Chapter 4: In Which Marin Discovers the Power of the Internet and Shaina Discovers How Much She Hates Marin

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aquilagrl: Hey, Shaina!
cobra_chick: yo! Marin?
aquilagrl: Yup. You finally got AIM!
cobra_chick: yeah
aquilagrl: That's great! So, what's up?
cobra_chick: not much. how's Aiolia?
aquilagrl: He's doing all right.
cobra_chick: you two still together?
aquilagrl: Yeah. What about you?
cobra_chick: What do you mean?
aquilagrl: Well, I sort of noticed you and Deathmask seem pretty close...are you guys going out?
cobra_chick: no, we're friends
aquilagrl: Really? You like him?
cobra_chick: NO!
aquilagrl: Hehe, I think you do, hon. That little outburst definitely settles it.
cobra_chick: I DON'T!
aquilagrl: One sec. I'll be back.

 Subject: Question

 Hello Deathmask!  This is Marin.  I'm sorry about asking this, but I have
 a quick question.  Could you do me a favor and take care of Shaina while
 I'm away?  I have to leave for a mission tomorrow and Shaina tends to
 need someone to help her deal with her temper.  I couldn't think of
 anyone more suitable than you, since she only ever hangs out with you
 when she's not with me. 


 Subject: RE: Question

 That's fine.  Shaina and I are, uh, friends.

aquilagrl: I'm back, Shaina.
cobra_chick: k
aquilagrl: So...promise me you wont kill me for this, but...
cobra_chick: what did you do?
aquilagrl: Remember how I told you I have a mission starting tomorrow?
cobra_chick: yeah?
aquilagrl: Well, since I'm always calming you down and stuff, I was a little worried about who's going to do that while I'm gone.
aquilagrl: So I asked DM-kun to, um, take care of you. *looks innocent*
cobra_chick: you did WHAT?
aquilagrl: Yeah, and he agreed.
cobra_chick: WHAT?
aquilagrl: *laughing* You're funny. Anyway, I have to go. Aiolia's calling me.
cobra_chick: ok
aquilagrl: Have fun with your boyfriend while I'm away.
cobra_chick: I hate you, Marin.
aquilagrl: ^^
User aquilagrl has signed off.

Continued in Chapter 5

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