Chapter 2: In Which Hyoga Scares His Master and Kanon Defeats His Brother's Logic

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mr_awesome33: Hey, Camus! You finally got on!
aquarius_camus: I did.
mr_awesome33: And what did you mean about me corrupting your darling Hyoga? I wouldn't do that!
aquarius_camus: Then what were these interesting conversations about?
mr_awesome33: Nothing. *eg*
aquarius_camus: Milo, don't make me go down there and ice you.
mr_awesome33: I just told him about the wide and wonderful internet, and all the possibilities he could explore, all the music and movies and pictures. He's not as boring as you are. Hyoga got into the surfing the 'net thing.
aquarius_camus: Milo, I swear...
mr_awesome33: Just talk to him. He's having a great time online! Who'd have known that Hyoga had such interests?
aquarius_camus: What interests?
mr_awesome33: Ask him yourself. I'm going away to show Kanon how to get a screenname. Hyoga's screenname is blondiceboy, by the way.
aquarius_camus: I'm going to kill you someday, Milo.
mr_awesome33: I am away from my computer introducing everyone in Sanctuary to the wonders of AIM. Leave one if ya want!

aquarius_camus: Hyoga?
blondiceboy: Camus-sensei?? What are you doing online?
aquarius_camus: Milo convinced me to get AIM. What are YOU doing online?
blondiceboy: well, Seiya figured out there was this cool system, so he made me and Shiryuu and Shun try it out too.
aquarius_camus: I meant, what kinds of things are you doing online?
blondiceboy: uh, using AIM, email, surfing around...
aquarius_camus: Milo says you have some new interests.
blondiceboy: Yup!
aquarius_camus: Care to explain?
blondiceboy: Well, Milo sent me this website, and it was really cool...
aquarius_camus: What kind of website?
blondiceboy: Uhhh... nothing you'd care much about, I'm sure.
aquarius_camus: Hyoga...
blondiceboy: Just a fun site! I'm making my own website now too!
aquarius_camus: Hyoga, has Milo been corrupting you?
blondiceboy: No! I mean, they're just pictures...
aquarius_camus: WHAT?! What kind of pictures are these?
blondiceboy: I don't think you'd be interested, Camus-sensei...
aquarius_camus: Hyoga. I will not hesitate to stick you in an Ice Coffin if you are doing anything disreputable.
blondiceboy: What? I'm not!
aquarius_camus: Let me see these pictures.
blondiceboy: See? They're not bad at all.
aquarius_camus: I am going to KILL Milo.
blondiceboy: Why? What did Milo do?
aquarius_camus: Never mind.
User aquarius_camus has logged off.

 Subject: AIM!!!

 Big brother!  Milo just showed me this really cool thing called AIM. 
 You should get a screenname, and then we can chat in realtime online! 
 Go to and click on the AIM icon, and follow the instructions. 
 My screenname is eviltwin02.  See you on chat!


 Subject: RE: AIM!!!

 Why do you want me to get AIM?  It sounds quite useless, since I am
 sitting next to you.  Come to think of it, why am I even emailing you?

 Subject: RE: RE: AIM!!! 

 We're using email because it's fun.   Same with AIM.  Get AIM.  It'll be
 cool!  You can also chat with Camus and Milo and Hyoga...and Athena! 
 Milo and I can convince Aiolos and Shura and all the others to get AIM
 too.  That way you can contact everybody!


 Subject: RE: RE: RE: AIM!!!

 I have AIM now, but only because I can contact Athena and the others
 with it.  My screenname is athenasgemini.  But you really should start
 talking directly to me.  It would save a lot of time.  What's Athena's
 screenname, by the way?

eviltwin02: her sn is goodlilgoddess.
athenasgemini: Thank you.
eviltwin02: i see how it is. you want to talk to Athena but not me.
athenasgemini: You're still sitting next to me...
eviltwin02: ;(

Continued in Chapter 3

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