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Warnings: Shaina doesn't appear as a character in this story, but Aioria does. However, Shaina and Milo are still the main characters in this list of themes.

The rumours had spread around Sanctuary like wildfire. Milo had always known how it had all been for Aioria, for he had abandoned the young Leo himself. Milo never believed what had been said about Aioros, though. However, Selek had taken him far from the mess and the confusion of the sacred place and with time, he had stopped worrying about his childhood friend.

Aioria however, had endured his self-imposed way of living and had lived accordingly for many a year. The treason had been only discovered when Athena had arrived at Sanctuary and had brought light and truth to the place. It was not a secret either that Aioria now shared his life with the Eagle Amazon. It never was something hidden that their friendship had turned into love.

It was in the middle of these thoughts that Milo found himself.

Dark times, that was what they had been without Athena. The old masters had known it all the time. That had been the reason for Nivoe taking Camus away and Selek doing the same with him. It had been the same reason for the prohibition regarding the Amazon's masks that had become so troublesome for him.

"Stop thinking, Scorpio. It doesn't do you any good." Said Aioria from behind.

"Could you tell me then, why is it that I can't help it messing up my reality and the Amazons' as if they were the same thing?" the man answered, shaking his head.

Aioria was trying to find an answer, although he knew there was none. He had found himself in the same situation with different people.

"I'm not of help, old friend. Many years have passed since everything happened and I still can't figure it out."

Milo smiled faintly, nodding, moving on his rocky seat to give Aioria some space to seat. "I should stop thinking truly doesn't do me any good." For many a minute, the two men remained silently watching the landscape before them. The light blue of the sky ending in the depth of the ocean's. "How did you do it, Aioria?"

"Do what, Milo?"

"Have a life with Eagle."

Aioria did not answer for like it had happened with the first question, he did not have a response. Marine had been his companion for years. First friends, then lovers; she had always been there for him. Marine had been his world, even when he knew he would never dare to say it in front of Athena.

"When you left with your Master she became my friend, Milo...I guess that's been the basis for our relationship. Why do you ask?"

It was now Milo's time to be silent. His head was in such a mayhem—so was his heart. He needed to understand why among everything else, he could not get Shaina out of his being.

"I..." Milo hesitated, "it's like I am the only one who hasn't seen her face, right after the battle against Poseidon."

Aioria laughed. Loudly and truthfully. Milo sounded so hurt by such a silly thing, he could nothing but being sympathetic.

"Shaina...I see." Aioria said, still trying to catch his breath. Milo felt awkward. Being the situation so uncanny for both of them who had not shared a conversation like the one they were having. "Milo, why does it trouble you?"

"I don't know..." the man answered, "maybe there's nothing else that I want, just to see her face..." he said while he turned to look at Aioria. The Leo saint could see Milo flustered by the passion he had hidden in his heart. "She has become an obsession—I..." Milo continued saying.

"You've never stopped caring for her, have you?" Milo stared at Aioria in disbelief. Leo remembered then, he thought. Milo had always known he had told Aioria about it, since the first time they had seen the new amazons coming into Sanctuary by the same time they had entered in the place themselves. Scorpio could recall telling the other about the aloof warrior he had fallen for as a child. All the once forgotten conversation came back to him, recreating a bond between them. "Yes Milo, I remember you telling me about her knifing in your heart and your words about her being the goddess you could worship for Athena wasn't even here."


"It's been too long for you to have it all still inside. Have you talked to her?"

"I don't even think I could even do that, Aioria. I've heard the rumours, no one had hidden it that Shaina had confessed her love to Seiya during his fight against Poseidon—even you have been a witness." Scorpio turned to look back at the scenery in front of him. He had said everything he needed to say. Aioria had always known and he didn't need to repeat it to anyone.

"Her eyes are beautiful, Milo. They're so full of life and there's a flame that shines behind them. Her power makes her a fearful warrior and she has proven she loves Athena more than she actually loves Pegasus. And her hair, falls down her back like a waterfall of emerald. You should get closer to her, she smells like angels must smell."

"Why are you telling me this?" Milo asked interrupting the other man.

"Because even you need to taste a bit of happiness, my friend. Shaina is not the heartless person everybody thinks, and despite her mask, she's still a woman underneath it."

"She would never accept me, that much I know."

"Why do you say that, Milo?"

"She's been the goddess I've worshiped since I was a child. I have loved her in silence, but her heart is Seiya's, not mine. I can't fight against fate and I can't ask for what I'll never have. Who would love a Scorpion who can only spill venom around him? I can only kill, Aioria. I was born to give death, not love. Shaina would never survive her love for Pegasus. Have you seen her wounds?" The man said so painfully, that it almost made Aioria weep. Milo on the other hand, was already standing, feeling so tired, he could not even believe himself, and what he had been saying. "What I want is irrelevant, for I can only serve Athena, while Shaina is the blade that will always make my heart bleed. Her face is forbidden. Her name is forbidden and it's almost a sin to say it. And I'm just a stupid man who can face any enemy, but can't face a woman."

Aioria stood up quickly, taking Milo in his arms, letting him cry freely. He knew what it meant. Milo had been as lonesome as he had been himself, with the difference that his pain and his problems were common knowledge. Milo had been the one truly alone, while he could always share his life with Marine and Seiya.

"There, there Milo..." he whispered, caressing the man's hair. He knew he would never see Milo crying for anyone in his life again. He had only seen him cry twice and for the ones he truly loved. This time, however, he knew Milo's tears had a reason and it was Milo's own foolishness what did not let him act.

It was also true that he did not know what Shaina thought or felt. And being the situation like that, what hope could Milo have?

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