Shaina and Milo


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"Don't look at me."

Milo did look at her one last time, still unsure as to why Shaina had told him not to do so. But then, he saw her; her cheeks painted in crimson because of the excitement she was feeling, her uneven breathing, her chest moving up and down, trying to catch her breath again. Just as he was himself. Yet, he was the first one witnessing Shaina responding to passion, and knowing that, Milo simply agreed to her request.

Their clothing was scattered all over the place, and when he noticed that, Milo looked for and found the piece of cloth Shaina always wore around her waist; he wrapped it around his head, covering his eyes with it, then, he reached out to take her in his arms again.


"It's this or I won't be able to not look at you."

It was the woman who reached out again, this time looking for his lips to claim as her own. She silently wished she could say what she was feeling, that, if only there were words.

Milo's touch was driving her crazy, taking her to the edge of her emotions. Milo's body was strong and firm. Her bare hands were tracing it while he sighed at her touch. He was trembling, she felt him; his shivering hands looking for her body, her skin trembling itself under his fingers.

Shaina closed her eyes, unable to look at Milo, for the pleasure she was feeling was too overwhelming. His body had perfectly matched hers and soon, skin was the only barrier between them.

Ineffable Chronos continued its way and minutes became hours. The Moon trailed her path across the sky, losing to the Sun, who was hurrying her so that he could shine. The smell of their bodies filled them and Milo held Shaina tighter, still trying to catch his own breath. One more kiss, one that said how much he loved her once again.

"Beautiful." He muttered, making the woman blush.

"You can't see can you say that?" She asked laughing.

"I don't need to see you to know it."

Shaina moved in his arms, to then take the piece of cloth from his eyes. "Can you still say the same?" she asked.

"Now, even more." He smiled as only she could see him smiling, his turquoise eyes revealing the depth of his love.

"Are you going home soon?" Shaina wondered, still staring back at him, though willing to change the topic, for it was still embarrassing for her to receive such attention.

"I'm home, Shaina." The man said yawning, pulling her against his chest as if it were the most natural thing to do.

Shaina was still blushing.

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