Shaina and Milo

If Ever Happens

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Athena had created the masks for her Korês in order to protect them. People in Sanctuary had always believed the reason for them was to hide who those same women were so they would become warriors instead. No one would ever understand such a thing. What did they need to be protected from? Were they not strong and courageous?

Milo could not understand any of that; and there was no one who could explain it to him. At some point in the place's history, rumours had spread that those wearing the masks had to forget their pasts and become worthy of their goddess and companions.

Again, that was something Milo was far from understanding. It did not matter all the times his friends had tried to explain the reason to him.

That morning in particular, the man was more intrigued than ever. Aioria had awoken his curiosity after a conversation the two had had. Leo had mentioned having seen Shaina's face sometime. Aioria had also said how much he would have loved that face if only it had been Marin's. Milo remembered he had laughed at the other.

He was not laughing at the moment.

Milo remembered having asked Aioria about Shaina's face. The man had told him it was just a matter of—curiosity. He could not lie to himself anyways. He could have given anything just to see that very face—once at least.

It had been Aioria's moment of laughter. Leo had been suspicious of Milo for a while now. He had seen Scorpio looking at Shaina sideways or when he thought no one was noticing. Hence, he tried his best to describe the woman accurately. Even if Milo was so determined to keep pretending not to be paying attention to it whatsoever. Aioria knew he was listening carefully.

After many a day and a night without knowing exactly the reasons for his unease, Milo decided to walk to the women's area. They could not have said anything to him given his position at Sanctuary, so he was not troubled at all. Yet—he feared meeting her.

The anxiety of the encounter took him over. Motionless, Milo stood before the cottage door. Frozen at the thought of the unexpected.

"Who's there?!" the woman yelled from the inside. Scorpio was not sure about what to answer, but did not withdraw regardless.

"Scorpio Saint, what are you doing here?" the woman asked as soon as she opened the door and saw him standing before her. Her smooth yet powerful voice made him wonder about the whole situation.

"I want to see your face, Ophiuchus." He answered boldly, not sure about what would come to him, whether it was a punch or a kick; he did not know.

Behind her mask, Shaina's brows rose. The Korê would have never expected such a reaction from a Gold Saint, much less Milo, whose fame spoke for him. However, she did not remove the object from her face. He would have to kill her to do so—that, she thought—if he actually could.

"No." She answered bluntly. The woman did not care it was a Golden Saint who had said he wanted to see her face. Equally daring, she tried to close the door.

The man stretched his arm, keeping the door opened; stopping her in her attempts to close it. Feeling awkward, Milo forced the door opened and looked at her at what seemed to be her eyes.

"I really need to see your face, Shaina." He said in a pleading voice, this time.

The Amazon remained silent. First, Milo's voice had sounded more like an order; now he was actually asking her to do it; and realised Milo was not trying to fool her. Shaina was not going to make it so easy for him. Her curiosity was growing within, making her think carefully about her next step.

"You're a Gold Saint, Scorpio; do as you please." Shaina stepped aside leaving an empty spot for Milo to come closer. That was, she thought, Milo's time to prove himself to her. Seiya and Aioria had seen her face by mistake. If only it had all been different—

Milo could not respond to her words. The quiet, absurd acceptance in her voice was a greater insult than having hit him. She must have been staring back at him, he thought. Maybe, laughing at him or—what if her expression was different? Or was it as beautiful and peaceful as Aioria had described it for him?

Scorpio walked away, leaving the cottage behind him. He did not take the mask off, nor dared to force her to do so. If he ever saw her face, he wanted it to be by her own will. One of these days, perhaps, but at least not on that one. His steps led him back to the Temples, then to Athena's, where he knelt before the statue.

"Forgive me, my Lady." He whispered, not finding more words to explain himself before her. A turmoil of thoughts were reaching him. Shaina's attitudes, words, actions, things; the meaning of which he could not determine.

When going back to Scorpio, however, he took a final look at the statue; thinking on how many other ruthless men like him had actually forced themselves on the Amazons; bringing nothing but dishonour to them. How brave those same women must have been and should still be so no one tried it.

Milo breathed deeply while finally entering Scorpio. The feeling he had now was that of someone pleased with himself.

Finally he had understood it all—and was willing to wait in case she chose to show him her face.

Shaina, on the other hand, stayed at the front door looking at the landscape before her. Seeing how the silhouette of the Saint disappeared eventually. The woman smiled and took her mask off; allowing the empty place before her, the sight of her face. After all Milo was not as reckless as some people had said. A few minutes later, she was walking back in.

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