Chapter 3: In Which Athena Is Bored and Saga Is Mischievous

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athenasgemini: Lady Athena, is there anything you want me to do for you?
goodlilgoddess: Not really...
athenasgemini: Are you sure?
goodlilgoddess: Well, unless you're good at relieving boredom, no.
athenasgemini: Oh, I know how to relieve boredom.
athenasgemini: Sorry, that was Kanon.
goodlilgoddess: It's ok. Tell Kanon he will pay for that.
athenasgemini: He wants to know what his punishment will be.
goodlilgoddess: Tell him he gets to mop the entire Sanctuary with his tongue and a toothbrush.
athenasgemini: ...
goodlilgoddess: What'd he say to that?
athenasgemini: You don't want to know.
goodlilgoddess: If you say so.
athenasgemini: Still bored?
goodlilgoddess: Yes! I have absolutely nothing to do. *sighs*
athenasgemini: I'll be back later, Lady Athena.
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 Subject: important information from a Saint of Athena

 Lord Hades,
 I am writing to send you Athena's AIM screenname: goodlilgoddess.  If
 you do not currently use AIM, you may want to look into this lovely
 realtime chat program.  I do apologize for disturbing you, but I thought
 it imperative for me to relieve my goddess's boredom by finding her some
 companions, as we Saints cannot be constantly on AIM, nor do we always
 have the capacity to chat with her on a subject she would enjoy. 

 Thank you for your time,
 Gemini Saga

 P.S. If you need to contact me on AIM for any reason, my screenname is

darkangstygod: This is Hades. Thank you for the information, Gemini Saint.
athenasgemini: You are welcome. As long as Lady Athena is no longer bored...
darkangstygod: I promise, I will do my best to relieve her of her boredom.
athenasgemini: Thank you, Lord Hades. I must be going now. My brother calls...
darkangstygod: You're welcome. All right.
athenasgemini: I am currently away dealing with Kanon.

darkangstygod: Athena?
goodlilgoddess: Who is this? And why do you have my screenname?
darkangstygod: This is Hades. Saga gave it to me.
goodlilgoddess: He did what?
darkangstygod: He said you were bored, and told me to come talk to you... Grin
goodlilgoddess: Oh, ok.
darkangstygod: are you?
goodlilgoddess: Bored. There's nothing to do.
darkangstygod: Uh...wanna go do something then?
goodlilgoddess: Sure... What do you want to do?
darkangstygod: We can just go on the town or something...whatever you want.
goodlilgoddess: Ok. When are we going?
darkangstygod: I'll come up there tomorrow during the day. We can leave whenever. See you tomorrow?
goodlilgoddess: Ok, see you.
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athenasgemini: Has he asked you out yet, Lady Athena?
goodlilgoddess: Saga, what did you do?
athenasgemini: You said you were bored. I found you some company.
goodlilgoddess: Saga... you want to mop with your brother?
athenasgemini: If you weren't so happy, I probably would be.
goodlilgoddess: I think Kanon is corrupting you. You were never that disobedient before.
athenasgemini: Who said I was being disobedient, my lady?
goodlilgoddess: Saga!
athenasgemini: Enjoy your date with Lord Hades, my lady.
goodlilgoddess: SAGA!!
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Continued in Chapter 4

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