in a normal Greek outfit, though.

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