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For many a day and a night, Shaina had reflected on Milo's visit to her a while ago. The saint had asked to show him her face. He had not demanded it, nor had he tried to do it by force, which was something, she could not truly comprehend. There was a fact in her life, too many a man had already seen her face. The woman laughed at the though of it, the mask behind on the old table in her log cabin.

Seiya did it after he had just won his Pegasus Cloth. Then it had been Aioria in the garden behind the Japanese hospital. Then, she remembered, it had been the five bronze saints during the battle against Poseidon. Shaina frowned and twisted her nose in a funny way at the thought of that.

Even Athena had told her she did not have to follow the rule anymore and had announced the removal of the law from Sanctuary's rules. Yet, she had decided to continue wearing it. Seiya was a memory from a past she now saw far from her. And Milo—the man had come to her place, and had asked her to let him see her face.

Why was he so attracted to it, she thought, knowing for sure she was not to find an answer.

The woman did not stop to think it twice as her master used to tell her she should do—in a matter of fact, she never followed that advice—and took her mask, putting it on her face before leaving her small house.

Shaina looked for the path behind the Houses as a shortcut to arrive at the Eighth Temple quickly. The woman stood for a moment in front of the place, admiring the place. There was nothing special in the place, she noticed. Maybe it was not a feature of the Scorpios to be particularly handsome. The woman giggled, taking that last thought back. If there was something everybody could say about Milo was that he was handsome.

Lost in her thoughts she was when she felt the cosmos of the owner of the place, menacingly telling her she was an intruder. Shaina turned just in time to see the man standing at the entrance of the private rooms of the Temple. She stood for a moment there, becoming aware of the slight amount of poison the cosmos had in it. Closing her eyes as to allow that cosmos recognise her and allow her in the place.

"What are you doing here?" he asked when he finally saw her amidst the darkness of the night and the shadows of the columns. Shaina could not answer at once. She was not sure about was she was doing there herself.

"I..." Shaina hesitated and giggled again. Milo could not stop wondering for the thousandth time in the last few seconds, why the woman was there. However, the soft laughter of the Amazon's made him grow more curious. "I came here, because I think I owe you something, Scorpio Milo."

"You owe me?" he asked, crossing his arms on his chest, and leaning the weight of his body on his right side.

"You came to my house and treated me with respect. No one has ever done that for me."

As Shaina was talking, Milo looked at her closely. The woman's silhouette was perfect and the way her hair fell down her back. And he also noticed how the mask shone under the moonlight.

"Respect is something you give freely. You owe me nothing, Ophiuchus."

"I see." She responded, noticing he had called her by her warrior's name and not her own. Shaina wanted to leave the place, and in fact she began to walk downstairs, but it was Milo's voice what stopped her, making her turn.

"Why have you truly come, Shaina? You're a warrior just as I am and you know about respect as much as I do. Tell me, please." The man said, walking towards the woman who was now standing a bit closer to him.

"I came..." she hesitated, realising that maybe for once in her life, she was acting as if she were a teenager. "Why did you want to see my face, Milo?"

The delicate way in which Shaina had said his name, made Milo flinch, for he was not sure about what to do now that he had her in front of him. "Why did you want to see my face, Milo?" She repeated.

The man stretched her hand, almost touching the cold mask. Why was she asking him that if she was not to let him see her without it. Milo pulled his hand back, afraid of what his actions might bring.

"I...I've meant to see your face since I saw you the first time, Shaina."

"When you saw me the first time? You, the Saints have never been in the women's barricades...when did it—"

"The day you came Sanctuary...the same day I arrived here myself."

Shaina did not expect that answer. She had never imagined Milo had seen her back then, so many a year ago, and it had all taken her aback. It had truly been so many years—

Once again, she did not think about her actions and following her sudden reactions, Shaina lowered her head a little and put her hand on the mask, taking it off. Then, she lifted her head, letting the same moon that had bathed her mask, touch her face.

Milo remained speechless. The woman was more beautiful than Aioria had told him, and her smell—no, angels should not smell like that, he knew. Shaina took his hand, the same he had stretched before and moved it to her face. Milo reacted, caressing the skin as if truly worshipping it.


"I wanted to make it up to you Milo. Yes, I know about a one before you had ever treated me as a woman."

She said the words, he heard them, feeling himself being drawn into the space she had created for him, for she had also flared her cosmos, making her own venom combine with Milo's, turning them into one. He wanted to hold her against his chest. Tell her what his heart had kept to himself for a long time. Yet he dared not, remembering Aioria's words about her loving Seiya.

"I still don't get it." He said, moving backwards, "I've heard you love the Pegasus saint...people say..."

"I know what they say and in the past it was all"

"What's changed now?"

"I don't know...maybe it's what happened with you at my place, or maybe it's my coming tonight and see how your cosmos and mine get along...maybe it is that I want to change my stars..."

"Athena..." he whispered, making her doubt with that mere action.

It was now Shaina's time to withdraw and move from him. Perhaps, she thought, it had not been a good idea after all. Milo did not know how many seconds or minutes they had passed, but reacted when Shaina was taking the first step down to Libra. The man ran, jumping to the lower steps, almost falling and the woman with him.

"Shaina! Don't go! Please!"

"You didn't want me here in the first place, Milo...I came and gave you what I wanted and you only speak of Seiya!"

The man smiled tenderly, staring at her. Milo made her go back to middle of the temple. "It's not only your face, Shaina." He began to say, "It's all you that I want, woman." He ended, taking her by the arms.

"I'm not worthy of this...Milo..."

"It is me..." he responded, taking her hands and putting them on his chest, "what I offer, Shaina. Let's not talk about worth, or the past. It's my present and my future that I have for you."

The woman nodded, closing her eyes while he kept murmuring soft words in her hear. She let him take her in his arms. She smiled when he smelled her hair and when his hands moved through it. Shaina even looked at him for a moment, before letting her body respond for her and her lips moved so close to his as to touch them.

Perhaps, reacting without thinking first was a good thing to do every now and then, for it all felt right after the sound of the metal hitting the marble floor and the warmth Milo's arms offered her.

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