Chapter 5: In Which Kiki Figures Out How To Use IM and Dohko Is Entertained

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armrfixr77: Shion-sama?
dapope: Yes? Mu?
armrfixr77:: I need a little help...
dapope: What do you need?
armrfixr77:: Uh, well. Kiki is gone. Again.
dapope: Does he have AIM, by the way?
armrfixr77:: I don't know. He shouldn't, but knowing Kiki, he's probably figured it out by now.
dapope: Is there another computer in your temple?
armrfixr77:: No.
dapope: Check the other temples. And if he's not there, check the training houses. Wherever you can find a computer.
armrfixr77:: What?
dapope: Someone by the screenname of lilappendix has been online for the last hour. I have monitor over all the screennames registered in Sanctuary, and this one is unfamiliar. It sounds like something Kiki would use as his screenname.
armrfixr77:: Oh, dear. Thank you, Shion-sama, I shall go look for him.
dapope: You're welcome.
armrfixr77:: *I am away searching for Kiki. You know the drill.*

dapope: Kiki, what are you doing online?
lilappendix: Shion-sama? how did you know it was me?
dapope: I can see all the screennames in Sanctuary.
lilappendix: Oh.
dapope: Does Mu know where you are?
dapope: You didn't tell Mu where you were going? Again?
dapope: know how much you worry Mu when you run off?
lilappendix: i think he'll get worried anyway, Shion-sama.
dapope: You have a point. I'll tell Mu to let you online sometimes, but do try to stop disappearing. It's very trying to everybody in Sanctuary because none of us know what to expect from you.
lilappendix: Yes, Shion-sama.
dapope: Now, get off whoever's computer you're using and go back to Aries Temple.
lilappendix: yes, Shion-sama. (it's DM-san's computer.)
User lilappendix has logged off.

young_geezer: Hey, Shion!
dapope: Good day, Dohko.
young_geezer: What's up in Sanctuary?
dapope: Everything.
young_geezer: Oh...dear.
dapope: Let's see. Kiki just ran off and started using AIM on Deathmask's computer.
young_geezer: Deathmask?
dapope: I'm not even in the mood to ask how he did it.
young_geezer: He's like you were as a kid, Shion. Of course he's got ways and means.
dapope: I suppose.
young_geezer: What else is going on?
dapope: Athena went out with Hades earlier.
young_geezer: They did? Really?
dapope: Yes.
young_geezer: FINALLY! About friggin' time!
dapope: And Marin just left on a mission, so Aiolia's moping in his temple with Deathmask. (?)
young_geezer: Not even asking.
dapope: Milo and Kanon are both constantly online. They convinced Camus and Saga to get AIM, and now they want Camus and Saga to use online dating services.
young_geezer: I can't imagine Camus dating. >.<
dapope: I can't either. That doesn't mean Kanon and Milo are going to stop though. Meanwhile, Marin's trying to set up Shaina with Deathmask, but the two young ones do not want to be set up.
young_geezer: Give it a little time. They'll come along.
dapope: Well, how is Rozan?
young_geezer: I'm trying to convince Shunrei she should register on AIM too, just so she can contact Shiryuu. So far it's not working.
dapope: You like setting people up, don't you?
young_geezer: :D
dapope: You're still such a kid, Dohko.
young_geezer: you are too, ya know.
dapope: I guess.
young_geezer: Anyway, if the Bronze ones go to Sanctuary, tell Shiryuu to get on his AIM. Hopefully, I can convince Shunrei by then.
dapope: You could always email him yourself.
young_geezer: I guess. He's always saying how internet is a waste of time.
dapope: I suppose it really is.
young_geezer: But what's life without some fun?
dapope: Yeah, yeah.
dapope: Oh, my. I have to go, Dohko. Aphrodite and Shaka are here, both looking quite angry.
young_geezer: Oh, fun! Tell me how that goes.
dapope: *I am away avoiding death by roses and death by Shaka.*

Continued in Chapter 6

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